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  1. Two pieces of unbuttered Wonderbread, a slice of processed cheese and you’ve got yourself a Smerconish sandwich.

  2. I think the Cable Game story should have been called “MISSING FACTS” update. How many things were wrong or left out?! =O But its laughable that Michelle wasn’t coming back because of what she tweeted in reply to Greta. Purely laughable!

    All people need these days are a blog. No facts or anything else required.

    Of course, Cable Game mentioned at the start how Megyn Kelly called out Greta & Sean (the two mentioned Michelle went after) for not sticking up for her against Trump.

    Oh wait, that huge piece of information was left out! No mention that Michelle certainly wasn’t the only one attacked by Trump who had a problem with those two.

    Michelle wasn’t coming back. That was all Bolling b.s. to deal with the backlash he was getting on twitter. And for Cable Game to act like its because Michelle called Greta a “Trump Shill” is beyond funny.

    Did Cable Game even bother to look at a calendar? The PR nonsense story came out March 24th (Thursday). So yes, MF wasn’t there to tape on Friday 25th. That was the episode where Eric had been getting so much blowback on twitter he had to respond on “The Five” and say he would address MF situation on #CashinIn the next day.

    On #CashinIn, he “claimed” (falsely) that Michelle would return real soon. That episode was the best #Cashinin has done in the ratings versus the other shows (in the cost of freedom block) Since then…big blowouts. Chauchie sure didn’t help Eric last week. Losing to #BullsAndBears by 250,000 viewers isn’t great….when you are constantly bragging about how the show trends and what the # does.

    Lets go back and look at the schedule:

    Michelle wasn’t on the March 26th broadcast.

    Michelle wasn’t on the April 2nd broadcast- wanted to do it

    Michelle wasn’t on the April 9th broadcast – wanted to do it

    of course they hear early in the week about appearing on air.

    Michelle certainly hadn’t been contacted to appear at Friday’s taping.

    So that was one more week Michelle wasn’t going to be on….when she was was ready and willing to go back for weeks.

    But in Cable Game’s version of events….of course it had to do with calling Greta a Trump Shill. Notice Cable Game didn’t address Jonathan Hoenig’s absence from #Cashinin. How many business shows did he do Thursday/Friday? Yet, nowhere on #CashinIn Saturday.

    Did Cable Game mention that Jessica Tarlov stood up for Michelle Fields from the start at Fox? Did Cable Game mention that Tarlov disappeared from the show? After appearing on #CashinIn for almost a year straight, boom, Tarlov was gone soon after she stood up for Michelle. She has appeared on other business block shows but not #CashinIn since then. Funny how that FACT got omitted! Did Tarlov call Greta a “Trump Shill”???!. .

    Also, Cable Game failed to mention how two people who stuck up for Michelle on air… and were regular longtime pundits on “Greta” and “Lou Dobbs” got the boot! They haven’t appeared since. That’s what can happen if you go against the “Trumpers”.

    And doesn’t it send a great message of what not to say to others….

    Cable Game failed to mention all the on air attacks Greta made against Michelle. How she and Piers Morgan ganged up and mocked and attacked her.

    Real “fair and balanced”. Is Fox even calling Greta a journalist these days or is she an opinion host? Because if you watch her show…she’s no different than Sean or Bill. She’s certainly not a “fair” and “impartial” journalist.

    Remember when Greta mocked Katie Pavlich, SE Cupp and others who stood up for Michelle? She acted like it would hurt their career etc. Who asked for Greta to chime in?!

    Greta tried to do damage control for Trump. She was afraid the Corey incident would hurt his candidacy. Greta’s constant parade of Trump, his kids, his surrogates for softball questioning was a joke. Greta’s show for the most part was a TRUMP PR Hour. No different than Lou Dobbs. Love how Greta even Tweets for Trump:

    Typical of Greta with her buddy Omarosa.

    Journalist?! =)))

    But it’s just laughable to think that Michelle isn’t back on #CashinIn because she said the truth about Greta.

    Did Cable Gamer mention what Bill said about Dobbs? Did the site mention what Kennedy said about Dobbs? Or Gasparino? Its not like others aren’t calling out others at FNC for “shilling etc”. Funny but we’ve seen the dismissiveness of FNC Civil War stories.

