Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Trump Hillary
  • Reliable Sources videos: Cenk Uygur; Trump vs press; Couric and Rosen.
  • Farhi: Welcome to Punditstan, land of gleaming teeth and hot takes.
  • Rothstein: ‘Fancypants’ Maddow producer says Daily Caller not legit.
  • Are ‘phoners’ making a comeback? It depends.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Flood: Stuart Varney’s secret weapon.  Legends & Lies: The Patriots debuts.
  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow gets it right, but Chris Hayes gets it very wrong.
  • Your Buzz videos: Hill’s Vince suing soft
  • HuffPo: Chris Matthews colluding with corporate media to ‘coronate’ Hillary.

82 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • Last nights Red Eye was hilarious! Great show.

      The worst part was the news interruptions. Why they think they have to go longer at times is beyond me. We don’t need to talk about Ali’s life/legend during #RedEye. Save it till “Fox And Friends”.

  1. on RCP this morn a post about Michelle’s partisan commencement address noted the changes in the definitions of success by posting … Kennedy put a man on the moon, Obama put men in the ladies room. funny how things change.

    • This business of turning commencement speeches into political rallies with a captive audience is new to me. When did this start? Has it always been this way?

      • My last commencement speech was from Mr. Rogers. It was not political. It was something odd. Advice for the graduates. We all sang at the end of course.

        • Ours wasn’t political, either. I forget the speaker’s name, but he graduated in the late 30’s.

          • I never made it. Had just moved to Ohio and was working, saving to buy a car. Diploma mailed in a plain brown envelope.

          • Same here. My diploma was mailed to me.

            I was off (from Arizona) to Wisconsin to join the ranks of the employed as a computer nerd. I had a wife and a 4-year-old in dire need of more support and cash flow than sticking around for a somewhat boring commencement speech.

            Interestingly enough my starting salary in the 1970s when CPI adjusted was almost exactly the same for Computer Science & Engineering grads as it is today…$69k/yr.

            The big difference is tuition and fees have increased by 50 fold ($200 vs. $10,000). Yikes!!

          • My starting salary as an engineer in 1972 a bit over $10,000. Rent at the boarding house was $25/week. Car payment $79/month. I arrived May 1st. with $75 in Travelers Checks and what I could cram in one suitcase. Credit cards? I didn’t have one. Woke up each morning to watch the CBS morning news show. Some things don’t change. Television still signed off the air at 1:00AM or so on many stations. Some things do.

          • I remember a clean-cut George Carlin doing radio and TV ads for Ozark Air Lines. He was even on the cover of some of their flight schedules.

          • My father was in a local car TV ad with other salesmen swinging on a swing singing “In the Good Old Summer Time”. I hid from everyone when I went to school.

      • likely you will need to ask Barrack and Michelle as they both did it. i think it has been going on for a while though. i think it began sometime after the moon landing, but don’t quote me i am often wrong.

      • I don’t know when it started, but it was happening in the Bush (43) era. That might have motivated the youth not to become the next him or them (Republicans).

        My commencement speaker, in 2004 at LIU Post, was Eliot Spitzer, then merely the New York Attorney General. He quoted the works of Homer…Simpson.

      • I was on the TV crew for my college’s commencement the year before I graduated. They had Ben and Jerry.

        I watched graduates and their families loudly boo and walk out because their partisan speech.

        It was incredible. In fact, a friend of mine refuses to donate back to the school he gets an apology for it.

      • To be honest, I couldn’t tell you if the French Open is golf or tennis… or a special way to uncork wine.

        • Like the U.S. Open, it’s the name of both a golf and a tennis tournament. This was a tennis major. The French Open on the European PGA Tour, aka Open de France, is a regular tournament. The U.S. Open, however, is a major tournament in golf and tennis. The golf one is played at a different venue each year. This year, it’s at Oakmont Country Club outside of Pittsburgh. You might see promos for it on FNC or FBN because Fox Sports has the rights to the U.S. Open for the next decade.

  2. David Brooks on PBS. “Trump Generates This Sort Of Excitement That Gives Them A Pretext”. Republicans do not vote for Hillary or Barrack, he will and did. when will his phoniness cease. he needs to just come out and announce he is a dem. what he said is the equivalent of saying a Muslim woman should be covered to prevent men from acting out their needs. if people behave criminally it is only because Trump made them do it. banal.

