Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Bret Baier-The Five-O’Bolling Factor 1-2-3.
  • MSNBC using lefty pundits to anchor ‘hard news’ hours.  Today’s oops.
  • Media Buzz video: Katie Couric, Muhammad Ali.
  • The Cable Game: As CNN plays catch-up on one story, it spikes another.
  • Happening Now video: Coverage of Trump debated.
  • Somerby: Is anyone surprised that CNN has 100 pundits on its payroll?
  • Erica Hill returns to CNN.  Trump camp claims MSNBC reporter banned.
  • CNN Newsroom LA gains an extra hour.  Legends & Lies tops bestseller list.
  • Suits at ABC, CNN throw cold water on Coop Live co-host gig (via CNNC).
  • Only one journalist on ‘Most Powerful Women’ list.  Q&A: Anthony Bourdain.

93 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Thanks for the Media Buzz Couric segment link, Johnny.

    No complaints with Mr. Concha. He held Couric’s and the media’s feet to the fire with his usual clarity and energy.

    He pretty well ran that segment of the show.

  2. It is amazing to me to hear people on MoJoe who routinely question whether white cops, jurors, judges can be unbiased toward black people, and say things like a Hispanic person supporting Trump is like a log loving termites….have the absolute vapors over what Trump said about that judge.

    When talking about this man they say “judge” in the same tones that Peewee Herman says “theater”.

    • Those people are desperate to have an outrage that will stick. They were so hoping Trump was going to buy George Zimmerman’s gun at auction, but will continue to act like he did about everything until November.

      • They are ridiculous.

        Someone ought to do a thesaurus for the left.

        They could start with making opportunism a synonym for sacrosanct.

  3. The second season of Legends & Lies retained the intensity of the first. It’s not for the faint of heart. Even the theme song is chilling.

  4. Maybe not the greatest political pundits on television, but certainly the most reproductive.

  5. Great job by Greg Jarrett ripping Trump to shreds over his attacks on the Trump U judge.
    Trump has a pretty stunning misunderstanding of our system of justice. No evidence that this judge has rendered any decision influenced by his heritage or Trump’s remarks about Mexicans are building the wall… yet Trump claims he’s being treated unfairly because the judge ruled against him in several pre-trial motions.

    US vs Grinnell Losing Motions is not evidence of Judicial Bias

    The reason Trump lost…. the LAW & THE FACTS are against him!

    And why hasn’t Trump’s lawyers asked for the judge to remove himself?
    They know the Federal Code of Judicial Conduct. It provides the grounds for removal:

    Personal Bias
    Personal Knowledge of Evidence
    Served as a lawyer or advisor to the case
    Has a financial interest

    *personal bias does not arise because of a persons heritage

    “It is intolerable for a litigant, without any factual basis ,to suggest that a judge cannot be impartial because of his or her race and political background.” Macdraw v Cit Group

    • Also ..interesting to learn on OUT#…one of the “moderators” thought Newt (a FNC contributor) should give Trump a heads up before they comment on him like they did in regards to Trump’s attack on Fraud U judge.

      =O That seriously happened today

      • Fact-check: Harris Faulkner said based on her experience in covering candidates and their supporters, ordinarily someone who is close enough to the candidate to be a VP possibility would talk to the candidate privately before taking it public. She did not say Newt ‘should give Trump a heads up’. She went on to note how if this judge is ruled out based on his Mexican heritage, wouldn’t that have also ruled out Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas? ‘Where does it end?’

        Our rating: Four Pinocchios, with an admonition not to misrepresent what people say again in the future, because we don’t let people get away with that.

        • Nobody quoting her as saying Newt should give a heads up. You made up that quote. I pointed out the inference.

          In the future…please don’t MAKE UP QUOTES that weren’t said.

          • I didn’t make up the quote. I cut and pasted it right out of your comment, like this:

            one of the “moderators” thought Newt (a FNC contributor) should give Trump a heads up

            It’s false. I can’t think of why anyone someone would complain that they were quoted word for word, but maybe it’s because those words were inaccurate and shown to be false that you’re touchy about it. There’s a difference between a moderator giving an opinion, and you making up an opinion to impute to them. As I said we don’t let people get away with that kind of stuff. It’s what we do. See the website’s sub-head.

