Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: his former paper over Trump headline.
  • Friday’s numbers: Wolf Blitzer-O’Bolling/Maddow (tie) 1-2-3.
  • Davis: I remember when there was news in my cable tv news.
  • Horn: Documents suggest MSNBC connived to promote fracking.
  • CNN pundit obsessed with looking like Hillary.  Bourdain in Houston.
  • Why Megyn does, or doesn’t, name names.  Audio Q&A: Juan Williams.
  • Factor video: analyzes coverage of the Orlando attack.

52 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Harry Smith (who I hated at CBS and now I hate at NBC) gave the lamest liberal claptrap lecture at the end of the NIGHTLY NEWS I’ve heard in a while. “When will this stop. When will America make it stop.” Using his broad brush there was no difference between a NUTCASE in Newtown and a ISIS TERRORIST in Orlando. LIttle doubt gun laws were his one and only solution to “making it stop”. Making him stop talking was in the power of my remote. CLICK.

  2. If the latest tell-all book has any merit, Hillary Rosen is striving for fat ankles and hairy toes.

    • I think she’s more attractive in the before pic. She looks bland in the after one.

      She’s not gone Hillary, she’s gone tv news generic.

      • ,,, and Portman and Kaisich are 2 of the best people in politics. because Rob is so smart and able i hold hope he won’t be booted despite the Ohio penchant for suicidal politics. without Kaisich they would be detroit right now. had a gf in Oxford and went to the many antique auctions there on a regular basis. Ohio was a basket case financially pre Kaisich.
        i know this family very well. they moved over the river to Harlan county for the same reason i closed my business and left the USA. regs and taxes.

        • Portman is bland, but there is a reason he is often mentioned as a VP pick, he’s competent. His opponent, Ted Strickland was very unpopular by the time he left the governorship. That said, there is enthusiasm for him in the Democrat strongholds, and the Appalachian region where my cabin is. God, I’d hate to see Ohio with two liberal Democrat senators.

          • bland is not a negative to me. he seems like a guy i would trust with my accounting and bean counters are what states and feds drastically lack. it would be a great loss to the senate to send strychnine, i mean strickland. left or right he is just another incompetent political class stooge.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 in Houston
    4 promote fracking
    3 Bernard Goldberg
    2 there was news
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN pundit obsessed with looking like Hillary.

    • On a personal note it’ll be 4 weeks tomorrow since my last cigarette…and 3 weeks this coming Friday since I DVR’d my last O’Reilly show after 10 years.

      Both tough to cut cold turkey…but probably seeing better blood pressure from both decisions.

      I still consider The Factor one of the best produced cable news shows, but I just couldn’t take the (almost) nightly Trump promos/excuses/defenses.

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            from the NIH National Cancer Institute.
            light deprev use.
            canibinoid resesearch
            more lucy goosey so i won’t post links are oil extraction processes that produce oils designed to target specific types of cancer cells. you can simply google if you want to get an idea of how the med side is growing faster than the recreational side. this i know first hand because i saw it. i have known these 2 brothers for 30 years. the pics i have are mind blowing. tons of workers and tons of money.

      • As a one time three-pack a day guy, I can tell you that you will reach a point where you never think about it. My last cigarette, 1988. The Devil did his best to get me to “have just one”. I didn’t listen. Don’t you listen.

        • I read a year ago Larry that the average number of attempts to quit averages 8 or 9 tries.

          I think I am right in that ballpark. Just glad I lived long enough for that many attempts. 😊

          • I smoked once. Age 10, a friend and I got into his dad’s Marboros. I still remember how sick that I got. Never had the urge since.

          • Couldn’t take cigarettes. Couldn’t take weed. I have to lie down for awhile if my husband uses too much cologne.

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