Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Somerby: Maddow attack on Susanna Martinez ‘dishonest and stupid‘.
  • Outnumbered video: dishonest edit in documentary.
  • Stelter: Katie Couric documentary is an ‘obscure, barely-watched film’.
  • Rothstein: Zucker ordered Stelter not to air segments on Couric.  More.
  • The Cable Game: CNN buries Couric controversy, as Stelter plays along.
  • Grynbaum: Newsers ‘think outside the box‘ to balance Trump ‘dominance’.
  • Errol Barnett signs off CNN; Chloe Melas returns as entertainment reporter.

102 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. What is the New York Times talking about? Sure, if the networks are giving Trump’s campaign events more airtime then they can show an equal amount of Clinton’s. Beyond that, if Clinton doesn’t choose to go on the networks to do interviews and doesn’t hold press conferences then they can’t do anything about that. Clinton likes to play it safe while Trump seems to feed off of the media exposure…..that’s how they roll and it’s out of the networks’ hands.

  2. The banner here, “cable news truth”, because the haters are gonna hate… and lie. Here lies an oasis where persistent attempts to poison the water never succeed, be they from fake royalty, fake fans, or real stooges.

    • Wow….so now banners and slogans are gospel. Good to know. ‘

      Fake fans! ha ha Please…. share what makes a TRUE FAN. What’s the

      JIM JONES VERSION of fandom for FNC or FBN? What loyalty tests must be taken? Must true fans love every show that’s on the network? Must they love every host on the network? Must true fans never point out the wrongs??

      See actual…true fans.. have no problem calling out the problems. That’s what makes us TRUE FANS.

      • Nahhh…they just have to be like Michael T. and seem like they’re here because they enjoy the topic, accept the tilt of the crowd, and aren’t operating with more
        baggage than Delta and/or displaying their trolling skills for the benefit of themselves and others.

      • What makes a real fan?…..well someone who doesn’t use a web site as a source that claims to be in a war with something you claim to be a fan of…….for one thing.

      • Lets us know when you plan start calling out the good……that would make you a TRUE FAN also.

        • I do that alot. Maybe you should follow me on twitter. Even J$ did a tweet to follow me a week or so ago.

          If you want the best news, opinion etc…its the twitter to follow =)
          Followed by a big portion of FNC and FBN and several Mediaite folks as well.

          And Megyn did an amazing job tonight on Trump…very fair and balanced… Vets and Trump U.

          And Out# did great on Friday with Julie Roginsky at the helm! Came in 2d in all of cable news in 18-49. Sure you don’t like that…but I thought it was nice. The “kids” love Jules!

          • Sorry don’t do twitter……then why can’t I point to tons of posts….from a “FAN” HERE pointing out the good?

            @ The only time here you say anything good about Fox News.HERE….is if somebody there says something bad about Trump……..kinda like you just did.

            If you are a Fox News Fan……I hate to see what you would post if you were a Fox News Hater like the stooges.

  3. This Trump presser is hilarious! He wanted it all to be “private”.. LOL

    And then attacks the press for asking where the money went.

    Of course, the draft dodger (or call it want you want… his injury heals afterwards 😉 hid behind Veterans as he hid like a girl so he wouldn’t have to debate …when he whined about Megyn etc.

    Trump could have done the the fundraiser at anytime…yet acts like it had to be done at that exact time. ha ha

    Also, he keeps saying HE gave $1M. Lets see if he actually gave..or his FOUNDATION (which is mostly other peoples money) gave the $1M.

    He should be ripped to shreds on FNC & FBN all day after this nonsense……lets see if he is…

    • Trump made fools of the press once again. I bet they are serving shredded press today at the deli.

    • Over something like this nonsense… certainly! But I guess that’s only reserved for going after Hillary ….or Obama…. Can’t go after a liar who claims he didn’t want credit etc. One who becomes unhinged and calls people who asks questions SLEAZY etc. Heaven forbid anyone ask where the money is… 6 months later… GASP!

      We still don’t even know if he gave money on his own or wrote a laughable Foundation check. No…don’t wanna question his royal TRUMPNESS over this. Heaven forbid. Why would any legitimate news network do that.

      Love Gasparino’s reaction:
      One vet group leqder here attacking”liberal media” for raising questions abt @realDonaldTrump contribs there u have it Im a friggen liberal

      • If you think Fox News spends all day ripping Hillary and Obama, then either you are ignorant or you really are living on Bizarro Planet. Or at the pound. Same difference.

        • Or you don’t know what “all day” means…. how many stories on Hillary’s emails every day???

          How many videos do you post of Judge Andrew and Hillary’s emails day after day after day on twitter???

          Sure…they don’t do that. No…never happens.

          How long as Judge Andrew bee saying she’ll be indicted? How many months after months?

          • Yeah you’re really concerned about balance:

            “Someone needs to start a http://change.org petition to have Shep Smith’s contract NOT RENEWED when its up. ”

            And don’t ask me to give you the link for that too. It’s too much fun watching you stumped by your own words.

          • Funny how you can supposedly find these…yet your mind can’t remember movie quotes…or you quoting Dana Doesch’s husband…. “he’s persistent” etc.

            Yeah, Shep’s contract shouldn’t be renewed…he gets horrible ratings and its a joke for them to pay him $5M a year.

            And Shep isn’t a newsman….but Fox acts like he is…. If they want to give him an opinion show fine.

