Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: theories; Trump press
  • Reliable Sources videos: Conspiracy theories; racial anxiety; Rush Limbaugh.
  • F&F video: run the CMC obstacle course;
  • Brian Williams: America dropped atomic bombs on Japan ‘in anger’.
  • Greta explains it again, this time for the Examiner.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: Hillary’s blame Bob

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    • Now that he is allowed to run his mouth more freely, I gotta agree. Anger in war? Only on our side I’m thinkin’.

          • yes the Japanese were doomed. most knew it going in. however, at your local war colleges where officers are being trained military historians, most of whom were in intelligence and diplomacy, speak of the missed opportunities in negotiating an alliance with Japan. 1939, the USA had the 14th largest navy, smaller than Japan’s. Japan had won the greatest navel battle in history not influenced by a storm. they were a power. they entered the Chino civil war against Mao and the natinalists. they wanted eastern Russia from Stalin. we misused our leverage in Asia and people paid big time. there was division in the Japanese government we did not exploit. it is good to know replaying war is something studied in war colleges, it would be nice if it were more discussed in public. the “rape of Nanjing” and a strafing of a China Marine river vessel resulted in an embargo that could have been negotiated with better outcomes for the USA. if we exchanged oil and support for them entering China in exchange for not bothering western missionaries, China Marines escorting them, and a cessation of war crime civilian violence what a different world we would have had today. the defeat of Japan resulted in communist china, north korea and north vietnam. ponder that.

          • To go with my “not picking fights” quote, don’t back a potentially dangerous opponent into a corner.

          • not aware of your quote. nor was i picking a fight. i was taking the time to comment on a topic of a memorial day Obama spent at Hiroshima and how academics in war studies explore iterations of the conflict.

          • How could you not be aware of it? You replied to it. You have to whittle your own sholder chips?

          • Or comprehend. It wasn’t even about you. It was about Japan picking a fight with the US at Pearl. Creepy.

          • i comprehend fine. i started the discussion, not you. it started with the lack of heat FDR takes and the amount of heat HST takes and why it should be the other way. the the tangent went to pre-pearl, because post pearl only left one option. at which the USA lost all leverage in Asia w/out war. try reading more carefully, won’t be so creepy or personal. you started with the chip bull, now i caught it. buzz off. unless you have something intelligent to contribute and not just vague nasty quips you think are clever.

          • I responded to Cecelia and you responded to me. Then you miscomprehend my response and got nasty. That’s the flying off half-cocked thing you do. Just because you start a conversation doesn’t mean you own it son.

          • BS. i responded because you discussed what i was discussion. i was not nasty in the least. i added to what was said. you are nasty here every day to people, not I, boy!

          • baloney. i started the discussion. i was not nasty to you, i added to the discussion. you are nasty to people here every day,. not i, boy!

          • Another phrase is, “Don’t f*** with the Eagle unless you know how to fly.”

      • Obama gave a good speach. Did not rewrite history. Did us no harm. Maybe a little good. That said, not a very good record in making the world safer from atomic war.

      • to his discredit he did not not discuss the war in it’s entirety as regards civilians dying and reasons for it. a topic not widely known about but supported by the actual record. mythology of heroes is bad on the left and right. he spoke of the war and he ignored FDR, placing the onus of the evils of war on HST solely because he used a new weapon to end the war. there were a lot of new weapons created in ww2. i only know of one that was made to kill civilians on purpose, and it was not a nuke. he shows exactly who he is. ideologically driven with no moral standing.

  1. Always watch PBS NEWSHOUR on Friday’s. Mostly to watch the Mark Shields and the NYT-fake-Republican “debate” each other. Last night was no disappointment. FIt right in with the NEWSHOUR world continent by continent reporters analysis of what each thinks of Trump. Suprise, each hates him.

  2. Nix, so help me out. re: williams and anger and HST. the Japan civilian fire bombings under FDR. i read a book that stated because civilians lived in paper houses FDR ordered the design, construction and use of first time ever bombs that broke apart into many smaller incendiary bombs. the Army air corp opposed the obviously illegal weapon and FDR overrode the objection and the result was the loss of hundreds of thousands of civilian lies. i cannot remember the book which included the downing of George Bush in ww2. help, i know you know it, and i have it in a box somewhere. help?
    as it relates to Hiroshima coverage. the drum beat on the left of Truman war crimes, that we should have exploded a weapon at sea for Japan to see. thoroughly discredited by the fact that we only made 4 bombs, one used in Nevada, larger one and 2 smaller ones left and no certainty that more could be produced quickly if the need arose. so at war’s end we had exactly 1 left. demonstration would have done the opposite if it failed and likely had no effect on Japan’s decision making if it succeeded due to suicidal cultural mores of their time. so use of nukes is fairly well supported that it reduced total deaths.
    yet the fire bombings by FDR that killed hundreds of thousands more, and civilians to boot, purposefully targeted in paper homes gets not a whiff of news breeze due to the mythology of FDR. BWilliams is simply not so uninformed to not know all this so that leaves what? if i recall the only justification presented by FDR was that they were killing civilians that worked to produce arms. oh really. maybe you need to see a list of the fire bombings and the location and amount of deaths calculated in each one. so Obama is so sensitive and wants to be a not war president, how about starting with FDR who did everything he could to provoke war in the Pacific then blew it at Pearl. %^*%^$&%$#$

    • There have been many books written on WW II, so I can’t help you on what one. That said, the decision to drop the bombs saved many lives on both sides. One needs only to look at the last battle, Okinawa, to see how tenaciously the Japanese fought. The Home Islands would’ve been hell on earth. By the way, Nagasaki was a secondary target, the primary was the cloud-obscured Kokura.

      • nukes si’ civilian fire bombings which killed many more people, reasonably questionable. i will find that *&%^&%$ book

      • Firebombing of Dresden Germany was a prelude. We were in whole hog after Hitler switched strategy and begin the attack on London civilians. To have decided otherwise at the time never, to not use every weapon in the arsenal, never crossed Truman’s mind.

        • Dresden was mixed HE with incendiaries and the target was supposed to be military. plus it was an allied bombing.
          Japan was intentional targeting by US Air of citizens with bombs solely designed to start fires..
          the bombings of Dresden and Japan were FDR, not HST, and it was entirely different in Japan.
          we rubbled Germany with HE, Japan, not so much,

          • Dresden had been declared on “Open City.” There were no targets of military value, but there were allied POW’s. Arthur “Bomber” Harris, head of the RAF Bomber Command came up with the idea. The USAAF was ordered to go along.

