Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Video: Arthel Neville on The Doctors Q&A: Stossel.
  • Videos: Megyn Kelly with Jimmy Fallon
  • Jo Ling Kent leaving FBN.  SE Cupp: Surviving those late nights on CNN.
  • Factor video: on Bob Woodward investigating Trump.
  • Lange: Megyn Kelly sticks up for Fox News.  Greta video: A
  • Gang member presented by CNN as Chicago success story shot and killed.
  • CNN town hall participant: event was scripted, potentially hazardous.  More.

124 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: Factor video: Bernard Goldberg on Bob Woodward investigating Trump.

    I might quibble a bit with Mr. Bill on two points:

    1. That the editorial page editor of The Washington Post, Fred Hiatt, is some kind of “uber leftist.”
    2. That this is about the WaPo being engaged in a right vs. left bias — with more aggressive coverage of Trump compared to Clinton being the central issue.

    As to point #1, I thought everyone knew that Mr.Hiatt was aligned with George Will on climate change skepticism and what has been defined as a “near neocon” foreign policy agenda frequently revealing itself in the editorial pages. It is true that Hiatt is a moderate on some social issues. But the notion that the editorial page is liberal is simply a myth (or at least misleading) in the eyes of many.

    Now for point #2. I would argue that having 20 reporters covering Donald Trump has nothing to do with favoritism toward Hillary Clinton. Perhaps that’s true for some — IDK. But it is mostly about the aftermath of the GOP establishment-leaning editorial board’s March meeting with Mr. Trump — resulting in concerns about his foreign policy knowledge and aptitude.

    • on #2……..would depend on how many are coving HRC….if its 10 and Trump is 20…….that doesn’t sound very fair and balanced now does it……..shouldnt the former SOS who under investigation by the FBI have equal if not more looking at her?

      BTW: do you know ANYONE who thinks the WP editorial page is conservative? Why do you think so many think its Liberal?

      • You are welcome to read Mr. Hiatt’s s Wikipedia page and draw your own conclusions.

        On the one hand his editorial board has been praised for being a strong supporter of international human rights.

        But OTOH many have said that during Hiatt’s tenure The Post has also taken traditionally conservative or neoconservative positions on several major issues.

  2. I liked Jo Ling Kent. If the article linked is correct she was impatient and that is a bad thing for her in her career.

  3. It’s a shame that Chris Hahn was on Red Eye last night. I DVR’d the show because
    Greg Proops was on. But not even his presence could make up for Hahn’s neener-neener-Hillary’s-gonna-win-Trump’s-gonna-lose taunts.

  4. 20 reporters, meh.
    Nothing short of a live boy or a dead, transgender midget is going to cause Trump revelation problems.

  5. I decided to pay a visit to Iceman’s website to see how their ‘we stand with Megyn’ campaign was working out. Here are some of the comments about her over the last few weeks:

    “like Herr Goebbels”
    “Jabba the Ailes won’t allow Blackroots Barbie to go off the Fux reservation”
    “a total bitch”
    “I wonder if she got carpet burn on her knees”

    Megyn must be proud to have Ice’s website in her corner.

    • You must be proud of the comments made here,
      “In a comparable action, Hillary Clinton would have to be executed by firing squad.”
      “Gawd, is HDTV not a friend to Andrea Mitchell. Her face looked like it had been stung by bees.”
      “Just curious, but has Rachel Maddow ever suffered a head injury like Keith Olbermann? It would explain a lot.”
      “Harry Reid has a face made for radio and a voice made for newsprint. Yep, just what MSNBC needs ?”
      “She’s better looking than Fredo, so she’s got that going for her.”

      • has anyone here wished the disgraced Newshounds HQ had been destroyed on 9-11…….and NOT been banned?

        Till then……you do NOT have the Moral high ground.

        also….did any of those people lie and pretend to support the people they then bashed?……didn’t think so.

        isn’t there a black person on #1 FOX News you could be criticizing….oh wait you just did…silly me.

        Funny you can use the search function here…but……#1 Fox News Not so much…….of course you wouldn’t want to show #1 Fox News being fair and balanced so……of course it too hard for you to use.

