Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Trump on #NeverTrump.
  • Reliable Sources videos: Polarization; Megyn’s special; Democratic ‘civil war‘?
  • Profile: Matt Lewis.   RIP: CNN original Will King.   Petition Watch: 6,700+.
  • Egypt slams ‘disrespectful‘ CNN crash coverage.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • ICN dismembers Gabriel Sherman’s ‘assinine’ trashing of Megyn Kelly special.
  • Your Buzz videos: Fox more it’s

58 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Would have been a fiery day at the ICN 2.0 comments section had he not banned most of the vermin. WAIT! I resemble that remark.

  2. Is Jonathan Hoenig the last victim of the bias at the Trump News Network (Aka FNC)?

    Did Jonathan Hoenig saying Hillary would be better than Trump last week seal his fate on #CashinIn after 15+ years on the show? No Jonathan Hoenig on today. In fact, there was nobody on except 3 pro Trump people.

    Of course we know how Eric Bolling threw Michelle Fields under the bus and then lied that she’d be back quickly. In fact, Eric hadn’t had any interaction with Michelle after Corey grabbed her. Eric didn’t bother to even call or email her one time! And then at the WHCD, Eric was paling around with his buddy Eric Trump and completely snubbed Michelle (who was then with Megyn Kelly).

    Jessica Tarlov hasn’t been on #CashinIn for 8 or 9 weeks now. She stuck up for Michelle…and of course… look what that gets you with the Trump Zombies at FNC/FBN

    Other casualties…. Greta hasn’t had back regular pundit Betsy Woodruff since she spoke out for Michelle on air. She was on all the time prior to that and BOOM. Trump Shill Greta doesn’t have her on anymore.

    Lou Dobbs did the same thing to Betsy!

    At least “fair” guy Charles Payne has had her on many times recently.

    Jamie Weinstein also pretty much got the “Betsy” treatment on Greta & Dobbs.

    Also….about 4 weeks ago was the last time you’d see the wonderful Suzy Welch on #BullsAndBears. She and Jack had been very open Ted Cruz supporters and weren’t fans of Trump. Fox won’t have her back on anymore.

    Just remember some of these actual things….when some say you shouldn’t say anything negative about FNC or FBN! Or when ones act like Greta isn’t a Trump shill etc. HA!

    • spike jones ….lol. guess it is better than the NYTs story on race horse deaths being 20some a week on American tracks. never knew, never had a clue.

      • Two died today at Pimilco in races right before the Preakness. One dropped dead after winning the race, the other was put down after breaking a leg.

          • I also read the NYT article that was hotlinked in the article. First I had heard of it, but that track in Baltimore was a real mess today.

          • i really have no idea, but i resent it not being in the news while people argue scream and twitter about news personalities …… show me the news!
            wonder how much CBO underestimate of the next ten year projection of un-funded liability went up while typing this for example ….

          • i fail to see why any of the news readers are news, especially when content about so many topics is so thin. the thinness is what allows incorrect perceptions on everything from finance to international knowledge. as if Morales losing a referendum and uprisings in Chile will effect us less than what some Pol or news reader attack on another pol or news reader.

          • Couple years ago, HBO’s racing series staring Dustin Hoffman was canceled because of outrage after horse deaths and injuries. I really enjoyed the series, but was glad they pulled the plug.

            My cabin is in a part of Appalachia where abuse of horse stories are in the news all the time for mistreatment or starvation.

            I throw rocks at my neighbor’s cows if they get near my car, but I’ve yet to hit one.

          • At Fonner Park in Grand Island, Nebraska earlier this year, horses had to be quarantined for 21 days due to an equine herpes virus. One of the infected horses had to be put down, the rest recovered. It affected the last few races of the season at the track.

  3. To put how bad Megyn Kelly’s hyped beyond belief special did. MK got the same demo number as a 50 year old “I Love Lucy” that had been colorized.

    CBS’ I Love Lucy Superstar Special (0.8/3) was down a tenth from its colorized inaugural on May 17 last year, a Sunday.

