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  1. Wemple and Zurawik would only have been satisfied if Megyn physically abused Trump. I thought the interview was fine. The Donald stuck to his talking points–i.e. counterpuncher–but I still liked it. The rest of the interviews were good, too.

    Re: “Cable newsers win Jeopardy! cash for charity”: But it took an agonizing maingame to get there. There was too much hemming, hawing, and clulessness.

  2. Politico certainly gets it right. Softball after Softball. Fox certainly promoted this to the nth degree. They may not be so lucky in fooling the public the next time around..

    Megyn didn’t even ask about Trump skipping the debate and hiding behind Veterans.. and how the majority of the money supposedly raised has never gone to the various Vets groups.

    Nixon-Frost it was not, with Kelly serving up softball after softball in
    an encounter that was, for all the hype, ultimately unrevealing.

      • I started because NCIS was itself a spinoff…from JAG, one of the most underrated series of all time. Got hooked on it and it has run an impossibly long time. It may end up setting a record.

        • Of course the 1st season of JAG wasn’t very good. NBC dumped it and they dumped “elf ears” Tracy Needham.

          It was Catherine Bell’s breasts that saved JAG

        • I was thinking last night that its weird that we haven’t seen many of JAG’s actors as crossovers……there have been some…..but the creator of the shows is famous for it…..IE Blacksheep and Magnum….quantum leap…….it has to be actors choice that AD. Rabb hasn’t been on or AD magnum…….oh well maybe someday.

          • There were one or two early on in NCIS, and a few seasons ago JAG’s ‘Admiral Chegwidden’ appeared as Gibbs’s attorney. There may be others I’m forgetting. Petty Officer Coates, who was a recurring character over several JAG seasons, has not resurfaced but the actress (whom I always liked) is playing a new character on NCIS New Orleans.

          • Did NOT know that about NCIS New Orleans…….I have ALL the eps on my hard drive but I only watched the first 2.

            I loved the Admiral Chegwidden shows on NCIS……….the creator loves to reuse actors from one show to another………I guess I’m just too big of a JAG fan……I could use a little Harm.

    • Gotta say, it did present a whole new story that I was not prepared for. But, I am sad that Ziva is gone. I loved her character!

      • They’ve left it opened for Ziva to come back perhaps. It’s not like the plot line they did with Kate.

        I loved Ziva, but Kate was my favorite of the two. I loved Gibbs’ old boss Mike too.

        • Saw a interview with the actor who plays Tim…..he pretty said as much about Tonys………haven’t all the dead come back in one form or another…….kates been back…..mikes been back………didn’t even Jenny come back as a ghost.

    • She didn’t lose as many viewers as she could have from 1st half to 2nd half.

      1st half hour got a .09 (18-49). 2nd half got a .07.

      And then for households it did a 3.3 (first 30) and dropped to a 2.9 (2nd 30)

  3. Does Concha just hope and pray Fox hires him. The guy has Howard Kurtz Trumper syndrome. The interview was a major letdown regardless if you support Trump or not. It came across as a Trump PR piece and Megyn’s fawning and giggling didn’t help things.

    And why is the guy using 25-54 ratings? And I don’t know what ratings he’s looking at but “New Girl” did a 1.1 (18-49..the DEMO that matters). It did a 1.2 (in the cable news demo 25-54). Difference in the shows…New Girl did a 1 with adults 50+.

    Megyn did a .08 (18-49). A 1.2 (25-54). And a 6 in the 50+ category.

    Presents also finished with a 26 percent increase in the key 25-54 demo over last week’s offering (New Girl)–Concha Claim

    Funny how they both did a 1.2 in 25-54 but somehow that’s a 26% increase??! Hmmm
    Must be that “new math” people talk about.

    Of course he didn’t mention the BIG % DECREASE Megyn’s show actually had versus New Girl last week… in the all important ad demo.

    And then Concha brings up Michelle Fields. Of course, he fails to mention Megyn Kelly not asking her about that. Part of Michelle’s problem is she listened to bad advice IMO. I was telling her from the beginning to stay on media and hit it. I also said to file police charges so Trump would be forced to turn over the video…because I knew there had to be a ton of security camera’s there. She hardly did any media… which lets the Trump people spin things there way. She wasn’t out there calling them out on their bs constantly. And then after it came out with uncorroborated reports from Secret Service etc… people let it go for the most part because the Trumpers controlled the story.

