Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: A Trump/Sanders bout would benefit all candidates but one.
  • Flood: How Megyn can become the most powerful woman in tv news.
  • CNN primary night ratings crater as Presidential races lose suspense.
  • Rogers: Disagreement over Michelle Fields’s Cashin In‘ role continues.
  • Errol Barnett jumps to CBS (via CNNC).  What if Apple took over CNN?
  • MSNBC ‘reporter’ shamed Asian Trump fan as Kornacki cheered him on.
  • F&F vids: Obstacle course runs by

42 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Pathetic how the NY Times piece on Michelle Fields reports BS from over a month ago. Would it have been too much effort to get a fresh quote and ask where she is and why Jonathan is gone as well. They could have also asked why Eric Bolling snubbed her completely at the WHCD.

    • “They could have also asked why Eric Bolling snubbed her completely at the WHCD.”

      Taste? or that she slamed his co-worker Greta…..or that she lied about a Presidential Candidate he supports as a commentator?

      ” she will continue covering Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, an assignment she previously had said she would not take again.”

      so she’s still a liar.

      • You mean the Greta that will have #MeetTheTrumps today?!
        No, Michelle nailed that one for sure.

        Changed her mind? Gasp, so nobody is allowed to do that. And now that’s called lying. She thought at the time she wouldn’t. So by you claiming she lied….obviously she knew she was going to cover him but she lied about.

        Or did you just misspeak and tell one more falsehood?

        Good thing you don’t care that Trump and Corey flat out lied about Michelle. Or that Sean and Greta didn’t bother to point out they were lying to them. Wonder why when Greta and Sean had numerous opportunities, they didn’t bother pointing out they were lying? Or call Trump out for lying about providing surveillance footage… That had to be gotten. Trump sure didn’t turn that over.

        And of course neither Greta or Sean called Trump out when he continually lied and said Michelle changed her story. And Trump was rated as lying yet again by the fact checkers. But Greta and Sean allowed Trump and his surrogates to continue making that flat out lie. But why would anyone question Greta’s being a “journalist” over all those times she ignored the facts and reality? =O

        One more “PANTS ON FIRE” for Trump.. But did Greta or Sean bother to blast him? Heck, not!

        In Greta’s world. Trump is TOO HONEST. LMAO

  2. The entire SPECIAL REPORT panel last night pretty much hates Trump, but they all laughed at his Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” tirade.

      • I consider Warren offensive. I’m willing to pay for the DNA test to prove that she’s a fraud.

      • Yes because calling the fake native American Pocahontas is very offensive………the US Senator pretending to be native American….not so much.


        • She doesn’t even meet our definition of “wannabes.” They are the Ward Churchill types, dressing like they think indians should dress, along with lying about his life. She simply checked boxes under penalty to get a leg up in the hiring process.

          By the way, I say “indians” and not “Indians” to distinguish us from those from India. In 1492, India was known as Hindustan. However, Columbus called the natives he came into contact with as una gente en dio or a people in with God, due to their friendly nature. It eventually became indio or indian. That is the name that we prefer.

          • Yea I updated my OP to native American so there would be no confusion……..BTW I met Ward Churchill in Peoria once many…. many years ago before the controversy happened.

          • Met him at Bradley Unv…..had never heard of him….I can’t remember his connection to Peoria……..but it was a event about a native American burial ground called Dixon Mounds……….It was years before the controversy………I only remembered him because of his name…….as I sat by him and Im a huge Churchill fan…….Winston that is.

          • Winston was a giant. Ward was a pissant.

            When I was a young co-pilot flying tankers out of Grissom, our pilot was from Peoria.

    • Maddow covered that at length last night, and in her full Church Lady mode, kept pressing home the point that Trump was disparaging Warren for having pride in an Indian ancestry…and by default was making fun of Native Americans in general.

      There was no mention of such a status giving one an edge in the hiring process, etc. Not even in the context of Maddow shooting that motive down for Warren.

      She spent about seven minutes on the email flap in the predictable ‘if such utterly self-serving carelessness and horrifyingly autocratic maneuvering won’t send Clinton to jail, then we’re picking at hairs’ mode.

      • Someone could ask Maddow how the fraud could have pride in an ancestry that she does not have.