  4. Trump Shill Kurtz at it yet again. There he is on Media Buzz falsely claiming Trump opposed the Iraq war. That is just nonsense. In fact, Trump was pushing for it. Howard carries the lies of Trump and presents them as fact.

    • You’re not telling the truth. Kurtz said he was ‘fairly early’ to oppose the war, but there was ‘no evidence’ he opposed it ahead of time, which is accurate.

        • Don’t be…Howard is a long time Trump shill. Of course, he wouldn’t put out that Trump was FOR THE IRAQ war… and only against it…after it started to go wrong.

          • You’re going to wear that shoehorn for your narrative out. If with nothing else, the sameness of the friction called “boring”.

      • Howard wasn’t telling the truth.

        Weeks/months into the Iraq War (after no WMD’s found) and the people not greeting them as liberators…. is when Trump began to oppose the war.

        And for Howard to even falsey claim “but not evidence before the war”. No, Howard, the evidence was that Trump was FOR THE WAR.

    • You obviously are no fan of Fox News. And I would suggest that you seek help for your unhealthy obsession with Megyn Kelly. You have been ranting for days on the subject.

      • You mean there aren’t current links to the story about Megyn? Howard Kurtz discussing it this morning etc….. it is STILL the news.

        But I love your type of FANDOM. You are clearly one of those “Moment With Tom” people. Eye’s glazed over. Sheep/Zombie who will go along with everything. You are the perfect YES FAN. Nobody there can do any wrong.

        And was it you or one of the other zombie fanboys who actually thought Megyn Kelly doing a morning show on CBS was a good idea? I don’t even think she liked being on air as early as 9am for “America’s Newsroom”. So when people think she’d do some 6am job… OY

          • I assume you are saying that to the person who constantly makes the “seek help” “unhealthy obsession” or ones that constantly make false “stalker” claims or throw in “restraining order” nonsense?

            Yes, it would be nice if those people did stick to the facts and did quit the personal attacks. There’s no place for those at all!

        • I think you get the kind of response that you solicit.

          You don’t argue, you make screeds laced with buzzwords like the Trump Network, etc. Don’t be so disingenuous as to act as though you don’t know that people here like FNC and act as though you aren’t well aware that those sorts remarks are inflammatory.

          You are here to set us straight. You are here to tell us like it really is, frequently in caps. Just as TRRE was here to see how often he could sneak in a reference to loofahs and pass on the latest from Media Matters.

          The thing with Iceman is much the same. There was a time when Iceman and company thought nothing of commenting here and then making negative summations of responses and responders here via Twitter. For some unknown reason, it never occurred to them that this might effect the perception of them here. No one was supposed to be reading their stuff there and then viewing them in light of it here. Go figure…

          They’ve toned this down considerably to oblique references to the cesspool, etc., but there’s still some past recipients of their mix of dictating here and on ICN what should be believed, discussed, or felt, laced with put downs on Twitter…that they are still watched for the outrage factor.

          I suggest to you, Iceman, Gaxter, anyone here…that rather than demanding these things stop, stop reading them. Just as people are accountable for what they say on all forums, we are accountable for what we insist on reading. That includes your rants and our responses to you.

          I can live with your wanting to show me the light about FNC, you’re going to have to live with the fact that no one here is simpleton enough to believe that this impulse of yours has anything to do with a love for truth or freedom or a good debate.

          • Well said, though I still have a soft spot for the Twitter Stooges because they were sometimes such colorful characters… except the cold one.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Matt Lewis
    4 preview
    3 Will King
    2 disrespectful
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 ICN dismembers Gabriel Sherman’s ‘asinine’ trashing of Megyn Kelly special.

          • Well, first she goes to HuffPo and tonight she goes on MSNBC with Chris Hayes. I’d say right now Larry Kelly is starting to look like Larry Kreskin.

          • Yeah….because no conservatives ever appear on MSNBC.

            And even Trumpers appear…what time is Coulter on today??

      • Working at Fox News/ Fox Business have turned numerous ones into supporting a left wing Democrat (socialist). How many at the network who just ripped McCain & Romney are on the Trump bandwagon? 45% tariffs against China? Who cares. Trade Wars…who cares?! Flip flopping all the time–who cares?!

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