    Sure loved all the times Greg and Dana got called in for mocking Bolling for what he is….

    Now Cable Game brings up Ed Henry and his pixilated picture of his Johnson. Yet, Cable Game fails to mention Greta’s best buddy. And unlike Ed Henry, her buddy sent those pics to a woman who had no interest in him at all. How many times has Greta gone back to Green Bay or other places and done interviews with him? How many times has Greta fawned over him. What he did is no different than a guy who wears an overcoat and walks around flashing people. But in Greta’s mind, he’s someone to look up to. Maybe Michelle should send Greta a Michelle Wire and tell Greta to stop hanging around people who belong in jail.

    And sure Henry’s got a morals clause which is pretty standard. Yet, Bill is still there. Not only do they pay out millions to get him out of one jam…. pretty much nothing is said about his other incident. Sure, almost everyone at FNC were attacking the NFL and how they handled matters. Especially for people not even convicted…just ones who were “alleged” to do something. But of course… those same people who attacked the NFL constantly… they had no problem showing up on his show at 8pm. It’s airtime!

    Cable Game should just delete the whole article. Say, Michelle was right to go after Greta just like Megyn Kelly did. And point out Andrea will be on the Poitical Punks podcast today. And Ed….well, he’s sure not Brett Favre…that’s for sure! Guys like Brett though end up in puff pieces with Greta!

    • Oh, you’re absolutely right. There’s no difference between Kennedy’s jibe at Lou Dobbs from what Michelle said about Greta, and none, of course between Michelle’s status as an opinionizer on Bolling’s vehicle and Kennedy’s status at Fox or in the brouhaha around Michelle’s public announcement of a possible law suit against a presidential candidate, etc.

      Yeah, Michelle played things supremely well in dealing with what she knew were the feelings of her direct boss vs the public proclamations of his staff, while making sure to question the professionalism of a much more prominent Fox figure, which, along with the whole public brouhaha, further challenged her cost-benefit ratio with Boss of the whole shebang…Mr. Uber, himself…

      Yeah, it’s a shame that she was man-handled by Cory Whatshisname, that there were concerns other than her plight, and that it seems the case that she had no guidance in navigating such a tenuous position.

      So of course the summation is that FNC is in the Trump Network, no if, ands, or buts about it.

      You’re too old to be this unsophisticated, bro.

      • Of course Michelle’s comments to Greta had nothing to do with any of this to begin with. The whole article is worthless.

        And now Cecelia thinks Corey Lewandowski is running for President??

        “Michelle’s public announcement of a possible law suit against a presidential candidate, etc”

        President Corey?! hmmmmm

          • And of course the “Blaze” story came out AFTER Greta had already given her free legal advice.

            And of course, Greta being called what she was called still had nothing at all to do with Michelle not returning to #CashinIn.

            Just like Tarlov being dumped from #CashinIn and all the rest.

          • Not irrelevant if you follow what she said on the other board as I was.

            See… its tied in to Cecelia acting like Greta had read the Blaze story BEFORE she tweeted what she did.

            and of course, if people stick up for Michelle, then they are for Hillary. Ah yes….

            May 23, 2016 – 11:13 am
            Michelle had made a public announcement of her intention to sue
            Trump. It makes no sense to accuse Greta of bringing Michelle to public
            attention by her comment.

          • I have my hands full moderating this forum. I’m not going to try to cross-correlate with a different website that just happens to be on the same topic.

            The fact is it’s irrelevant if Greta read the Blaze story or not. She gave a legal opinion based on what she knew about the case. Reading the Blaze story or not doesn’t change the facts of the case. You acted like Cecelia was crazy for thinking she was planning to sue Trump…when she WAS. It’s fun to point fingers and laugh at someone when they’re wrong. It’s boorish and juvenile to do it when you’re the wrong who’s wrong.

          • I wasn’t wrong because I knew what Cecelia meant because she made it clear.

            And the whole point out Greta is irrelevant to begin with. None of that had ANYTHING to do with Michelle not being on air.

            It’s boorish and juvenile to do it when you’re the wrong who’s wrong–A Few Good Men comes to mind with that comment….just a few days ago. Very fitting…

          • No, I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong.

