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  1. Mr. Concha is right-on about crooked, chicken, Hillary. If don’t have the confidence to face the FOX team, you have no business being our president.

    • But of course….lying Conman Trump made sure to avoid Fox News. Whined and blamed it on Megyn Kelly being a moderator. Then the guy who dodged the draft (oh sure..some will say that’s not the correct term… ha His “injuries” that got him out of it…suddenly healed right after… and of course he was fine playing the sports etc in college). So he hides from the debate….by using Veterans to shield his coward behind.

      Of course Trump could have done a fundraiser for them at anytime, but no.. had to be at that same time. Then he lied about the money raised. Vets groups are still waiting for money. Charlie Gasparino is about the only one at FNC/FBN who calls out the conman on this. MK didn’t even bring it up during her “Barbara Walters” interview…when he hid because of “her” supposedly. Didn’t even bring up where all the missing millions are….

      And then Lying Trump kept hiding from FNC/FBN…no… he’d only do TOWNHALLS. He was too afraid to face Ted. So he’d appear at Townhalls with people who were known TRUMP SYCOPHANTS…..Greta or Sean. He’d be asked softball after softball. And he was allowed to get away with it.

      FNC was even pathetic and cancelled a debate because Trump pulled out. Then Kasich whined and pulled out.

      How many 1 on 1 debates have Hillary and Bernie already had? Trump was sure scared to go 1 on 1 with Ted. That’s what they should have done. Just ignored Kasich.

      • You are not telling the truth (again). Fox did not cancel any debate because Trump pulled out. The debate was still a go and then Kasich pulled out. When that left one candidate standing the debate was canceled, for obvious reasons.

        Please try not to spread misinformation.

        • Yeah, I know how you care about misinformation on this board =) Especially when posting links to stories full of misinformation and not bothering to point it out. But I made sure to edit the above so it would be CLEAR to even you.

          • QUOTE: “FNC was even pathetic and cancelled a debate because Trump pulled out. Then Kasich whined and pulled out.”

            False. FNC never cancelled a debate because Trump pulled out. The only debate they cancelled is when all the candidates but one pulled out. So what exactly was “pathetic” about that? Nothing.

            That’s not “it wasn’t written clear enough”. That’s being flat-out wrong. And throwing in as gratuitous (and ridiculous) “pathetic” just in case anyone missed your true intent.

            No further responses on this issue are necessary or welcome.

          • You didn’t Twitter-advise Michelle Fields to tell Mrs. Clinton not to take Trump seriously as a candidate on Chris Hayes’ show, did you?

            It had the ring of the sort of guidance you might solicitously offer the fairer sex tv personalities you engage on social media.

            Im not familiar with her work, but I trust that she’s more the financial sector wonk. Hope so anyway.

    • Oh, dear, Harwood meant to to say ‘Second consecutive Va guv under investigation’, not “Second consecutive Va Republican guv under investigation”.

      Slip of the tongue.

      He’s lost quite a bit of weight too. That’s easier to shed than animus.

  2. Great job by Brian Stelter to smash Howard Kurtz yet again!
    Huge margin of victory for Brian this week. Brian scores a .12 in 18-49 to Howards .09
    And while yes…that’s not in the cable demo of 25-54.. but close enough.

    Once again…. I would bet “Reliable” gets more per :30 than “Media Buzz”
    And in the end…isn’t that what really matters?

      • Why? Howard Kurtz has been pro Trump for months. IMO he also went out of his way to attack Michelle Fields and he didn’t provide a fair picture at all. For months, I’ve loved seeing him lose in the 18-49 demo.

        I’d love it if Greta lost to MSNBC (whatever airs in that time slot). If Dobbs lost etc. Who said I have to support shows that are very PRO TRUMP imo?

        Dobbs used to be one of my favorites. But like Kennedy pointed out…he’s trying to get an Ambassadorship to Liechtenstein…

        • Disregarding your dissertation of a reply, I meant that you’re “Fox News Fan,” but you’re lauding a CNN show beating an FNC show.

