Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Somerby: Megyn Kelly coverage fairer to Gov McAuliffe than Maddow’s.
  • Legends & Lies premiere tops rivals in totals and demo.  Weekend numbers.
  • Outnumbered video: Outrage over in Stanford rape case.
  • Q: Did Trump get Bill O’Reilly’s questions in advance?  A: No. ‘Never, ever.’
  • O’Reilly Factor, Kelly File videos:  Wemple: Bill the racist.
  • CNN’s Awra Damon found a cause in plight of burned Iraqi boy.  Today’s oops.
  • Audio Q&A: Bret Baier on WLS.  Q&A: Stacey Dash.  MSNBC spiffs up visuals.
  • Did White House cut reply to Fox News from transcript?   CNBC debuts Binge.

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  1. Im sure we wont know for some time or ever….but….IMHO……..Trumps trying to get the Judge mad and make him recluse himself from the case……that way he doesn’t have to file………..I thought that the second I heard Trump say it……still think so.

    • I don’t. I think Trump has been making these ridiculous charges so he can appear to be the victim. And he’d rather be thought of as a racist that what he really is… a Conman.

      As Megyn pointed out… these charges in 2010 and considered by other states were long before he began running for office etc. But Pam Bondi of Florida took $25,000 and then FL didn’t press charges. TX..same thing happened.

      And you’ve got Kimberly Guilfoyle who was a member of La Razu attorney association as well. But that’s not mentioned when people confuse the groups.

      And it was great that Megyn pointed out once again last night when Katrina Pierson was saying…how one of the lead plantiff’s was trying to withdraw…. Not because Trump was innocent or Trump didn’t commit the fraud…but Trump kept filing suits against her.

      • Well, bully for Megyn for making better arguments than the rest of the media have made against Trump’s contenrption that there’s some ethnic politics in play in the judge’s decision to pursue the case.

        The cry echoed endlessly in venues such as Morning Joe is that such a presumption against a judge if Hispanic ethnicity is inherently racist from jump street in a way that is certainly not the case when such assumptions and accusations are made against white guys.

        Good for Megyn for making arguments based upon more than the endlessly hypocritical hyperbole of her colleagues, democrats, and some cowardly Republicans.

  2. Congrats to Brian Stelter and Reliable Sources for another win in 18-49 demo against Media Buzz!! Howard may have won the “key demo” of 25-54 or not…. and like FNC almost always does… won total viewers.. But great to see Brian winning with younger viewers. Bright future!

    And Brian even beat Bills “Legends and Lies” in 18-49.

  3. Another State Department excising of the records.

    Society has gone so digital, Big Brother no longer needs a Sandy Berger to stuff papers down his pants.

  4. Pat Buchanan has this right.

    It has been more than bemusing to watch people who hold identity politics as a pillar of social justice, suddenly laud an ethnic version of the concept of color-blindness.

    The same conservative philosophy on race that they heretofore bemoaned as being little more than pretext for preserving a generic white-bread status quo.

    Can they collude at a moment’s notice to temporarily disappear decades of liberal rhetoric down a memory hole…or what?


  5. Concha see the pattern?
    1) Trump says something outrageous.
    2) Outrage over the outrage rages,
    3) Trump doubles down.
    4) rage — damnation — huff — puff — spit
    5) “but you know, he has a point” confrontation creeps in
    6) publicity that doesn’t kill, winds Trump for the next outrage.
    7) GO TO 1

  6. My point is once again proven….but I made sure to get the DIRECT QUOTES this time.

    Just now on OUT#

    Julie thinks Trump to be spending the time Unifying the Party while Hillary
    can’t wrap it up but he isn’t because they are having to repudiate what Trump
    is saying.

    HF Here is my question for you Tony

    HF “There is an opportunity for Newt and the others to coalesce around him
    (Trump). Why aren’t they doing that? Why are they taking pot shots outside the
    bubble of Donald Trump? Why don’t they get together with him? I said it
    yesterday, it seems disingenuous, disrespectful.”

    Tony brings up its tough love

    Harris responds, “take the criticism private”.

    Nothing like DOUBLING DOWN today… and proving my point better than ever. =)

  7. So is the DOJ going to open an investigation into the Stanford rape case? What keeps them from slapping the civil rights violation card on the pile?

    • I’m the girl wasn’t white I’m sure they would have.

      J$ linked to the OUT# discussion on it. I think Jedediah got her facts wrong. Didn’t she act like the guy found an unconscious girl… and then he drug her out back to behind the frat house and had his way with her?

      From what I’ve heard…both of them were drunk… they were having sex and sex passed out during it at some point and then some people came upon them and he tried to run away.

      Those are two vastly different things. In Jedediah’s version on OUT#…. of course the guy would deserve 20 years.

      But if the later version is the accurate one… I wonder if a DA would have even tried to prosecute 5 years ago…..

  8. POLITICO Reports:
    “A number of journalists who cover presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reported being harassed by angry readers as a result of the AP’s decision to declare Clinton the “presumptive nominee” last night.

    Not so funny when it’s not Trump supporters being harassed is it lame-stream media?

