Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: to State Dept editing admission.
  • Wemple: Belated admission by the State Dept doesn’t go far enough.
  • State Dept admits Rosen footage intentionally deleted; video:
  • May numbers: FNC breaks its 13-year record; CNN, MSNBC, HLN grow.
  • Monday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Shannon Bream-Anthony Bourdain 1-2-3.
  • Friday’s numbers: The Five-Shannon Bream-The O’Reilly Factor 1-2-3.
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Outnumbered video: dissects Cheryl Mills testimony.
  • Maria Bartiromo leads Fox Business ratings rally.  FBN up, CNBC down.
  • Gold: MSNBC hypes ‘codebreakers’, ‘firebrands’ in new rebranding.  More.
  • Hogue: It’s time to return Andrea Tantaros to Outnumbered. CNN turns 36.
  • FTV: As CNN blackout on Couric flap continues, Stelter pleads ‘limited time’.
  • Battaglio: After her big year, Megyn Kelly could command $20 million salary.
  • Gahr: Those MSNBCers allegedly ‘working to pay off’ their tax debt? Haven’t.
  • CNN: The ‘worst ever mobile ad’ experience?  Hillary stiffs her peeps at MSNBC.

72 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. On Tantaros…..seems to me the ratings will bring her back if they dropped more than anything……..don’t know what she did (if she did anything) by if the shows doing better….she may never come back.

    • As I said yesterday…. I think OUT#’s ratings will be up in May from April. The show should be up. Could be up 10% even.

      And while some of Andrea’s fans may not be watching… it seems more are tuning in because of the bigger diversity on the show. Having the same 3 regulars on everyday was a huge mistake IMO. All the show needs is 1 moderator/journalist…not 2 on every day. And the show needs to feature more of the huge talent pool of females FNC/FBN have IMO. Still a great number of ladies at FNC/FBN who haven’t gotten a chance on the curvy couch. Look how people like Julie proved how great they were by getting on there.. and then… Julie soon became a “fill in” often for Juan/Geraldo on “The Five”.

  2. On Clinton and MSNBC……..didnt Big ED on MSNBC complain for years about Obama stiffing him?

    I don’t know why anyone goes on MSNBC….those on the right are NOT going to get a fair shake and for everyone the ratings SUCK…..if i’m going on TV I want as many people to see me as possible…….why else go on? AND that’s not going to happen at MSNBC.

  3. I Don’t think Shine could of kept Chetry she thought she was to big for show and Allison wanted the F&F show

    • Once her and her agent demanded the firing of other talent, she was out the door. She’s lucky that they opened it first. Then she went to CNN and quickly wore out her welcome there, as well. Hope she enjoys doing her infomercials.

  4. Congratulations to Jonathan Hoenig! His appearance on Bulls and Bears helped that show have their biggest win margin over CashinIn in ages!

    Bulls beats Cashinin by 323,000 viewers!!

    Eric’s show couldn’t even break 930K =).
    The show had been losing big since he got rid of Michelle Fields (and he also got rid of Tarlov but …. ) Then he got rid of Jonathan.

    Hopefully, Jonathan will stay will Bulls and Bears and the show will really dominate now. Be hilarious if Jonathan gets #Bullsandbears trending each week. It was Hoenig who was responsible for getting #CashinIn to begin trending over 18 months ago. And after all that work JH had put in…. in Feb 2015, Bolling tried to ditch it for #WakeUpAmerica.

    But its always funny to see Bolling brag to Trump on CashinIn or on The Five about his hashtags & how the trend. Too bad “trending” does nothing for ratings…when its just spam trends each week.

    • I hope they stick to that… CNN pretty much finds one story and covers it until they suck it dry and then suck that … and by then something new and repeat… it’s the Zucker way…

  5. So Joy Ried still owes the entire tax bill? She has a job. She advocates other people pay more taxes. What’s the deal? Is she just a slug?

  6. Sean Hannity bluntly admitted to Donald Trump on Tuesday evening that he is unequivocally in his corner: “I’m an opinion show and I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November.”

  7. Looks like Jennifer Griffin is going to be the reporter following Hillary for the rest of the campaign. So….Ed Henry gone for good?

      • Domestic Violence against men is nothing to make fun of. Happens all the time.

        Would you make the same joke about a female reporter getting abused by their spouse/bf/gf because of cheating?