  3. “Punditstan, the land of gleaming teeth, flowing hair and hot takes.”
    At the risk of inciting the injustice-seeking mice in our walls, let me touch again on how HDTV has become the enemy of the less than perfect personal appearance. Cokie Roberts husband Steve was a frequent tv pundit not seen much these days. Maybe it’s just old age keeping him at home, but his set of rotten looking teeth may have become the issue.

  4. Punditstan: the point of talking about the news not relating anything viewers do not already know is valid. it is why i have watched fewer and fewer of the daily shows. with so much that we do not hear about are the people fishing for ratings concluding that what we want is not new info news but hearing the same thing over and over it’s being judged by how the reviews are stated? first i turned off hannity, now i turn off BOR when he lectures me, used to watch MJ online, started out WADR…. now find myself turning it off and heading to the garden. is this really the way to max an audience? not for me.

  5. Re: “Farhi: Welcome to Punditstan, land of gleaming teeth and hot takes”: Great piece by Paul, but it’s Tamara Holder, as in Eric, not Holden, as in William.

    • Miike, i believe you were born one generation late. editing is an exacting art form that people no longer pay for. when i hired an editor, graphic artist, layout person i took her away from a pharmaceutical mag that she was the sole editor for. i am beginning to believe that hires today are all political and the red pencil no longer holds the stature it once did.

  6. before i watched Santeli and Goolssbee go at it on CNBC i wanted Santeli on FBN. i think most retirement investors think Santeli is on the mark and he is on the mark in the posted RCP discussion. however, even when you agree with him you want him to eventually shut up. that is why he does not work at Fox. the guy needs a leash or he goes all Glenn Beck on you. which is why Beck is not at Fox either. i know this is true because i have the same sort of personality. it is not just good enough to be right you have to pound, and extrapolate and expound. i am still looking for cheap used periods to buy. if you see any …. and they are cheeeeeep i may pay you back. yeah i did a few cheeep cheeep ads too.

  7. Betsy tears MSNBC producer Steve Benen to shreds. Slices, dices, and rices him.
    Tommy can you hear me… Tommy?

    • quote of the week
      “:The Daily Caller but refers to the publication as the “far-right” news organization, which is just false. I should know — I work there.

      Right-leaning….yes. But there are plenty of varying points of view and writers who support and don’t support an array of candidates. There are reporters who despise Donald Trump and others who wear his hats. And still others who would never wear any candidate’s hat or shirt or button. There’s even an editor who belts out a Bernie Sanders impersonation in the newsroom. He also does John Kasich, a shouting Hillary Clinton, a solemn Brian Williams, and Trump. Believe me, it’s great. It’s so great we’re getting sick of how great it is. OK?”

      ii am curious as to what qualifies as right balance at the wapo or NYTs. i doubt any established left print source could say the same as Betsy. ok?

        • or generation. what paper still hires a Mike C type for example. instead of corrections, sentence restructure, elimination of repetition, etc you have position approval disapproval……. at least as i see from the outside looking in.

  8. ……. but wait there is more. if you order the Brian Stelter weight loss plan in the next 10 minutes we will include his interview with Cenk Ugyur. learn what Jr. High girls country wide have known for years.
    testimonial from gc: thank you Brian, my goal is to lose 100lbs and after watching this interview i was down another 3lbs and have only 22lbs left to lose.
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    gc: wow, i never thought i would ever fit into those pants again.

  9. Watched Mr. Concha today today on MEDIABUZZ on the Katie Coutic editing scandal. Howie was about to give her a pass because she “finally apologized”, and I was glad it was explained why that was inadequate.

    • I am efforting acquisition of a video of this segment (Fox hasn’t posted one yet) and with any luck there will be a link in tomorrow’s post. (I always wanted to say ‘efforting’.)

      • Also interesting was Howie’s reminder that the media regarded Muhammad Ali as a villain after the World Heavyweight Champ declared himself a conscientious objector to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War. As much as he was beloved in later years it shows how perceptions of a person do get rehabilitated. His opponent and later friend, George Foreman, another example. Regarded as a sullen brute, he morphed into cuddly, lovable salesman of appliances. In both cases, religion was key in the transformation of man and image.

  10. Tom Shillue has been the host of “Red Eye” for a year now!

    I wish they wouldn’t book as many unknown comics as they do… but its been a good year. I do miss Jedediah Bila’ Tuesday’s…not sure where those went to.

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