  9. there is so much we do not know about in the world. you might consider why every “news source” carries close to the same stories, topics, subjects which are repeated over an over and over again to the exclusion of thousands of stories like this.
    from gcblues news letter. i thought some of you (Nix) might like to look.
    additional info to this can be obtained from me at gcblues@outlook.com ….. sorry not on cable news.

      • good question. los colonos can be anyone but mostly are Nicas and Hondurans. the article was only about Nicaragua but the “autonomous” region is in SE Honduras as well. occasionally an extranjero, person from somewhere else, can get involved in these deals. usually for them it is short term and they just want to strip whatever is of value there, lumber, gold, cows, make some bucks and skidaddle. if you google Ortega Miskitos world court you will find this is a long and complicated issue. Ollie North knows a lot:). the article does not say and it should be noted that nowhere rural is safe for central government workers so to say the Miskitos are not served is kinda off base, they do not want anything to do with the central government. there have been assassinations and helicopters are a popular way to sight your rifle to long range. they have guns. lots and lots of guns, and alcohol. they are known for home brew guaro made from cane sugar. a devastating hangover. for an area that has had people living in it for several thousand years Miskitus or Miskitos are relatively new and a mix of indios, blacks brought to Panama for Labor, and escaped slaves and a gaggle of other people that ended up there while on the run. this has occurred from 17th century forward. In settlements like Bluefields, the first language is English, an English Patois, many names of people, places and things are American Midwestern. they have several variants of indio and Spanish is 3rd. the reality is that this sort of culture is found on the entire eastern carrib coast from Colombia to Mexico. Eastern Costa Rica for example is black, English is spoken and it is still pretty wild. it was only in the 1950’s that blacks were permitted out of Lim’on into Costa Rica proper.

        • why in the world is not the eastern Caribbean not a cool cable news story? they did the whole Haiti earthquake deal and barely touched the history and culture. we are being robbed.

          • Your point is well taken. So many channels of “news”, but repetition and regurgitation drive them. Personal attitudes and habits also dumb down the publics willingness to search the mountain of resources for other news via Internet. It’s all a shame as we are at our best as knowledge seekers.

      • needless t say, ever colonos is either thinking they have an edge, or crazy, criminal and desperate

    • Instead of those f***ing refugees from the Middle East, we ought to bring in as many of the Miskitos who wish to come. The Miamis have long accepted those fleeing persecution, including escaped slaves.

        • I don’t drink. But I have no doubt that they’d fit in, especially the English speakers.

          • It looks like they need to turn on those damn soldiers, disarm them, and mutilate them. Shoot down a few of those helicopters. Or, go straight to the heart of the matter and slit the throats of Danny-O and his charming wife. Yeah, I know. I’m a crazy old man who is tired of seeing my people p*ssed on by tyrants.

          • that has actually been going on all along. been to world court. they kill cops and soldiers intermittently. kinda hard for them to coalesce as they are very spread out. Managua has never controlled the NE Atlantic, even under Somoza.

          • That’s why they might need to go to Managua and cut the head off of the snake. And they need to learn to coalesce and organize.

          • not wise. power entrenched is not going to be removed by them. no way. no how. they are lucky to have a place they can defend and run over the border. it as much as they can hope for at the moment. not like some crazy colonel is gonna cook up some help in the basement of the white house.

          • Too bad Danny-Boy didn’t carry through on his threats to invade Honduras in the mid ’80s. He would’ve been flattened like the cockroach he is. Plans were in place, with the 320th and 2d Bomb Wings leading the attacks on the command and control centers. He would simply be a not-so-fond memory on this earth, and playing cards with Saddam, Qaddafi and Che in Hell.

          • i empathize with your sentiments but i do not see how Iraq, Libya, and Cuba as better off. i am sure there are a hundred people worse waiting to take his place his wife being one. winning is different in geo politics than it is in sports. mas cuida con su deseos. i don’t wanna be a refugee.

          • That’s why the wife has to go, as well. Iraq and Libya were screwed up by Obama. Cuba, too.

  10. Ace is certainly rough around the edges. Let me add that he’s not a Trump supporter.

    So here Ace is…pointing out what has been disappeared with terrifying and unimaginable efficiency in our media led rhetoric on The Judge vs The Donald.


      • Well, Gutfeld is on the money.

        Let me add that there’s far and away a better reason to have pointed out the fact that Trump was just voicing a notion that liberals trumpet every day (until now…) than assisting Mr. Trump or just being contentious with political contrarians…it’s the fact that the chattering class en mass disappeared that elephant in the room so utterly, with frightening unspoken collusion and efficiency.

        Goodness knows we can’t expect Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell to be aware of anything other than protecting their positions, but surely some media member can remark upon the truly alarming cognitive dissonance that has effected our elites due to extreme tribalism.

          • You’re not getting rid of me that easily…

            This isn’t original stuff, Somerby has been pointing it out for years.

            (Thank you, my Johnny Dollar)

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Never, ever
    4 spiffs
    3 visuals
    2 the racist
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Did White House cut reply to Fox News from transcript?

  12. Bill makes excuses for Trump….thank goodness for Charles!

    Whiel of Justice says the facts…. Kim makes excuses and once again fails to mention she was a member of La Razu Lawyers Association.