          • well i was not at Dresden when bombed however i could post links discussing how the intent was military not civilian if you want. all i was saying was the Japan fire bombings were stated as designed to attack civilian neighborhoods. in the end the only distinction was 1 city vs several dozen but there was also a diff in stated intent.

          • The intent at Dresden was pure revenge. Understandable after the V-1 and V-2 attacks.

          • there is dispute about that as i posted earlier. note there were various command structures, brits, canucks usa, you know how that can go. i am sure not everyone’s motives were the same.

          • there were many in the military that did not care about what was taught them in school, Curtis Lemay and FDR, for example, and others that did remember the rules of war and advised FDR to not target civilians. our opinion or feelings were never part of the discussion except as regards to BWilliams.

          • One big difference between Germany and Japan….is what they made their building from……Japans were very easy to catch on fire.

          • baloney. i would never disagree because who someone was. i have already stated the distinctions. you are correct Dresden was first, and opinions do differ and record has been disputed with contradicting interesting takes of the targeting. i think the diff was less “what was acceptable” and more FDR solo while Europe was an effort we did not control. you might look at the estimated death tolls which in the case of one of several dozen fire bombings in Japan killed over 90,000 civilians. my very first post for memorial day was why are the HST nuclear bombs questioned when they clearly saved total lives vs the FDR ordered fire bombings that killed many more people with no known benefit. no mas no menos.

  3. Wow, a JC article actually wasn’t linked on J$?! Look…Satan is outside ice skating! 😉 Gasp…sure I guess it isn’t “cable news” but cable news is sure all over the topic =)

    and before someone says anything…let me quote words of wisdom from $:
    If people’s comments address something you’ve said or written and you don’t like it:
    1) Stop saying stuff in public for the world to see
    2) Stop coming here to read what people are saying about you

    As Silence, Defiance Goes On Over Dishonest Edit, Katie Couric’s Proud Legacy Taking Serious Hit

    Seriously?! Katie’s “proud legacy”?! ha ha
    Gasp…one would think her being exposed as a left wing hack is something new from that headline. I guess we are just supposed to overlook all her left wing bias during the 90’s, 2000’s and…up to now.

    That CBS would replace Dan Rather with someone with an ever greater bias… I don’t think was lost on many on the right.

    Couric’s horrible bias — from 2006 aricle

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if JC has Blu-Rays hidden in his house of
    “In The Cut” Meg Ryan in the buff
    “Cousin Bette” or “Molly Elisabeth Shue..
    & Ally Sheddy in “High Art” or “Blue City”.

    • JC? you talking about Jesus, no one famous with those initials i am aware of. so tell us, what meds are you on?

        • Yes……the people who never talk about us unless we talk about them are….today…..wait for it…..talking about us. Just another lie.

          I think the frozen one who shall not be named gets FNF he has retweeted his stuff after all.

          • Let me get this straight. If someone here talks about someone on twitter, he’s a ‘creepy obsessed stalker’. If someone on twitter talks about someone here, that’s fine. And don’t you dare mention it or you’re a ‘creepy obsessed stalker’ again.

            Houndpocrisy in its most virulent form. Yikes!

          • GATXER who obviously does not like me admits that he checks my Tweets daily. After that he comes here to complain about what I said.
            He has the option to not read the Tweets of someone he does not like yet continues to do so and then complain here.
            Yes I consider that a creepy obsessed stalker.

            There’s is a difference between reading comments at a public blog like this one and a person checking out specific Twitter accounts to then come here and complain about them.

            Search my Twitter feed and you are going to find the that the name GATXER is never mentioned.
            I don’t start conversations on Twitter about what people say here.

          • I just screen grabbed a twitter convo including you and Remi that goes on for several tweets about a conversation on this site that took place earlier today—a conversation that had nothing to do with you, Remi, or even the newshounds. Now try to follow this: Remi has the option not to read the comments at a site he hates (after all I’m King Douche his latest term of endearment) and this is a cesspool. Yet he reads a site he hates and then complains about it on twitter.

            So I have to conclude that based on your definition, you consider Remi a ‘creepy obsessed stalker’.

            When are you going to tell him so?

          • Who is the creepy obsessed stalker who started that conversation? And have you called him out for being a creepy obsessed stalker? Or does that only apply to people at this one website?

          • “just screen grabbed a twitter convo including you and Remi that goes on for several tweets”

            That’s not creepy at all.

          • Evidently if you tweet it and someone you’ve blocked reads it and comments and laughs about it at a another site…THEY are obsessed and not the person monitoring the site for mentions.

          • Funny how that once a day thing where he checks here to see if his name is mentioned……or he thinks it is at least………… always seem to happen right after his name is mentioned.

            21 min or less today……still no pizza.

            He could stop posting in public if people reading his stuff and laughing at it bothers him so much.

          • I’ve said many times and you still can’t seem to understand it,
            if someone talks about me I’m going to respond.

            You need to do better math. I was mentioned 2 hours ago by Cecelia and did not respond till an hour after she made that post.

            You could stop reading my Tweets and then coming here to complain if they bother you so much.

          • So….it just happens that you just happen to check here right after you names is mention……you don’t check here multiple times a day? Please.

            You need to get a math book to go with that badly need dictionary “writer”…..As far as I can see your first reply today was to me when I said:

            “I think the frozen one “who shall not be named” gets FNF……….. he has retweeted his stuff after all.”

            and you responded 21 min later in a pure coincidence….unless I missed one…..if I did I’m sorry…..but point still stands….yesterday it was like 30 min and the day before 5 min…..but you only check here once a day…..”some people say”.

            I will continue to read your tweets as long as they are public and about Fox News NOT to complain here but to laugh…….they don’t bother me in any way and I’ve never said they do……you should continue…..like south park…..I hope the last forever. I love the comedy.

            Thats why I say #laughingstocks after one.

            I would point out that I read many peoples twitter accounts…….if GATXER hadn’t already been taken maybe I would get one and use it everyday.