          • Yes, well..back in 2009/ 2010 whatever almost all FNC shows were calling out RINOS etc. Gasp, I wish I could have looked into the future like Adam Carolla and had forseen Trump. And I really wish I would have been able to see Fox Business people …. or longtime conservatives get on board with a guy who donated over $100K to Hillary Clinton. One who has been anti-gun, pro abortion, pro tarrifs, pro trade war etc.

            I mean… earlier..in this election cycle….not being 100% anti-illegal immigration…no path to citizenship etc… or being just for common core….that would be enough to get them condemned around the clock IMO.

            But now…. so many are on the Trump Train who care care less that his policies aren’t conservative at all. That he has much more in common with Bernie Sanders. That he can lie constantly and it not go challenged but the same network goes after Hillary constantly for her misstatements.

            Should I change my name to Fox News Fan (except for the hosts who shill for Trump)? Would that make you happier?

            And should I change the FNC Ladies Rule (to most of them). Although, some I can’t stand…I wouldn’t call a “lady” so…..

          • Absolutely you should change your name to that or maybe Former Fox Fan.

            Female Fox Talent Fan And Not Much Else would be good.

            Angry Troll Who Wants To Kick Sand In Your Eye At The Beach would be on the money, but unfortunately impractical.

          • Angry troll is redundant though. It’s like saying venomous rattlesnake or lascivious lecher.

        • He’s obsessed with Trump…..MK and poor Joe Concha…………knows only what he’s read on websites about How Cable news works but knows everything.

          I thought the racist stooges were the worst trolls here……..I fully admit I was wrong…..sadly.

          • Well of course you are saying things that are totally inaccurate. But I think anyone who has read any of your posts know’s that accuracy and facts….don’t matter to you.

            And I guess you think the RULES DON’T APPLY TO YOU.

            But funny how I called you out for not knowing anything about ratings, cable news etc…you do a Donald Trump and try to make that claim about me.

            But I guess anyone who is #NEVERTRUMP like myself…gets people like you upset.

          • As a Sander voter….IM #NEVERTRUMP also………….you cant be this dumb…..I would never VOTE for Trump……..next excuse? ………so you are WRONG AGAIN!

            I don’t have time for people who are wrong all the time and can’t admit it.

            Talk to the hand.

          • So you broke your word how soon??

            An hour before you claimed:
            “Im ignoring you now”

            Boy you kept your word on that like Joe Concha kept his to J$ about that. At least he lasted longer than you did on your false claim.

            I had no idea who you are supporting but as a Sanders voter you should like Trump. Both are socialists. And if you watched FNC much, you would have seen them (back in Jan) talk about the similarities between Trump/Bernie supporters etc. And you would have seen people on air talk about Trump the Socialist.

            So it would be odd….for someone who supports one socialist….not to support the other.

          • Wow childish name calling. That’s the best you have?

            You and your buddies still can’t stop taking about me.
            It’s gone from amusing to creepy.

          • Proof already given weeks ago …………multiple times …..you said you weren’t………..and dismissed it………..I don’t believe you…..as other here don’t believe you either.

            However thanks for being obsessed and responding to my comment within 30 min or less…..I’m sure J$ thanks you for reading the “cesspool”.


          • Yea I know…..funny thing is…..he gets more attention here…..the when he “writes” at the disgraced web site Newshounds.

            His last year Disgraced Newshound fable got all of 7 reactions and included great thing like this from his “fans”

            “What criticism? Everyone’s complimenting Megyn she blew The Donald like a pro. ?”

            “Amazing how anyone who joins FOX becomes a literary superstar. Even Jesse SMARMY Watters has one. Funny, they probably never even read a book prior to joining FOX”.

            I missed the part in the interview where Trump asked Megyn, “Would you sleep with me for $50 million?”.

            Megyn, taken aback says,” I don’t know. There would have to be precautions. “.

            Trump said,” Would you sleep with me for $5?”.

            Megyn, “Hey!!! What kind of a girl do you think I am??!!”.

            “Trump,” We’ve established what kind of a girl you are. Now we are negotiating a price.”.

            “Personally, I despise this woman as thoroughly as I do Hannity, O’Bluster, Ailes and Murdoch. Don’t know why, but the pictures of female guards from Auschwitz being forced to parade before and actually look at heaps of emaciated corpses come to mind. ”

            “Megyn is a media whore. We all know it. She’s a female Trump, just as bad as Anne Coulter. Say or do anything to stay in the media spotlight.”