            You are confusing me with the same person who made “The Few Good Men” comment. But of course, you wouldn’t call them out. And I noticed you called out the others then as well. The ones who falsely accused me of being wrong.

          • I have no idea what the ‘Few good Men’ thing is about, I don’t recall it or remember commenting on it at all. And I don’t wan’t to know. Sheesh. What an odd thing to fixate on.

          • A poster was bragging about Dana Loesch’s husband being wrong. And bragged about using that quote because obviously Mr Loesch can’t handle the truth.

            You bothered to update the board that Mr Loesch was still going on with hours later & Mr Loesch was “persistent”.

            But after the truth came out… you sure called out that poster. I don’t recall any apologies etc. Nor pointing out they should.

            I certainly don’t recall you saying this to them when it certainly applied:

            “It’s fun to point fingers and laugh at someone when they’re wrong. It’s
            boorish and juvenile to do it when you’re the wrong who’s wrong.”

          • I’m thinking he wins this year’s award from The National Sleep Foundation. Better than My Pillow.

          • I utterly believe that Dana Loesch was trying to make a valid point about Trump’s treatment of women.

            However, it is not unreasonable of anyone to point out that the way she did it was biscuit-eating dumb in its riskiness, needlessly disparaging of the character iof the woman she was opposing, and fraught with peril had Mcenamy the genetics of the gods.

            There are no errors in Concha’s piece or defensive husbands who can change that fact.

          • You can claim that all you want but Dana made a great point and was pointing out Trump’s own words. The fact is…its because of only one reporter (who I called out almost immediately for purposely trying to misrepresent the facts. What did she tell me? Don’t read it like a moron or something like that. And then almost every news outlet that picked up the story botched the facts.

            The reality of the thing…Kayleigh’s chest had only gotten BIGGER not SMALLER. But the reporter wanted to give the impression Kayleigh was “flat” because she had a double mastectomy. And the real story should have been against the biased reporter who falsified things.

          • Let me repeat my contention that had Kayleigh the genetics and personal medical history of Supergirl, Dana Loesch did not stand a chance of coming out unscathed after her comments.

            In taking the route she did to make a valid point about Trump, she played into the hands of every critic she has, every stereotype of conservative sexism. every producer with a video edit button.

            She erred in making her point obscure via illustrating it by tearing up a china shop. Of course all viewers noticed was the wreckage and of course the media kept it that way.

          • This is so representative of your thinking.

            I didn’t act like Greta had first read anything. I didn’t address the legal merits of Greta’s thinking about a lawsuit from Fields at all.

            I didn’t even address the non sequitur that such an opinion is defacto pro-Trump and anti-Fields.

            Rather, I replied to the asinine argument that in issuing her opinion about a possible Fields suit on her show, Greta had thoughtlessly (or perhaps intentionally) made things worse for Fields.

  3. After being smeared by Kos, Newshounds, etc as a racist for pointing out weaknesses in the prosecution cases against Baltimore cops, looks like Megyn Kelly got it right yet again. Just as she did in the Duke Lacrosse matter. She has this disconcerting pattern of understanding the law better than internet know-it-alls. Don’t expect Brodsky or the rest of that crowd to admit any error, let alone apologize. The Megyn-Is-Racist meme must not be allowed to die!

    • Not to put Megyn down in anyway……she deserves credit……but in this case only the blind didn’t see overcharge here.

      The disgraced Newshounds will NEVER admit to being wrong…….you will see them admit they LIE first.

      • If that bunch wants to see real racists, they need only look in the mirror.

        • Minorities are just a tool to their agenda. A vote farm that needs tilling with anger. Very racist. Harmfully so.

      • overcharge or incorrectly prosecute, or both. i hear both issues being discussed. i understand the judge’s questions during closing arguments were not about culpability but on the technical side issue if an arrest made without probable cause was a crime. of course i was not there, nor am i an expert in the area. so i will just listen to people that have had practical experience and simply watch with interest. one does not need an opinion on everything, and outside looking in is not the great perspective.