          • Nobody directly quoted what she was an inference…

            She did not say Newt ‘should give Trump a heads up’.

            Who said she directly said that?! An interference… a thought….. but you are acting like I directly quoted her.

          • Huh? I was quoting you. Verbatim. Now you turn around and agree with me that she didn’t say it. That was my point. She didn’t say it.

            Man, you make the easiest stuff so exhausting.

          • NO, I pointing out your inaccuracy of acting like I was quoting Harris the first time. It was an inference…but YOU INCORRECTLY acted like it was a direct quote & then you made up 4 Pinocchio’s for something… that I never directly quoted. Could have saved alot of posts and replies on this one.

            The inference was clear IMO.

            But you chose to turn that into a direct quote and you acted like I said something I never did.

          • No. He’s arguing that you should have read his mind by defaulting to a distinction he never hinted at in his statement.

            I didn’t see the show, so as a reader when he stated that Harris thought…I naturally assumed that this statement was based upon Harris expressly voicing her thoughts.

            He made no suggestion whatsoever that this was an inference.

            Hes not making things hard, hes misrepresenting things and blaming the false impressions that result from that on his readers.

          • That’s troll lard. They grease things up with that sort of coating lest someone not get their finger-pointing.

            Seriously happened is relative to them…

          • It’s gorgeous, gc! I’m so impressed. What a vision you’ve made! Stunning pool. Beautiful… lush garden.

            I wish, for Avery’s sake, that it was Eden.

          • the rains have made everything nuts. banana, nispero, figs, grapes, all sorts of flowers…. just one missing part.

    • Yeah. I agree completely with that last paragraph. Since when have liberal talking heads?

      When it suits their purposes.

  6. Interesting thing on the book sales… I always keep track of these and post the stats on twitter. But Bill O one of the only ones at FNC/FBN to have a book out recently that made the Top 25 Hardcover (Non-Fiction). And most weeks you should be able to make it with as little as only 3,000 scanned.

    As I mentioned before, Andrea Tantaros “Tied Up In Knots” failed to make the list…even though promoted for months and months (pre-orders). **She also recently went from following me to blocking me on twitter for mentioning how well OUT# did in May ;).

    Juan Williams latest didn’t make the list
    Gerri Willis latest business book didn’t.
    Janice Dean’s latest Freddy book didn’t make the kids list.
    Michelle Fields upcoming book won’t make it.
    Eric Bolling’s book should make it

    Contributor or regular.. BRAD THOR’s latest in paperback made it and his new hardcover will for sure. He has 500,000 printing.

    I can’t remember if Kim’s made it for a couple of weeks or not.

    Best books lately have been Bill O’s Killing, Kilmead’s 2 and Dana Perino’s hardcover.

    Any books by FNC’ers that you are looking forward to?

    Me: Amber Smith’s, Michelle Fields, (former Red Eye regular) Carrie Keagans and Eboni K Williams.

  7. red bean soup w/ culantro, avacado, mandarin lime and bacon.
    pool banana pics on twits shortly. my grand daughter’s trip canceled due to mom being pregnant and Zika. massive depression.

      • it is very hard to get to know her and her to know me at moms house. here parrots would sit on her head, we could horseback ride in the lake, feed chickens, and she has close to a dozen primas that all want to take her and play with her. USA, not so much.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 one journalist
    4 banned
    3 Joe Concha discusses
    2 using lefty pundits
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: As CNN plays catch-up on one story, it spikes another.

  9. Fox News semi-regular commentator Pam Bondi. Got a Trump Payoff (donation) and then fraud charges against him disappeared.

    Can’t wait to see this latest shocker all over OUT#, Greta etc.

    Or will it not be mentioned like Trump’s hiring of far more men on his campaign and paying women less etc…

    The new disclosure from Attorney General Pam Bondi’s spokesman to The
    Associated Press on Monday provides additional details around the
    unusual circumstances of Trump’s $25,000 donation to Bondi. After the
    money came in, Bondi’s office nixed suing Trump.

