Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Out# videos: Megyn on Doug Brunt on
  • Videos: Megyn Kelly and
  • Concha: Megyn’s Fox special is her most important job interview ever.
  • Borchers: What we know about tomorrow’s Megyn/Trump tête-à-tête.
  • Joyella: Trump calls CNN control room over Fox News segment.  More.
  • Matt Finn: From Junior Reporter to Correspondent.  Andrea goes private.
  • CNN steamed over Wilmore dinner jokes, cancelled spot on Lemon’s show.
  • CNN, stop whipping up fear.  Gina London resurfaces.  Q&A: Ed Lavandera.
  • Cable Game: Lou Grant would hate Adam Housley…and that’s a good thing.

24 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • You know who on Fox News really has “spunk,” Larry?

      It has to be that Columbian dynamo Julie Banderas.

      That ‘girl’ scares me…and I mean ‘girl’ in a nice way.

      I just looked it up and I weigh 60 pounds more and am eight inches taller.

      But if I saw her in a dark alley, I’d run the other way,

  1. Megyn Kelly’s Most Important Job Interview Ever?! =)

    Lets include
    Ellen’s salary which has nothing to do with Megyn. Hell, why not mention what
    Judge Judy makes? Maybe Megyn will have offers for a Judge show to compete?

    Unless something has changed recently… Bill O is the 2nd highest paid
    “newser”. Of course, no mention of what Bill is pulling in. $18M.

    Megyn currently gets about 1/2 of what Bill O is getting. Harper
    Collins already overpaid for Megyn’s book ($5M). And 21st will end up paying
    Megyn to stay. Sure Megyn’s salary will be equal to Bill’s, but it won’t be all
    FNC money. Bill’s ego wouldn’t take that. So watch for them to up her pay to
    $15M or so for FNC duties and then pay her $2-3M for 4 “Fox Special” interviews
    a year….something along those lines.

    They’ll also let Megyn tape her
    show earlier in the day… and they’ll build a studio for her at her
    house… she can do “breaking news”… just like they did for Hannity.

    Fox loves to vastly overpay talent to keep them from other networks.
    Shep being the best example. $10M a a year and the ratings he gets…someone
    who makes $1M or so at the network could easily draw in the numbers he

    And so far, their $6M per year gamble on Maria isn’t paying off in
    the ratings game.

    And does anyone think, one of the other networks would
    pay someone viewed by a big majority of people as a conservative opinion
    talker… $18M or so?

    And its funny how there wasn’t one mention of
    Megyn’s “biggest” interview/special within the last year. That would be the
    over-hyped Duggar interviews…which got played over 2 days. Alot of
    questions that should have been asked… weren’t. She did get a bump…her
    total viewership was up around 30% from the week before and she ended up doing

    And how many really care much at all about seeing Megyn interview
    Robert Shapiro, Michael Douglas or Laverne Cox? And seeing how she softballed
    Eric Trump… is anyone really looking for many hard hitting punches against
    Trump? I wonder if Fox has played up the expectations game way too much and many will be disappointed. Because it was taped weeks ago…we won’t even get the latest Trump Lunacy…..questions about him lying about being his own PR guy.

    Maybe she and Doug will have something to add on today’s OUT#

    • I tend to agree with others who have posted here that Fox News will find a way to keep her.

      But Joe Concha’s suggestion that she could also be a good fit for CBS This Morning and Leslie Moonves could lure her with the added enticement of being able to do primetime specials a la Barbara Walters (ABC) and Diane Sawyer (ABC) — or even add her to the 60 Minutes lineup.

      But it does seem unlikely that CBS would replace the 74-year-old Charlie Rose with all-female co-hosts. I guess stranger things have happened.

      • While I hope she stays………I could see her got to the big 3 networks but she’s NOT going to MSNBC or CNN………if you work at a 5 star restaurant you don’t go to work at Pizza Hut. (talking ratings)

        • I’m a huge fan.

          But there have been times when Charlie has drifted into a ‘sleepy Brit Hume’ mode. But then again so has George Stephanopoulos and he’s in his mid fifties. ?

          I’m sure that schedule (3 am wake up?) can be grueling at times — especially for someone who had heart surgery 10 years ago.

          Keep on keepin’ on Mr. Rose.

          • I love it when they announce on the morning show that Charlie will be filling in for Scott Pelley on that evening’s CBS news. I always think, “they’re trying to kill this guy”.

    • FNC makes a lot of money. The entire sable gives quality that you can’t just look at it piece mail. The whole is bigger than the parts.

  2. Andrea Tantaros -Twitter
    Surprised to see Andrea’s tweets now feature the locked symbol by her name yesterday. Not sure if she had locked it to only followers before yesterday or I just noticed it then.

    This is one more hit or book promotion will now be taking.

    • So who is more likely to be back on Fox News first?

      1. Andrea Tantaros
      2. Ed Henry
      3. Neither

      • 2. Ed Henry

        as far as we “know”…..he didn’t break or seem to break any Fox News rules.

    • How many times do you put up with people calling a a goon or worse before you block you account to just people who been fans for a while?

      I wouldn’t put up with those losers for one day no matter how much money was involved.

  3. On the Trump CNN control room call………most of the people upset…..never seem to have a problem with the fact that the Obama admin personnel call and text MSNBC hosts ON the AIR with corrections….which they make…..and have for years.

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