            And no, I wouldn’t expect you to provide links for context or anything else. Why do that?!

            You still can’t even put up a link for the Eboni link….

    • Well…we know AB Stoddard & Charlie Hurt…. just shilled for Trump. Trump put all those Vets $ raised to bed. It’s over.

      Bizarro Planet indeed. Welcome to TNN!

  4. Update, Zucker denies everything. Claims State Dept. gave him permission to have his own email server and Stelter’s brown nose is caused by gardening.

  5. Harris….this is a good thing for Donald Trump. =O

    Wow, OUT# sure skewered Trump. At least Eboni brought up….Trump attacking over a question.

    And then of course…we heard the BUT HILLARY and her foundation etc…

    Wow, Trump really got ripped for his lunacy presser…..

  6. Lets be clear…since someone loves pulling up old quotes that might be mind…they sure can’t source them…and provide context etc…

    but… here’s a thing. People on FNC now…aren’t like they were months ago either.

    The Kennedy months ago…when calling out Dobbs etc… was far more like Gasparino. But the last month or so… much more subdued on bashing Trump

    Dagen McDowell was famous for ripping Trump to shreds months ago. Like Gasparino… and yet now if you see her hosting….. and of course, I’ve mentioned the changes on them on twitter..

    Even Greg has softened alot…from what he was doing…..

    So of course…I’m sure we’ll all get to see more quotes from the past…oh they were a big Trump blaster… and now.. We can all wait for it…. because ….hey…. when people actually speak the TRUTH…. gotta attack them

  7. Is HAPPENING NOW supposed to be a straight news program??

    I know Heather was a former Republican strategist… but…


    Really? But stuff like this is typical and then people wonder why Hillary or Bernie wouldn’t get a fair shake etc. I could really care less….but shame others can’t admit the truth on things like this.

    • “Can never see enough of Mrs Nauert on t.v. Professional and pretty!”
      “Its time @FoxNews wakes up and gives you back a hosting job! Maybe #RealTime with Heather Nauert! Move those demo #’s up!”

      On an entirely unrelated note, I hear that trolls change their message, opinions, stripes in order to get maximum reaction and attention from the audience they are playing to.

  8. That’s Stelter’s excuse for a famous tv journalist to have committed a felony of journalism?

    Not a lot of people saw it… who cares?

    • I got 7 responses from InsideCableNews after I responded to something he posted abt Katie & her “editing” on Twitter today. I feel pretty damn special.

        • Stelter can do two segments in two weeks about an accusation from a retired reporter against O’Reilly involving footage from 30 years ago, but the thing with Katie Couric a couple of weeks ago is an obscure non-story.

          • As Spud tweeted. “Only a ten-second edit in how long a film?”

            “What’s the big deal?”, said mom after she put baby on the stove, “She was only there a couple seconds.”

          • These ten seconds were used in the trailer to promote the piece. When the group denied that the scene went down that way, both the director and Couric averred that it had.

            Couric was asked to be a part of this project because of her fame and cred. As Joe Concha points out, without the recording of what really happened after that question from Couric, this group didn’t stand a chance of being believed over her.

            If media watchdogs, both Internet and tv, are saying that these dynamics aren’t important due to audience size and how long the subterfuge went down… then they aren’t watching out for the public as much as they’re defending an extremely powerful guild.

      • Damn. Spud was more excited over what was going on here than with Couric and deceptive editing.

  9. Harris just tweeted that someone who tweeted out a newshounds smear post called her a ‘hoar’ [deliberately misspelled to avoid disqus moderation]. That’s where we’ve come to.

  10. Watching Carl Cameron today and on previous occasions, I sense he doesn’t much like Mr. Trump. That seems pretty universal for the press corps.

    • He took it pretty easy on Trump on #TheRealStory.

      And then when Gasparino was on…they had to have someone on the “other side”.

        • Too bad OUT# and several other shows don’t bother to do it.

          and it was nice for Gretchen to pretty much side with the other…wasn’t it? Ahhhh yes. Because we can’t alienate Trump viewers…they might change the channel

          You must love Hannity when he has on Bolling, Geraldo and Peter or Kim…all to praise Trump in unison.

          Or when Greta etc do it.

          • Who knows what is a news show and what’s opinion anymore. Is Greta supposedly a news show or opinion?

            And when there are supposedly 2 moderators/journalists on OUT#….why shouldn’t both opinions be put for at least?

            Just like Trump/Martinez. Opinion put forth was to go after Martinez for not showing up. No different than Maddow.

  11. I feel like Liz Clayman does…. Here FNC/FBN is almost 24/7 with Hillary’s email. You’d probably be hard pressed to not hear it almost every hour on both channels.


    Here they are complaining that Charlie mentioned Trumps vet thing but not Hillary’s emails. Love that Liz points out Charlie has probably mentioned that at least 57,000 Xs! Amen Liz!

    Be nice if there was a real ombudsman for FNC/FBN. Every news place needs one.

  12. Interesting Maddow Story about Martinez that J$ posted. I wonder if Somerby saw OUT#. Love to see him compare and contrast Martinez getting hammered on that show as well for not showing up to his royal highness.. I think I will tweet them and ask them too…

  13. Erin Bernett and Errol Barnett better pray theyre never scheduled for surgery at the same place on the same day.

  14. Why is “exclusive” such a hard word for media liars….I mean “critics” to figure out?

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