Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Back slaps meh. When Sanders does a GWB-Merkle style Hillary neck massage, then I’ll call it.

  2. GRRRRRR. the WHO announcement i won’t even post. all that needs to be done is offer a billion dollar reward for a viral vaccine protecting against Aedis passed infections and stop with the money grabbing public health typical useless solutions. when little white babies needed a Rubella viral vaccine we had it pronto, ^&%$&$%$^#&*

  3. Don’t watch funerals on TV. Hard enough in real life.

    I personally have left some instructions with my friends. Number one is to have a salad bar at my viewing with dressings in front of casket to load your salad as you pay respects. Helps to fill the awkward silence and rewards people that didn’t like me but feel obligated to be there.

    • I wish you had a warning system to issue before writing this stuff.

      A Bladder Alert or something.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Scarborough deflects
    4 Curiosities
    3 Megyn performed journalism
    2 and $16 million
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 (Curiosities and) technical glitches bedeviled Fox News’s Thursday prime.

    • Speaking of the control room problems…..the stooges of course noticed……you know what happens when hate takes over brain cells….this…

      “FNC has not run a commercial break since 9:22pm. Are they trying to counter Warren endorsing Clinton on MSNBC or is it tech problems?”

      Now there are a few problems with this……….first….how much would hate have to take over for logic for you to even think that the #2 show would skip ads so people would change to the #8 show? For 38 min?

      and here’s why I read the stooges twitter feed for laughs………for pretend media “critics” they know so little about the media ….it’s well laughable….the last break was 9:22 which means that Fox News next break would have been around 9:28………which is exact time the MSNBC interview with Warren ENDED………so it made sense to the stooges that Fox gave up ads on a hit show to stop people from watching a interview that had already ENDED.

      Even head Disgraced Newshound “writer” spread the crazy conspiracy theory

      “Ellen Brodsky ‏@NewsHoundEllen 1d1 day ago
      What happened to Kelly File commercials? @IceManNYR theorizes Fox is countering Warren on MSNBC”

      Im guessing that Fox News will skip ALL commercials tomorrow to stop people from watching the superbowl next Jan….makes as much sense.


        • and the” we don’t have a obsession with that dump” disgraced newshounds didnt even need a hour to happen to stop by to see me make fun of them.

          Dry drunk still thinks you need to have a twitter account to see their lies and humor.

          I lost my bet with myself….I figured 20min like usually…….must be a HUGE night at the pound.

          Still no pizza.


          edit: and less than 1 min to see this message……..must have good light in that bar…….but they just happened to stop by…….at least I admit looking at their twitter accounts for the humor.

  5. No, liberal cable media, the transgender bathroom issue is not so damn simple.

    “Local police are trying to catch a cross-dressing child predator who molested a child at the library. On Cleveland 19 News at 11, we’re getting answers, so you can keep your kids safe.
    Romona and I hope you’ll join us for Cleveland 19 News at 11.
    See you then.
    Denise Dufala”

    P.S. NOBODY has better local news than Cleveland.

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