          • The Disgraced Newshounds have to be the biggest hypocrites on the web………keep in mind before reading this that one of their commenters wanted Fox News HQ hit on 9-11…..and was not banned……..on a story with 10 comments……Fox News has over TWO THOUSANDS on this ONE post……not to mention they have to monitor facebook twitter and like what 5 Fox News sites.


            Newshound supporters support mass murder and terrorist attacks……and Disgraced Newshound writers……….they must be so proud to write for that site.

          • This obsession with The Disgraced Newshounds is amazing.
            You act if the same thing does not go on at all other websites that have comment sections.

          • Please go look up the words Disgraced…….exclusive….obsession ….fair…….balanced….person of color….because you don’t seem to know what those word mean.

            You did READ the newshound story right? I mean if you didnt I wouldnt blame you..not like you would see the truth….but maybe you should ask them……

            “You act if the same thing does not go on at all other websites that have comment sections.”

            Of course you wont………which was my point…….hypocrites one and ALL!

            Now go back to twitter and call some black people goons and let the adults make fun of you.


          • I don’t need to look them up because I know what know what those words mean.

            Maybe you need to look up the word goon because is has nothing to do with race.
            Goon – a silly, foolish, or eccentric person.

          • go say it to a black man and see what happens…… will be a real “exclusive ” for you.

        • I don’t know why this is hard for you to understand but it is possible to disagree with a person on some issues but side with them on another.

          I disagree with Megyn Kelly’s coverage of many issues but agree the attacks from Trump were nasty and unnecessary.

          There you go again with the baseless I’m racist claim.
          Funny you never provide any proof for your claim.

          Again I’ll repeat, my criticism of FOX News talent had nothing to do with race and you nave no proof the it does.

          • That is not true. Every time you insist I’m racist for talking about “women of color” on FOX News I ask you for a quote that proves I’m racist and you don’t provide any.
            Either provide the proof or stop talking about something you can’t prove.

          • Not doing this with you again……go back to that last Sunday your panties got in a wad….I explained so many times mike asked me to stop…… don’t get it….doesn’t make it not true….you don’t understand “exclusive” either.

            You don’t Mod here…..or anywhere else it seems… NO…I will continue to call you out for what you are…..dont like it…….. You have the option to not read my comments. at this low read “dump”.

            “Either provide the proof or stop talking about something you can’t prove.”

            If only you would do that about the #1 Fox News employees!

          • You have the option to not read my Twitter comments yet you continue to do so.

            Every time you accuse me of being racist I’m going to continue to call you out and ask for the proof you won’t provide.

            Again find a racist comment I made and post it. You can’t because there is none. Just admit you are wrong on this and move on.

          • Yes I read you twitter lies………for the humor…….they don’t upset me in the least……….I enjoy the humor of the circle jerk you have going…but I don’t ask you to stop….I encourage you to keep making a laughing stock of yourself.

            Proof was given……you didn’t agree with why I know you are a what u are…..fine….but YOU don’t get to tell me I can think it………this isn’t you safe space.

            Im 100% sure Im RIGHT….I told you why…..I’m NOT doing it again……funny how you can quote things said that night but conveniently can’t remember why I said what I did… wonder you write for the Disgraced Newshound site.

            Feel free to be obsessive and stalk this site for the random post about you and “call me out”…just more reason to laugh at you………I’ve given my thoughts on this over and over… responded….so I know you saw them……I won’t be doing it again if you ask me 1000 times. You are what you are…….I stopped trying to change your kind years ago.

          • “Yes I read you twitter lies………for the humor…….they don’t upset me in the least”

            If they don’t upset you then why do you complain about them here?
            The only one making a laughing stock of themselves is you as you continue your obsession of coming here to complain about what three people say on Twitter.

            “Proof was given”
            Sorry but talking about some people at FOX more than others is not proof and does not make me racist.
            Again you can’t provide any direct quote from me of a racist comment I have made.

            “change your kind” What in the world are you talking about?

          • “If they don’t upset you then why do you complain about them here?”

            As I told you just last week….not complaining…..

            “I post things you post that I find funny….I post things here to laugh at you……………. and share your foolish things with others along with lies I see the disgraced newshounds post about Fox News.”