    And of course Greta….ah Greta…. when all else fails…bring on Omarosa to say Trump isn’t a racist.. Funny, I thought before was slamming the show and Trump for being racist. Somehow she forgets those statements she made.


    And you can bet when SEAN comes on he’ll be in full ALL SPIN ZONE to make excuses for Trump. But TRUMP= RATINGS for em…. and can’t lose that access….

      • Well it is and the link to her being a member with back up has been posted here before. Yet it was REMOVED. Like the Pam Bondi story (which of course Bill didn’t bring up). Relevance… TX, FL could have easily gone after the CONMAN’s fraud university as well….but for campaign payoffs…

        And relevance? Because Trump and his minions keep bringing up the judge was a member of it.

          • Well at least Bill tried to act like Legends and Lies did so great Sunday night. He failed to mention it losing to Anthony Bourdain…. and L&L got crushed by Shades that night… Good thing Bill is in the “ALL SPIN ZONE”

            But I digress…

            Yeah..who would bring up that information when so many Trumpers on FNC/FBN are attacking the judge for belong to that organization? Just because they do and act like its some radical organization etc… and so pro Mexican. ..it wouldn’t be relevant at all to point out Kimberly was a member. Of course not! =) I feel like Charles K! OY!

            Did Bill O even bring up Trump’s own lawyers statement on the judge?

            He told Yahoo News that they are NOT seeking a recusal by the judge in this case, that the judge is just doing his job:

            Read more: http://therightscoop.com/wow-trumps-own-lawyer-disagrees-with-trump-about-judge-curiel/#ixzz4AwgMTiPH

            Of course, I don’t think anyone would disagree that if this were about Obama or Hillary…. Bill would be pointing out Bondi, Texas…and everything else he could throw in there.

          • Ummm..

            I know facts are NOT your thing….but

            “The influence of Bill O’Reilly continues to deliver big numbers for Fox News, even on the original series front. Executive produced by O’Reilly, the first installment of Legends & Lies: The Patriots delivered 1,439,000 viewers, making it the most-watched cable news program on Sunday June 5th. Additionally, L&L was No. 1 in the 8 p.m. timeslot in both viewers and the demo, topping both CNN and MSNBC.”


          • He would spin it either way. I’ve seen Bolling do the same thing. If ones better, you go with that. If the other…you go with that. And that you act like it did these amazing numbers…. and you leave out important details.

            How much do you think L&L cost per episode? Of course it was sold to advertisers with a guarantee of so many demo viewers. The viewership skews heavily ..heavily to people over 54. Which really don’t matter much at all. Now his daily show…yes…total viewers with that are more important….because that overall is one reason why FNC gets $1 per subscriber…on its way towards $1.50 when the new deals….reach several years in…

            And FACTS are my thing. Shame others don’t care for them like I do. I also care about “SPIN”. Its bad enough Bill got beat by 1 CNN show…but he lost to two of them last night….

            and he sure blew a gasket when MEGYN beat him for a month in 25-54…..so he does care about that demo and what it means…

          • Its bad enough Bill got beat by 1 CNN show…but he lost to two of them last night….

            How he could lose to two CNN shows last night when he had the #1 cable news show is a puzzler, but since facts are your thing I’m sure you’ll straighten me out.

          • Yeah real puzzler… sure you didn’t know what I was talking about. =O

            Gasp, I said last night instead of the other night. I think anyone following the conversation would have grasped what I meant.

            Especially since I had pointed out how bad L&L got crushed this morning…

          • Yeah…bring up that…. ha ha Because I got to spike the football today on that one for sure!

          • He was more like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football and falling flat on his arse.

          • Yeah. After he knocked out Biff Tannen for trying to take advantage of Lorraine at the dance and later pushed down a bully for trying to cut in on their slow dance.

          • So…..While BO destroyed his time slot………….. he lost……..The hate must be strong in this one.

          • Destroyed his time slot??! Really?

            Hmm lets look at it.

            Bill O almost loses to CNN’s 7pm show in the demo. His new show only beat it by 8,000 viewers.

            Then at 8pm Bill O almost loses to a Re-Run of Bourdain. AB comes within 5,000 viewers of L&L

            At 9pm a new ep of AB does 16,000 more than L&L did at 8pm

            and at 10pm Shades had 73,000 more than L&L did at 8pm

            The 11pm Shades comes within 11,000 of Bill’s first airing of L&L

            Yeah…Bill sure crushed it =))

          • 1. Legends & Lies beat both CNN and MSNBC. The fact that it didn’t win a time slot where it wasn’t on is a peculiar complaint to say the least, particularly since there is no way to know what its ratings would have been at a time it never aired.

            B. Why do you want people to bring up Kimberly’s membership in what is apparently a non-political lawyer’s association? She belonged to the California State Bar too. Are we supposed to cite that every five minutes too? Sometimes I don’t get this stuff.

          • He’s just like the stooges……they do RT him after all…..if you are not attacking Trump……..that makes you a supporter.

          • why take this clown’s uncorroborated assertion. nuke it until he has a source that is definitive.

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