Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Wemple: Ed Henry is officially off the Hillary beat, future role unclear.
  • F&F video: against ‘major conflict of interest’.
  • Kelly File video: another media double standard.
  • Q&A: James Rosen, on being in the Obama administration’s crosshairs.
  • Outrage over ‘biased’ CNN terror headline as Greta sticks up for Israel.
  • Q&A: Scarborough says Trump calls Zucker ‘my personal booker’.  More.
  • Q&A: Jesse Watters previews his next special.  FNC spiffs up its graphics.
  • The hills are alive with the sound of election themes.  Ali Velshi resurfaces.
  • Back for ‘seconds’: Coop called back to Live to guest-host for two more days.

50 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Joe Concha was right about the utter hypocrisy of the Left and their media toadies. Megyn was right about Fashion Bug. My daughter and her friends love the place.

      • Is Adam’s Rib like Fashion Bug or Marshalls?

        Need to preempt a mispronunciation: Con-Sign-Ment Store. Somehow “Sign” became “Sing”. Perils of live TV.

        • Worst I ever heard was local news anchor mispronouncing hypodermic needle as, “hypa-deemic-nurdle.

          • Those nurdles can really prick. Yup- sometimes these things just come out funky.

            Funny to read the Twitter reaction from the haters (almost all of whom didn’t watch the segment). But… But… Trump’s suits are expensive too! Uh, Trump hasn’t made income inequality one of his central campaign themes and happily flaunts his wealth. I’ll be doing a follow-up today.

          • I wanted to hate it… I really did. But Dakota Johnson made it watchable, and I have no idea why.

          • Footnotes:
            Nancy Reagan dresses
            Nancy Reagan china
            Obama family attire
            Pat Nixon cloth coat (and she looked good in it)

          • Perhaps a $12,000 jacket made by Bangladesh workers and worn by a woman talking social justice while charging corporations and colleges hundreds of thousands per speech is an irony quite beyond them.

            Or maybe it’s like we’ve always said; they’re liberals and therefore want to harness, control, and when possible mediate, the wildest and most prized stallion of them all… the naturally occurring factors (talent, drive, disposition, IQ, serendipity) that produce the ultimate power of success.

            Everything else is a pretext for that.

          • Yeah, you could have morphed the con in consignment into something that mortified yourself and got the entire panel of Out Numbered after you.

          • The best here was a local anchor mentioning the police breaking up a cockfighting ring. However, she didn’t say “fighting.” The look on her face was priceless. She just knew her career was dead. Nope. It was quickly forgotten.

  2. Point of personal privilege: I’d like to see the authorities stop the four bank robbers in the Prius commercial with an RPG.

    • those sorts of commercials are very popular in Israel but are usually shot with a Toyota Hilux and a bed mounted .50 cal.

      • There are just some commercials, and not many, that for some reason I hate so much I just have to mute or FF past them. Another is the oh so nice professorly looking bearded man telling me to start saving earlier for retirement… preferably at Prudential. Scratch glass.

        • love em is worse than hate em. the love all goes to the creative or cute quality, now hate is a buying emotion. go somewhere not advertised and not like what happens and the hate em will pop in like a note from the wife.

    • You know that ADT commercial where the home invader is thwarted by the alarm and fully dressed mom talks to the cops, and dad and kids are in the background dressed in their pjs?

      Girl, get a gun.

    • It’s something that Joe and Mika came under an avalanche of critism and accusations of being Trumph toadies and consequently spent entire shows denying that and justifying themselves.

      I think that they were singled out and treated harshly too.

      Yet here Joe is finger pointing at someone else and blabbing something uttered off camera in order to further tarnish them.


        • Yeah, and this from Mediaite shows Zucker booking and handling both Clinton and Trump in a way that is most beneficial to CNN.

          Who does Zucker think he is? The president of CNN or something?…

          “According to this source, even if a candidate wants to appear on a different show, they are almost always steered [by Zucker] to either the network’s Sunday tentpole State of the Union with Jake Tapper, their morning show New Day, or the Anderson Cooper-hosted AC360. “He wants to prop up the Sunday show and the morning show and the 8 pm show,” the source says.”

          You’re a prince, Joe Scarborough…

  3. Don’t ya know Isreal incites the violence that befalls it, so it is deserved.

    Don’t ya know Trump incites the violence that befalls his supporters, so it is deserved.

    Don’t ya know George Zimmerman incited the violence that befell him, so it was deserved.

    Don’t ya know FOX reporters incites the violence that befall them, so it is deserved.

    Don’t ya know my old lady incited the trip to the moon I gave her, so it was damn well deserved.

  4. Re:CNN Twitter furor. They have a tendency to do this kind of stuff frequently. CNN is not known for reporting positive things about Israel. Israel is always at fault, no matter what.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 terror headline
    4 resurfaces
    3 off the Hillary beat
    2 Joe Concha examines
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 FNC spiffs up its graphics.

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