Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Trump pushing
  • Reliable Sources: Trump vs press; deaths by firearms; media and Muslims.
  • Fox & Friends video: under questioning from Tucker.
  • Wemple: Bill Hemmer asks why are authorities not answering questions?
  • Aly’s oops: ‘The Muslim world, the Christian world, and the Baptist world‘.
  • Davis: In new filings Fox News argues TV Eyes video service is not ‘fair use’.
  • Q&A: Sandra Smith on debates, career, and more.  Sunday talkers: preview.

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38 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Go Tucker! That discussion totally and completely summed up what the heck is wrong with the idea of taking away someone’s rights because a bureaucrat deemed they should be. The dude says “the American people believe…..” Well, have we just seen how stupid “the American people” can be by nominating DT and HRC as the best possible people to run our country?

    • if you run and get on the ballot i will send you a check.
      DT and HRC are 2 of the ugliest public figures of any sort i have known in my 61 years. understand, i am using the word ugly as one would in Spanish, Feo, Feisimo. it is not just ugly, but unwashed, beneath contempt, dirty, untouchable, someone you would not allow near you, pathetic, not worth anyone’s time, despicable. that kind of ugly.

        • not that that would not be welcome, but masher joe or neo-stalin bernie are not much of a step up.

          • my mom and dad talk to me when they are dead than when they were alive. mom: hey honey, no worry, no matter how bad things are, they are likely to get much worse..

          • When my dreams include those who have walked on, it is so realistic that is if they are still with me, instead of having joined our ancestors.

          • well peyote in a sweat tent does accentuate it, eh chief???/sorry man, lay a Greek joke on me. could not resist.

          • if i had thought you would be insulted i woulda said something else. i was raised before they taught that stuff, i have never heard of it. i thought the Peyote was the bad thing. my apologies.

          • It’s not your fault, few whites know. We never used peyote or had sweat lodges. Our Vision Quests involved chasing white girls.

    • I disagree. I wanted to hear what Dan Gross had to say, but Tucker wouldn’t let him complete a sentence. He was acting like a young Bill O’Reilly.

      • both can be true. he did badger the man. however, there is no gun control pro or con that we have not already heard. the only people effected pro or con re: more or less firearm restriction are people that have the unexpected happen to them…. i.e. they are innocents around a lunatic or a gun saves their life.
        however homemaker is correct we have two the the worst people in the world for nominees, so she/he deserves many ups for that alone.

  2. People who want to own a gun in the UK need to undergo a series of background checks that include interviews, visits to the person’s property, criminal records checks, references from friends and even their doctor… and yet, where there is a will, there’s a way.

  3. The Most Beautiful Woman in the History of the Human Race™ hosting the Fox Report. (sigh!)

  4. “Carl Bernstein, John Avlon and Dana Milbank have harsh words for Donald Trump and the campaign’s decision to deny press credentials to some prominent news outlets.”
    ban stelter, the beast, nation, NYTs, wapo and politico and i guarantee i can still get you elected.
    Carl Berstein?? really? no one that likes any of those people has ever voted Republican. calling Trump a Neo Fascist. lololol.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 Sandra Smith
    3 and the Baptist world
    2 Bill Hemmer asks
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Fox & Friends video: Brady rep stumbles under questioning from Tucker.

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