            I have a lot links in my browser for @75 twitter accounts…………want to know what they ALL have in common? EVERYONE of them is in the media or talks about it….I’m a news junkie…….if you didnt talk about Fox News I wouldn’t bring you up on a blog about……wait for it……Fox News……have you noticed that I don’t talk about your obsession with Trump or you pretending you don’t support Clinton unless it involves Fox News???? I don’t because i don’t care………NO FOX NEWS tweets….I wouldn’t have interest……..unless you were talking about cable news.

            If you lied about Star Trek……..you might come up on a blog about star trek…..why you don’t get that is beyond me. You talk about the ONE main subject of this blog……….you are going to come up……even J$ talks about you without prompts for crying out loud.

            I didnt even bring you up that much until you started “writing” for the disgraced Blog newshounds……that made you a public media critic…even if almost no one reads you……like it or not.


          • Yes I read a PUBLIC twitter account on a subject I enjoy reading about……..unlike people who watch cable news channels they hate and talk about it EVERYDAY…..but I’m a creepy obsessed stalker?????…..hell half the black women at Fox should have restraining orders against the stooges.

          • Yes you are a creepy obsessed stalker.
            There you go again with the racist attack you have no proof to back up.
            Again show me proof of anything I’ve said this is racist.

          • Hopefully when the disgraced newshound gets the “writer” a dictionary he can come up with another untrue way to describe me.

          • The fact your are still taking about me long after the conversation is over proves you are a creepy obsessed stalker.

          • You want to call people on this site names for commenting on what you say, but give a pass to people in your little circle for commenting on what we say. Besides everybody seeing just how phony that hypocrisy is, you’ve also abused the privilege of commenting here with your constant name calling. Do not do so again or the rules will be enforced. You’re welcome to join the discussion, even with the most blindingly obvious double standard in the whole history of double standards, but your days of hypocritical name-calling are over.

          • So the excuse is you have to read my Tweets because I lie about FOX news? What exactly are those lies?

          • “Search my Twitter feed and you are going to find the that the name GATXER is never mentioned.”

            of course just yesterday he said:

            “As if I should be responding to a Twitter account I don’t read instead of the creepy obsessed stalker on a blog.”

            so as long as I don’t say Iceman we won’t have to put up with him…….GREAT.

          • You still don’t get it so I’ll explain it once again.
            When you post here complaining about what I say on Twitter or accuse me of being racist I’m going to respond.

            If my Tweets are annoying you so much why not just ignore them instead of continuing to read them daily?

          • Had to edit your post to add that childish line ,”Now I just have to come up with a cute nickname…..oh wait is #laughingstockliar taken?”

            Your obsession with me truly is creepy.

          • I think its today’s secret word…..wonder what the You Bet Your Life prize is today for saying creepy?…..it must be in the Disgraced Newshounds playbook………along with Obsession and everyone who disagrees with our LIES is paid by Fox News.

            We stayed in Moes head most of the day…..till the gin must have taken over……..are you Ricky or the grump old man?

          • I know. Fun fact. I only came to ICN because Moe invaded my Twitter timeline and insulted me for a comment I made about Chris Mathews (which was actually something Chris had said about himself)
            As always, never pick a fight you can’t win.

      • Way to discuss the article! Did you even read it?

        But hopefully, it didn’t take any of your time away for you in the “Friday” thread. Insert Joe for Ice and Newshounds for Mediaite and sure a ton of hypocrisy going on.

        • How is there hypocrisy here?

          Ice is not a commenter here other than to monitor the site and demand that folks not diss his tweets about Fox and blogs at NHs.

          He’s blocked most of us from personally addressing him on Twitter and we wouldn’t last 10min before a blocking on NH.

          Instead of Ice monitoring JDP’s for mentions, it would make sense for his mental health…to not monitor the blog.

          The rest of us are regular and active denizens here. What you bring, you’re bringing to us directly. Of course we respond. You’re talking to us.

          • “Ice is not a commenter here other than to monitor the site and demand that folks not diss his tweets about Fox and blogs at NHs.”

            I don’t demand anything. All I’ve said is if GATXER talks about me and or calls me racist I’m going to respond.

            I’ve never told anyone they can’t complain about the posts at Newshounds.
            I’ve asked GAXTER to prove how I have lied about FOX News or said anything racist about FOX News talent in a Newshounds post and he can’t provide anything.

            “Instead of Ice monitoring JDP’s for mentions, it would make sense for his mental health…to not monitor the blog.”

            Instead of GATXER monitoring my Twitter account for mentions of FOX News, it would make sense for his mental health to not monitor my Twitter account.

          • Fair enough on your not making demands that Gatxer stop talking about you.

            Gatxer doesn’t monitor your account to see if you mention him.

            He’d be reading your stuff on cable news if you never mentioned his name.

          • If anyone has an issue with posts at Newshounds that’s fine and complain all you want.

            My point is I don’t start conversations on Twitter about what anyone here says.

            GATXER keeps checking my Twitter feed just to come here and complain about what I said.
            We may not agree but I believe he’s got some strange obsession about me that the others here do not have.

            I do get your point that I could just ignore him but he can also ignore me.

          • I agree that no is forcing Gaxter to read you and that you should defend yourself if you wish.

            What I don’t get is why you’d bother when obviously he’s getting a kick out of it.

          • My main issue is that I don’t apprentice it when he keeps suggesting I’m racist using some strange theory that does not make any sense.
            That has been the main reason why I have responded.

          • Ice, how many tweets from cable news personalities and others do you guys read and complain about daily?

          • There’s a difference between commenting on cable news shows or talent and commenting about some random person on Twitter.

            If I kept complaining on Twitter about what one personal said here who is not in the media business I’d find that just as odd as what GATXER does.

          • Seems to me that the pool here is a continuing source on interest even whether the subject is you or not.

          • Ice, I smell like a warthog and have to go bathe.

            You don’t bother me coming here and I can see that I’ve mistaken the autonomicity of it as being distress.

            Carry on.

          • I have no issue with you or most of the people here.
            It’s just the one creepy obsessed Twitter stalker.

            Thanks for conversation on the topic.

          • Not much on ICN these days after his compatriots got banned. Fritzie pretty much has the place to himself most days. I always read because I still like Spud. I still irritate him though.

          • I lost what little respect that I had for Spud after he came over here and had his little hissy fit.

          • Never has a blogger been so distraught over knowing that sooner or later he was going to have to ban a fellow Fox critic.

            He came over here and exploded all over us.

          • At least he admitted that, despite a certain child’s insistance, that I was not banned.