    The money came from a Trump family foundation in apparent violation
    of rules surrounding political activities by charities. A political
    group backing Bondi’s re-election, called And Justice for All, reported
    receiving the check Sept. 17, 2013 — four days after Bondi publicly
    announced she was considering joining a New York state probe of Trump
    University’s activities.

  10. Trump-Katy Tur That is a laugh. I had heard long before this Katy Tur was one of his favorites to call on. His 2 favorites were Katy Tur and Sarah Murray.

    Years ago, I mocked Katy along with someone else. She just got her job because she was dating Bathtub Boy. But regardless of how she got it…she’s does a good job now.

  11. On the Most Powerful Women list……I find it amazing how many I’ve never heard of or who hardly make the news.

        • People just want a war between the Fox News hosts………..based on experience……it isn’t going to happen.

          Does anybody really think Megan watched BO show and then said that? During BO show shes doing final prep and I would assume makeup.

    • Been watching a well produced and entertaining The O’Reilly Factor for over 10 years.

      Not any more. I finally overcame my procrastination and removed it from my DVR schedule two days ago.

      It lost its appeal when it became too pro Trump for my taste. One thing I
      used to appreciate was that both sides were represented somewhat evenly.

      Buh-bye Mr. Bill.

      • Well I’m sure you find both sides represented on MSNBC and CNN,……..the Hillary Clinton side and the Bill Clinton side. LOL.

        I rarely watch the opinion shows……but I know to expect……the host Opinions when I do.

        I mean BO been friends with Trump long before he was running for office…..of course hes going to be pro-Trump on his OPINION show.

        • Don’t know about ‘both sides’ at MSNBC because I seldom watch any more.

          Don’t you think CNN is making more of an effort to be a little more balanced with the likes of Alisyn Camerota, Jake Tapper, John King, Erin Burnett and Dana Bash?

          • Well I was thinking ONLY about the opinion shows…..we know ALL of them on MSNBC will favor Clinton in the general….host wise I mean……can you imagine if a Fox Host was walking next to a Trump banner in a parade in the primary……..what would the disgraced newshound “writers” have said about that?……… for CNN most I think will be supporting Clinton…..I usually start watching more MSNBC about now for the General……but because I won’t be voting for Clinton or Trump…….I may just switch to CNN this time so…..I have more to say when I do.

            From what Ive watched on CNN Id say some of the news shows are trying to be fair……but if Fox News treated Clinton like some on shows on CNN have treated Trump……the stooges would have a point.

          • It still boggles my aging brain that in a country with almost 150M citizens old enough to run for president we are left with none other than the ethically challenged Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

            Wonder what are friends in Europe, Israel, Canada, South America and Asia think. (Rhetorical.)

          • I agree…….it’s weird that I’ve heard “lesser of two evils” about the presidential election since I was a kid or at least something to that effect………as for other countries…….seeing what they have had to chose from….Id say…..they don’t have room to talk.

          • 1.why in the world would a good person do what it takes to become president.
            2.good luck naming a world leader better than these 3 clowns.
            3, the trend is worse and worse leadership in every country in every change.

            prove me wrong. please. i beg you.

          • I suspect if the people of Germany, Canada, Israel, Japan, Australia, England and South Korea were asked in a hypothetical to trade their leader for either Clinton or Trump they might laugh in your face.

            Although with a 20% approval rating in France we might have a shot at a trade for President Francois Hollande. 🙂

          • Stockholm syndrome notwithstanding, each country you mention has a leader that is worse than the previous leadership.

          • Well I’ve been informed by the dry drunk that if you think CNN might be biased toward Clinton in the general….you might be a “Trumper moron”…..Now I would point out that who knows for sure since Clinton hasn’t even won yet……and CNN nickname isn’t the Clinton News Network for nothing……….I guess if everybody who thinks CNN will be biased to the democrats is a trumper …….it will be a Trump landslide. Of course the racist liar agrees with the banned boy.

            So I guess in the non-thinkers minds CNN will be biased to Trump……for the rest of the world…..not so much….I mean give me a break.

            IN THEIR LITTLE HEADS…….good thing they never talk about us.

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