  3. New Greg Gutfeld Show this saturday!
    One of my faves …Eboni K Williams is on this week.

    This will be the 1 year anniversary of the Greg Gutfeld Show.

    If you go back and read the reviews, one wouldn’t think it would still be on.

    Thankfully, they’ve pretty much done away with “the liberal panel”. Alan Colmes (and others) doing that was as annoying as Bill Schultz and pinch on #RedEye. Of course, the best part of the show are the #millenialmoments starring Joanne and Kat.

    Somethings never made since…which I and others complained about from the start. New episodes on Sunday night…when its one of the strongest…instead of airing new episodes on Saturday night (like Huckabee) and then repeating on Sunday night.

    The Hollywood Reporter asked about a live audience a year ago.. and Greg said, “I think at some point we will experiment with it.” It took 10 months or so till they finally did it. The first few weeks were awful. They sounded like a bad laugh track. But the audience has improved since those first 2 or 3 shows with them.

    Of course..the show can’t go wrong with guests like Gavin McInnis, Tyrus etc. We just need to know what happened to Trevor 😉

  4. I don’t know how a debate with Ssnders would be worth the risk of it coming out badly for Trump.

    If he held his own, the buzz will be that he held his own against Bernie or that he out-quipped Bernie. Which is not not worth the risk of the sort of fiasco it will be if he failed to do either.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 benefit all candidates
    4 most powerful woman
    3 ratings crater
    2 Cashin’ In role
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC ‘report’ shamed Asian Trump fan as Kornacki cheered him on.

  6. Fox is loving the Trump Tonight. Boy, Greta did a whole TRUMP PR piece for the campaign

    and now… just like I predicted… here’s Megyn’s interview with TRUMP on FNC. Now with BONUS SOFTBALL “Barbara Walter’s” questions. And how soon till its playing on Sat & Sunday nights.

    Funny, I remember someone saying, but I don’t see it in any of the upcoming listings ;).

    • She offered to do a hour with both Sanders and Clinton they said NO…..not #1 Fox News fault if only Trump was smart enough to say YES.

      As usual you remember wrong….I said I didnt see her primetime special again in the listings for the next 2 weeks….and that’s NOT what airing tonight…….so not only was I right…….its not the same show……… has new stuff in it……and it will be the #1 or 2 most watch show tonight on the news networks.

      That said….they should repeat it on Fox News… it won’t be up against the last show of a actor on a #1 shows 13th years…….Fox does own the show you know…..I guess the 103 repeat of lockup would be better.

      • And yes…since The Kelly File is airing it but worse. They keep all the Trump nonsense and ditch the other…so those people can comment and have limited commercials. But to act like this isn’t milking the broadcast… is hilarious! It’s even worse! You don’t get Lavern etc tonight. You get even more TRUMPER TALK. arrrghhh!

        The Kelly File: Donald Trump & 2016
        Host Megyn Kelly airs the full two-part Trump interview with limited commercial interruption.

        Friday Night
        8pm Friday is clips of O’Reilly’s Trump interviews
        9pm Megyn Kelly Presents Special (so it is airing within 2 weeks =)). GASP =O
        10pm is a replay of the Hannity Clinton vs Trump infomercial

        Megyn Kelly Presents
        Genre: News, Talk
        The journalist interviews presumptive Republican presidential nominee
        Donald Trump, actor Michael Douglas, actress Laverne Cox and defense
        attorney Robert Shapiro.


        Meet The Trumps infomercial is on Sat at 5pm
        Then the O’Reilly Trump infomercial again at 8pm

        and Monday Night we have Kelly File: Donald Trump & 2016

        It’s a Trump Bonanza on FNC!! All Trump…all the time.. its TNN!

        They could probably get that old TM from “The Nashville Network” TNN Or not…somebody else probably picked it up after they let it die.

        • Yea….how dare they cover the Republican Nom….it like they think they are a news network or something……we get you dont like Trump…..I dont either…..but like it or not hes the republican nom…..they are going to cover him…….Sander and Clintion could be on…..but they refused…….so they cover the one who will go on.

          and like it or NOT Trump will bring in ratings……..thats what Fox News wants……..Id like to see a show on Sanders but they cant force him to go on………as Anderson Cooper has said……..Trump goes on so he gets on.

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