          • fair enough, i blow off too. in a case like this it is easy to let how you feel in general cover the specific case, however that is unfair to all parties. i would not want either one of the charged or a member of the deceased’s family settle for anything except a judgement on the specifics.

    • Excellent point. Were I to be, God forbid, charged with a crime, and Megyn Kelly was the judge, I’d ask for a bench trial. There is no doubt in my mind that she would be fair. Now if I was guilty, I’d go for a jury trial in hopes of fooling at least one juror that I could never be guilty of mopery.

    • Not seeing the smear…..but OK……..Huffpost drops her within 3 months if trump loses….if she makes it that long…..which with her recent job losses……is a bet I wouldn’t take.

      Who would hire a “reporter” who claimed Presidential candidate “Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground,”…..after the video proved that wasn’t true?

      After she attacked Greta….I hope Fox News NEVER brings her back in anyway.

      • You mean the video that proved Trump and Corey were lying?

        And of course you forget that Michelle’s testimony was exactly what she said as it HAPPENED? And you never saw actual video. You saw a series of pictures from security camera….

        But go ahead with trying to smear someone who is anti Socialist Trump

        • OK….Trump and Corey lied….BUT so did Michelle…….she wasn’t yanked down….and fool can see that……….just because others lied…..doesn’t make her truthful.

          • Michelle didn’t lie at all. And Greta sure didn’t go after Trump for lying and then tryng to smear Michelle after they lied about it. Funny how Greta and Sean would always leave out the real facts. Michelle would have never had to file charges etc…but they lied and then tried to smear her. She had no choice.

            But did you see Greta attacking them?! HECK NO!! Greta didn’t bring up those facts. But then…anyone who actually watches Greta wouldn’t call her a journalist.

            And of course…what happened to Michelle (what she said) is exactly what she said (which was captured on audio as it happened). No lie from Michelle at all. Only lies were from Trump and Corey.

          • Yea she did lie……the video proves that……….which is why the district attorney decided there was no case.

            THIS WAS NOT TRUE!

            “Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground”

          • Pictures…not video.

            The DA who’s wife is friends with Trump and has lots of pictures hanging out at Maralargo??!

            No, she didn’t lie at all. But Trump and Corey sure did…. and Greta didn’t call them out for it.

          • You mean the Democrat DA who’s a Clinton backer? That DA?

            “The Florida prosecutor whose office is handling the battery case involving Donald Trump’s campaign manager is a long-time Democrat and former state senator who’s now part of Hillary Clinton’s so-called Florida leadership “council.”

            Your desperation for Michelle the liar is showing big time.

            If you can’t even tell the truth about the Democrat DA….why would we believe anything you say?

          • Sorry you are crazy……….hes part of the Clinton Campaign……if he’s so big on Trump…….why would he be?

            Talk to the hand.

  4. The great Michelle Fields returns to tv tonight! I wish she’d give a “salute” to Greta and Eric! One fingered of course!

    I’ll be on with @chrislhayes tonight at 8pm ET talking @realDonaldTrump & @HillaryClinton.

    • Good for her……….a guest spot on what I think is the lowest rated primetime News network show

      Its great for her that the same type of people who were calling her a “GOON” a few months ago now refer to her as “The great”……… bad for her…….she becomes A Goon again in just 6 short months from now again.

      • Funny, you seem to be insinuating that I called her a good a few months ago…

        She was great 6 months ago….she’ll be great 6 months from now.

        • He didn’t insinuate anything of the sort. He was talking about the clowns at Newshounds and certain Twitter loons. Not everything is about you, you know.

          • Sure..what a coincidence… you used the same word I used to describe her. “The Great Michelle Fields” and what did you say ..

            now refer to her as “The Great”. hmmmm What a coincidence then =O

          • If I meant YOU….I would have said SO….I was referring to people like the twitter stooges…….get over yourself……not everything is about you.

          • A guide to the Twitter Stooges:

            Joe is Moe. The smartest of the Stooges and the one who thought he was in charge.

            Ice is Larry. Not as bright as Moe, but did his job.

            Andy is Curly. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk,

            Fritz is Shemp. Totally lacking in any comedic value.

            It’s much easier to look at them that way, than as ideologues who viciously attack all who disagree.

