Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Video: on a ‘devastating’ Hillary emails report.
  • CNN anchor denounces ‘shameful’ Trump comments.  Today’s oops.
  • Flood: Hines Ward joins CNN as contributor.   Q&A: LZ Granderson.
  • HLN spins addition of a reality show as a return to their ‘news roots‘.
  • Today’s bright idea: Fox News should stage a Trump/Sanders debate.
  • Greta totally unsurprised that Salon hack misrepresented her program.

61 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. If I were Megyn Kelly’s agents, I’d already be cracking open a bottle of champagne.

    Bill really wants to go there?! Wow! If any truth to either major allegation against him, he is playing with such fire. Nothing like playing with fire like this.

    Ah, Catholics and their annulments… I wonder if Bill believes you can also buy loved ones out of purgatory. Indulgences. =)

      • Save your time, Larry. He’s not going to purgatory, he’s going to the eternal version of Exile Island.

  2. How does Jake Tapper pointing out the the whole Vince Foster thing, which was investigated by the police and several independent entities including Ken Starr, is a conspiracy theory brought up by Trump make him less than “impartial?” It is shameful given the fact that Foster’s widow and kids have to have this nonsense dredged up again by Trump so he can hurl some mud at the Clinton’s.

    • It doesn’t necessarily. I use the ‘impartial anchor’ phrase when a straight newsman veers into commentary. It doesn’t make them wrong. It’s just a phrase I use.

      • Fair enough – his use of the word “shameful” is editorializing. Beyond that, to me it seems that too many anchors try to be fair and balanced too often. It’s not wrong to say that Trump is pushing a conspiracy theory just like he did with Ted Cruz’s father being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald.

        • I don’t like to be told by anchors in a better-not-disagree-with-me tone that something is settled. Nothing is settled until the sun stops revolving around the earth.

          • Hey Ive been good….I only responded to ICE once a day………..its like talking to a wall with both of them now.

          • hey…….5 min or less……wheres my pizza? But we have the obsession???????….now wheres that “writers” dictionary?????

            Why don’t you start you OWN BLOG….then you can tell me what to post…..till then you can ignore me like J$ asked…..or you can post here asking the same thing and be ignored by me with one post per day……If you can’t figure out why we talk about a guy who lies about Fox News on a disgraced Blog about Fox News……on a blog dedicated to telling the TRUTH about #1 Fox News……..that’s NOT my problem. Your post are public…… maybe the public is going to comment…….go figure.

            Go complain about somebody black on #1 Fox News.


          • He’s just wasting his time…i’ve given my proof to him and he pretends I never did..NOT going over it all again….wasted a whole Sunday night doing it……………people here either see what im saying or dont……I dont see the need to redo it everyday………..I’ve promised myself I won’t reply to more than one message a day here.

            He’s NEVER going to stop me from calling out people who lie about #1 Fox News……..that’s how lies like “Fox News went to court so they can legally lie on air….or Fox News is banned in Canada” get believed by low information people.

          • You have never provided any proof that something I’ve written on a blog about FOX News is a lie or racist.

          • I’ll explain it again,
            Yes you have an obsession. Instead of just ignoring me you had to make a comment about me again today just like you did yesterday.

            You also have an obsession with me lying about FOX News yet every time I ask you for proof of something I’ve written that was not true you can’t provide anything. Just like you can’t provide any proof of something I said that is racist.

            “Go complain about somebody black on #1 Fox News.”
            There you go with the racist thing again. I thought the moderator said to stop with the personal attacks?

          • Everybody’s talking ’bout you. Can’t hear a thing they’re sayin’, only the echoes in my mind.

          • Says the guy who had to post “ICEMAN… Pst… you listening?” Because you can’t stop talking about me either.

          • You were listening. Comforting. When I say my prayers at night and God is occupied, at least the walls have ears.

    • This is your fault today now mike. LOL

      You asked for it.

      But don’t worry I’ve made my one reply to him.

  3. Neil Young on Trump using his song:

    I wish other artists would grasp reality. If they wanna put out a statement saying, I don’t support so and so artist (eve though they play my music at rallies) fine. Or maybe candidates should make an announcement for all those that “don’t get it”..playing of music in no way constitutes endorsements by bands or songwriters. But for artists who act like the people gotta stop playing it when their campaigns purchased a blanket license…. Know The Law.

    • Neil Young with the longest one note guitar solo in history in “Southern Man” ? that Neil Young? Artist is a bit of a stretch, try pop star, it reflects reality.
      Ortega had a remix of Lennon’s “Give peace a chance” in his 06 election bid. i posted it as he passed my house in the campaign. bet you love danny and rosario, i certainly do.

      • If Chapman had aimed a little to the right, he’d be beloved the world over.

  4. I love that MSNBC has a LIVE trump rally on delay with Trump speaking but not so much with the protester they had on last night who said F*** Trump.

  5. My name for the 15 dollar minimum wage is THE ROBOT AFORABILITY PLAN. Yeah, I know that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with cable news, but I had a couple beers after mowing. Best I take my nap now…

    • I can’t drink after being in the sun. It exacerbates things.

      I learned that in college when after a Long Island Tea, I fell backwards off a bench.

      Ruined a perfectly beautiful white and navy dress.

  6. And then there were “3” and only 1 of them called Greta a “trump shill”.

    FNC gets rid of 3 anti-Trumpers in 2 months

    1st Michelle Fields gone from #CashinIn.

    2nd Suzy Welch (wife of Jack Welch) gone from #BullsandBears (not her choice)

    3rd Jonathan Hoenig missing from #CashinIn Saturday after saying Hillary is a much better choice for President than Trump….and listing the reasons why…. the week before.

    and NOW… Jonathan Hoenig no long appears on the list of Fox on air personalities. When he was up there last week.

    Jonathan had been on #CashinIn since I believe the beginning. It’s been like 15 years or so.

    I wonder if Inside Cable still thinks its a coincidence…

    • You sound like the folks who adamantly believe that Andrea Tantaros was let go because of her approval of Trump.

      So which is it?

    • I don’t see anything about the Welches being antiTrump as much as he was pro-Cruz. Mr. Welch says he’ll support Trump if he’s the nominee.

      She seems to opine a lot on Twitter about what Trump needs to do to win, and Trump’s considered Mr. Welch a candidate for Secretary of the Treasury.

      Mrs Welch tweets that the thing with Fields was overblown. I saw your tweets smoozing her on Twitter. Had you missed those?

  7. Today’s most popular links…
    5 Trump/Sanders debate
    4 Today’s oops.
    3 Judge Napolitano
    2 misrepresented her program
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN anchor denounces ‘shameful’ Trump comments.

  8. Looks like the FIVE is slipping. I for one is getting tired of Bowling trying to run show. Hi interrupts the others and just rude to Juan Williams

    • Well, John Stewart has the perfect name for Bolling… and Dana Perino sure didn’t argue with John about it =))

      And isn’t it amazing how a guy who played less than single A baseball (when he acts like he played MLB for the Pitts Pirates) and a guy who just traded oil futures… well… he’s some political expert. ;). What real qualifications does he have?? =)

      Of course many at all the cable networks are like that.

  9. Having watched SPECIAL REPORT, PBS NEWSHOUR, and NBC NIGHTLY NEWS segments on today’s State Dept. Inspector General’s Clinton email report, surprisingly the later stuck me as the most damning. Reporter was Hillary friendly Andrea Mitchell. Go figure.

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