            You don’t like that….fine…..You have the option to not read my comments.

            NOT going over it again……but feel free to keep asking… makes you look so adult……funny how NOW you remember what I’ve said.

            “What in the world are you talking about?”

            Seems pretty clear to me.

          • “I post things you post that I find funny….I post things here to laugh at you……………. and share your foolish things with others along with lies I see the disgraced newshounds post about Fox News.”

            That’s called an obsession.

            “You don’t like that….fine…..You have the option to not read my comments.”

            You have the option to not read my Tweets or the posts at Newshounds.

            Ask Mike C or some of the others and I’m sure they would tall you they have no interest in what I say on Twitter and don’t keep checking what I and two others tweet about.

          • “That’s called an obsession.”

            NO its called seeking out humor….I watch south park for the same reason…… if I watched a news channel I hated and lied about it on the web all day…..that would be an obsession…….let’s try and find that dictionary today shall we.

            “You have the option to not read my Tweets or the posts at Newshounds.”

            I choose to………I find them funny….and somewhat sad…..but I have NEVER once ask or DEMANDED you stop.

            let see what J$ site is about….

            “Welcome to johnny dollar’s place: your source for the latest cable news developments, exclusive videos, and the truth about Fox News.”

            You and the Disgraced Newshounders lie and distort things about Fox News….so of course you will on occasion be a topic here…….I would point out to you the the OWNER and MOD of the site brought you up today…..and not little old me……….

            As I’ve said many times here about you and the other Disgraced Newshound “writers”……stop lying about #1 Fox News and you will NEVER see your name in one of my posts……in fact I said that here just 8 days ago.

          • Try to defend it all you want but you do have an obsession.

            I don’t lie about FOX News and just like with the racist accusations you never provide proof of where I lied about FOX News in a post or comment I’ve made.

            You say that you have not made demands yet you tell me I have the option to not read posts here and stop lying about FOX News.

          • “You say that you have not made demands yet you tell me I have the option to not read posts here and stop lying about FOX News.”

            Please add “suggestion” to those words you need to look up…..great “writer” you are. Better add “option” to that long list also.

            as for you lying about #1 Fox News….again proof has been posted…….think….”well not when I was watching”.

          • Keep up the personal attacks. They only show your true character even more.

            I’ve gone over many times how me posting what is on cable news channels at the same time is not a lie. You have to do better than that.

            “I’d do things like letting Fox News Hosts like Megyn Kelly know what kind of person you were”

            Which again proves my point that you a have a very creepy obsession with me.

          • Sorry NO personal attacks……please add that to things to look up………Sorry I dont have to do anything………….and I’m guessing you should add “IF” to that VERY long list of words a Disgraced Newshound “writer” has to look up.

          • Telling me what words I should look up is a personal attack.
            As is using Disgraced Newshound “writer”.

      • We have a free-wheeling discussion about cable news personalities, but I don’t think we’ve published article after article claiming to stand in support of someone allowed to be called bitch, bimbo, and slut. And carpet burns?!? I’m glad you find that acceptable. I don’t.

        • By defending those comments posted here I guess we can say you find them acceptable?

          I’v said I’m not responsible for nor do I condone the comments making personal attacks that are written about articles.

          • I didn’t defend the comments posted here in your tu quoque reply (look it up if you are not familiar with the most discredited fallacy of all the logical fallacies) because they are irrelevant. I made a point about newshounds pretending to stand by Megyn for being called names while they allow her to be called things way worse than anything Trump has said about her. Did Trump ever claim, repeatedly, that she got her job sleeping with Brit Hume? Did Trump ever compare her to Goebbels? Did Trump ever talk about Megyn Kelyl’s “carpet burns”?

            You find all this stuff acceptable. I don’t. That was my only point. But on a more cordial note I thank you for being a regular reader of J$P.

          • I understand your point in the original post regarding posts defending Megyn having people responding with personal attacks about her.

            I’m just noting this place has people who regularly post personal attacks.
            Again I’ve never said I find those comments about Megyn to be acceptable.

          • I realize you’ve gone out of your way to not address the comments on your site about Megyn Kelly. But there’s little doubt you find them acceptable. You accept them! If I’m wrong please tell me how.

