Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Sandra Smith 1-2-3.
  • Hillary agreed to debate before Fox offered to host it; O’Reilly chimes in.
  • Flood: Why Carl Cameron is ‘off the Red Bull’.  Hannity’s $20,000 pooch.
  • Bolduan, Capehart lose to comedian on Jeopardy!  Bourdain’s biggest fears.
  • Factor video: on the latest New York Times Trump exposé.
  • Joyella: Colleagues, competitors pay tribute to ‘outstanding journalist‘ Greta.
  • FBI probes stalker inundating Katie Pavlich with ‘creepy and menacing‘ emails.
  • Szalai: Comcast CEO Roberts grilled by shareholders over liberal bias of MSNBC.

50 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

    • I saw our Native American expert shoot that poll down as of course worthless because he knows better.


        • Tell me about it! He once called me a moron and an idiot. Actually it might have been a hundred times.

          • It’s a good thing you don’t work at Fox News. He called everyone who works there, from Patti Ann Brown to Shepard Smith, ‘hate monger morons’.

          • Anyone who disparages Patti Ann Browne needs scalped. Alas, it is illegal…..damn white man’s law.

          • WOW…….do they really hate being quoted…….HINT don’t say things on the internet you don’t want quoted back forever……..or don’t post from the bar.

            I mean who hates Shep??????

          • People quote stuff from Megyn that’s from five years ago, or Trump from 20 years ago, then object when you quote them from a year or two ago? Beam me up!

          • Do you know after Mitt Romney pulled what was left of the family dog from the car roof, he called Megyn, “a bitch”? He did. Like it or not, the Internet never forgets. Say it, own it. Forever and a day.

    • The thing I could never figure is these nicknames were picked as a source of pride, never derision – particularly the high schools.


      • Larry, my daughter went to NYU and their mascot was a violet. To see a young man dressed up like a flower at her volleyball matches was quite a hoot. I think in junior or senior year after the “flower” got picked on a bit too much they changed the mascot to a lion with a violet colored shirt.

    • The poll was reported on tonight’s NBC NIGHTLY NEWS by Lester Holt as good news for the Washington Redskins owner and as in all probability proof that native Americans had more important things to worry about.

      • One of the things we worry about is why in the hell patronizing oedipals feel it is so necessary to tell us that we are so ignorant that we don’t know that we should be offended by our word for ourselves.

  1. I’m waiting for WaPo to assign their 20 reporter team to reexamine the sexual misconduct claims against the man who is slated to be placed in charge of the Executive Branch management of the U.S. economy. Or CNN to assign one reporter. Part time. Maybe an intern?

    • I think its bull all the crap Ed has had to endure …including what Roger said about him.
      You just wish Ed could call out people there. I mean for starters…how many millions did they pay out for Loofa Boy? Then, you’ve got all the women there attacking the NFL etc…and alot of time the evidence is weak… but their “star” can be alleged to have committed the same thing or worse… and no biggie. Those same women who condemn the NFL at every turn….rush to get on that show with 3M viewers. Boycott the NFL, but…I’m not going to miss my shot at facetime on his show.

      And Penis Pics–Greta constantly praises a guy who sent UNSOLICITED penis pics… Favre should have been arrested. But Greta just loves him. Fawns all over him. But then Greta gets on her throne and lectures others.

      Ed is a good guy. Yes, he did screw up in his personal life. But that should be between he and his wife and God. I don’t remember Fox firing Clayton Morris for getting a GUEST preggers and then dumping old wife for his baby mama.

      • Although you do give nod to the most basic of workplace (or any place) dynamics in suggesting that the more essential you are to people, the more effort will be extended on your behalf, you should be able to take notice of other distinctions now and again.

        Not that you’re the first person tasked with yelling aha! on JDP who missed out on his “one of these things is not like the other” lessons as a kid.

    • as a teenager, ok, rehab or maturity possible, an adult sending a pic of his tool, bye bye french fry. how do you trust that sort of judgement? you can’t.
      feel sorry for him. i had really liked a lot of his stuff, now i wonder what he did to get it. trust no more.

        • No probably about it. She had to know she was ending his career. Poor Ed may need the Carlos Danger 12 step program.

      • In the Paleolithic Era, men gave necklaces, bracelets, flowers, wrote bad poetry, got in fights with other guys, and held phones up while playing love songs and murmuring “Baby, this is for you.”

        How in the world did women give men the impression that we want pictures of their junk?

  2. I look forward to ALL those tweets about how Clinton is afraid of Fox News from the haters like we had with Trump…..what there are NONE?…….now how can that be?

    Got to give Bernie props…..hes NEVER been afraid of big bad #1 Fox News!.

    Hint: They BOTH are…….hypocrites.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 agreed to debate
    4 grilled by shareholders
    3 creepy and menacing
    2 Carl Cameron
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hannity’s $20,000 pooch.

    • Today it was Melissa Harris-Perry, David Gregory and Matt Weiner (MadMen). I won’t spoil it for the west coasters.

      • I believe with the new JEOPARDY affirmative action rules applied, she now has been declared the winner.
        “I’ll take CULTURALLY BIASED ANSWERS, for $200, Alex”.

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