          • OK……couldn’t stand it anymore……..so I looked it up…….I see it was ALL Larrys fault. LOL

            While as usual I was completely innocent……..I couldn’t figure out the exact date…..just that it was a year ago….I wonder where I was……..seems like I’ve been here forever……I miss all the fun.

          • “He’s blocked most of us from personally addressing him on Twitter and we wouldn’t last 10min before a blocking on NH”

            So you just made my point once again… thanks for proving it.

          • I don’t know how it makes your point that Ice has cut off addressing HIM on Twitter, but wants to call you obsessed if you still read him and joke about him to your friends.

          • “He’s blocked most of us from personally addressing him on Twitter”

            The only one currently blocked is Larry.
            GATXER claims he’s not on Twitter so he’s not blocked.

          • You sure used to block me.

            So Gaxter isn’t even “going around a block” to read your stuff.

            He’s reading like anyone else and you’re calling that obsession.

          • That does not matter because the point has never been about him being blocked or not.

            The point is, which I believe you agreed with me on, is that he keeps checking my Tweets when he has the option not to.

            Reading my Tweets is not so much the obsession. I get that the Tweets are public. Coming here almost daily to complain about my Tweets is the obsession.

            If you don’t like someone why would you read their Tweets on a regular basis and then come here to complain?

            It’s not as if I’m some reporter in the media business the people actually pay any attention to. I’m just a guy Tweeting about cable news and making an occasional blog post.

          • Because he does “like” your tweets in the sense that people follow Trump or Olbermann or Concha in order to see what they’ll say next.

            The difference is Gaxter brings it to friendly territory and FNF knowing does the opposite and the acts surprised when people mark that act as obsessive.

        • I did read the article.

          You clearly are obsessed with JC… which is a shame. The article had nothing worth whining about.

    • I’d reply……but the island is hot this time of year……and I maybe on thin ice as it is.

  4. During World War One, the Battle of Argonne Forest in France resulted in more than 26,000 deaths. It’s considered the deadliest battle in US history. ??

    • Carentan O Carentan

      Trees in the old days used to stand
      And shape a shady lane
      Where lovers wandered hand in hand
      Who came from Carentan.

      This was the shining green canal
      Where we came two by two
      Walking at combat-interval.
      Such trees we never knew.

      The day was early June, the ground
      Was soft and bright with dew.
      Far away the guns did sound,
      But here the sky was blue.

      The sky was blue, but there a smoke
      Hung still above the sea
      Where the ships together spoke
      To towns we could not see.

      Could you have seen us through a glass
      You would have said a walk
      Of farmers out to turn the grass,
      Each with his own hay-fork.

      The watchers in their leopard suits
      Waited till it was time,
      And aimed between the belt and boot
      And let the barrel climb.

      I must lie down at once, there is
      A hammer at my knee.
      And call it death or cowardice,
      Don’t count again on me.

      Everything’s all right, Mother,
      Everyone gets the same
      At one time or another.
      It’s all in the game.

      I never strolled, nor ever shall,
      Down such a leafy lane.
      I never drank in a canal,
      Nor ever shall again.

      There is a whistling in the leaves
      And it is not the wind,
      The twigs are falling from the knives
      That cut men to the ground.

      Tell me, Master-Sergeant,
      The way to turn and shoot.
      But the Sergeant’s silent
      That taught me how to do it.

      O Captain, show us quickly
      Our place upon the map.
      But the Captain’s sickly
      And taking a long nap.

      Lieutenant, what’s my duty,
      My place in the platoon?
      He too’s a sleeping beauty,
      Charmed by that strange tune.

      Carentan O Carentan
      Before we met with you
      We never yet had lost a man
      Or known what death could do.

      Louis Simpson, “Carentan O Carentan” from The Owner of the House: New Collected Poems 1940-2001. Copyright © 2003 by Louis Simpson. Reprinted with the permission of BOA Editions, Ltd., http://www.boaeditions.org.
      Source: Collected Poems (BOA Editions Ltd., 1988)

      • Very good, thank you. My favorite is this by John McCrae.

        In Flanders fields the poppies blow

        Between the crosses, row on row

        That mark our place; and in the sky

        The larks, still bravely singing, fly

        Scarce heard amid the guns below.

        We are the Dead. Short days ago

        We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

        Loved and were loved, and now we lie

        In Flanders fields.

        Take up our quarrel with the foe:

        To you from failing hands we throw

        The torch; be yours to hold it high.

        If ye break faith with us who die

        We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

        In Flanders fields.

  5. Me and my taste buds have gotten damn old. Hamburgers do not taste nearly as good as they once did.

    • It’s not just you, Cecelia. I have the same problem. I find that putting Accent (which is simply MSG) on them helps to bring out the taste.

      • MSG is a salt. it is a natural ingredient in many fruits and vegetables, but it is a non-essential amino acid, unlike table salt ….. but still a salt. salts preserve meats by drying them out. simply recall salt pork, salted squid in Asia, or smoking brine Indians used for smoking fish for proof of it’s traditional use. while you can addict yourself to just about anything, using salts as you cook makes meats dryer and tougher. if you must use salt, spice mixes or MSG apply after cooking and your beef will be more tender. you can test this easily with side by side cooking. two same cuts, cooked same temp and time, one salted before, one after. an excellent more healthy, older people get plenty of salt in processed foods they already eat, and better result is achieved by using red, white and black pepper. it makes foods more zesty, you adjust the red for your heat preference.. the common phrase, “brings out the flavor” is better applied to pimientas than salts. look it up and say, dang GC.

        if you ever go to a nutritionist the first 2 items will be. no added salt, elimination or extreme reduction of simple carbohydrates.

        for excellent methods of mixing, preparing and using spices look at Indians of India methods. famous throughout history for their spices. i keep home made garam masala in the fridge ready to use. it is a mix you can adjust to your desires by adjusting ingredients. the hyper flavor is achieved by frying the spice in a dry skillet until thoroughly dried and grinding into polvo. mixed with aqua de pipa, young coconut water, you make a paste used for curries. just like a Roux, whether making Enchilada sauce or Jambolaya, cooking spices into a paste makes your sauce creamy. additionally it is known to raise body temp, or metabolic rate… same thing it seems to last as long as i use it. in a jar refrigerated. i keep all spices refrigerated.

        • I don’t usually want flavoring used in Mexican food for a burger. Same with Asian food flavors.