            Disgraced Newshound “writers” attract only the best supporters.

            He got more attention here last night then his “writing” does.

          • Its telling that my only (I think) EVER Moderated comment here was because of copy’s of Disgraced Newshound comments re-posted.

            So proud they must be……..sorry for the mod comment J$…..I should have known.

          • You are the one with the obsession. You keep checking my Twitter feed and then come here to complain as you did again tonight.

            I only respond due your creepy obsession of talking about me.

            Check my twitter feed, oh wait you already did that, and you will find I don’t start conversions with others complaining about what you say here.

  3. Concha claims 10 Reviews of Megyn Kelly special by WP. Yes, I know an AP write up about that nights ratings is a “review” =) I wonder how many stories Mediaite had about interview and aftermath

    HT to Johnny $ for not using that inaccurate headline of “10 Reviews”

    • So on your planet, you’re equating a media site with a specific focus on cable news to the Washington Post? Maybe adding more question marks and CAPS will really help drive the point home.

      • No, on Earth, I would never equate a little website with 10-15 writers (not saying journalists) with the Washington Post. That’s for sure! How many writers does the WP have on staff versus Mediaite?

        I also don’t see the WP steal content…unless you all pay NBC etc for all the whole sale clips you put up. It’s not like Mediaite does a “fair use” and air 30 seconds or less. You all put up whole 5-7 minute bits from SNL…before its even aired on the West Coast. How you all have avoided being sued is beyond me. I would love to know that.

        But it would be nice if you would have answered why you chose to not tell the truth with your title? By you falsely claiming they did 10 reviews… help make your OBSESSION line seem more believable??

        • Yup. Little But you’re there every day, aren’t you? And our traffic is through the roof. But you don’t anything about anything, so why am even bothering?

          As for being sued, last I checked Dan Abrams is a lawyer. Pretty sure he knows the legal boundaries of what we can and cannot use.

          See you after my next column and next 100 after that. If anything, you’re patently predictable.

          • Actually, no I’m not. I rarely actually visit the site looking for stories.

            I do click on links from time to time if it sounds like an interesting story in the twitter feed. Or if J$ has posted a link. Other than that… no.

            And yes, I do know of Mediaite’s web traffic “claims”. What was it …a few months ago… touting 7M or so unique visitors. Of course we know how that’s numbers aren’t accuate. You do know that people like me….are being counted numerous numerous times per month as a unique visitor.

            Lets say I read 1 story on Mediaite (clicked via twitter or a J$) link per day. I would count as 30 unique visitors. Everytime my browser is closed, it clears everything… so I really don’t put much stock in those figures.

            I wish you’d ask Dan…because I think most lawyers would think….taking a 7 minute opening skit from SNL and putting it up within minutes after airing…. would be copyright infringement. It would be one thing if Mediaite linked directly to videos SNL had put up but that’s not the case.

            I still think you didn’t address why you said “10 Reviews”….

          • I do click on links from time to time if it sounds like an interesting story in the twitter feed. Or if J$ has posted a link.

            And to whine incessantly on this site and others about Joe Concha.

            Why lie about that?

  4. Here’s a story Joe could write… that would be of interest to many here. Since he works at NewsMaxTV….it would be interesting to see why they didn’t go ahead and actually compete against FNC.

    Several years ago….not long after Bill was dropped from #RedEye, Newsmax acted like they were really going to make a big push. They did pilots or “tests” with numerous Fox News people. Those who appeared on air (but weren’t contributors).. and some at FNC …who weren’t currently under contract as FNC was playing games with them… as they so often do.

    Bill was one of those people. But at the time…as FNC was seeming to move more towards the center, I told someone…it would be great if Newsmax did go ahead with this. With the people they were testing (other than Bill ;)….. they could really give FNC a run for their money…..if they had the money behind it to promote/ get distribution. Did Newsmax not have the money to go ahead with it or what?

    Its a shame OneAmerica hasn’t really put big money behind their efforts and poached lots of FNC talent. FNC could use some good…actual conservative outlet….to help push them. Nothing better than healthy competition.

