Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Will Donald Trump repeat past candidates’ mistakes in Kelly confab?
  • Elliott: Megyn Kelly talks fears, courage, Trump in exclusive interview.
  • Concha: Criticism of Megyn/Eric Trump interview is ‘FDS’ exemplified.
  • Kilmeade video: Congrats and Andrew Sansone.
  • TCG: Andrea Tantaros hangs up on radio host when asked about Fox.
  • Joyella: Bret Baier given Tomlinson Award for outstanding journalism.
  • Kelly File video: Trump’s getting mixed reviews.
  • Bobbin: If Megyn Kelly wants to broaden her horizons, now is the time.
  • Collins: Kelly Ripa lobbying hard for Cooper, but ABC suits have other ideas.
  • Grinapol: JJ Ramberg testifies before the US House.  Q&A: Dr Sanjay Gupta.

93 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Funny how Joe and Johnny Dollar avoid reality. Kayleigh has NOT had a double mastectomy. Even the author of the article admitted it.

    Fox News Fan
    @betsyscribeindc People see that & think implants AFTER the fact

    You don’t point out why she needed the implants BEFORE ,,,to stretch skin

    Betsy Rothstein

    @FNC_Ladies_Rule So if she hasn’t technically stretched her skin yet far enough for the surgery then calling her flat-chested is fine? WTF.

      • It should have never been an issue. Betsy reported it the way she did so people would think Kayleigh had already had the procedure done. In fact…as she has said in the past….she is looking to have the procedure done possibly around 30. Buy using the implants and have it stretch the skin for all those years, she won’t have to go through the “Expander Stage”. I just love how Concha writes an article that is false and when Dana’s husband tried to correct him, he acted like Dana’s husband was wrong instead of himself.

        Perhaps the video of Kayleigh discussing what would happen will get posted here sometime.

        • I just know that after the mental image of Ed Henry getting a lap dance and your running on about that woman stretching out her chest skin, I’m suddenly all for painting pants on the cherubs in Renaissance Art.

        • It became a issues when that idiot Dana talked about another womans breast…….forget about the cancer…….it was going to be a issues no matter what…..which i expect is exactly what low rated Dana wanted.

  2. Memo to self: never hang up on a radio host without first saying, “I think the beans are burning.”

  3. My mission today, should I choose to accept it, is to figure out how I’m supposed to retract something on a topic I haven’t expressed a position on. I think I’ll pass and let this tape self-destruct.

    • Nonetheless, we know what you meant, and we on the moral high ground demand atonement. You can get a great view from the high horse. Even can see the nonexistent.

    • I updated and added a correction yesterday, but it can’t let it go. It did the same with its obsession over Nicole Wallace on the View. It needs help.

      • WOW!! When did that correction happen? I sure didn’t see it last night.

        Did you bother to mention it on this site? You bragged:

        Joe Concha
        Best part: Said husband demanded I retract the story because (he claims)
        McEnary never had the surgery. It took about eight seconds to share the
        proof while allowing me throw in a line from “A Few Good Men”.

        But I didn’t see you come to J$ and say, no Dana’s husband was correct and I blew it.

        I tweeted J$ that the story was inaccurate long before I posted anything. There was no update beside your link (which hadn’t been updated). He didn’t bother to post that your story was inaccurate or anything else.

        J$ did bother to check Dana’s husbands twitter feed HOURS LATER and comment how he was persistent in denying she had the procedure He could post that but he couldn’t bother to issue a correction or anything.

        And as you could see, I had J$ posters attacking me and saying I wasn’t accurate last night. Of course, you won’t see them apologize or acknowledge they were wrong either.

        And of course Andrew certainly hasn’t corrected his Mediaite piece which is inaccurate. Even though I tweeted him and tweeted Josh about it’s inaccuracy. But again, we all know Mediaite isn’t big on caring if the facts or accurate or not.

        And the whole lesson from this…. its clear Betsy did what she did on purpose. She wanted to mislead the majority of people to make Dana look far worse. What did Betsy say to me…when I said people would assume she had the procedure already? Stop reading it like a moron?? Something like that.

