Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Special Report video: speak out for first time.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Blaze host unloads on CNN contributor.  Rothstein: Boob talk.
  • CNN given access to Workers Party Congress.  Q&A: Megyn Kelly; more.
  • Kelly File video: on Facebook chicanery.  Weekend numbers.
  • Greta: To be fair, this time it’s Fox News.   Greta’s crib sells at bargain price.
  • Coop town hall on prescription drug abuse.  Ramberg to testify before House.

70 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I’ve never used the Tending News feature of FACEBOOK. Proud of myself. I’ll continue to stick to keeping up with the antics of my former paper-boy’s grandchildren and the such.

    • I discovered the entertainment one a few months ago….I look at @ once a day……….But some people need lives for crying out loud…………I mean I see people on twitter type in #nevertrump………like that means something………I mean how bad would my life have to be to type that more than a few time ever….imagine typing it over and over all day long.

      Some people just were NOT made to get on the internet………….I don’t care if you’re eating at Mcdonald’s ……don’t need it in my timeline……and get off my grass.

      It’s telling that the facebook did nothing wrong crowd…..just happen to be the #1 Fox News is evil crowd although.

      I really don’t care if they censored it….but tell us you are doing that.

      • That’s pretty much the issue. They claimed objective algorithm selection but people who have worked there testify otherwise. If it’s on Drudge, contains the name “Lois Lerner”, etc. look for their eastern college hired part-time editors to trend it to purgatory.

    • yeah, just another crazy loser like Picasso. it must be hard being perfect, i know i could never handle it. so what instruments do you play? ever have an audience in the tens of thousands to perform for?

        • funny coincidence i know a promoter who gave me work over 20 years, mostly festivals and such. always advised me on what he i thought we were doing wrong, everything from apparel to arrangement. when i asked him what he played, his answer was the same, in high school. never valued his opinion on music either.

          • I played the trumpet. My older brother played the clarinet. He gave it to my little sister after he graduated from high school.

          • Economics a deciding factor as parents help with the decision making.

            Music a big deal in my Indiana school system. Elkhart was the self-proclaimed “band instrument capital of the world” with both manufacturers Conn and Selmor headquartered there. Each helped fund the schools as well as the city’s municipal orchestra. By the time I left, both had relocated to Japan.

          • my sole bumper sticker said “real musicians have day jobs”.
            however what Prince did or did not do he put in a lot more work hours in his short life than most people and everything he did was public. so dissing him seems kinda cheap. maybe i shoulda just said that and left it.
            my bad.

          • Like a lot of public people, only the well crafted image was public. A vegan that didn’t drink, didn’t take drugs, that forbid associates to take drugs — that was the image. Probably only scratched the surface of what was really going on, but this we know: dead at 57 after he desperately made a last attempt to keep the myth going as his people desperately attempted to keep him going.

          • mythology? i honestly know casi nada about him personally. nor do i care. i have listened to none of his pop stuff. i have watched him play. one of the toughest band leaders ever thought he was great, James Brown. he was a musician good enough to never lack work, scored, arranged and produced his own stuff. played multiple instruments well.he is in the top 1% of people in terms of accomplishment in 57 years, that is no myth and i could care less about his personal life. dissing him is a cheap shot on a dead guy.

          • Glad you admit you know nothing about him. I could tell. As for you opinion of what’s a cheap shot and what’s not, you got that right. You pay your taxes.

          • glad to see you admit you know nothing about his music. yeah, it was a nasty cheap shot about a person that just died from a guy who has never been in his business, so you have the right, just not the ability to make a cheap shot judgement. sorry i tried to be nice. shoulda known.

          • I was going to say that I sang with Mike Douglas in front of 6,000 people, but didn’t want to brag.

    • I remember a bunch of good songs of his from the ’80s, but I can’t think of anything he had done of consequence since. The guy played the guitar well, but the media made it sound as if he was the second coming of Jimi Hendrix.

  2. The CNN town hall tonight sounds interesting – prescription drug abuse is a major problem that should get more coverage.
    If anything, one less hour of the breathless coverage of the election cycle is welcomed.

    • sad, but kinda hard to say twitter was a cause. instead of reading this stuff and making a judgement i just see another reason to avoid ugly stuff personally. not that one can avoid it all, but try try try. example adds one more try harder to m list.

      • Oh….I wasn’t letting Henry off the hook…..I just meant…..if NOT for twitter they never would have meet…….and a 42 year old stripper…….that seems weird.

    • I’d describe her observable positives as her being very attractive.

      I wouldn’t use the term “glamorous”. Not on any planet.

      • just for the record……..when I said “and now I no longer do”……I meant care @ the story……it’s a personal thing IMHO now….unless he used company funds or something or lied under oath……. I find this whole thing weird. I’m NOT the one to ask about female beauty….LOL

        BUT: unless there’s a bombshell… a year or 2 nobody except the stooge types will even remember.

        • I never suggested that your interest in this is in any way deeper than merely seeing what Ed Henry risked marriage and career over. I simply responded to a characterization made in the article that you linked.

          Can I say anything anymore without everyone getting defensive?


          • wasn’t so much you……frankly after I wrote it I thought maybe it could be taken that way…..I meant to come back and change it but forgot.

