Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: State Dept investigation
  • Wemple: James Rosen issues a nine-point rebuttal to Jen Psaki.
  • Rense: CNN’s celebrity chef wants to make Trump eat raw steak.
  • Tamron Hall pulled from Nightly News spot.  Ainsley thanks Larry.
  • FTV Live: MSNBC finds way to make the NBA Finals about politics.
  • Yahr: Coop’s guest-hosting on Live makes the case for choosing him.
  • Former MSNBCer settles her tax bill, current MSNBCers still in arrears.
  • Flood: Hamilton is not just big on Broadway…he’s coming to Fox News.
  • Actor Harry Kollatz describes the filming of Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies.
  • Tapper auction for wounded vets closes.  A tour of CNN Airport Network.

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  1. We are at the point where Jake Tapper has to lecture his colleagues to put their political bias aside and decry and investigate censorship by a government entity as powerful as the Dept of State.
    It’s even more astonishing that in order to illustrate his concern in a way that might grab media attention,Tapper had to use an example of the precedent their looking the other way might set for a future Republican president.

  2. “thanks Larry” – Oh, that Larry. On reading the link I thought it might be our own Larry Kelly.

    • It’s interesting to me that night and day we hear that because of his (preposterous) plan to deport illegals, Trump has no hope of any support in the Hispanic-American community.

      At every Trump campaign rally we see footage of angry protests turning violent as both illegal Hispanic immigrants and Hispanic-Americans attempt to shut-down a presidential campaign and threaten police and Trump supporters.

      We have popular Hispanic media figures denouncing Trump as a racist in no uncertain terms, with popular Jose Ramos accusing Bill O’Reilly of abetting racism for even having Trump on his show.

      We have a week of media brouhaha with endless speculation over a Hispanic REPUBLICAN governor being criticised by Trump for her obvious reluctance to support him.

      Hispanic acrimony against Trump is endlessly discussed, filmed, aired, etc.

      However when Trump, in his idiotically blunt way wonders if a judge with Hispanic heritage isn’t biased against him, folks have the vapors.

      You can’t have it all ways, media people and people fearful you’ll get tarred and feathers by media people…look around at what you’ve been covering and conjecturing upon. Get some perspective.

      • i wonder if anyone has noticed that the majority of new illegals in the last few years are not Latin but Asian. overstays the prime source. i.e. they fly in legally and become illegal by not leaving.

  3. Having a little trouble adjusting to Jennfer Griffin as the new FOX shadow for the Hillary Clinton campaign. So used to seeing her with the Pentagon graphic in the background as the National Security Correspondent.

    • Hillary is beneath her ability if you ask me. the international beat is much more important and boy is she good at it.

  4. Good Wemple’s turn to start off the month. Fear not, Bad Wemple will be back before July.

    • I like Rosen’s comment about his personal awareness of the State Dept leaving no stone unturned when digging for info, when Rosen was expressing some doubts about the DoS claim that investigators have hit a wall in their investigation of who ordered the censoring the public record.

  5. Hannity beats Megyn Kelly in the demo yet again last night.
    He got his ** win over Megyn last month

    Big turn of events….wasn’t long ago Megyn was scoring demo wins over Bill. Didn’t she even beat him for a month or so? Some were acting like Bills reign was over and she was going to start beating him regularly.

    Then I saw one journalist going after the Daily Caller for their story and pointing out how Megyn beat Sean by 400,000 in total viewers. I wonder if the same one was saying how Bill was still beating Megyn in total many months ago.

    Interesting dynamic all the way around. But like I said a few days… I bet Megyn was furious because… many of the news outlets are just reporting Sean won (2nd) in demo and not reporting but…for 2 election nights…that he benefited.

    But that’s the beauty of #’s and stats…. you can spin them any number of ways…

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 hits a ‘dead end’
    4 nine-point rebuttal
    3 settles her tax bill
    2 thanks Larry
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tamron Hall pulled from Nightly News spot.

  7. SPECIAL REPORT led off with the mess that is Venezuela. Got the what and where, but not the why. Has to be more than socialism as people are without food and utilities and inflation of 700% is the highest in the world. Yeah, price of oil has dropped, but there are countries that have no oil in much better shape. Maybe it’s just having Ralph Kramdem as your president? Need some thoughts from Blue.

    • blue who?
      thoughts, like random thoughts pulled from dark places?
      ALBA contracts.
      trading arrangements for ALBA countries. prices set for commodities traded years in advance. coffee and beans up, oil down, so Nicaragua still pays over 80 cents a liter for diesel (i drive a hilux, which you call a Tundra, diesel model not sold in the USA …boooo)
      Venezuela derives it’s electricity from hydro, and the lights go out.
      Nicaragua and Bolivia have growth rates over 5% GDP.
      Cuba and Venezuela crushed
      ever evaluate PEMEX?
      Cuba is poorer than Haiti but does not report econ stats, and raters include social benefits as income.
      Venezuela has wage and price controls
      has nationalized many sectors and has handcuffs on other sectors.
      Venezuela has no understanding of currency
      every country, EVERY COUNTRY, has a political class that robs the economic production of their country.
      think about crony state capitalism in China and the USA……….neo-liberalism is a valid criticism that ALBA leaders make. after all it is why Europe China and the USA are failing, albeit slower than Venezuela. look at rankings in all categories, i kid you not
      conclusion: sometimes it is more than the ism, sometimes there is incompetence and theft on a grand scale. answer, hate your government, they all stink and need to back the (&*)^*()&^ off.
      i could go on, Costa Rica borrows over half it’s budget year after year.
      the USA has doubled it’s debt twice in 16 years and increased it’s 10 year unfunded liability 5 or 6 times during the same span.
      want more?
      a little.
      if you think Venezuela is unique, you are wrong, other countries are just taking a slightly more scenic route to the same end….. and it ain’t the ism, it is the prime directive of government …. to grow.
      that is my story and i am sticking to it.

        • apparently i still require an editor.
          economics is trillions of transactions, the world is smaller every day, neither Trump, Sanders or Hillary can reverse that, inefficiency, govt is thy name, can i buy a period.

          • Don’t worry. I think most of us can easily follow you. And you seem to have a good bead on things.

          • scanned and bookmarked for reading when awake as it deserves it. ty. a couple of things from the brief scan;
            .. speculation helped not hurt them and international intrigue from the USA was shut down by the dems early in Chavez’es tenure. Iran, Russia and China maybe.
            .. you can’t read the GDP, poverty, inflation, income charts w/out noting the sources are highly questionable, Latin poverty figures are never accurate and all you need are eyes to see it. also like the USA, poverty is here and there not everywhere. Caracas was an incredible modern city, but so was Kabul. they Kabuled themselves with no war! remarkable
   is easy to see they failed currency 101. they were paid in dollars, bought gold, stored most of it in Venezuela (it may be there but did not see it in the article and it is critical) and use it today to fend off creditors. if you google gold Venezuela you will be shocked that with that much stash they let their currency rot, which robbed upkeep and inventories, which robs production and employment which leads to what you see today, hyperinflation, shortages and unrest. they still have billions in gold. sitting there. while every sector has falling production, except maybe baby making and motorcycles.
            i guess the point is while it is complicated and there are lots of rationals a planned economy is always a house of cards. kick out one and everything hits the fan.
            needless to say they are gold sellers so guys peddling the shiny stuff need to take that into account. not shares, not stock, pure bullion.

  8. #RedEye and #Kennedy fave Matt Welch gets Bill Maher upset by mentioning Megyn Kelly/ Trump interview

    Maher Goes Off on Megyn Kelly: Trump Interview Was ‘A Profile in Cowardice!’

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