Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Greta to receive Excellence in Journalism award.  RIP Norma Leonard.
  • Megyn zings Trevor Noah.  Video: Laurie Dhue, Suzanne Sena
  • Joyella: Cablers scramble to cover disappearance of Egyptian airliner.
  • Kelly File video: Megyn and Howard Kurtz of her special.
  • Bernie Sanders to Hillary: I’m in for the Fox News debate…how about you?
  • TCG: No news is good news.  New BriWi promo emphasizes ‘the good stuff’.
  • Levin: Why I love Mika Brzezinski; Somerby: No one could really be so dumb.
  • Castillo: CNN’s big bet on Great Big Story.   CNN anchors hawk Turner wares.

64 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I was all set to watch Red Eye on DVR this morning, but tragic breaking news got in the way. Stuart Varney’s gloom-and-doom assessment of Egypt in the wake of the crash on Fox & Friends compounded my frustration.

    • Yes, I love the tired method of the news stations going blanket coverage on these things. No actual news to report. They could do a 2-3 minute breakin on it and go back to regular programming. I did watch Patricia Stark to see how she handled it and she did good. Since then, I haven’t watched but FNC or FBN much at all….because its wall to wall of the same nonsense… speculation with no news to report. They could have easily aired #RedEye last night.

      I guess some people sit there glued to it…but nothing makes me change the channel faster.

    • I watched for @3 hours……..I knew nothing at the end I didn’t know in the first 15min or so…..and……..IMHO…… any newscaster who says…..well we don’t know much at this point and goes on talking……….should be ashamed.

  2. Re: TCG: No news is good news

    Great piece. If there’s any sort of artistry among our media elites it’s the craft of knowing how to hop on and off a runaway success in order to milk it for all its worth and feign hipster disdain simultaneously.

      • Yes….I love the people who said on twitter they were NOT going to watch…..yet there are still talking about it today.

          • its one of the twitter post in the TCG link…….one of the twitter stooges of course.

            A Banned obsessed J$ reader.


          • The sad part is that the Twitter Stooges are all Curly Joe.
            (If you don’t know what that means, you’re in the wrong place)

          • I kind of liked Joe Besser, who had a shorter run than Curly Joe. He lasted longer playing the malevolent brat Stinky on Abbott & Costello’s tv show.

          • Of course it goes without saying, you are in the right place. Glad it’s named after you.

      • An irony is that when Wemple talks about Kelly being the subject of media fawning he could include himself in that of late.

        An even bigger irony is that although Megyn is enormously talented the media adulation didn’t reach the point of Wemple’s description UNTIL after the Trump/Kelly dust up in the first Republican debate.

        As the Clown-Prince Trump carried on with his attacks, the more Kelly became an emblem for the means by which Trump was exposed as being misogynistic and the means by which he tanked with female voters. A huge pothole in the road to electoral success.

        As a sweet sideline, this brouhaha opened a new avenue of chattering class opining on any new Ailes perfidy that could be eked out of the saga on a daily basis.

        No small feat with these folks and as with Tina Fey and Katie Couric’s award winning (literally) Palin take downs, the gratitude was immense.

        Unfortunately, Kelly has not taken heed of all this. She conducted the interview she wanted, for the sort of news-entertainment genre she hopes to conqueror, rather than the political agenda of her erstwhile champions.

        Damn, girl! Who do you think you are?

        • I lost count of how many times she said this was not like doing a debate (which she characterized as “Olympic level questioning”) or a segment on cable news. It was like a Barbara Walters special because that’s what it was: in fact, Barbara Walters’s producer produced it!

        • Anybody who doesn’t like Megyn Kelly is worse than Hitler! And I am unanimous in that.

  3. Good grief:
    Morley Safer has died at age 84. Safer, a legendary television correspondent, retired from CBS News just last week.

    • I’m glad they showed a brief clip of his piece on Jackie Gleason.

      One of my 60 Minutes faves — both the piece and the two men involved.

  4. Re: Why I love Mika Brzezinski

    There is no discernable spin, motive, satire, point, message, or humor to take from this piece that isn’t creepy.

    It’s just damn creepy.

  5. Fox News host Megyn Kelly lashes back at critics, weakly

    Great write up by Erik on Megyn Kelly not being able to handle honest and fair criticism. If she doesn’t watch it, she’ll soon be as thin skinned as Bill O or Bolling.

    I was afraid of this before the show even aired. They overhyped it beyond belief and it didn’t deliver. She herself was going on all these programs and bragging about all these great insights and things you’d learn.

    The GQ lad boy photos sure didn’t help her credibility at all. And going on Howard Stern and talking about your sex life, “killer B’s” etc were 2 big mistakes. I don’t think you’d see Shannon Bream (who should be Megyn’s replacement if she does bolt) ever doing either of those.

    • Well I know when I want to know how a woman should react to anti-female attacks…….i always ask a man what she should do……kinda like if I want the young black man’s opinion or the native American perspective……..I track down the oldest white guy at INC.

      I cant believe how silly these men look.

  6. It’s more an MSNBC promo …Briwi was only in two little clips and his picture in the flip book of picture. I am glad they aren’t using him today so far ( fingers crossed, knocking on wood, holding lucky rabbit’s foot)

  7. What the Death of Morley Safer Has to Do With Megyn Kelly and Trump

    But most crucially, Kelly failed to hold her subject’s feet to the fire
    in any meaningful way, and she got endlessly sidetracked. Trump was not
    about to apologize for his ill-considered retweets or for riling up his
    minions. Move on. She got her chance to finally go toe-to-toe with a
    wily, highly evasive subject, and she notably failed to get anything
    meaningful out of the encounter. Trump ran the table and she offered him
    minimal resistance, at best.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 react to criticisms
    4 resurface
    3 is good news
    2 Megyn zings
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Levin: Why I love Mika Brzezinski.

        • Should I get one against you?!’re to big of a joke to bother with.

          Be nice if you could ever grow up pair and actually debate all your numerous mistakes that are pointed out. I hope if you ever try to get a real job….the future employer looks at your online behavior and see’s what a thin skinned person you are who whines about any criticism of your sorry so-called journalism.

          Dana Loesch a FNC contributor yet? LOL Have you come up with one ACTUAL example of you saying something negative against FNC since..your Dana example was bs?

          Run along Troll Boy! Get behind your safe walls at Mediaite where nobody can say anything wrong about lil Joe.

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