    Fall out. Eric Bolling flat out lied about Michelle and her return to #CashinIn

    Jessica Tarlov who stood up for Michelle has been off #CashinIn for 7 weeks now…after being a regular for around a year.

    Betsy Woodruffs…who stood up for Michelle on Greta (Trump Shill) show. She had been a regular appearing all the time. I don’t think she’s been back since she stood up for Michelle on air. Same with her appearances on Lou Dobbs show. She’d been a regular there pretty much… but yet… Trump Sychophant Dobbs hasn’t had her back. But of course… Trump is his “Jesus” as Bill O calls it.

    But funny how the REAL FALLOUT of what happened to Michelle and those who supported her don’t worry a CONCHA story.

        • Of course it were Erik or some other writer who said something about Fox, you’d be pointing out their long bias, pointing out inaccuracies etc. But Joe’s always good for BEST RT’s of the week…so can’t upset him! lol

          • It seems particualrly upset today. Maybe the restraining order was expanded from 50 yards to 50 kilometers of any female television talent.

            Of course, this is the same creepy adult who was talking about an actress’ breasts being the reason CIS was doing well, so there’s that.

          • LMAO! Restraining Order?! Sure thing! Another hilarious joke from Concha

            If someone could get a restraining order for commenting about reporters laughable bad reporting…Keith Olbermann would have gotten one years ago.

            Did you fix all your blunders in your MK article? Everyone knows how you won’t mention the corrections here.

            Who’s breasts helped CIS? And who discussed that? Or did you blow it again… and did you mean Catherine Bell and JAG?! ha ha

          • Grown adult on comment sections talking about this stuff and bragging about it. You really are a winner.

          • Too bad I can’t be more like 69 year old Trump! ha ha And talk about flat chested women etc. Or a guy who’d date his daughter etc. Yeah, Trump is sure an outstanding guy and you loved Megyn giggling etc with him last night.

            Ah yes, more name calling….when you get busted yet again for your numerous mistakes. Maybe one day you can man up and debate substance instead of little name calling when you are wrong time after time…. Again… KEITH OLBERMANN. You’re on the wrong site to attack people who go after horrible “journalists”! ha ha

      • Of course…because we know how most of the posters around here will rip every writer to shreds…including snide remarks before them in the links section etc….but heaven forbid anyone rip a FNC Sycophant.

        Funny how Concha won’t say anything bad about FNC. Did you see him get called out on twitter and see his example?! ha ha He falsely claimed DANA LOESCH was a FNC Contributor and how he called her out. LMAO Joe–never one to care about accuracy!

        Of course the people around here don’t care how many things he gets wrong etc. Facts aren’t big around here unless its someone attacking Fox. Then the whining and complaining.

      • Like people around here with Erik and others?? Or with sites like NewsHounds etc?? Yeah… boy talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

        And its a shame people can’t stick with the substance of all the mistakes he makes in those articles. No…just lame name calling. Who cares if it seems nobody edits his work on Mediaite before he shoves it out there.

        But I was a fan of OLBERMANN WATCH. That site went after Keith for probably 5 years straight. Almost every day. Did entire write ups each day of his show etc. Funny how so many around here forget about that great site and the work they did…going after BATHTUB BOY.

        • It was a great site till the trolls caused Bob to have to erect some gateway software that killed it.

          It enraged the trolls to see like-minded people, who do not think as they do, shooting the bull and enjoying each other.

          Of course, they couldn’t start their own blog where they lambasted us. Why that would mean we might not see it. They had to take all the tricks they do to OW.

          Those tyrants always have to make you pay.

        • Except you whine about things that are either (A) incorrect (as in you’re wrong), (B) stuff that is insignificant and trivial, (C) stuff that is relative ancient history.

          And you lied when you said you weren’t obsessed.

          • Funny…how people don’t point out when I’m wrong (A)….yet they just resort to lame name calling etc.

