May 30, 2016

Best wishes from J$P for a and Memorial Day.

Video courtesy Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “May 30, 2016”

  1. One of my earliest memories was as a small child in our little town in Michigan riding my tricycle in the Memorial Day parade, all decked out in patriotic colors. Parade would end at the town square where veterans fired a salute with rifles in a somber ceremony. Children like me scrambled silently among them to collect the empty shell casings. With WW II fresh in the town’s mind and the Korean War ongoing, there was a sense of importance I could feel. The tradition latter in the day to visit all the nearby cemetaries to decorate graves was still a strong one.

    • Like Larry, I remember riding my bicycle in Memorial Day/Fourth of July parades. We’d decorate them with red, white and blue crepe paper ribbons. It was a larger city so there were many such parades in the neighborhoods. Parents would line the route and cheer. In later years our Boy Scout troop would volunteer to place flags on the graves of those who were in the military.

      Those were happy times, The war was over. No more rationing or saving tin cans/newspapers/cooking grease for the war effort. And no more Air Raid/Blackout drills. (Those were really scary for a six year old.) The late ’40s and ’50s were a good time to be growing up.

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