Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Bret Baier-Rachel Maddow-The Five 1-2-3.
  • The road less travelled: Jay Leno’s Garage stuck in neutral.
  • Joyella: New three-hour Michaela Pereira show sets HLN premiere date.
  • O’Connor: The ‘Who Wants to be President?’ tour comes to Mohegan Sun.
  • Fox Report video: the Minnesota Muslim community.
  • McCall: Biggest primary winner: cable news.   Andrea Tantaros in the nude?

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  1. I think Carpe Diem needs to take a cold shower re: Andrea Tantaros and her sleeping habits. After that, they need to come to grips with reality….Andrea wasn’t fired because she is pro-Trump (if that were the case then Bolling, Judge Pirro and O’Reilly would be out the door as well) and, regardless of the reason, she isn’t coming back. Nobody gets put on suspension for, what, a month and a half only to return like nothing happened. It’s over for A.T. on Fox.

    • I remember the bumper stickers – “I’d walk all over you to see The Who.”

  2. Watched two different interviews with same pro-gun guy on both MSNBC and then CNN………..if you are going to interview someone about a mass shooting…..shouldn’t you know what a “gun free zone” is?

    No wonder the press has such low approval numbers………..both were very biased……and I say that as someone who pretty anti-gun. If you’re going to act that biased…..don’t pretend to be a reporter for crying out loud and gee….do a little prep BEFORE the interview.

    I also can’t believe how desperate some people are to make this NOT about Islam…………..what more could the guy have done to convince these people why he did it.

    From what they are saying is in the transcripts….he talked at end about Islam…..but never mentioned gays……so it must be about gays???………how dumb do they think we are?

    • we kinda expect that from your side, however we do have our loons too. they are just not major net news show hosts or anchors. well except Hannity, maybe BOR. ohhhhh never mind.

    “HLN anchor Michaela Pereira’s new daytime news program, which we reported in May would debut on July 11, finally has a name, according to the Los Angeles Times’ report. The show will be dubbed Michaela and will air from 10am ET to 1pm ET.”

    Genius sometimes takes a month.

    • i’m sorry. you can always get people to say just about anything about someone. i like to see info supported with evidence. there is plenty of damning info on B&H. the “tell alls”, i think it is correct to dis them, or the next “tell all” could be exaggerations and lies all with grains of truth about you. no megusta eso.

      • I think people say all kinds of awful stuff in private that they only half mean… and if not, they think it.

        • I don’t think it’s much of a stretch or a story that the Clintons epitomize the sort of liberal character you see on the internet that smears opponents and opposition candidates as being ‘queer’ even as he/she bemoans homophobia. Who eats up every salacious rumor about conservative pols as they inveigh upon the sacredness of their own pols’ “private lives” or upon partisan smear jobs. Who is the first to use a racial epithet about uncooperative people even as they throw the term “racist” around like confetti.

          I don’t think most liberal pols are like that, but yeah, that’s the character of the Clintons.

          No new news there. What else is new. Nothing helpful here other than that knowing these dynamics ironically put the onus on responsible people to take the mentality of alleged former mistresses of the world with a grain of salt too.

          • Having bought the book as soon as it came out, it has more than just a ring of truth to it. I can imagine Madame Clinton using any foul insult under the sun. And Bubba is no more than an over-sexed Jethro Bodine.

          • buena suerte. i doubt an indictment would change things let alone salacious books. the left has written for 25 years about the Clintons as criminals….. he is still called the “big dog”

          • Too many people without scruples and a vested interest to keep him afloat. NIxon wasn’t so lucky.

          • many left wing writers have accused them of being criminals. his gross view of women is minor compared to the corruption.

          • Hillary’s sig is on the back of many of the loan docs web hubble went to jail for. fairly banana.

  4. if you did not see catch the repeats of today’s WADR. MH’s interview with Trump Jr. was full of info. i would vote for Jr. possibly. he states the support logic for every assertion he makes much in he same way Dana Perino always supports her suppositions with either history or current correlations to her point. was excellent, i hate to say.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Andrea Tantaros in the nude?

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