          Occasionally…but as we don’t often eat burgers, the old man and I generally want a hamburger like the ones we wolfed down as kids.

          • oregano, garlic, red, white, and black pepper. the spice discussion was for general use not hamburgers. just the above will make your burger tasty while keeping in the juices.
            mix salt and water, put it on a plate. put a cooked steak on the plate and watch what the salt water does to the meat. the juices immediately begin being sucked out.
            white pepper is really handy and rarely used in many kitchens.

          • I use both black and white pepper, garlic, all the time on all types and cuts of meat.

            I use oregano mostly on chicken and beef cuts.

            I understand the principle of osmosis very well, but frankly, I’ve never found it that worrisome in cooking, and I’m a good cook.

            I have found steaming vs frying, over cooking, and acidicity to be more deleterious to juiciness.

    • have you tried ground lamb? try mixing your burger with garlic in powder, oregano and red white and black pepper.

      • I use ground pork with ground beef quite often, but have never used lamb.

        The addition of ground pork makes it difficult to grill a burger because it makes the pattie softer.

        Of course I use seasonings.

        • lamb is a nice taste to some others not. do you add an egg and a bit of flour whipped to the ground pork/beef mix? it might hold together better. here the ground pork is fat less, so when i make sausages i have to add ground tocino, the hard fat of the pig used to make chicharons run twice through a grinder. ,

          • I add it when making meatloaf. I don’t want to do that with a burger. It changes the texture from the meatiness you want from a hamburger, to something good, but softer.

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    2 atomic bombs on Japan
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Greta explains it again, this time for the Examiner.

  7. Gawker did a piece back in 2008 on the HARRIS POLL result findings
    POLITICAL LEANINGS OF AMERICA ANCHORS. Anyone wanna take a guess as to who was at the EXTREME LEFT??!

    Instead of Olbermann Watch…there should have been COURIC WATCH.


    Other funny things…people were indifferent to Trump Mega Shill Lou Dobbs
    Both sides hate GRETA!! =))

    But funny how some think… Couric only now as “hurt herself” ha ha ha

  8. I liked the MEDIABUZZ segment today on the dishonestly edited Katie Couric gun documentary. Howie looked at it from a journalistic POV and his analysis was damning.

    • I don’t know if it could ever be easy to believe that a film producer inserting a pregnant pause after the asking of a potent question to a group of people would seem like anything other than crickets chirping in the background,…but to then have the camera pan around to people seemingly looking blank, cowed, or speechless, makes buying this rationale even harder.

      Bottom line, thank goodness people are savvy enough now to do their own recording.

      • When you get an advocate of one side proposing to do an unbiased protrail of the other, man the lifeboats.

      • It’s striking that not only did Reliable Sources ignore this controversy on yesterday’s show, but apparently CNN has not aired a single report on it since it happened.

        • Striking, but not surprising.

          It doesn’t suit the narrative, it’s a high member of the guild, and they’ve negated the editing of the tape by telling themselves that it didn’t change the truth of the matter.

          They are anything if not Orwellian.

          • Zucker claims he is going to change that by adding conservative voices. I call BS on Zucker.

          • Maybe he really means it.

            When the media wants to add conservative voices, they generally mean economic conservatives who like to hunt.

      • The other aspect I find baffling is why risk your credibility and the justifiable widespread backlash that has ensued over a topic (background checks) that isn’t even all that controversial.

        A national Public Policy Polling survey of gun owners last November found overwhelming support for background checks.

        [head scratch]

  9. J$ said below: Harris Faulkner is supporting Donald Trump. You know, delusional crap.

    Wait, she isn’t??! Have you been watching OUT#? Have you seen the stuff she says about Trump? Certainly not “unbiased journalist” talk. What did we learn today from 4 of them on OUT#? Sure sounded like all of them believe that Trump will do what he promised etc.

    And it was only Julie today…wasn’t it who acted like Trump hadn’t gotten the base shorn up? That Trump shouldn’t be shooting inside the tent. Wasn’t it Harris acting like Trump was widening it etc? And nobody brought up the new CNN poll where 50% would consider a 3rd party candidate. It’s interesting how if you watch some of the shows on FNC/FBN how incredible Trump is doing with everyone.

    Funny, about the only time that someone says something not PRO TRUMP is when Julie speaks the truth.

    Harris, Sandra and when she was on… Andrea…. were all three known as Trumpers to most who watched….and could be “fair and balanced” in their assessment.

    How many of them were “giddy” the other day it seemed because Trump was watching?

    • See the problem here is……you think if someone doesn’t say something AGAINST Trump…..they are pro Trump. That’s not the way it works.

      I wonder if you would describe a all male cast as “giddy”?

      • Well, they certainly have no problem being anti-Hillary.

        And of course Harris and all the OUT# attacked NRO for calling out Trump for not being a conservative. Just one of the numerous cases of PRO TRUMP bias

        Harris Faulkner really came uncorked against National Review’s
        stand as “offensive” to voters, as if a conservative journal should
        never offer conservative readers any advice before an election:

        FAULKNER: These words should disturb every American. “He is not
        deserving of conservative support in the caucuses and primaries.” Whose
        job is it to decide who gets to be where? It’s the voters who decide. It
        is not any particular party. That’s offensive on its face.
        We love Rich Lowry, we do – but it’s up to the voters, it is not up to
        him or anybody else. They can write about what they want about but if
        I were part of the establishment I would walk as far away from this
        article, from this magazine as possible if I wanted ever to gain the
        respect of those people who call themselves the voters. They hold the power.


        Or who can forget when she acted like Hillary had to disprove Trump’s claims

        “How is she going to respond to ‘you’re crooked’?” Faulkner asked.
        “Because now she’s got to come with the facts that prove that she’s not
        crooked. So now she’s going to say, ‘You know what, maybe I should
        release those transcripts that I got paid $300,000 from [Wall Street].’ I
        mean, really, what would the retort be that would make her look any

        “He’s already kind of figured out, ‘She’s not going to come back at me on the facts of anti-crookedness,’” Faulkner concluded.

        Of course Harris could care less about Conman Trump and him having to prove he’s not a Conman, a liar… you name it.

        • and how does that proves she going to vote for Trump?

          HRC disapproval rate is 53%…….that doesnt mean shes pro-trump…….I disapprove of HRC AND Trump……..I don’t think you understand it’s not her job to care about everything you do.

