Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Video: wake up, America, ‘the war is here’.
  • Newsers scramble to cover attack; O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly live tonight.
  • CNN reporter claims fired Florida sports reporter worked for Fox News.
  • James Rosen hopes new admin means ‘clean slate’.   Q&A: Jesse Watters.
  • Fareed Zakaria fronts India’s Big Chance.  CNN skeds rape Town Hall.
  • Your Buzz videos: Double too art of
  • Zurawik: Megyn Kelly covering Freddy Gray case more than other hosts.
  • O’Reilly wants to fill a void: ‘History channel doesn’t even do much history’.
  • Chris Jansing honored.  Ayman Mohyeldin criticized.  Sunday talkers: preview.

116 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN’s Town Hall will have on Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby. Cosby will share his recipe for roofie-coladas.

        • It’d be nice if borders and such were meaningless both ways.

          I’m told that Mexico has a better jobs situation than the U.S. now.

          San Francisco and other cities have huge homeless populations that could be sent to Mexico unimpeded by any border control in order to set up vast American enclaves flying the U.S, flag, proclaiming the territory theirs and voting in elections there, etc.

          • actually obtaining residency and work permission in Mexico is much easier and cheaper than the USA. however like almost every country that expats go to live in you must show you can support yourself and have a clean police record. usually an investment is required unless you have a pension, or ssi, or are a needed professional. almost every country in the world EXCEPT the USA has a retirement residency available.
            while there are many illegals in every country almost every country will deport you if you commit a crime. they also do not give away welfare, housing, food stamps or allow you to vote or put your kids in public school. citizenship is difficult in every country. unless you have a “political in” it is a many year process, most people do not want it. many people in Latin America are fine living there with a tourist visa and leaving briefly every 90 days. they are called perpetual tourists. they cannot obtain a driver’s license, put their kids in public school etc/ i was an illegal perpetual tourist in Costa Rica for 12 years. i own property there, no problems with that in Mexico as well after their laws were updated. we illegals were not rounded up and booted.
            Mexico does have lower unemployment, rising incomes, and a growing middle class which is why more Mexicans leave the USA than enter. hey you built that.
            so if you want to blame people for the way they act in the USA you could really start to make it much easier on yourselves.
            1. understand most people do not enter another country to become a citizen. the USA requires that that be your goal if you want to live and work there. make citizenship a process not connected to immigration.
            2. exempt non-citizens from any social benefits including public schools. they can send their kids to private school or pay tuition at a public school just like almost every non-Euro country and the USA in the world.
            3. make immigration reform reciprocal like Brasil does. if a country allows easy residency, their citizens that can support themselves and have no police record can do so in the USA. if they have very difficult entry and residency laws, we treat them the same. hint, this would solve Muslim immigration in a new york minute as they have strict visa and residency requirements, including religious requirements in most countries that are majority Muslim. i think passing a reciprocal immigration law would be easy after pointing out that in SA, for example, you can work on a work permit but not obtain residency unless you are Muslim. fine, you can work in the USA but not obtain residency without being a Christian and must enter and leave on the same schedule that your host country’s law mandates.

            the USA is the cause of it’s own problems. every country in the world has illegals. usually they are over looked because they spend money if you follow some basic rules of etiquette you will not be bothered. only Europe and the USA provide social benefits and a free crime pass. why? it seems the entire root of the immigration problem in the USA is self inflicted.
            as to your fascist nationalist notions about the Mexican flag, i am a second generation American. every member of my family has Greek flags, and in every city in the USA there are Greek, Italian, Scandinavian etc festivals with no problem. the issue is not a flag being waved it is advocating ceding part of the USA to another country which is a crime and requires simple deportment. deporting people is easy in most countries if there is a reason. you commit a crime, and you will find yourself. if caught, being considered for deportation. most countries, like Costa Rica and Mexico give you one appeal so it is not easy to deport a property owner and grab what they own. so it requires a hearing. most countries are smart enough to not want to deport people that have enough money to buy things, not the USA. some do not have an appeals process and criminals are not only deported but have their property confiscated. they do that in Nicaragua, however they treat Nica criminals similarly. drug dealers have provided many in the political class with rather nice digs. there is a hotel confiscated south of Rivas which is used for transiting Africans and others across the country to enter the USA illegally where the current policy is to feed clothe and educate illegals. while the Africans are here i see them going out to do day work in hijab and their traditional “Muslim garb”, so they stand out and are not getting anything free except a pass to the north.
            so now, what the hell is your immigration beef? if you were a contractor you would only hire Latins. American basic labor is entitled lousy workers. be honest, American labor workers are the worst in the world, but hey, your war on poverty built that.