            No…not obsessed. If I were…I’d be on mediaite all the time looking for his little columns. I’d be on his twitter feed looking at it etc. I’m not. I could care less. Watch how few comments there would be if links to his articles weren’t posted here. And why does he hang out here? What’s the point of that? Not enough sycophants for him on Mediaite? I mean… the big boy will go block people who question him or call him out for all his inaccuracies.

            But I do think you’re obsessed with me.

          • They point it out all the time, you ignore it over and over again! And since you’ve been saying the same thing for months, they’ve started ignoring you! How are you not aware of that?

            You said you were banned from both Twitter and Mediate. We’re you lying then or now?

            You are obsessed and whine almost daily.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Trumped journalism
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    3 Megyn passes
    2 bankrupt interview
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: Gabriel Sherman throws Megyn Kelly under the bus.

    • i saw Sherman on WADR. he seemed so sure that he was reporting on the inside operations of not just FOX, but the WSJ. donnie and mark were giving him amen corner nods. according to him he knows Ailes and Rupert better than i know the circle of 5ths or my ex-wife. i really have no idea, maybe he is a hacker and has offices bugged but my BS meter was in the red zone. i know nothing about the guy, of course, but i would be interested if someone knew and posted a quick Vitae. i mean he looks like a scraggly occupy guy, seriously, he has the inside scoop knowledge like for certains…… “when my right eye twitches, i know my baby lies …….” miss Big Twist.

    • Actually, Mediate did.
      I’ve only watched Trevor’s show 1 time. The episode with Gavin McInnis on there.

      But he did nail it in this case. It was so unprofessional for Megyn to be laughing, giggling and fawning during this. But of course…anyone who disagrees with how the interview was conducted are just Trump Haters. I mean…Howard Kurtz brought that from on top of the mountain. Kinda like if you disagree with Obama on policy, you’re a racist.

      One reason its nice to see Brian beating Howard in 18-49. Hope he’s beating him in the 25-54. I wonder if Eric Burns would have sold out doing a Media Watch Dog show like Kurtz has…

      • well this is from a year ago… I would say no………..

        “FNC’s MediaBuzz won the timeslot with 199,000 adults 25-54 viewers and 986,000 total viewers. MediaBuzz outperformed Reliable Sources by 88 percent among adults 25-54 and 90 percent in viewers.”

        I love how the Fox Haters and stooges think they get to tell Megyn how to act and feel…………….she got a hit show so she doing something right now isn’t she?

        You last two post sound just like the posts the twitter stooges have been making…..I wonder why that is?

        • What’s your point…to point out how much better Brian is doing now versus last year? How Brian consistently beats Howard in 18-49 (possibly 25-54) but neither are in the top 50 so… not sure on those numbers.

          • Brian hasn’t beaten in Kurtz in 25-54 in ages. It happens a few times a year, max. I know because I’ve personally asked Stelter when the published numbers were close if he beat Kurtz. So far, it hasn’t happened. 18-49 is fun for giggles but you won’t find Stelter claiming a win over Buzz when he occasionally bests Howard in 18-49. Because those numbers are irrelevant to cable news. Just like CNN’s favorite stat, the cume.

          • Why didn’t you bother to point out to Concha who used 25-54 in his Megyn Kelly interview? 😉

            18-49 gives you a close enough guess as to what they are doing 25-54. And its not like their ad revenue is dependent upon who wins each week. I wouldn’t doubt if their guaranteed numbers were very different.

            Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Reliable gets more per 30 than Media Buzz. And in the end… isn’t that what its all about?

      • It’s unprofessional of her to conduct a Barbara Walters style interview with Trump.

        It’s unprofessional of her to have made herself the story via talking about attacks from Trump.

        It was unprofessional of her not to address the attacks on her show right after they happened.

        I think she’s got the criticism down from Trump Haters and Trump Lovers, so don’t feel too special.

    • Carrot Top is great. He’s was excellent on KENNEDY. Hope she has him back soon.

      But what is up with Fox News and trotting out so many D list celebs who are for Trump? My goodness…. their little shill fest with D listers is embarrassing. How many shows did they put Scott Baio on? He’s all over FNC & FBN both. Ridiculous.

      And then the same people rip Hillary for her celebrity fans. The hypocrisy on both networks is laughable.

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