          • Yea but their twitter feed is good for laughs….I read it for the same reason I watch south Park and the simpsons. Once you get past the lies and racist stuff it’s hilarious stuff to read. It’s like watching the drunk tank some nights.

          • You make accusations then won’t back them up with proof.
            Would be nice if you would take the advice from Mike C and just move on.
            Instead this obsession continues.

          • I was talking about Larry Fine of the original Stooges. Not everything is about you.

          • I wasn’t banned, I left. Even Spud admitted that. So please quit repeating that lie. And it was a joke about the twitter crap. I forgot that, like Larry, you have no sense of humor.

          • You are NOT going to get a disgraced Newshound “writer” to admit to a lie or being wrong about somebody who doesn’t have a blind irrational hatred of #1 Fox News.

            He knows you were NOT banned….he was there. Moe however is his practice with media sites WAS Banned………..SPUD does have standards.


            Someone is liar as they just responded to someone else.

            Again show me something I said that was racist?

          • I don’t find the continued personal attacks on people who post on Twitter as “The Twitter Stooges” to be funny.

          • Amusing though.
            Do you hide behind the drapes here? Or your night on the rapid response team?

          • Don’t all normal people monitor web sites they call cesspools and low read ……pretty much hourly for a comment that might be about them?


          • Don’t all normal people monitor tweets from people they call laughingstocks and don’t like then go to a blog to complain about them?

          • I’ve said before if you make a person attack I’m going to respond.
            Nixon found it necessary to make personal attack about four people on Twitter when it had nothing to do about the topic of FOX and Michelle Fields.

          • I believe you meant “personal.” And, no it wasn’t. It’s not my fault that you were born without a humor gene.

          • You turned a conversation about Michelle Fileds and Greta into an personal attack on four people you call “The Twitter Stooges”.

            If I did that about the people here you would not excuse it away as comedy.

          • It was in response to FNF thinking it was about him. And you wouldn’t do it because you don’t know Good Humor from ice cream.

          • You have time to make more personal attacks but refuse to post any poof of a racist comment.

          • You can keep up the personal attacks and mocking but I’m still waiting for your proof of any comment I’ve made that is racist.

          • Calling Harris Faulkner “Aunt Jemina” over at Newsmutts wasn’t racist?

          • I never said that. Again my request for proof of something I said that is racist since GAXTER keeps inferring I am racist.

          • Someone there sure as hell did, along with calling her a “token” and “house negro.” You are known by the company you keep.

          • That’s a nonsense deflection to a direct request because you and GAXTER have no proof of any racist comment I have made.

            Do I characterize the any of people who comment here based on the offensive comments made by others? No.

          • You are a writer there. That is much more than being an unsolicited commenter here. Do you have to be walked through these things like a child?

          • Still waiting for proof. Are you going to provide any or just continue to ignore my comments?

          • This is beyond silly. Many times I’ve asked for GAXTER to provide a comment made by myself that shows I’m racist.

            Since he can’t provide any you come up with an excuse that anyone who posts at Newshounds is racist?
            I’m sorry but you are going to have to do better than that.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a racist and you can’t find any comments from me that prove I’m racist.

          • I’m through dealing with you. And, no, I don’t have to do better than that. Stop trying to run this blog.

          • He doesn’t get


            He keeps asking for whats been posted over and over….i’m NEVER doing it again.

            As his supporters wished Fox News Hq had been hit on 9-11 he must be proud to “write” for the Disgraced Newshound site…..or at least some people say.

            I’m going to bed.

          • Anybody who would’ve wished a terrorist attack on anyone is one sick puppy. And, again, one is known by the company they keep. I am proud to be associated with J$P. Excluding the trolls, of course.

          • I do get it. You have no proof and have never posted any proof of a racist comment I have made. Don’t make the suggestion I’m racist if you can’t back it up when called out.

          • I’m not trying to run any blog.
            This whole thing started when GAXTER decided he need to respond to my comment to you about “The Twitter Stooges” and once again suggest I am racist.

            You don’t notice a pattern here? GAXTER responds to something I said and suggests I’m racist then never provides any proof when asked.
            This is on him on me.

          • Funny I addressed Nixon yet GAXTER felt it necessary to respond.
            Seems he might be just as obsessed as you are trying to suggest I am.

