Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Cooper 1-2-3.
  • Fox News topped all basic cable channels in latest weekly ratings.
  • Outnumbered video: react to Obama comments.
  • Zucker play: CNN ‘expert’ doesn’t know if Orlando attack is act of terror.
  • Late Show video: Bill O’Reilly with Stephen Colbert
  • Coop names names, but not the shooter.  Greg says no more face time.
  • Sara Murray: From intern to covering Trump on CNN.  Weekend numbers.
  • The Cable Game: Gender bender.  CNN coverage is the best…on SnapChat.
  • Kelly File video: Debate over Trump for Washington Post.

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Geraldo being bashed for saying the people in the club should have fought back….by media matters……..so of course the weak minded stooges agreed………neither bothering to point out that the FBI gives the same advice in a mass shooting….run….hide…and if that fails….FIGHT!

    Shame on Geraldo for saying the same thing the Obama Justice Dept says!




     Fight as a last resort and only when your
    life is in imminent danger.
     Attempt to incapacitate the shooter.
     Act with as much physical aggression as
     Improvise weapons or throw items at the
    active shooter.
     Commit to your actions…your life
    depends on it.



      • Mentally move that bar scene over to Alabama or Montana and try to imagine the terrorist having time to laugh.

        • He simply wouldn’t have come in. Pretty much why most stores in Ohio have taken down their | No Guns Allowed | signs. An advertisement to the bad guys.

          • in cali you can only buy gas through bullet proof windows after 10pm. in Oregon you hardly ever here of armed robbery at the usual spots. gas stations, 7 11s etc. just not worth it. criminals rob mostly only when it is easy. oh, in Oregon they will come out and pump your gas in 3am. no self serve allowed.

          • That last sentence is reason enough to move to Oregon.

            I’d drive five miles out of my way and pay more just to have someone pump my gas.

        • or texas or oregon or or or any conceal state. is Florida a conceal state? if so, maybe gay people will start to carry. i have no prob with that.

    • Maybe Geraldo had to have been there…

      There’s a lot of difference between giving people advice before they encounter a killer, from remarking upon what murdered people should have done.

      • i have not been there in a mass shooting but i have been surrounded, outnumbered, and hopeless and fought first and dirty and acted insane. there is nothing special about refusing to submit, or even heroic. just at least get your licks in, you may save someone else. i see no fault in saying that out loud. maybe the next time someone will remember that. not a bad thing. after all there has to be some Darwinian purpose for testosterone besides helping lesbians grow hair.

  2. I appreciated the FBI Director purposely not naming the shooter in his briefing yesterday. It’s a small gesture but a good one.

    • The meme is that there’s not much philosophical difference between not wanting to change marriage law, bathroom/shower accommodations for non-transitioned transsexuals, or existing gun laws, from shooting 50+ people or sharing the mindset of regimes that throw gays off buildings.

      It “reasoning” that produces enough straw-men for a scarecrow convention, non-sequiturs that would make a junior high school student blush, and that opportunistically divides the country in a way that makes Trump look like a piker.

  3. We used to say in the IT field that an “expert” was one that new a little bit more than the guy next to him.
    a) knowledge, experience, ability
    b) gift for bullshite
    c) know TV producer who likes your bullshite
    d) flunked out of ponzi scheme home study

  4. Can I say I just watched Anderson Cooper go after Pam Bondi and thought he way overstepped the bounds. What he wanted her to do was NOT support the citizens of Florida and their decision to say marriage is between 1 man & 1 woman. Her job as Attorney General is to support the decisions of Forida voters. As an AG you don’t get to always decide what cases come your way in comparison to a lawyer in private practice. I personally always thought it was awful that when Arnold was Gov of CA he wouldn’t allow their AG to fight for what the CA voters supported. He basically made the decision that close to 60% of their population should be ignored because of his personal belief. IMHO

    • You’ve got to understand that complete and utter acquiescence is what’s being demanded of all.

      Anything short of that (unless you’re a liberal lying about your support of traditionalism to get elected) means you’re feigning a distaste for gays being gunned down in clubs.

      Oh, and you are the extremist.

    • People who hyperventilate every time Harris Faulkner shrugs her shoulders or raises an eyebrow will ignore when Coop becomes an advocate. In fact, they will celebrate it. Because when he crosses the line, he does it for their side. If it weren’t for double standards, such people wouldn’t have any standards at all.

      • I love the standard that it’s detrimental to our relationship with Muslims all over the world to use the term “radical Islamist”.

        If we go into over 90% of predominately Muslim countries how well do women and…especially…gays….fare swinging from bridges?

        Rather than radical Islamist (as though those views are rare) being pejorative, it’s generous.

        Contrast how liberals describe Christians who are against defining marriage outside the parameter of procreation?

        Far from it being detrimental to use the term Islamic terrorist or radical Islamist, it’s vital to help Muslims in the West break free from the fundamentalist dogma of the countries of their ethnic background.

        • Coop would not last long at hands of “the religion of peace”. About as long as acceleration of 32 ft./sec./sec. will take to crash him to earth. The lighter weight Ellen would land at the same instant.

          • Like the president, Cooper is far more comfortable ignoring Islamic countries and “Islamic radicals” while making arguments that logically (but unintentionally) suggest that prior to 2015, the USA was a totalitarian theocracy.

    • Reality gets Obama’s goat.

      Ben Rhodes has to write an alternative for him.

      Funniest irony of the week: Putin can hack the DNC’s server, but not Clinton’s linen closet special.

      And what would it matter if Russia had hacked her, folks, when the State Dept only classified her emails AFTER..their contents was actually written in an email…


      • Our National Jackass heads to Orlando tomorrow to meet with the families, and tell them that it was caused by an internet video.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
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  6. Jennifer Griffin covering Hillary Clinton not international news, her expertise.
    Trump, Clinton and Sander’s talking points may be political election news but they have nothing to do with reality which is Griffin’s expertise. this really ticks me off about eddie. maybe some wherewithal media critic would like to point out Foxes coverage loss really needed over the last few days all due to Mr. henry’s dalliances. he created a need hole that needed to be filled with a trusted name. fox has a ton of hired gun private international “experts” that they air with talking points and i counted Jennifer’s experience, intelligence and contacts to help me separate the granola from the fruit loops. so to speak.. #damn. used to count on Ed for his work. good job Eddie. good job. put jennifer back where she belongs and have the 2nd string cover fruit loops hillary, bernie, donny et. al. *&(^^&%. not like anything they do will be difficult to report..

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