  5. MSNBC doing the olympics once again, because it makes sense , that’s when they get their best ratings.

    • Is Michelle aware that Clinton has been calling Trump’s treatment of women into question?

      What’s Hoenig’s take on his not being used on Cashin In?

    • Yea….and almost nobody saw it…..she was on the LOWEST rated show in primetime last night in the demo and almost 4 times more people watched Bill O’reilly………some kicking she did.

      She helped Hayes so much that he had LESS viewers in the demo and total than last monday.

      15 min are just about over.

      • Wow and how many of Bill’s viewers “count” =)

        Actually with younger viewers the show does very well. But MSNBC’s avg viewer age isn’t 69 or 70 like Fox News’.

        In fact, in 18-49… The show only did .01 less than Bret Baier’s special Report… or Anderson Cooper. Your beloved Greta did a .14 to its .16.

        And I forget she was heavily promoted too. Funny when Megyn Kelly’s special bombed and did worse than NEW GIRL the week before… That wasn’t a big deal.

        And guess what… when her 15 minutes are up….. she’ll be living in a multi-million dollar house. She’ll be driving a Bentley etc… and where will you be?

        But it is nice to see others complain and go after her for telling the truth while Trump flat out lied ..as did Corey. And then many at FNC/FBN lied about her and tried to smear her etc. Gotta love “your friends”. Watch out….they’ll be the first to stab ya in the back.

        • So….in a demo nobody but you seems to care about Hayes still LOST.

          Why do you always change the subject? Haynes isn’t in competition with them…….which is good because he still tends to lose………..BTW: I dont think Ive ever watched Greta show except for breaking news…………for the record……as I’ve said before I rarely watch the opinion shows on ANY News Network…..just not my thing……so if Greta was my beloved…..she’s a screwed as you./

          The fired…..hurt Hayes ratings……he did worst than last week…..hes already the lowest rated show in primetime………but im pretty sure hes #1 with people who hate Fox News and Joe Concha who eat peanut butter while watching……not so much with anybody else………..but if anybody want to have LESS viewers…….they should book the fired lady.

          I don’t base my life on what liar’s get……..it no way to live life son. Its a shame that she lied about a presidential candidate she was covering and ANYBODY would hire her to be a reporter. I expect….Il be happy knowing the most of the country didn’t see me lie on national TV.

          I expect if I lied…….”my friends” would turn on me…..they should.

          • Nobody cares about 18-49? Huh….you mean the demo that broadcast networks are sold on? Funny how you “claim” nobody cares about that demo.

            I really don’t care what you’ve said in the past. I don’t put to memory the “claims” you make.

            Wow, FNC went down 1 year from what I said. I will correct it with the lastest information. You might want to change yours…because your’s is incorrect.

            “Fox News Attracts Oldest Audience, CNN Youngest in TV News 2015
            CNN ends year with primetime median age of 59, Fox News’ stands at 6

            In total day, CNN’s median viewer age was 61 compared to 67 for Fox. But in primetime the difference was starker; CNN’s average was 59 while Fox News averaged 68”.– TheWrap.com Dec 26, 2015

            She wasn’t lying so you might want to correct your incorrect claims and falsehoods.

          • “She wasn’t lying so you might want to correct your incorrect claims and falsehoods.”

            She should sue me….I have video on my side…..I will win.

            I use to buy ads……….we watched the 25-54……and you might know that because when sites report the rating they report the 25-54 and the total…………but you won’t listen I know. For interest neither Medilite or TVNewser bother to report the 18 to 49 demo in the daily ratings report. Thats how important it is.

            I said mine might be out of date…….however my point stands….Now I wonder why you didn’t post the updated MSNBC avg age which we were talking about……oh could be that while #1 Fox News is 68….low rated MSNBC is 63….which is 5 which put them in a worse light than even my outdated number had them at? I mean that would make you a pretty dishonest wouldn’t it??

          • Enjoy the Crow!
            (So….in a demo nobody but you seems to care about)- Gaxter claimed

            CBS wins THE COVETED 18-49.

            CBS, which grabbed the season victory in the 18-49 demo most important
            to advertisers while continuing its total viewers win streak—as the
            network unveiled its fall schedule.