        Kayleigh is a wonderful person. I was a big fan of hers before Trump took her over to the “dark side”. He manipulated and spun her with positive tweets on twitter. And it worked. Back in July she wasn’t pro Trump. But if she said something positive, he’d praise or on twitter and she loved it. And slowly but surely… she was a full Trumper. What Dana said was wrong. Dana should have been called out just for that. Dana should have gotten ripped for it. That attack had no place.

        But what Betsy did was far worse. She wanted the world to think Kayleigh was flat chested because she had had a double mastectomy. And she wanted to portray Dana has being this heartless witch attacking a cancer survivor. And the way she tried to manipulate everyone with that “story” is the far greater sin.

      • I didn’t follow The View drama much at all, but I do recall someone at the time pushing for Kayleigh to get that spot on The View, calling for her to be a permanent co-host for Varney, encouraging people to follow her, and even saying ‘Every guy should aspire to marry someone like Kayleigh. Smart, beautiful and a Godly woman.’ And yet now, she’s a worthless sellout. I wonder what could have happened that would cause someone to do such an instant 180-degree opinion reversal.

        • “The View” drama was Concha having a list of mostly OLDER females (who wouldn’t do anything for their demo problem). He points out their demo problem and then lists ones like Ann Coulter (mid 50’s), Wallace and some others. About the only one that made any sense on his list was SE Cupp.

          He praised Wallace and said how good she was on Morning Joe etc. But after she bombed on the show, you’d think he never mentioned her as a host. He tried to deny it. I got BANNED from Mediaite for posting a link to his old story. It was hilarious to see his meltdown when called out on that. He just couldn’t admit he blew it big time. He made a fool of himself constantly saying I wasn’t telling it right….when almost everytime, I would link to his own words. But Concha is childish and he’s a Know It All…yet he should still to thinks he actually knows and stop trying to play show producer etc.

          • There you go again. You lecturing people on meltdowns is quite rich since you’ve had seven on here in the past two days.

            Here’s the original View column. You know… the one you keep lying about when insisting Nicolle Wallace was my #1 choice (she was third as my resident conservative). But keeping on insisting… maybe one day it’ll magically come true.


            And by the way, more irony: “Know It All” should not be capitalized. Everyone knows that…

          • Well, let’s see… Baher is back and the show is back to #1 in its timeslot. Quivers has been a co-host on the most popular radio program of all time for 30 years. O’Reilly, who is approaching 70, is tops in the demo in cable news. Fifty-something Jon Stewart has seen his show go into a ratings toilet since he left. So if you think going younger automatically means attracting a younger audience, that’s been proven otherwise.

            Have fun stalking female talent on Twitter. Quite an existence you’ve carved out for yourself when not lying through your teeth.

          • Woops… look at the cast of The View

            The View.

            Michelle Collins 34
            Raven Symone 30
            Paula Farris 40

            Sure the show would have done great with your HAG LIST of mostly 50 and over.

            Might want to mention how often Megyn beats Bill 18-49. Sure Bill does 3M viewers most nights but only about 12% of that is in 25-54. Fox as a whole….median age viewer is around 69 or 70.

            Quivers… I didn’t know she and Howard were competing for ad dollars over there. I thought it was a pay to listen. And Howard/Robin have been over there since 2005. She left ad supported radio when she was around 55.

            Jon Stewart– you failed to mention how his show continued to decline in the ratings. Doing 1.5M in 2011 and was down around 1.3M in mid 2014.

            Yes, ratings are down. Trevor Noah isn’t funny. He sucks.

            But yes…who can doubt your HAG lineup would have done great in the demo! LMAO! Maybe you should work at ABC in programming instead of working for little pay at Newsmax.

          • “hag list”……..this a joke right? Alan Funt’s hiding in my closet right? Because you can’t be real.

          • Looking at the top 5 host according to ABC views web site the avg host age is 50…….of course if you conveniently leave out Whoopi and Joy….its looks different but…….then reality buts in.

          • He failed to mention the younger ones on the show now. I didn’t know I had to SPELL OUT everything…. of course…this is the reason
            YOU and JOE blew the Kayleigh story….because everything must be completely spelled out for each of you…

          • Actually I took the ages of ALL 5 and avgd them out…………sorry I didn’t spell it out for the 4th grader.

            Also….you seem very confused…..I didn’t blow anything…….I never cared.