        Or the wife/gf of a male reporter or anchor?

          • Sometimes a little domestic violence is in order… as long as nobody gets hurt. That’s also true with humor. Particularly at the gallows.

          • “That’s also true with humor. Particularly at the gallows.” – Saddam Hussein

        • if i caught the wife doing the coochie with a stripper i would let her mother beat the &*&*% out of her.

          • Yeah. Not only will I joke about domestic violence, under the same conditions I’d perpetrate it.

          • under the heading of cuida con su deseos
            one may wish to google Nicaragua ley de mujeres 699. Costa Rica and Nicaragua have gone down a similar path as the USA. in most states a domestic 911 call requires an arrest. here psychological abuse is raised voices. in fact it is illegal to raise your voice to a partner, an employee, or in a bar. if a woman is the accuser. you will go with the police and be banned from the residence and even taking clothing until your case is adjudicated. there is no bail. it is called preventive detention. hopefully someone brings you an occasional meal.
            silver lining, in most cases because the law is so strict, it works in reverse to. no screaming allowed. it is the law.
            so as mom always said. “remember, no matter how bad things are, they can get worse.”

      • No kidding! Would have loved to have been there. I´ll buy you a Martini! Love your avitar!

  8. Morning With Maria Numbers in perspective. I love when stories use percentages instead of actual numbers.

    Last June MWM did 29,000 total viewers and 5,000 in 25-54.

    So 48,400 Total Viewers & 12,000 in the demo … is what they should be talking.

    In comparison, Imus’ last month on FBN, he did 98,000 total viewers and
    15,000 in the demo.

  9. To me MSNBC has been way more watchable in the recent year than it was for part of the 2010’s …well besides Brian Williams appearances.

  10. i see the Honduras to NJ case of Zika Encephalitic birth, the first in the continental USA is no longer on the main news page. was there last night and one of the attending physicians was FNC’s Dr. Manny. Napolitano on the above vid was the most detailed discussion i have seen on the email issues at State and of course, that occurred outside of DOS’s domain. time and time again FNC outdoes all other news sources in domestic news expertise. if they beefed up internationally they would own the world just like they own the USA. so FNC is a stupid magnet? i don’t think so. FONEWSFAN rants seem simply vacuous in light of the truth. without FNC the media would all be parrots. don’t bother responding, as i will not respond to whatever it has to say. he is a trash bomber.
    on the Zika front as i live in a Zika country. understand, mosquitoes, Aedis family, just transmit, people are the carriers. it is unknown still if people can transmit to any other mosquitoes. so far, no dice, but past is not prologue with viruses. besides fumigation and breeding area clean up Nicaragua has ordered women to not become pregnant and are trying to ensure all sex is protected sex. sound extreme? google Jaco Costa Rica Zika. other than medical development there is little else to do meaning that Zika has the power to change the world, socially and economically. it seems like an issue that will only grow and is hard to understate. government money won’t fix it, the answer will surely come from private R and D.
    think the Aedis is not in your region, or infected people not in your region and able to transmit. sorry there are other families of mosquitoes that feed primarily on human blood and they are found all the way to Alaska. just need the first case. Zika has had a lot of firsts already.

    • Dr Manny was almost a lone voice a few weeks back calling for the Olympic Games to be moved out of Rio due to the Zika risks. Now I have seen others suggest that as well. I have no idea if it’s the right move (and have seen other doctors on Fox arguing against it) but there it is.

      • i, of course, had not seen that advice. seems impossible not take that advice today.
        however there is over hype and BS i have seen as well. it is already a political party issue over money and every Non-Fox report i have seen cites over 100 of USA Zika cases not pointing out that all but 2 are in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
        that is why you see the dramatic shifts in news use. the assumption that people only want an amen corner to confirm their prejudice is overblown and the desire for real info is under blown. when 99% of the parrot flock are saying Obama saved the economy and the dissonance on the ground turns that into an obscene joke people need real info.
        so when Zika mutates i can already see the circus chugging into town.

      • of course stupid people would recommend extreme fumigation. like DDT, which is legal and used in Africa. of course DDT kills mosquitoes not the people that carry the virus so it is a completely stupid response. especially as illegals flock to Central America from Africa where DDT is used. uhhhh that is how it got to the Americas. it is so stupid that the New York Times favored DDT use months ago and never seen a word of it on FNC because yes, it is stupid. controlling the virus requires controlling the virus in the human body, not mosquitoes or other snipe hunts. oh, and i might add ….. *&*%^&%^$#$Q%!$%*&*()

    • Danny O. sez, “No unprotected sex with mosquitos.”