          • That is wrong. Did you not read all the other posts I made here today?
            I do not condone the personal attacks on Megyn Kelly.
            Do you condone the personal attacks made here?

            I’m not a moderator of the comments at Newshounds however If you object to a comment there is a FLAG button you can use to report them.

          • You say you don’t condone them, but clearly you’ve accepted them. I don’t see you having them removed, or speaking up against them. You continue to write posts and promote the site, which means, even if you don’t like these comments, you can live with them. They’re not a deal breaker for you. You consider them acceptable, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t accept them. Tell me where I’m going wrong here.

          • Again you don’t answer my question about if you condone the personal attacks left here and are still here?

            How do you know what I do? You don’t. Just because a comment you object to is still there does not mean I accept it.

            Lets just get to the real motive here,
            you have an obsessions with complaining about Newshounds because they call out what they perceive are biased segments on FNC and FBN.

          • I thought I explained that simplistic tu quoque fallacies are the lowest form of logical fallacy. The comments here could be the worst in the world and it wouldn’t change the ugly newshounds comments in the slightest. It’s a grade school level diversion.

            So you don’t accept the comments, but you continue to write there and promote the site and say nothing publicly against the comments? If you didn’t accept them you’d have nothing to do with the site.

            Now I have an obsession about newshounds, because I say something about them once every month or two. More like because they have lied about Fox hundreds of times and continue to do so. But pointing a finger and parroting the Brodsky “he’s obsessed” smear is so much better than explaining how you continue to promote a site that attacks Trump for calling Megyn ‘average’ or ‘crazy’ after the site owner repeatedly claimed in print Megyn got her job because she gave sexual favors to Brit Hume.

            When exactly has that smear ever been retracted? Where is Megyn’s apology for that? I guess that’s something else that you can live with. To you, it’s acceptable.

          • Call it simplistic tu quoque fallacies but fact is you won’t say that you do not condone the personal attacks made here because the Newshounds comments are far worse. Got it.

          • Sorry you’re logically off-topic.If you’re going to jump into a discussion the first thing to consider is not to change the topic or try to divert attention. If the comments on your site, which has featured ugly, misogynistic, and even racial smears since its inception, are unacceptable then stop accepting them. Otherwise, keep up your promoting of the site, sending ‘tips’about Fox to CNN, and make sure to check in when Ellen Brodsky apologizes for smearing Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume. Which should be sometime around the 12th of Never.

          • I’m not off topic. You complained about comments made about Megyn Kelly at Newshounds and I complained about the comments left here.
            Every time I ask if you condone the personal attacks left here you deflect to that being off topic.

          • Actually, he isn’t off topic, he brought the topic up. All you’ve done is to reply ‘I know you are, but what am I.”

            You do this though you know very well that worse things are said at News Hounds than are said here on any day.

            In fact the worst you can find is an allusion to Maddow’s orientation and Nixon suggesting in effect that if Clinton thinks Trump is guilty of larceny, she’s guilty of a capital crime.

            Well, there’s as much surprise that you’d take that tact as there is in the support for Megyn Kelly being little more than a vehicle to criticise a candidate you hate.

            We get you.

          • So the personal attacks posted here are no big deal because the comments at Newshounds are worse?

            There are many more offensive comments post here I could quote.

          • You have a stat counter that tells you which website I monitor more often? Please give me a link to the stats.

            A surprise to me is that someone who does not agree with my comments keeps reading them then coming here to complain.

            I might respond on Twitter to someone else mentioning this place but in general I don’t complain about what is said here.

          • So?????

            Doesn’t stop me from putting them in……’ve seen them….I know because you commented on them.


          • I couldn’t figure out why my feet are cold in bed. Now I know that if I lift up the sheets, I’ll find an Iceman.

          • I think Larry suggested the firing squad. I mearly want to see her and her charming friends and family sent to the Gray Bar Resort.

          • In reading the over-the-top anti Megyn Kelly comments on sites like TVNewser, Newshounds and Breitbart — to name a few — it doesn’t seem like moderators hold filtering out these comments as a high priority.