          I’ve never understood how people get so upset when somebody doesn’t hate the candidate they do and assume they support the other.

          Unless the Democrats come to the senses it looks like I’m not even going to vote in Nov for president……maybe Harris is the same.

          as for the National Review things…….IMHO……….that whole thing was dumb…….but at least if Trump loses the right will know who to blame now wont it.

          • Openly shilling for Trump is a big difference. Granted you can’t grasp simple things…when people push one candidate over another. Sorry

            Lets look at the intro of OUT when Trump is speaking before Harris says how will Hillary defend Crooked Hillary.


            Of course nobody on the panel bothered to point out LYING TRUMP… was lying about “self funding”. Heavenly days….a journalist point that that out.

            Or point out Trumps nicknames for others…are actually what he himself is guilty of. He was the biggest liar of 2015…yet he’s calling Cruz Lying Ted.

            Trump is the crooked businessman. He’s the conman. He’s the one who rips off people…. but Hillary has to defend “crooked” and Trump doesn’t??

            Do you think they pointed out the Hypocrisy of Trump when he was blaming the protestors? Of course not. A real journalist wouldn’t bring up the fact that Trump blamed Geller’s Isis attack on Geller. She incited it… its her fault.

            But that’s the difference between journalists and those who push one candidate over others…

          • and once again its like talking to a wall with you…..if she’s NOT anti-Trump she must be pro-Trump….that’s not how it works….maybe she not for Clinton Trump or Sanders…..the fact that I cant say…..is “fair and balanced”.

            Not Talking about something bad Trump did or said is not openly shilling for Trump…..go watch MSNBC for a few hours and see what Openly shilling is.

            I saw an idiot today claim they don’t openly say who they are voting for….like calling every Republican to be in a clown car isn’t a hint.

            Have a goodnite I’ve talked to enough people who minds cannot be changed this weekend.

          • Blaming John McCain instead of Trump…that’s not PRO TRUMP

            Blaming Martinez for not showing up is not PRO TRUMP?

            Attacking NRO for saying what needed to be said to conservatives… that’s not PRO TRUMP

            Example after example after example. Obviously you never watch the show.

            Did you see today? Trump will build that wall…he’ll do everything. My goodness. Julie’s calling bs on it… like Harris should have.

            First impossible to deport 12M people. Never gonna happen. Lets start there.

            And for Harris not even to acknowledge Trumps crazy claim that he could balance the budget in 8 years! LMMFAO!

            Yes…keep looking in your mirror and talking! Because you sure can’t talk about true facts…

          • I wasted my time looking at the video. There’s nothing there to hint who Harris is supporting, how she’s voting, or anything else along those lines. All these Fox hater talking points sound strikingly familiar. I wonder where I’ve heard them before…

          • Of course… I mean…nobody could ever get a hint as to who people are supporting when they constantly attack one and make excuses for the other.

            And when they don’t point out the inconsistencies, lies etc in the other…or problems with their policies…. It would probably take a real “mind reader” to glean who they are supporting under those circumstances.

            Telling the truth about a show…and its bias is now “Fox Hater” talk? Of course, because everyone must march in lockstep on everything they say or do or you are a “Fox Hater”??

            Were you a Fox Hater when you complained about “Greg Gutfeld Show” all the time?? I love Greg and the cast, but I certainly had no problem my complaints with many of the things that were wrong with it. Only way they get better… HONEST FEEDBACK. “Yes Fans” never helped anything or anyone.

            Does Michael T work for a Fox Hating site?

            He didn’t like Harris blaming McCain for the Trump insults.

          • To say that McCain started it (true, he attacked Trump before Trump responded with that salvo) is not the same as Harris “blaming McCain for Trump’s insults’. That’s an Ezra Klein (MSNBC-Vox) spin but I’m not surprised you’re citing as ‘proof’. If a person cannot point out that McCain fired the first shot without being called a Trump supporter, then FDS has truly reached the epidemic stage. Or someone is desperate to take Ezra Klein as an authority on Fox News.

            And besides I wasn’t talking to you, so there.

          • Well he does get tagged on a regular basis in the twitter feed of someone who does now doesn’t he…..wonder why that is?

            Of course since that same person retweets you…..why would that be a shock.

          • “He who shall not be named”?

            Unless you want 100 comments filled with denials.

            I love how the haters keep calling #1 Fox News the “Trump” network………ignoring the fact that the Trump supporters are slamming it even more than the haters do…..CNN and MSNBC play more Trump events live and talk about him more………#laughingstocks.

    • Maybe because a honest “writer” would have mentioned that Fox News offered specials to Clinton and Sanders and they turned it down…….I guess in some world that means they cant show the Trump one……but not in ours.

      You really should have stopped at “I don’t know”.

      • Yeah…go and get specials from people who attack them constantly. Sure… why not do that?!

        Makes as much sense as Greta saying she invited Ted Cruz to her FLUFF PIECE Townhall that Gutfeld mocked… Sure…go appear on shows that are PR vehicles for Trump.

        • Well if they were afraid the really cant complain……..unless they were hypocrites………if they can’t handle Greta…….then God help us if they have to stand up to Iran or China………as President.

          This comes down to……..people want to punish or bitch because Trump will go anywhere……and Their guy or gal won’t……..or they think Trump gets to much airtime…….stop complaining and tell the person who you support to do the same and go ON THE AIR.

          I’ve written to Sanders campaign 4 times about that myself.

  10. I can’t understand why Fox is playing Trump stuff from this week when EVERYBODY knows that on a holiday any REAL news network would be playing the 212th repeat of a Lockup from 2007 or a reality show from 2014……..what the hell is the matter with these Fox News people……..it’s like they think real news from this month matters or something and not some show about jail from the last decade!



    • I didn’t bother watching MediaBuzz this week. Did they attack all of Trump’s hilarious conspiracy theories?? He’s made some huge hilarious whoppers.

  11. I don’t want to stray too far from Cable news……..but if any of you news junkies are also History buffs…..I highly recommend HBO “All the Way” about the Johnson Admin.

    All of it happened before I was born but it’s the best “drama” movie on the subject I think I’ve ever seen.

    • i do not get HBO. does it cover LBJ and MAcsrange’s tues meetings to pick air targets then passing them to the NVA via embassies?

      • NO….it skips over most of Vietnam…….it ends with LBJ being elected the first time…..it mostly centers on the civil rights act.

