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          • Wemple says that if O’Reilly has one redeeming quality it’s that he always allows Krauthammer to get the better of him when they debate over Trump.

            Well, as magnanimous as Wemple shows himself to be in that comment… I wonder if he ever considers that that this is quite a generous gesture on the part of a talking head news host. You don’t see it anywhere else when it comes to how seriously the media takes themselves and politicing.

            In fact, it’s rare enough to belie Wemple’s point about some sort of hardcore bias that O’Reilly has for Trump and so should recuse himself from uttering a syllable about the election.

          • I’m thinking that after Wemple takes a poke at anything liberal he feels the need to even the score by a few swings at the easy bag.

  1. Kimberly’s advice for minority criminal justice major who just graduated…

    should get involved with groups like La Raza …like she was =)

    But I love how Trump and so many cable news pundits etc are slamming a judge for being a member of La Raza … there’s not others pointing out the truth….that its no big deal. Even ones like Kimberly tell people to join. And how that fact isn’t brought up on O Reilly etc… its beyond me.


    Since it being mentioned numerous times in various bios for Kim wasn’t good enough for some … I wonder if her admitting on “The Five” is good enough =)

    PERINO: Kimberly, this is from Fred K. Do you have any advice for a minority criminal justice major who just graduated?

    GUILFOYLE: Follow my lead.
    PERINO: There you go. Read your book.
    BOLLING: “Make the Case.
    GUTFELD: “Make the Case.”

    GUILFOYLE: Here’s what I’d say they should do. So get involved with
    some of the groups, like I was with La Raza legal association. There’s a
    lot of mentoring groups that help people get connected with internships
    and things like that. That is very important, because you want to kind
    of have some experience to be able to get a job going forward.

  2. Lisa Ling: it’s a girl; Susan Hendricks: it’s a boy; Richard Simmons: not sure yet.

  3. Prieview:
    Bret, “Hear anthing from the FBI?”
    Hillary, “Blah blah… Blah blah blah.”
    Bret, “Has Bill promised to behave this time?”
    Hillary, “Blah blah… Blah blah blah.”
    Bret, “Thanks, wish we had some more time, but our four minutes just flew by.”

    • Bret: “Have you ever told the truth about anything in your life?
      Hillary: “I tell the truth, even when I lie.”

      • “Secretary Clinton, you said you sent or received nothing that was marked classified, but you did sign a non-disclosure agreement, an NDA, in 2009 that said markings don’t matter, whether it’s marked or unmarked. You remember signing that?” Baier asked.

        “No, I do not, but the fact is nothing that I sent or received was marked classified and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that,” Clinton said. “What you are seeing acted out is the desire of different parts of the government to retroactively classify material so that it is not made public, since I did ask that all my emails be made public, and this is not an uncommon process.”

        • This is bullshite. That’s like a physician saying that he can store email pertaining to patients in his guest room at home because his patients did not specifically ask him to do otherwise.

          The codified presumption is that her email is potentially classified (always sensitive and confidential) from the first typed word because it is part of the State Dept.

          That’s why a home server is anthama in her case.

    • No, the media gets it right on Trump supporters.

      They were doing a story on After The Bell yesterday and David Asman made a huge deal about the 3 calls she got…. and he was going off on how bad they were.

      I then pointed out to him… I didn’t recall him calling out the Trump supporters for the numerous death threats against Megyn Kelly or Michelle Fields. Then he acknowledged those were wrong too.

      The anti-Antisemitism from Trump supporters…the racism… etc… The homophobia. You should look at some of the nonsense Guy Benson has to put up with because he is not a Trump supporter.

      • snort. i have no idea who you are, but that is a complete load of disjointed meaningless mental sickness. what have you done to your synapses to make them connect always connect dysfunctional manner.

      • the chance of a Stein or Libertarian changing a state result a la Florida Nader is slim. however, i empathize with your wish. an election between chaos and corruption is depressing to me.

      • I’ve known one person in my live that voted for a Jill Stein. He was a moron and an idiot.

        • well since i lived in Eugene Oregon a long tine i know where a couple of hundred votes are coming from. however, the result will still be dem for Oregon.

  4. For two weeks in a row, I was perfect in the American Patriot Quiz on Last week’s theme was Marilyn Monroe; this week’s is the recently departed Muhammad Ali.

    • 9/10 for me on Ali. MIssed #3 which is more an SI question than it is an Ali question. I’ve watched most of his fights. Some on live TV, like his loss to Ken Norton. Most on film or tape replay… multiple times. Too young to remember Joe Louis or Rocky Marciano, but he was the greatest to me. Have only watched one heavy-weight championship fight live: Buster Douglas lose the belt to Evander Holifield outdoors at the MGM in Vegas. What a circus!

      • I first knew of Ali when I was 10, in 5th grade. There was a commercial for videos of a few of his fights and I mindlessly parroted back some of what I heard in class. My teacher ended up detailing Ali’s career, including the Cassius Clay beginnings. I didn’t learn he had Parkinson’s, which New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick says was really dementia pugilistica, until 1996 when he lit the torch at the Summer Olympics.

      • Forgot all about that. Barely remember the Fat Albert one where he gave the neighbor girl a roofie.

  5. Concha has an excellent piece on Mediaite contrasting the treatment the media has given SJW Clinton over her $12k Armani coat (that she blithely wore during a speech about income inequality) to the massive ’08 coverage of Sarah Palin’s RNC provided togs.

    I like the fatalistic tone of the article.

    It truly is what it is, folks. And speaking for myself here (not Concha) what it is is a dominating ideological-cultural alignment of political power, corporate coercion via economic duress, and monolithic media messengers, of the like never seen before. Hello, voting hicks in North Carolina, you don’t stand a chance in controlling anything as basic school kids with penises showering with other school kids with penises.

    Sense of irony about wearing Armani during a speech about income inequality… aside…I don’t have a quarrel with people buying pricey designer attire if they wish.

    My question is why does Clinton have people who in an effort to make her appear as a cross between Aimee Semple McPherson and the Maharhisi Mahesh Yogi, have her instead looking like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s grandmother?

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