          • if i may be profound.
            Bad editing in all it’s forms could be the most dangerous phenomena to human existence. it is an existential threat to all life. now see if i left out the f in life and added an s, you could see how the sentence reads for an accurate example common 2016 editing.

        • I don’t know what the cause is, but the cure would be to quit mooning over FNC femmes and ask out a real girl.

          It’s likely she won’t be done up by hair and makeup artists. She may not be wearing a $500.00 dress, and constantly cast under great lighting.

          However, she can transform an adolescent fan boy into a man.

    • Now J$ if we’ve learned anything from the haters……its that you can tell who a person supports politically from just how they breath or the tone of their voice…….never mind that they NEVER said who the support……….we can tell by the way you look at the keyboard what you wanted to type.

      The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

    • You could have easily included an update by the link to Joe’s story which was inaccurate. You could have posted in the timeline that Joe’s story was inaccurate. You could have done alot of things to let people know Joe’s story was false.

      You cared enough to check Dana’s husband and report that he was persistent in still denying Kayleigh had the surgery. Odd you could do that but not make sure J$ fans knew the truth.

      • I didn’t know what the truth was. One person says A, another says B, and I’m supposed to decree which one is truthful? So I put up the links, let people read ’em, point out that hubby still denying the accusations, and with that let readers draw their own conclusions.

        I’m always willing to consider links sent to me and do so every day. But nobody, including you, sent me a link to an article responding to/debunking Concha. Besides, I posted the ‘boob talk’ link yesterday, which specifically says she hadn’t had the surgery yet.

        So what the frack are you whining about?

        • Oh yes, everyone is going to click on every link and read through every story. ha ha Sure!

          and it would have taken 5 seconds to post an update in timeline.

          • What update would that be? As I said before nobody, you included, sent me any additional links that contradicted Concha, and when I post one that said what you liked, that wasn’t good enough because maybe people wouldn’t click on it! (actually it was one of the top links of the day so you’re wrong there too.) I have my hands full finding culling and posting more cable news links than any other website. If there’s one I missed I welcome the input, but on this matter I didn’t get any input.

            Oh, and watch your name calling. I don’t think you’ve ever visited our island paradise, but you’ll have an unscheduled vacation there if you don’t stop screaming personal attacks on other commenters.

          • Maybe you’d be better off doing CONCHA WATCH. There seems to be a vast need to correct his stuff. At least until Keith comes back.

          • Obsession? LOL Please If that were the case… I’d be responding to every post of his on Mediaite etc…and on twitter you name it.

            All I did it bust him for some more of his recent false claims……

            Funny …what happened to CONCHA saying he’d never respond to me again. Ah…love the way he keeps his word =)

          • I thought you were banned on Mediaite… and I’m pretty sure if he got rid of you there, he got rid of you on Twitter too.

            Yes, obsessed is the right word. You’ve been harping on this View nonsense for how long now? How old is that story? And you come here to rant and rave every time Concha posts an article!

            Obsessed. Why, I can’t figure out.

          • What was banned can sometimes be unbanned. Happened to me. Like Jon Snow, the Lord of Light returned me to live again among the wildlings there. Valar dohaeris.

  4. Shame nobody told Concha that Eric Trump isn’t comparable to Chelsea Clinton. If you watch the campaign hatchet man on any show…going after people the way he does…he’d not exactly some “family member” who should get a softball interview by Megyn. He should be treated more like you would Katrina Pierson. But if you read his latest Mediaite garbage… you’d think Eric is just his son and he’s not out there doing what he’s doing.

    • You mean Eric Trump’s out there campaigning for his father and attacking his opponents…….just like Chelsea Clinton is this year?

      You did know she on the campaign trail right? That she’s attacked (lied) about Sanders right?

      I wonder how the pineapple is on the island this year? (may I never find out)

        • She was used in that role once or twice? After the SOTU. Certainly Gaxter knows…that for the most part… Chelsea has just been used to soften Hillary’s image as a grandma and mother.

          Unlike Attack Dog Eric who appears on Fox And Friends, Greta, Hannity, Dobbs etc and Eric just constantly attacks.

          The difference between Eric and Chelsea are huge.

          A far better comparison would be Ivanka to Chelsea. Ivanka is not out there attacking for the most part. She just helps make her dad look better. Had Megyn done that softball with Ivanka that she did with Eric…it would have been perfectly logical.