            I’ve simply decided to ignore those kind of comments and focus on those posted by people with something worthwhile to say.

            Personally, I find trolls much more annoying.

            Just sayin’.

          • Haven’t seen those.

            If I did, they would be clearly out of bounds if they qualified as name calling or misogynistic.

            You know, the kind that Donald Trump makes.

            (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

          • Doesn’t the frequency and the malignancy of the comment come into play?

            Doesnt the obvious intent?

            Afterall, you are a guy who has argued just that regarding your own comments.

          • You have two regular posters here who have a history of making very offensive comments about stories in the news, politicians and news talent. So lets not play the what comments section is worse game.

          • What comments are worse is not a “game”.

            All negative comments are not created equally.

            If I were to post a pic here and you called me an ugly old hag, that would be your subjective opinion.

            That summation would have nothing to do with my character.

            However, if you accuse me of performing sexual acts for advancement, you’re saying something different.

          • The L-word comment is in moderation. Let me state again that this was a quip that is not innately mean spirited. In fact the person who said it objects to negative comments about Maddow’s boyish appearance.

            There is no such leeway for suggesting that Maddow is a prostitute.

            That is not an obscure distinction to make.

        • What conservative woman…public person or commenter…has not been accused of rug burns by News Hounds denizens?

          It’s an Internet rite of passage…

          • “Just curious, but has Rachel Maddow ever suffered a head injury like Keith Olbermann? It would explain a lot.”
            “Nope, just rug burns.”

          • I stand by my head injury comment. I was trying to find an excuse for Maddow’s bizarre on-air behavior. I cut Keith Olbermann a lot of slack for the same reason.

            And I just violated my own rule of not answering you.

          • She needs to go to prison for a long time. If her health is bad enough, send her to the Federal Prison Hospital.

          • You or someone else deleted your “Isn’t Maddow a lesbian” comment to defend “Nope, just rug burns.” before I could respond,

            I’m not going to equate which personal attacks are worse. They are both wrong.

            If people here don’t like personal attacks being made at the comments section of Newshounds posts then don’t defend the personal attacks being made here.

          • I didn’t delete it. In fact I’m looking at the comment.

            No they are not both personal attacks. One is a quip, the other is a put-down.

          • All I can tell you is some of the comments that were posted here are not showing up, Including another of your comments I tried to respond to.
            “You cannot reply to a post the is not active” is the error I get.

          • I dont delete anything. Go ahead and comment to what you read that you don’t see now. I’ll respond.

          • in the good old days, 500BC to 1500AD, grammar was taught orally. it included the entire range from style, to logic, memory, arrangement, imitation and non verbal. after full letter, vowel and diphthong alphabets came into being writing was taught as a base after thought in what today would be seen as “middle school” and it was mostly taught in languages not original to the student. speech today is taught as a way to express your feelings. the only thing one does more than speak is sleep, so practice is not the answer. Milton Friedman and his wife were sure correct in their 1970’s assessment of the effects of public schools on political discourse. college grads today can’t read with comprehension either of G.W.s farewell addresses. the end is near.

        • So guess that means you find “Nope, just rug burns.” as an unacceptable response to a personal attack made here about Rachel Maddow?

          • I find it an acceptable quip. If anyone had suggested Maddow was sexually performing her way to the top via male or female superiors, I’d have busted them.


        • Well they stand in solidarity with that bitch prostitute pandering Hitler Megyn Kelly until it’s moot.

          • I meant it as a compliment. Not my fault if he doesn’t know good humor from ice cream.

          • But if he called me goon that would make him a racist right?
            You must be a racist too since you suggested he call me that.

          • Did you turn Black??????????

            Did you suddenly remember it can be a slur????

            Keep digging this is fun watching you make a even bigger fool of yourself!

            Sorry i’m not like you and Moe…….maybe you can find more friends at Stormfront.

            Please add snark to that list of words to look up?

            #Laughingstock Disgraced Newshounds

          • He can always take a page out of Moe’s playbook and call me and my people “savages straight out of the Stone Age.”


          • BUT the stooges are NOT racist……they told me so. Just like the Easter Bunny is real right?


          • I do….it’s been given… should just accept it and get over it.