            Yeah…tell me again about advertising and the demos! LMAO!!

            My goodness….

            I said before I know cable news sells 25-54…
            but the REAL DEMO….the big boys care about … 18-49.

            You know about as much about TV ratings as Eric Bolling! =)

          • It like talking to a wall……….again Hayes LOST thanks to his big interview with the fired lady……thats fact…….I cant help but notice you didnt talk about the fact that you tried to lie about the avg age of MSNBC.

            Im guessing you dont know theres a difference between network and cable ratings………NOW talk to the hand.

            Im ignoring you now as you are NEVER wrong about anything and know EVERYTHING even when you are full of it.

          • Oh Hayes lost because of he had Michelle Fields on for 5 minutes.
            Once again….you are just making stuff up. And the interview wasn’t even promoted.

            What false claim are you making now?? You claim I lied about avg age of MSNBC? What did I post about it other than:

            “Actually with younger viewers the show does very well. But MSNBC’s avg viewer age isn’t 69 or 70 like Fox News'”

            So what are you talking about? You love to make claims but they sure seem to be false all the time.

            Yes, I do know the difference between network and cable. You don’t. You acted like nobody at all ever cares about 18-49 ratings. After you got called out then you change your tune.

            In fact, who was it calling out Joe Concha for blowing the ratings for Megyn Kelly’s Fox special? He used 25-54. I called him out and said he was using the cable news demo and not broadcast. I also pointed out how his numbers for Megyn against “The New Girl” were wrong the week before.

            I do hope you don’t respond to me anymore. You need to get a book and study up on cable news, broadcast news….selling advertising etc.

  6. Today’s most popular links…
    5 Reliable Sources
    4 Hillary backs out
    3 More
    2 and scared of Fox
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Obsessed much? Post runs ten post-mortems of Megyn special.

  7. Again timing is always bad for the haters……..literally as a hater was typing this :

    “Tomorrow FOX is going to tell us they were all liberals and Sanders supporters.”

    the MSNBC reporter on the scene did. And right after that CNN’s reporter called them Sanders supporters…..while Fox News talked about it at the time for about 10 seconds.

    I guess because in haters world Republicans would be throwing fireballs at police to protest Trump.


    • Your creppy obsession continues. You can’t stop you daily checking of my Twitter page.

      You and your pals mock me as being obsessed for coming here to defend my self but they don’t find it odd that you keep reading my and Joe’s Twitter feed then come here to complain about it?

      Since the conversation last night I’ve not initiated any conversation about the people here yet your pal Larry finds it necessary to mention me today and then Nixon responds with the name calling and you just had to respond to that.

  8. Chris Matthews must be drunk on air……….he talks about cop car windows broken and see a protester shove a event worker LIVE…..yelling and stuff and just keeps saying there’s been NO VIOLENCE………..I hope using that standard there never is ……….millions would be dead.

      • Its bad J$…..he literally said no violence 20 seconds after he watched LIVE a protester shove a event worker………..what kind of Journalism? OH the MSNBC kind I guess.

        • Right after a protester said F— Trump LIVE on air.

          A Local cop just informed him there has been VIOLENCE with rock throwing and throwing burning shirts at police……he called it a mass riot.

          I still can figure out how it Trumps fault people riot……..its NOT his supporters after all.

  9. A lull! I’ll take what I can get…

    Please people avoid name-calling and repetitive, pointless back-and-forths. If you don’t like someone you don’t have to tell it to their (virtual) face.

    On the other hand…people talk about a lot of cablenews-related stuff here, and if their comments address stuff you’ve said or written and you don’t like it, you can 1. stop saying stuff in public for the world to see, or B. stop coming here to read what people are saying about you.

    Problem solved. No?

    Good night and good luck.

    • You want me and others to not post in public and not respond to comments made here about us?
      Sorry that’s not going to happen. If someone complains about what I said on Twitter, like GAXER had to do tonight, then I’m going to defend my self.

      How about GAXTER stops reading my Twitter comments and complaining about them here. He’s the only one with a constant obsession about my Tweets.

      If he did that I would have no reason to respond here.

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