Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Video: wake up, America, ‘the war is here’.
  • Newsers scramble to cover attack; O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly live tonight.
  • CNN reporter claims fired Florida sports reporter worked for Fox News.
  • James Rosen hopes new admin means ‘clean slate’.   Q&A: Jesse Watters.
  • Fareed Zakaria fronts India’s Big Chance.  CNN skeds rape Town Hall.
  • Your Buzz videos: Double too art of
  • Zurawik: Megyn Kelly covering Freddy Gray case more than other hosts.
  • O’Reilly wants to fill a void: ‘History channel doesn’t even do much history’.
  • Chris Jansing honored.  Ayman Mohyeldin criticized.  Sunday talkers: preview.