            as in most cases if you have dysfunction in your life and want to change that, begin with yourself. the nationalist populist horsepucky is an embarrassment. it is stupid. it does not work. it makes you hated. a smaller world that requires trade to have any growth what so ever and growth, as the USA has found out in the last 7 and 1/2 years, is necessary or people go backwards in income, security, savings and property ownership. fair trade is a stupid lie. the USA is the world’s biggest currency manipulator. every effort you make to save an “American” job has reverse effects. so how about a recommendation to grow the hell up America and quit being so damned stupid. the USA has always had faults, today it seems hell bent on making everything worse for everyone. some exceptionalism. more like retardation. mad? think that is baloney? consider who is earning nominations with votes from American citizens after advocating protectionism in trade.

          • au contrarian …. you can stare all you want in Latin America. you’ll get a smile and a thank you.

          • the technical definition, the familiar definition is simple obsession of another. i know, i have been falling in love several times a day for years.

    • It was a novel concept. VIewers would tune in to watch history. Like you could ever get them to stay awake in class. Plan B: aliens, lumberjacks, and ice road truckers.

    • Someone should start a twitter account called “J$ bad graphics” so haters can have fun and claim how smart they are….LOL

      FYI: there is a twitter account dedicated to Fox news on screen mistakes.

      • Some people RT every tweet from that account. Instead of having themselves to filter out stuff about the other channels, this account makes sure that all the negative stuff is about Fox. Ideal for the busy Fox hater who just can’t be bothered with any of those other channels.

    • Chris Lansing was a subordinate of Fremont in the Great Lakes region. Towns were named after each.

  2. I love the new meme that Fox News is biased for Trump because the Opinion shows seem to cover mostly trump and attack Clinton………and thats why its OK for CNN and MSNBC to be biased for Clinton……..missing the fact that is in NOT just the opinion shows that cheer Clinton and attack Trump on CNN and MSNBC.

    One complete moron complained because Pirro complained about Clinton and therefore is biased for Trump…….Newsflash………..Pirro complained about Clinton way BEFORE Trump was running……like most New York Republicans………it’s is an OPINION SHOW and after Trump loses….Pirro will STILL be complaining about HRC.

    Of course people like that have decided that if you dont belive fields was almost forced to the ground…..you must support Trump….I’ve pretty much decided to not even vote this year.

    • One thing you have to remember about Pirro is she ran for Senate against Hillary in 2006 but was doing so badly she dropped out of the race before the primary, I don’t know if she’s the most impartial observer to be talking about Hillary.

      • Well…..I NEVER expect hosts of opinion shows on any network to be impartial…….if they were……they wouldn’t be doing their job very well.

        If it were up to me NO news network would have anything on but NEWS shows………but I don’t get paid the big bucks for that…..heck I miss HLN when that’s all they did every 30 min.

  3. OK…while I admit…I don’t watch the kelly file often…..I get lazy and don’t change the channel and see some of greta most nights……….unless I misheard her a few days ago…..she has sent two people to the Freddy Gray court stuff EVERYDAY……….Griff and the AA ex-cop now lawyer whose name I cant think of…..so I find it hard to believe MK talks about it more than greta does.