        • civil rights … yeah that was him, and why he resigned too, equal to not seeking re-election don’t ya know. HBO is on LSD. i lived in PG county just over the DC line during the time, watched DC burn in 68. civil rights? what are they smoking. he sent pilots over Vietnam while giving the the NVA targets ahead of time. i guess fly boys don’t get civil rights.

          • so i correct this as gax is watching a pre-recorded copy. remember i get no HBO except in Spanish.

          • Dude the movies STOPS just over a year after JFK was killed……just how involved was LBJ at that point?

            The movie is based on that election NOT Vietnam or anything else…..and I “downloaded” it last week…..so they didnt just play it today.

          • As someone actually watching it, his skills at getting the legislation to right some terrible civil rights wrongs are amazingly portrayed. I recorded it on my DVR a couple weeks ago.

          • fair enough, how did it turn out for the people whose civil rights were abridged? i would say pretty mixed.

          • In the show, Johnson talks about a black lady who worked for him that drove his car down to Texas and had to squat by the road to piss because she was denied access to facilities. The first set of laws dealt with equal access and were an important step. Voting rights act came later. You are right about mixed results though.

          • people in the 1st congressional congress knew of the racial divide, spoke of it, new it contracted jeff’s declaration, but knew the revolution and Union was impossible without all the colonies working together. it was a devils bargain, but without, there would be no USA.

    • I’m about halfway through and you’re right, it’s terrific. Cranston is a treasure. I remember Johnson well, but mostly what and how the media of the day wanted me to know. I remember a girl in my college speech class being asked why she didn’t like LBJ. “Why, he’s just so ugly.”, she answered. Following Kennedy gave him opportunities, but the contrast was a curse. Then he widened the hole Kennedy dug for him with a conscripted war in Aisia, and it broke him. His goals and efforts on the social front were magnificent, and some even successful. Many were pipe dreams.

      • you are referring to the war on poverty and the great society? send the bill to Larry’s house.

          • on memorial day i have a problem thinking of people like FDR, Kennedy, and LBJ. not to mention Nixon, Carter and Obama. ty for understanding. the unintended consequences of social programs are a whole different matter. seems inappropriate on this day.

          • It’s not a Memorial Day special. Been around for weeks. Now the Roots remake. That premiered tonight.

          • thanks for the giggle, yeah i got the day thing. roots. lol. read the book. made the “peculiar institution” into a comic book.

          • Yea I have a problem thinking about WW2 veterans like Lieutenant Kennedy……..Commander LBJ….Commander Nixon and Lieutenant Carter….oh wait.

            You know those “social” programs saved a lot of lives from being destroyed …….including myself after I became disabled because of no fault of my own.

            Gee….I just wanted to tell people about what I thought was a good movie……..I hate politics.

          • JFK served in ww2 and he still gave commies access to the western hemisphere. he was a pt commander in the pacific and was injured for life. run over by a Jap destroyer if i recall correctly.

          • Cut his little boat in half. Never talk about the decision making that put him and his crew in such a vulnerable position.

          • i forget, but errors get a pass when you are being shot at. the early models he was in were plywood if i recall. OK back to w/in 4 of GS

          • Thank you….I though so……..never been a fan of the lead actor since Malcolm in the middle…..but I believed he was LBJ in this……..if he doesn’t get a award this year for this…..it’s rigged.

          • to understand LBJ, is like trying to understand Jefferson. not that they are equal,, but that they are complicated. requires reading a variety of bios from all angles.

          • somewhere on a hard drive I have LJB the early years….I liked All the way so much I’m looking for it.

          • read about the air war over Vietnam, meet the real man. much of it still coming out in recent congressional testimony and with the fall of the USSR causing Docs to become public. tragic tragic tragic. i think people born after have a one line understanding of a conflict that is for the USA one of the more impacting events in our history. not to mention how the hmung, viets and bodes had their lives effected. ever meet a “boat person” survivor? real heroes. back to 10 pt lead!!!

          • I think the movie you want is Path to War Movie….its on youtube…….id link but J$ site does weird things with youtube links……..I just started watching it.

            It started it story right after the new LBJ movie ended and it’s about the war……..interesting side notes……….BOTH are from HBO and there’s another new LBJ movie coming out also.


          • I saw LBJ when he came to our town after Palm Sunday tornados killed 66 people in my county. They let us out of high school to see him.

          • He did LBJ previously on Broadway. Of course, Cranston is best known for the wonderful BREAKNG BAD.

          • Yea….I thought he was Funny in MIM……but I just couldn’t get into breaking Bad.

            Didn’t know about the broadway thing ….thanks.

          • I download many movies…….it been a while that I sat through a new release the whole way through………Now i’m watching “Task Force”…….those I watch all the way because I love old movies..

        • I’m making my dog watch the part LBJ picked his up by the ears. She’ll maybe appreciate me.

  12. OUT# May

    Unless I missed looking at a few days, I think almost every out# that aired this month were above the April average. Many days way above the April average. I think some were worried it would take a ratings hit…but I could see it doing maybe 8-10% increase from April 2016.

    One thing they should learn from this…it was always a mistake to have 3 regular hosts on at the same time. I had been complaining about that long ago.

    I don’t know why they think they need to have Sandra and Harris on together…both supposedly…not NOT …playing the “journalist” role. They have a ton of FNC/FBN ladies who deserve good exposure. Julie Roginsky has really shined on OUT#

    Thankfully, we haven’t had to put up with AA lately….which is a nice plus.

    Eboni K Williams is a great addition. The show certainly needs at least 1 liberal voice per show.

    • Wow, just a few months ago Eboni was a ‘Trump supporter’ like Harris! Today she’s a liberal. What will she be next month? Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

      • No…her mom supports Trump.

        Its FNC that puts her in the liberal position. I’ve called out that its wrong countless times on twitter for them to do that with her….because she is truly one of the independent voices. Yet, they will put her on “The Five” or one of the Sat morning talk shows as a liberal.

        I guess I should have said one liberal or one INDEPENDENT voice on Out# for clarity. Because I know how much this site values actual facts =))

        Unlike the “power of 3” from OUT#….Eboni will actually call out Trump for stupid things he’s done….plans of his that won’t work etc. She should be on OUT as the actual JOURNALIST. She’s far more “fair and balanced” on things.

          • Where’s the rest and how long ago? Where’s a link to it?