          • Once or Twice????? Sorry but that’s a clear LIE….she been on the campaign trail since at least the first week of Jan…..and she still there….in fact she’s the HEADLINER at 2 fundraisers for her Mom NEXT WEEK.

            Certainly you knew that right?

          • Being at rallys like Ivana is certainly different from being an attack dog. You do know that right?

            Even Don Jr is not an attack dog constantly like Eric.

          • OK….if you say so….I disagree…..CC could be on nightly if she wanted………….I really don’t think you get what a journalistd job is.

          • Actually what he gets is moot: he’s a troll. Trollish name and all. Rides the waves as he can grab them.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Julie Banderas
    4 lobbying hard
    3 FDS exemplified
    2 broaden her horizons
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Andrea Tantaros hangs up on radio host when asked about Fox.

      • Lost in all of this: Grown men arguing over why a woman is flat-chested to make a political argument.

        • You mean TRUMP who mocked flat chested women? Of course that’s why Dana brought it up…..because the Trumpkin acts like Trump can do no wrong. But you don’t care about the actual FACTS.

          • So Kayleigh McEnany mocked flat-chested women and deserved to be called out? No. You actually support this argument that this was professional and justified, and fall back on the childish assertion that just because the process of her double mastectomy isn’t completed that makes it OK? You and Loesch’s unemployed husband should go bowling together sometime. Ben Howe can drive.

            Get help. Seriously.

          • No, she has not started the process of having a double mastectomy. I know you don’t care about facts….but the fact is ….she hasn’t.

            And if you had seen a video of her made earlier…where she describes by doing it this way she’ll never have to look down and “be flat”, I would imagine she would have gotten the implants regardless if she had the gene and makes her more likely to get breast cancer in the future.

            The fact is….she may never go through with the process. Who knows. She posted a video of her getting engaged (still up) at Trump’s ice skating rink. That wedding never happened. She probably made different arrangements for it. Prepared some for it. But the wedding never took place. But in your world….obviously she’s going through with marriage.

            I hope everyone checked your twitter to see your 2 and 1/2 hour war against Dana’s husband and Ben. Hilarious! And even after you claimed you were going to bed….it looks like you had to stay up another hour. I love how you always claim you are goign to do something and then…you break it. You have a bad habit of that.

            But it was great to see after you used your little movie quote from “A Few Good Men” that you weren’t man enough to tweet Dana’s husband and admit you blew it. You really are a stand up guy! What character you show.

          • I told him I made a correction and updated the story. It’s bad enough more than a few people question your mental state (loco) but making up stuff too is no way to go through life, son.

            Bottom line: The attack was indefensible. The excuse was worse. Almost nobody outside of your sick existence along with the filling-the-hours-challenged Mr. Loesch are defending it.

            Again, seek help immediately. You’re just not sane.

          • When did you tell him that? Last night during your two and a half hour twitter war with he and Ben?? Had you told him prior to that???

            I could care less at some people questioning that. I look at the people doing it and its laughable they would question anyone’s. In fact, everytime you go on about people who call out a reporters bs and whine about it…you might not want to do that on this site. Keith Olbermann got far more scrutiny than you ever will. For years upon years. So you might not want to be going that route.

            And of course most people who complain about it….lie like you do about the situation. They falsely claim she’s going through a double mastectomy.

            I wonder if the people on this site saw your little 2 1/2 hour twitter meltdown last night.

            I think you are worse off than Bill O at being called out for posting false things. But thanks for always letting the puppet master pull your strings and show your true colors. ha ha

          • The correction was made. I don’t report individually to people outside of my organization, particularly Chris Loesch. It was there on the page with a big (Updated) in the title and a detailed correction at the end.

            Say hi to Nurse Ratched and the rest of your friends at the facility.

        • And trying to argue that putting in implants doesn’t involve surgery, with cutting and blood and all.

  6. if i may interrupt romper room. for all the discussion about how character endures, Jarret was particularly good today. his brief posted session with an atty he knew, knew was good and knew thought differently than he gives him character points for sure. of course these types of point counter point segments sin falta only happen on fox. try to find a charlie rose session like that, i wish you good luck. Fox succeeds because the amen corners are not informative. when people learn they watch, except for amen corner addicts.

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