    It’s like after the space shuttle blew up…..suddenly launches we covered live for years…….of course after a riot…….people will wonder if there’s going to be another.

    • Is the cop you are thinking of Ted Williams or Rod Wheeler? Both are former DC Homicide Division detectives turned lawyers.

      • I’m about 95% sure it’s Ted Williams….I was thinking Ted….couldn’t remember his last name……..I just don’t watch Greta’s show enough to remember……..I could swear he said he’s been in court everyday….sometime last week.

        He and Griff seem to be some sort of team….they were together during the riots also……….He works for Fox so maybe he does MK show nightly also.

        Edit: I looked it up….it was williams….he said he’d been there everyday for court.

  4. If what I’m seeing is correct, both howard Kurtz and Brian Stelter are going to be on at their regular times but not to do their usual programs. They will be anchoring breaking news coverage of the shootings. Seems kind of odd but what do I know?

  5. Jim Miklaszewski just wondered on MSNBC if this tragedy would push Pres. Obama “over the edge”?

  6. Has Tommy Christopher been hacked over at Mediaite?

    Maybe We Do Need a Temporary Ban, Just Until We Can Figure This Out
    by Tommy Christopher | 12:36 pm, June 12th, 2016

    • Tommy Christopher has a right to his own arguable opinion and I don’t give a flying french fry what his stance is on this issue, but I do sincerely hope that he’s not using this hideous…stuff (for lack of a better word…) to play cute in making some sort of point.

      I’m thinking with this piece that he has utterly thrown his career away with the majority of the media who have worked very hard to tarnish everyone with the opinion TC has now expressed as being Nazis.

      If he’s doing this to make some superfluous political point here about the people he’s heretofore criticized then I think that he needs a vacation and perhaps medication.

      • Just got my question answered on Twitter.

        TC was indeed having everyone on in order to make a point about the dumb bunnies who don’t hold the proper opinion.

        Because…you know…this all happened for his arts and crafts project. It’s all about him.


        • That’s like Ellen Brodsky. She has nothing to tweet in remembrance of the victims, but tweeted attacks on Bret Baier, Fox News, etc. Dutifully RT’d by her obedient poodle of course.

          • No, I’m afraid that it’s much worse to use the deaths of 50 people as your raison d’etre to troll the people you absolutely must hate in order to indulge yourself this way.

            It’s unfathomable.

          • my cat kisses my feet and stands down Don Loco. Even Don Negrito, El Asesino, the coral snake killer. does not go into Don Loco’s section. she prances among the bananas and flowers, Don Loco creeps up she gives him a hiss and he goes into his casita. too funny.

          • Don Loco hides in the shade and snatches pigeons for grins. then he rolls on their body and sleeps with them for a week before eating them. the cat is right. he stinks, and no bath fixes it.

          • i’ll ask tomi to look for it in the mercado. i should tweet you the mercado….lol. you know what a bici-taxi is?

          • You’re going to have to trust me on this. We aren’t short on Asian supermarkets either if it makes you feel any better.

          • i travel all over the country to find cooking needs. chino labor was imported into Central America so we have a community many breeding solely with themselves and speaking chino and getting satellite tv. we have chino restaurants and i have found their suppliers but i still mist a lot of stuff just not here. they had a Friday chino produce market but it faded away. when i see certain items i but the store out and save it. unfortunately the only items the nicas usually eat is rice dishes no spicy just a pile of salt.

          • I could eat rice every meal. My reward for eating clean each week isn’t high carb desserts, it’s a mountain of rice.

          • white rice is pure sugar. just like soda. it is why kids love it and why diabetes is rampant with malnourished people here. people eat white rice as a meal.

          • that right. well i changed everything and just lost close to 100lbs, gonna lose 40 more. the weight loss enabled me to work the pool and garden during which i further damaged disks. 5 out of numbers 1 through 8 are bad, 1 leaking spinal fluid…. now i have constant electric shimmering and drop my guitar pick because the yard labor caused more damage. another successful weight loss story. i eat no bread, rice or pasta. for a Greek that is like the Federal Max prison.