      I couldn’t help myself.

      • they are showing a school movie across the street at the church pavilion and a Sandinista parked his truck with the sound system blasting his election music so no one could hear the movie. paused, he left, movie resumed. i pray Ortega lives longer than I, because just like gringolandia every next president is worse. of course we do not say presidente aqui, es Comandante Ortega.

    • don’t you have a wife? or children? or anyone to please? i just made Tomaza kung pao beef with egg plant, she loves it, i am happy. see how easy it is to not be like you.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 $20 million salary
    4 Maria Bartiromo leads
    3 stiffs her peeps
    2 Haven’t
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hogue: It’s time to return Andrea Tantaros to Outnumbered.

  12. #1 Link of the Day: Return Andrea

    Based on the % increases from may to may
    would mean OUT# had an increase of around 90,000 viewers from April 2016 To May 2016
    (or with AT vs without).

    There would have been a slight decline in 25-54 of around 10,000 viewers.

    • Hard to tell what Fox will do….they set records all around…….now if they were UP on #outnumbered and down other places…..that would be telling………but what can you really tell from being up everywhere.

      I don’t know why she’s off but……based on what I have seen over the years……for it to be this long and kept this silent…… has to be bad or big……….which is a shame all around IMHO.

      I find it very telling that the #nevertrump fools have been saying “I will not watch Fox News again” and Fox just broke a viewership record……….they should have made those people mad a long time ago.

  13. The best response for Trump taking so long to finally give the money to Veterans!
    This deserves an award!

    Eric Bolling blames it on ISIS =)) Seriously!

    Trump Wrote Checks To Veterans Groups On Same Day He Came Under Scrutiny

  14. Random Twitter quote:
    “Because FOX should be telling others what and how much they should cover stories.”

    aren’t these the same people in their basements yelling at a news network they hate and posting all day about what Fox should and shouldn’t be talking about…..the irony is just overwhelming.

    Id take advice from the #1 News network over people who couldn’t program an “exclusive” on a small market PBS station anyday.

    Then there is this from the same frozen source:

    “FOX finds way to turn Gorilla shooting into why won’t media cover violence in Chicago.”

    But….of course they fail to mention that CNN’s Sally Kohn already did the same thing HOURS earlier.


    • Wasn’t it you who said yesterday you couldn’t see all the FNC/FBN positive tweets from me because you aren’t on twitter?


      • As Ive said here….I read some peoples feeds….but I don’t have an account.
        You don’t have to have an account to read people’s posts.

        Most of the feeds I read are media sources…IE CNN….Fox NEWS….Sky News….MSNBC

        .what you told me was

        “. Maybe you should follow me on twitter. Even J$ did a tweet to follow me a week or so ago.”

        and I said I can’t follow you because I don’t do twitter…..I do read some twitter accounts….every day….some for humor and some for news.

        I just book mark them…………I look at them @ once a day……unless there’s breaking news.

    • and todays one check-in by the obsessed disgraced stooge only took a amazing 26min after my post……..still no pizza….growing weak.

      Good thing he NEVER talks about us by name on twitter.


    • A tweet from a conservative (presumably not an FNC hater) may have summed it up best with her reply to @oreillyfactor.

      Julie Bird ‏@julieaaron98
      “@FoxNews @oreillyfactor People care about a gorilla. Chicago is ‘same chit, different day.’ #wakeupAmerica”

  15. Did anyone else notice in the article on Megyn Kelly (LA Times) the writer was claiming FNC gets $1.85 per month (avg) currently?!! =O

    I don’t think he is right on that one at all. When FNC started re-doing their deals around early 2015…. the price would be increasing from the current $1 (at the time) to $1.50 as the years passed in the contract. There would be gradual increases until it reached the new figure.

    If FNC was currently getting $1.85 per month from 92M or so households…paying MK $20M a year would be nothing =) Taking in $170M per month…what’s $1.66M per month to her?

  16. For some odd reason James Rosen appears to have been airbrushed out of State Dept briefing pictures.

  17. Boy did I get in the racist stooges tonight by calling out just two foolish tweets.

    Which they didnt even try to defend their foolishness.

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