Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Durkin: MSNBC planning new 4pm show for former Salon columnist.
  • Durkin: MSNBC 9am hour goes to Stephanie Ruhle.  MSNBC turns 20.
  • New Pew: ‘State of the Media’ finds cable news viewership, revenues up.
  • FTV Live: CNN has  internal ‘Team Trump‘ email list.   Rick ties the knot.
  • Impartial NBC journo rips gun lobby, lawmakers.  Today’s firing demand.
  • Grove: Cooper pulverizes conservatives, so he’s the anchor we need now.
  • Controversy swirls around Coop’s ‘petty, disgraceful‘ third-degree of AG.
  • Why Sophie Barnes calls Megyn Kelly a role model for young journalists.
  • Q&A: Kilmeade talks Trump; Steve and Ainsley reflect on success of F&F.
  • Holtz: Is an FNC exclusive, not shared with rivals, ethically problematic?
  • On the Record videos: Orlando shooter’s favorite Imam

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49 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. If you’re going to pretend to be a media “critic” and you want to claim Fox isn’t covering breaking news…….wouldn’t it be good to do more than “check” in? Oh I guess you wouldn’t want to have seen they did cover it so you can claim it wasn’t a lie and so you can say “well not when I watched”
    BTW: they did break in and cover it.

    You are NOT a media critic… are just another liar with no life.


    • My dog is a media critic. If Hillary, Bernie or Trump comes on the TV she barks at them. Also barks at zombies and the GEICO alligator man. Doesn’t take much to be a media critic, but she has one hard and fast rule: only bark at it if you watch it.

        • My husband and I have a running routine where one of us will ask the other what in the living hell are the dogs barking out of their minds about, and the other will screech “NOTHING!!”

          • mine barks when other people’s cats walk on the wall, it is an alert to get me to knock the sucker off with the pellet gun so he can “play” with them.

          • My dog just finished a barking session and got a “what the hell are you barking for”, but I decided to let her out on the front porch to survey the scene. We found the UPS guy had just left a package containing my order of a newly mastered vinyl LP of Burbeck’s “Time Out”. Gave the dog a treat.

          • We are lucky enough to live on a golf course. Dog could care less about the carts and people all over the course and on the cart path in the backyard. You have someone walk by on the sidewalk in front & she goes crazy!

  2. I watched Greta, and all I can say about her guest is that guy is as much an Imam as Sharpten is a Reverend.

      • I’ve always liked Cooper. Why hasn’t anyone asked him if he’d lambaste Muslims as being insincere and hypocritical for expressing sympathy and grief over Orlando.

        If this had happened in 2009, would he have said the same to President Obama or Hillary Clinton?

  3. “”As gay people, we share strands that are common no matter where we were born, or how we grew up, or what we do for a living, we share those strands of a bond,”

    Now say that same sentence using the words “straight people” and see the sh*t storm that would fly around the internets!

    AC could never understand as someone w/a very different viewpoint, be it about sexuality or guns or religion, could be as emotionally invested in their cause as he is in gays. He would mock them.

  4. John Heilemann cohosted CBS THIS MORNING which was odd in that usually CBS personnel are the three hosts. He’s a Bloomberg guy and an avid Trump hater so that might have something to do with it as the get-trump-or-die media movement has taken it to a new level.

      • Sally Kohn is as much a bigot as someone who uses racial slurs on-air. This isn’t her first time, nor will it be her last. Being on the air is a privilege, not a right. She should be fired.

        • The only person Ive ever wanted fired was that CNN creep who had some horrible wish/fantasy about Sarah Palin being beaten and made to eat feces.

          He had to go for the sake of humanity.

          • Oh, and that horrifying CNN woman who was just brimming with glee and laughter over a recording of Bristol Palin sobbing and cursing about having been drug around by her ankles by a stranger during a brouhaha at a party.

            I would have settled for a week-long suspension.

            Where does CNN get these people?

  5. I like Stephanie Ruhle so I might watch that hour as long as it’s news… also Kornaki is alright, he was probably one of the few watchable people in the lean forward era, and seems to have molded himself to the new direction pretty well.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Salon columnist
    4 ethically problematic
    3 Controversy swirls
    2 ties the knot
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Coop’s ‘petty, disgraceful’ third-degree of AG.

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