          • says the Disgraced Newshound “writer” who just can’t stop monitoring a web site he calls a cesspool…….why is it everybody who calls out the disgraced Newshound writers for ANYTHING is obessed?

            You say it as does Disgraced Ellen and Disgraced Priscilla….OH.and ALL of us are paid for by Fox News….forgetting the fact that they only people who have been paid was the Disgraced Newshound writers to begin with.


            Now go play….and let the adults and troll talk. Im sure somebody on Fox News will be black that you cant slam for something.


          • I’m only responding to the personal attack made about me by someone who clearly has an obsession with a group of people on Twitter who used to talk at a blog he got banned from .

            You are obsessed. You think it’s normal to keep reading the tweets from me and Joe and then come here to complain about them?

            Once again you make the accusation I’m a racist. Again I’ll ask you to provide a comment from me that is racist.

          • Once again, stop repeating the lie. I was NOT banned. Spud himself admitted that here. I got tired of the racial slurs and walked out. And, no, you were not one doing it.

          • LOL! first of many my man………he seems upset that I’ve decided to not respond to HIM but to others… I said he’s a waste of time…….won’t listen. Like talking to a wall…..and that’s a exclusive statement.

            MOE cant even get along with (NOT)FoxNewsFan,

            MOE the only one to even gay bash me on the internet…… INC……or anywhere else for that matter on the net.

          • Watching Moe go crazy on Twitter about the Redskins poll was hilarious. After he used to say racist trash to be at “The Other Place,” I’d call him Y.T.

          • You started it by inferring I was racist when responding to my comment.

            Now you keep ignoring me and refuse to provide any comment that shows that I am a racist.

            Show some proof of a racist comment I made or stop suggesting that I am racist.

    • That’s the sort of advice that Fields has received from her champions throughout.

      Sorta puts Greta’s opinion in perspective.

      • Yeah….well that’s what people deserve when they get on air and lie and try and smear you etc. But that’s Trumpers for ya.

        But of course Megyn Kelly pointed out Greta not standing up for her to. Pretty funny how Greta lacked the **** to put out a “Greta Wire” attacking Megyn.

        • Yeah, I’m aware you equate Greta issuing an opinion on a legal maneuver as being the same as Kelly wishing that Greta and OReilly had pushed back more when Trump took her to task on their shows.

          It all goes in the pro-Trump file. I get that.

          • Of course you ignore all the BS that Greta had already done to Michelle and this was her one last jab…. Greta sure didn’t send it to her in private.

            But of course you ignore Greta banning long time pundits of the show after they stuck up for Michelle and everything else that went on.

            Sure ignore Greta attacking SE Cupp, Katie Pavlich for supporting Michelle. “Get Over It”. I wish they would have fired Greta then. I’ve long thought she should be replaced. Nobody cares what a person who is in love with a guy who is no different than a FLASHER has to say. Greta should be fired for having a pathetic person like that on air.

          • And of course you equate such public maneuvers by the other media people as being professional, fair, and open-minded, while asserting that an opinion based on legal expertise of such suits and the seriousness of the complaint, as being inherently pro-Trump.

            Physician heal thyself.

          • TRUMP IS TOO HONEST… that’s Greta for ya!!

            Once again…compare how Megyn handled it versus Greta. That sums it up perfectly.

            Megyn was professional…. Greta was another Sean Hannity on the matter.

          • There’s not a media person out there who hasn’t said that Trump does not disquise the feelings he has or feign feelings he does not harbor. That he’s honest and unfiltered in that.

            That is what they mean, and yeah, it’s a summation as simplistic as the day as long, but goes great with the narrative that Trump is gauche and unsubtle rather than what he is, which is immensely savvy and calculating.

          • TRUMP IS TOO HONEST…

            Is Trump too honest for the GOP? He’s actually challenging Republican fantasies — but it could spell trouble

            Donald Trump Is the Most Honest Candidate in American Politics Today

            Donald Trump’s Surprisingly Honest Lessons About Big Money in Politics
            “But few political candidates — let alone presidential contenders — speak about it with as much candor and openness as Donald Trump”

            Mark Cuban praised Donald Trump for giving honest (not prepared) answers.
            I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.

