Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Reaction to in Orlando.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-O’Reilly (11pm) 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: All and yet authorities didn’t act.
  • Hemingway: Anderson Cooper’s pious bullying is harming America.
  • Videos: Bill O’Reilly and on
  • NYT: Coop Orlando coverage shows his ’empathy’.  Q&A: W Kamau Bell.
  • Joyella: Man who sold guns to Orlando terrorist related to Sean Hannity.
  • CNN skeds libertarian Town Hall.   Pam Bondi complains, CNN responds.
  • Kelly File video: Shooter’s during the standoff revealed.

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  1. The FBI had Mateen in their sights three times.

    Disney told them in April that he and his wife were surveiling the joint.

    A Florida gun shop says they told authorities that they had refused to sell to him because he alarmed them.

    Mateen continued to work for a global security firm that contracts with the U.S. Government for security operations!

    If there was a Republician encumbent president now during a presidential campaign, do you think the only thing the media would be talking about was gay rights and guns?

    • Never underestimate the media’s partisan reflex to mine every tragedy for liberal fool’s gold.

      • On Special Report last night they were talking about the media’s rush to make a terrorist atrocity into an issue of homophobia and Mara Liasson said cant we take into consideration that aspect, as well as others, etc…

        I’d like to ask Mara what aside for gun control and homophobia has been explored with this event?

        You have a guy whose been an object of FBI scrutiny three times, who has been on their watchlist, who was spotted by Walt Disney World security as being a possible threat, and whose father broadcasts odes championing the Afghan Taliban while wearing fatigues.

        Is there any issue here other than homophobia and gun rights?

        Forty-nine people are dead at the hand of a guy who had this sort of scrutiny and liberals and their media mouthpieces are mad as hell…

        At Republican conservatives.

        • My friends at CBS THIS MORNING are as usual, strong gun control propagandists. Their “gun safety” efforts took up most of the first half of the show today. A particular irritating segment was sending a producer into a Virginia gun store to purchase a AR-15 type carbine. After poo-pooing she had to produced two types of identification, fill out federal forms with ss# plus answering a dozen questions, and passing a “brief electronic background-check” (not mentioning it was with the FBI) they had the gall to say it was as easy as buying a cup of coffee at STARBUCKS. My experience has been the NBC NIGHLY NEWS has been much more even-handed on the issue.

          • so they proved if you have a clean record you can buy a gun.

            Wouldnt it be more logical to send someone in who had a record to see how easily they could get one?

          • actually, i believe that happens a lot, but when they fail to be able to make the purchase why air the clip?

          • I don’t have to show 2 forms of ID, give them my ss#, and on and on and on. The media is just disgusting on this whole thing.

        • from the look from afar, and living in a country with an extremely low crime rate and never a day going by without seeing people with full auto AK47s everywhere i have a plan. anyone that has never been convicted of a crime attaining the age of 35 years old should be able to present a notarized police report and 2 pieces of ID to receive a free full auto AR-15, 10 30 round mags with 5,000 loose rounds PLUS clean kits and ear protection. now that would be government stimulus.

          • The one bone CBS threw to the gun-rights crowd was that had not the club been a gun-free zone, armed customers wouldn’t have had to wait five minutes for police to arrive as the only option to stop the shooter.

          • how horribly irresponsible, don’t you guns cause violence?

            the basic bank transfer here includes the truck driving up, 1 guard with an AK, 1 with a 12 ga. each facing opposite directions of the street. bank employees come out and escort the bag holder or holders into the bank. reverse. leave. go ahead and google bank robberies in Nicaragua. if you can find jus 1 in the last 3 years i will buy you a lobster dinner.


            hahahahaha. it shows scams, taxi robberies of tourists and a Nicaraguan a few years back busted for robbing a bank in Costa Rica…lol. if you have ever been to Costa Rica you would know how dumb tico cops are in general. it is normal for criminal minded Nica and Colombianos with criminal intentions set up shop in Costa Rica. side by side one country dangerous as He##, one safe unless you are really a dumb azz.

            you can learn a lot traveling.

          • Keeping true to form, Lester Holz’s news report tonight on gun control efforts was fair and balanced.

          • “Gun control” wouldn’t have done jacksh*t to stop the attack. And these liars on the left know it.

    • Incumbent
      … and yeah those plus racism, armed right wing killers and income fairness for deadbeats is they extent of their programming.

    • I was looking for a counterpoint to the NYT article but several others I passed on because they didn’t really have a clearly focused rebuttal. Hemingway’s piece nailed it; the best critique I’ve read of Coop’s little performance.

      • Not just Cooper, but this whole stunning performance art by the media to set the parameters of a discussion on terrorism into the partisan language of domestic cultural issues.

        There’s no way they would have focused solely on gun control had there been a Republican president in office.

        Hemmingway not only made that clear, she touched on how the media DID handle the cultural dynsmics of the gunning down of Christians in a church, by making their amazing forgiveness and dignity second fiddle to the confederate flag.

      • Molly, is a great writer. She shows her indignation but not going over the top. Bret should have her on the Special Report panel and get rid of the ditz, Mara.

  2. Labour MP was gunned down in her constituency earlier today. Jo Cox was shot three times with a what was described as a “homemade gun” and stabbed. Owning guns is illegal in Great Britain.

        • the thing on left is used as a mortar. my neighbors have one they are used for celebrations. you light a fuse on a bag of powder compacted with a paper twisted shell, drop a second bag with different powdered metals and the second bag hopefully ignites into a pretty starburst way up in the sky. of course you can also load ball bearings or a 1/4 stick of dynamite and shoot that. the change is pretty easy …lol.
          all legal here, illegal in costa rica

  3. Pres. Obama and liberals don’t have an enemy in the entire world other than American conservatives.

  4. Is there anyone here who remembers any president going to such lengths to point the finger at American citizens and portray the country as being full of nefariousness in order to deflect from the notion that he might have an iota of responsibility for things like this?

    That “eulogy” has to be the sorriest bit of finger pointing from a Commander-In-Chief that I’ve seen in my life.

    This jerk is unbelievable.

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