Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. How dishonest can Media Matters be? Need we wonder?……..this new piece….trumped of course by that disgraced Newshound “writer” is a good example of how they fool the weak minded haters.

    “Right-Wing Media Attempt To Spin Trump’s Firing Of Campaign Manager As A Positive”


    Couple of things here…..I’m watching CNN and the just did story asking :

    Will Trump tone down rhetoric? while talking about the guy he fired……..so there goes the right wing media spin argument .

    Then look at the “examples” they use:
    Fox’s Dana Perino,The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes,Fox Contributor Tammy Bruce,Fox Contributor Scott Brown,and HotAir com Senior Editor.

    Notice anything about those people? Thats right….they are ALL hired to give there OPINIONS…..not one Journalist in the bunch………MM also quotes an article from the New York Post…….but of course they do a Disgraced newhound trick and fail to point out that if you go to the New York Post you see it from the “Post Editorial Board”.

    Meanwhile CNN has ST8 journalist Chris Cuomo asking the same question……..want to bet MM doesn’t point that out?

    • Hillary Clinton helped create Media Matters in the midst of Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings.

      • was David Brock in on it from the beginning? that is a hole in my history. love a post on the origins with support.

        • i remember david brock writing in right wing mags on Clinton exposes then el vuelta and went full tilt left. what ya got for info?

  2. Considering how many people watched shows AT was on……..10,000 is pretty sad IMHO…………as loyal as Fox News has been to on air talent in the past……and as silent as AT has been……IMHO….what ever happened……….it must be bad in some way.

    • I thought she was better on “The Five” than Kimberley.
      Now if only all those petition signers had bought her book.

      • Andrea is smart as heck, but I think Kimberly is a more lucid analyst, and she has a great twinkle.

          • i seriously had no idea. so a karaoke star. sad and not cool. real musicians do not rap. i was referring to her being a ex-DA adding to her spoken points.

          • look, i know what you mean, but there is great music and there are great kids out there. rarely past 9 or so. but i am sure there are some somewhere. there is great music too, but even good musicians playing serious music benefit with mileage.

          • I’ve got young people in my extended family that share their playlists with me so I at least can know what/who they’re talking about. I find I can listen to rap these days without gritting my teeth, but haven’t gotten to the point I seek it out. When I was still working I used to give each new intern brought on board a quiz: Who did we fight in WW II and name the Beatles. I got some wild answers.

          • there was a time when popular music required the ability to play and sing. nets had great house bands. i was never a Beatles fan, sue me, but at least they wrote some of their stuff. i only see occasional pop that qualifies as serious…. went the way of Motown. i guess there are a few, but serious music in any form seems to no longer be popular. i love the old you tube vids of the battles between the temps and 4tops. ok, 12 song medleys. the net band was sent the scores in advance. they had a few rehearsals and did it live. you cannot do that by accident or see it on “you gots talent” whatever happened to the Crusaders?? heavy sigh.

    • Yeah, it is sad….certainly not enough to force Fox to reverse course.

      What’s more, the writer of that blog is not aware of the fact that Tantaros hadn’t been on The Five for ages…..Fox ditched the rotation of her and Guilfoyle shortly after Outnumbered started.

  3. Just linked to a Johnny-tweet of a Mediaite piece in which the writer wonders where Shep Smith is because Shep has missed the huge story of a “possibly closeted” man shooting up a gay bar.

    The writer references Anderson Cooper being around to cover it, but there’s no Shep Smith, which I suppose is significant because Smith is possibly closeted too and can give us some insight on what’s really important about this killer.

    We’re getting a whole new twist on the old ‘God, guns, and gays’ thing, except when the shooter’s god is Allah, it’s God, guns, and gays.

  4. I once signed a petition of 20,000 to bring back Cheeze Ritz, but still don’t have my crackers.

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