          • That’s quite an accomplishment. Good for you!

            Get in the pool. Do laps. Put wrist and leg weights on and run in the pool. Carry small weights in your hands too. That’s going to hit you right in the gut. Get stereo-foam resistance weights and lift them through the water for your lats, pecs, and deltoids. Do somersaults, crunches, kicks to stretch.

            Build your core in a gravity free environment to support and protect your back.

          • exercise does not cause weight loss. my arms are useless and swing strokes dangerous. eat differently, eat less. punta. i walk many miles a day. arms, no can do. my only indulgence is fork use and my guitars.

          • hahahahahahaha. been there, done that, got the t-shirt. when you can send me a kelvar blanket we can talk. we are in the tropics. all he wants is to dig into dirt and find mud, water, rotting vegetation and animals. not blanket conducive. he has one job. to eat anyone stupid enough to come over the wall. he is waiting. when i lived in Maryland just over the DC line in PG country we had a dachshund that loved the compost hole. we had an old wormy apple tree and i piled 100 wheel barrel loads a year of rotting apples into the compost hole. the dog would tunnel into the compost heap, stay there all day eating fermenting apples come out drunk on his butt and smelling a lot like Don Loco. i like a smelly dog.

          • We had a dachshund when I was a kid. Got him when Dad was stationed at Ft. George Gordon Liddy Meade. Fort Meade was also the site of my greatest achievement, leading the other nursery school kids on a nap time mutiny. Got me tossed out.

          • they are a little breed with a big bark. bred from Dobermans and Sheppards to hunt badgers. they tend to be one people animals, protective and violent unpredictably. they have a long jaw, large canines and do only what other german sheps do, when they bite, they hang on and do not let go. good dogs for an apartment or city life. often unpredictable around small children. many dogs know children are different and take their abuse, especially littles. i give loco a double click, he comes and hold position for as long as a kid wants to touch him and does not respond to ear pulling, smacks trying to ride him etc. daschounds not good at that.

          • Ours had been a show dog, but after being scarred in fights, a friend of Dad’s gave him to us. He was fine around us kids. Was a bit of a lothario, got the neighbor’s beagle pregnant.

          • My dog is the smallest dog I’ve ever had. Four pounds. Also the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Not even close.

          • The smartest pet I ever had was a cat. Lived 18 years, before dying of cancer. She was smarter than many people. That is no joke.

          • Our Husky and daughter grew up together and could communicate telepathically.

            I’d write her a note to tell him it’s time to go pee or to take a walk, or for them to go to bed. She’d look at him and he’d get up and go to the door or to her room.

            She knew when he was in pain, frustrated or bored, and what he lay dreaming.

            She came home from college one week when he was old, but seemed to be doing well on medication. He told her it was the last time they would see each other and he died shortly after she went back.

          • for me, my the smartest was a costa rican beach mutt. expats bring pure breds and they die fast here. people steal them. poison them. we have snakes, toxic frogs, scorpions. Osioso was a mutt living with ten inbred others in a shack of taxi driver that got into a gunfight that killed both. i rescued 2 of the 10, one was the smart one. a Canadian neighbor tried to steal him so i brought him to Nicaragua and he trained don loco. he lived to please me . if he even thought i wanted something he did it. finally died just a year ago. but he trained don loco first. very cool. i had bird dogs that trained other animals to hand signals. no one trains a dog better than another dog.

          • This is what happens when one’s entire life is not only politics, but the virulent hatred of anyone who dares to disagree.

          • Yea I see the usual idiots complain that Fox News has talked politics….forgetting that there twitter feed is filled with trashing Trump all day.

            They can’t even take a few hours off their hate……didnt even make it 3 tweets after the shooting before politics.


  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 fil a void
    4 James Rosen
    3 criticized
    2 Megyn Kelly covering
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links:
    1 CNN reporter claims fired Florida sports reporter worked for Fox News.

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