    • Having been on the receiving end of those who think that someone else having cancer is absolutely hilarious, I have no use for Dana Loesch.

      • She doesn’t have cancer. She has a gene that makes or more likely to get it in the future. The same gene Dana has.

        The bad part…the Daily Caller author wrote a piece designed to deceive people unless they read it closely. Then, that story got picked up by numerous news outlets by reporters who lack basic reading comprehension.

        • No, she didn’t have cancer, she went for preventive surgery. However, I was reminded of the Bride of Chucky laughing about my surgery.

          • No…she went to have implants put in….to STRETCH THE SKIN…so in case she does have a double mastectomy in the future…there will be enough skin to have implants put in.

            Still waiting for Joe, Johnny $ etc….to CORRECT their horrible mistake.

    • Best part: Said husband demanded I retract the story because (he claims) McEnary never had the surgery. It took about eight seconds to share the proof while allowing me throw in a line from “A Few Good Men”.

      • At least Dana and her husband found each other and didn’t ruin two families.

          • Have any proof she did not?

            Ill take her word over Loesch…..if for no other reason…..then her past work.

          • Yes, it’s posted at the top in the twitter link in the whole conservation with the author of the article. I complained because of how she wrote it…many people would falsely come to the conclusion that KM has had a double mastectomy.

            Or if you just want the direct one

            I just can’t wait for Concha’s retraction on Mediaite and Johnny$’s retraction

          • Try to read. She had preventive surgery due to the breast cancer gene running running rampant through her family. Concha doesn’t need to retract a thing, nor does Johnny. You, on the other hand, might want to reconsider your view.

          • WRONG!! She hasn’t had a double mastectomy. Johnny Dollar and Concha both blew it.

            She did have a procedure yes…one in case she wants to have a double mastectomy IN THE FUTURE. Did you even bother reading the AUTHOR of that story admit Kayleigh had never had a double mastectomy??

            Did you?? I posted several links and its clear. But don’t worry about pesky things like facts

          • Thanks because that just shows GAME-SET and MATCH. All she did was get implants to stretch the skin. She hasn’t HAD the SURGERY. DUH!!

            My goodness….

            Fox News Fan
            ‏@betsyscribeindc People see that & think implants AFTER the fact

            You don’t point out why she needed the implants BEFORE ,,,to stretch skin

            @FNC_Ladies_Rule So if she hasn’t technically stretched her skin yet far enough for the surgery then calling her flat-chested is fine? WTF.

      • Where’s the proof that Kayleigh ever had the surgery? I’d love to see it. Even the author of the Daily Caller story admitted Kayleigh has never had the surgery. All Kayleigh did is get implants because she was so small busted. This is done so the skin can be stretched. So if/when she decides to go through with the the double mastectomy (which many doctors advise against)…then there will be enough skin for reconstruction with the implants.

  3. FNC segment today on popularity of giving babies Presidential first names. Shep’s associate saying, most spikes happen after the POTUS dies, but a short spike in “Barack” came right after Obama was elected. Shepard injected, “Sort of like MSNBC’s ratings… that was rude”.

    Hardy har har!

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Monday’s
    4 Boob talk
    3 Blaze host unloads
    2 it’s Fox News
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Greta’s crib sells at bargain price.

  5. Once CBS This Morning hired Morning Joe producer Chris Licht some critics suggested the show moved to the right — or at least more to the center.

    Now that Mr. Licht has moved on to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert are we seeing a similar pattern? Something many thought was badly needed given how few Republicans watched his show compared to other late night shows. Joe Concha addressed this in a column last fall.

    To wit:
    • A friendly interview with Bill O’Reilly last week.
    • In a monologue this week he seemed to focus more on mocking Paul Ryan than his adversary Donald Trump.
    • Taking a shot at Facebook and by extension, founder Mark Zuckerberg, last night.

    A very small sample size to be sure.

    Is Colbert’s show finally making a badly needed course correction?

    Who knows? We may need more time for an accurate assessment.

    • Some good thoughts. Moot point with me though as we have had ample opportunity to see the core Colbert, and I can never get past his hosting of the White House Correspondents Dinner. He might as well have murdered my sister. No second chance from me.

      • Yeah, that WHCD was a disaster.

        Yet another example of my feeling that he just isn’t that funny.

        • Imus did a Clinton WHCD that was just as unfunny, but in my opinion, considerably less mean spirited.

          • Reports at the time were to the contrary with lots of groans and reactions of shock retold. Over time, the truth-to-power aspect overshadowed the rudeness in the telling. Rich Little swung the pendulum to boring.

  6. Keep in mind everyone regarding the Kayleigh/ Dana story…the author of the story “Daily Caller” complained to me that she didn’t write a piece that wasn’t clear. She went on about how it was clear to everyone who read it that Kayleigh hadn’t had a double mastectomy. But reading some of the comments below, I think I was right in blasting her about how she slanted the story to make it “appear” like she had undergone that procedure.

    I hope JoeConchaTV has some actual proof that Kayleigh actually underwent a double mastectomy because he sure doesn’t provide any in his little Mediaite piece.

    Joe’s claim is Kayleigh already underwent the procedure and that is totally false! And it’s even backed up by the Daily Caller author when I confronted her over how her article APPEARED to make it seem like Kayleigh had already had it done.

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