            But….BUt…FAUX NEWS!

          • “Nobody cares what a person who is in love with a guy who is no different than a FLASHER has to say.”

            Yet months later you are still obsessed with what she has to say………..WOW….is she in your head,

            Greta has a job on the #1 News Network………..Michelle lost ALL of her jobs and is making a Guest appearance on the lowest rated primetime show……..and got a job with a blog that hates Conservatives……pretty clear who WON that fight.

          • And yet Greta shills for a socialist……his policies are totally against everything conservatives stand for.

            Michelle still has her soul. And in the end…. that’s all that matters.

            The others have to actually live with themselves.

          • Yea…so what……I just voted for a Democratic socialist in the primary…….is there a rule at Fox News you must ONLY be nice to conservatives?

            HINT: Greta not a conservative as far as I can tell….and NEVER has been.

            I wish Michelle well at HP……….somehow considering how they feel and act @ conservatives I doubt her soul will be very happy……but I don’t have anything against her. I just saw different things in the video than what she claimed happened.

          • of course..what she said happened as it was happening to her.

            and you keep saying video. What the club released was various still shots…not video.

            and of course the prosecutor lied and said Michelle touched Trump. Another lie. And when Michelle was was in the “area” they claimed she should be.

          • OK…..can’t argue with a closed minded person……….Michelle lied….the Democrat DA dropped the case……..I’m done talking about the Fired Michelle for now…..keep talking to the voices in your head.

          • Yes. A legal analysis becomes an “attack” even though there’s not a cross word in it. Couple that with grandiose claims of what Greta didn’t do (minus any proof of course…such claims are never backed up), and you have the makings of a smear like those blue blogs have indulged in for years. And here we are on Bizarro Planet once again.

          • There didn’t need to be a cross word in it. It was all the intent to do one more smear on Michelle after Greta had done that for weeks.

            Greta, “TRUMP IS TOO HONEST”.

            yeah… she’s a journalist alright! =O

            Compare how an attorney and journalist like MK handled the whole thing versus Greta. Greta was very close to Sean. And if Michelle wanted any legal advice, she would have gone to Megyn or Shannon….. Greta would be the last person she’d want to hear from.

            Did Megyn just have on a Trumper by themselves to attack Michelle and her claims? Greta did

            Did Megyn call out Corey and Trump for LYING and trying to smear Michelle? Where was Greta doing that??!

            Did Megyn attack SE Cupp and others and tell people to “get over it” almost immediately? Greta sure did!

            Did Megyn stop having on pundits who had been on regularly after they stood up for Michelle? Greta sure did.

            But hey….who cares about the actual facts! Might mean one less Greta RT

            Bizaro Planet indeed. We’ve gone from people at FNC FBN who hated RINOs….to seeing them support a socialist for President. Nothing like softballs for Trump and not calling him out on his lies.

        • These people are all pretty much interchangeable, but some have more flare or shorter fuses. Like dogs chasing cars, they think they are a big deal, but year after year catch nothing, accomplish nothing.

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  6. Hey, Johnny, you know this conversation started on the argument that Megyn had professionally compromised herself in not doing a more aggressive interview with Trump.

    Megyn didn’t go deaf and dumb after the fracas. She has done a very good job in talking about the cultural aspects of the Trump-Kelly battle…Trump and his supporters use of social media, the media coverage of her, the varying advice she was given, the tension it caused in her workplace, the political machinations of the professional ideologues, etc.

    It occurs to me that if anyone could rightly have a beef with Megyn’s interview, it might be Greta and BOR. She mentioned them by name in wishing they had pushed back more severely when Trump issued insults of her on their shows and then did her own style on interview when it came her turn, rather than following the dictates of others in pushing back hard.

    Megyn questioned Trump about his treatment of her, but did not continuously confront him as a victim. As someone demanding an accounting of him on a personal basis. She kept things to the broader social dynamics she had experienced when being interviewed by others on the matter.

    Again, if anyone has moral coinage in criticizing Megyn and her interview it would Greta and Bill. I don’t think you’ll hear that, for a lot of reasons. Maybe one of them is that they see too the fine way she’s walked a very fine line.

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