            No, I’m usually doing 2-3 other things… I don’t recall everything I write. But nice to see you follow my every word!

            Eboni has certainly been fair recently…. and I’ve said that on twitter time and again.

  13. Anyone remember Trump having “all the people” behind him in September 2015???

    Yep…that’s Fair and Balanced Journalism For Sure!! LMAO! But this is typical for what is said daily on OUT#. If *some* wanna claim this doesn’t show any SUPPORT for Trump… then….wow.

    HARRIS FAULKNER: You know, after watching last night, and it was so far
    the longest speech by any of the GOP presidential candidates to date in
    this particular race for 2016. And people stuck. They stuck. They cried,
    they wept, they laughed, they had every emotion in that audience, they
    were hanging on every word. It was really interesting to watch the faces
    of the crowd along with his. I start to question the Republican party
    right now. He is the frontrunner, yet I hear some Republicans
    complaining about he’s soaking up all the airtime. I’ve heard you say,
    ‘Why should anybody complain about that, that’s what you’ve been crying
    for for years, that Republicans would get more spotlight.’ So when is
    the RNC, when is Reince Priebus, when are some of the more
    establishment people within the GOP going to get behind Donald Trump?
    I’m really curious. You’ve got a guy who’s holding a third almost of
    polling right now in popularity yet I don’t see that. So what is it
    going to take? Because if they are a party of the people. and he’s got
    all the people. I am curious.

    • Great posts from media matters????????……….some Fan News Fan you are.

      and you “might” want to watch the video…….they are talking about Trumps High POLL numbers and the voters being behind him………get from media matters……….get stuff out of context.

      BTW: Trumps poll # for favorable REPUBLICAN at that time was 60%…..that’s a lot of republicans behind him now isn’t it?

      and HOW dare she give any kind of thoughts on an opinion show? You really should turn off Fox News because you are going to HATE the next 6 months.

        • What’s more he can’t differentiate analysis and inquiry from advocacy, and seems to believe that raising an issue to forward a discussion proves who you are voting for! (That’s how Eboni can be a Trump supporter one day, and an independent the next.) This is exactly the sort of gullibility that media matters and others have mined for years with their doctored, cherry-picked quotes. Readers of this site, by and large, know better than to fall for these tired tricks.

          • Oh yes… lets RAISE THE ISSUE to shill for someone. I love that excuse. We just bring up things like this….or we attack Martinez for not showing up. Attack NRO for daring to say what they did. All the rest. It’s just “raising an issue”. Love that spin! That’s all MSNBC and CNN do. They just raise issues. ha ha

            And yes…readers of this site are so informed =O.

            Might as well go back to the “SOME PEOPLE SAY” to ask questions. Just raising the issue. ha ha

        • Oh yes, I know… take the LOYALTY OATH. One has to agree with everything they say/do.

      • Yeah…we sure know sites like this or Cable Gamer wouldn’t cover anything like that. Except trying to make excuses.

        And even at the end of September Trumps numbers were horrible.

        That’s the problem… only a small handful of Republicans wanted him. He had huge negatives. And nobody should have ever pushed for Republicans to get behind a candidate that was so hated.

        Also funny you are saying she should be giving her OPINION on that show. That is in stark contrast to her role on the show. But I guess only actual TRUE Fox News fans know that.

        • “That’s the problem… only a small handful of Republicans wanted him. He had huge negatives.”

          That sir is a LIE!

          Trumps had high negatives with the general public yes but in the transcript you used from media matters they were talking about REPUBLICANS and at the time his numbers with them were @60% Favorable in the Monmouth University Poll.

          Just what is Harris role on this opinion show in your mind?

    • Chris Matthews used almost the exact formulation as Harris in his special about Trump last night.

      Matthews showed the progression of Trump’s support, from the start of his campaign to now, from the perspective that Trump immediately struck a note with Republicans in a way that the other candidates didn’t and that he qickly and has continued to gain wide popularity despite huge flaws, gaffs, and knowledge gaps.

      Matthews did this from the perspective of what a dilemma this had been from the outset for the Republician Establishment whose only candidate who makes inroads against Clinton, is one they disavow.

      He broached this from the perspective of what choice do the suckers in the establishment have now when they are so far removed from their dumbass base, and when their machinations make that chasm bigger.

      It’s a fair question. I answer it the the way Harris implied via the thrust of her question. You’re going to have to, Repub Establishment. Trump is going to more…more…more…than need your help in the future and your best alternative is to start trying to influence and steer him now, rather than moving against him.

      It’s more than certain that he’s going to need that and will want it.

      Whether it’s possible that he is able to hear enough and can change enough is uncertain. Yet how can it not be in your interest to try?

      Check your derangement syndrome, bro. Harris didn’t ask a partisan question, she asked an obvious one.

      • So Chris Mathews making this in late May……ir anywhere close to it being said at the very beginning of the race! ha ha Yes…what an obvious thing to say in September 2015….especially when Trump had the huge unfavorables had. Yet of course he still has huge unfavorables… so… maybe Chris should be talking 3rd Party alternative…since now 50% would consider.

        Oh love the laughs! And before Cruz and Kasich dropped out…how many states had Trump won with over 50% of the vote….since he had such strong support “of the people”.

        And did Chris mention all the tears in the crowd et??

        It wouldn’t matter to many around here…if the people said they flat out ENDORSED HIM and HAD WRITTEN HIM CHECK…. some would still try and “spin it” I believe.

        • I expressly said that Matthews’ formulation was that Trump “immediately” struck a note with Republicans in the way that the other candidates did not. And that this never changed.

          Trump was the obvious “It Boy” from jump. Why would you argue that Harris should have a foregone conclusion that Republician leadership view Trump in the way that the majority of the media did then?

          Trump had a head of steam going WAY before the primary process. How could an obvious question for the *Party not be that they have a candidate garnering more interest and passion than any other candidate. Why are you guys not jumping on it with both feet?

          It’s not a valid question only if you’re the style of control freak who must shoot down every semblance of taking Trump seriously. Who has to lard their posts with things like “Oh, love the laughs….”, “pathetic”, and capital letters in order to punish and demean the errant person with another opinion.

          You do this as a way of control, punishment, and as telling yourself you are a great manipulator. When someone responds by demeaning you back say it’s because they just can’t handle the truth.

          In other words, as you have expressly stated about yourself in the past, you’re a troll.

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