            Of course I’ve never meet one of your kind who would admit it.

          • No proof has been given. Again I am not racist and if you insist on implying that I’m going to defend my self.
            This is part of your creepy obsession with me.

          • NOT going over it again… have just today admitted you know why I know what you are…….re-read it.

            Why do you crazy disgraced Newshound “writer” always think everybody who calls out their lies is obessed? I noticed you didn’t answer J$.

          • You are obsessed and keep admitting it saying you are going to continue
            to read my twitter feed.
            If my comments on Twitter annoy you so much that you have to complain about them here why keep reading them?

            No one else here talks about me a regular basis but you.

            I don’t go searching other comment sections for your comments and then complain about them.

          • again….NOT COMPLAINING…..Laughing!

            How many times do I have to tell you?

            You just are NOT that important to anyone but the circle jerk. Stop posting in public if it bothers you so much.


          • Call it complaining or laughing it’s still a bizarre obsession you have with me.

            I’m “NOT that important” yet people follow me on Twitter and you keep reading my Twitter feed.

            With that I’ll honor the moderator’s request to move on.

          • I’m going by your logic that says Goon is a racist word even though it’s not.

            “Sorry i’m not like you and Moe…….maybe you can find more friends at Stormfront.”

            That’s a disgusting over the line comment. I am not racist. You still have given no proof that I am racist.
            You really need to stop with the racist attacks because you have no proof of it and you make a fool of your self when you keep doing that.

          • Look that word SNARK up “writer”.

            You are…..I’ve given my proof… don’t accept it…..didnt think you would…….Id love to play with you some more…..but i’m just getting board.

            You are NOT getting attacked….i’m stating MY opinion…….you don’t like it …..You have the option to not read my comments. at this low read “dump”.

          • You have the option to not read my comments on Twitter but you keep doing so.
            How long are you going to keep this up for?

          • Till I feel like stopping laughing at you or you stop lying about #1 Fox News………at which time you will never be mentioned by me again here….except in response to others.

            You don’t like it …..You have the option to not read my comments. at this low read “dump”

            Till then I enjoy reading your funny filled twitter feed…which is public and doesn’t bother me in anyway to read………my posts here seem to bother you…..maybe you should stop reading……I know how “facts” can drive a disgraced newshound “writer” crazy….or at least some people say..

          • Well then this is going to keep going on till the moderator asks for it to stop because I don’t like about FOX news you are not going get away with accusing me of being a racist when you have no proof of it.

            Comments like “.maybe you can find more friends at Stormfront.” show your true character.

            You are the one with the obsession as you admit you are going to keep reading my Twitter feed while telling me I should stop reading the comments here.

            I don’t complain on Twitter about what you say.

          • Well then have a good night…….see you next time J$ brings you up….or I see something so funny I cant help myself.

            I always love being talked to by your kind about character. I could care less about you not liking Fox News…….its the lies I HATE………….have a good night in your safe space

            and YES you have complained about me on twitter “writer”…….just another lie………again I don’t complain about you…..I laugh at YOU……have good night..


        • You have no problem with GAXTER telling me, “maybe you can find more friends at Stormfront.”?

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Fallon part one
    4 shot and killed
    3 for Fox News
    2 event was scripted
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Jo Ling Kent leaving FBN.

    • Having just gotten in, I thought that I’d turn this on an see what’s up. Interesting. To say the least.

  7. Enjoyed Megyn Kelly’s hilarious piece on Insane Trump and his latest constant lies.
    Erik did a nice piece on it:

    I can’t wait to see what all the Washington Post digs up. At least they are doing it before July so just in case the party comes to its senses and stops him….

    Love to see the ad the Hillary campaign comes up with to mock Trump’s latest lies about his nonsense. Instead of doing what would be logical…admit to it…make a joke about it… NO! The he has to lie about it. I wonder if he’s read the 10 Commandments.

  8. I know there’s trouble ahead when I come back and have to click on load more comments… twice. What say we call it a day? I’m not going to go thru > 100 comments; I’m half asleep as it is. Nobody is going to convince their opposite numbers, and I’ll bet the same arguments have been made back and forth several times already. ‘K?

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