Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Greta is right. “gave $150,000” “is a smear”. We gave money to a private school where we sent our grandson. I didn’t expect nor get any favors from the Jesuits.

    • i try to do little things right now. i brought a stray kitten in today to get fixed at the Ag school. walked right into class in surgery and left it in a cardboard box. no kennels, no cages, why not get it done. then i am responsible for what the the ag school does? no way. people give for lots of reasons, but after the gift is given it ain’t yours anymore and if you expect something in return it is not a gift.

      • seriously if the freaking save the planet people would just do one decent thing a day everything would be fixed. this collectivist baloney just means some other guy should do it. i get the motivation thing. people give because of personal experience, or they want attention, other self absorbed reasons, it is still a gift. he gave money to a prep school. how nefarious!

  2. Each of the three hosts on CBS THIS MORNNG gave the GIZMODO reporter a straight-backed, stern-faced grilling on his FACEBOOK conservative news suppression story. MSM people are always dragged kicking to admit liberal bias (witness Lesley Stahl Sunday on MEDIABUZZ), but the 3 CBS hosts seem particularly miffed about this accusation. The young GIZMODO fellow was well prepared and handled the onslaught well, though you could tell he was a bit nervous.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 raise serious questions
    4 become CNN stars
    3 is a smear
    2 Judge Napolitano
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN reporter offered Hillary a platform to promote her ‘top priorities’.

  4. What’s Wemple hiding? We know now he’s dispicable, but Enquiring minds want to know more.

      • Hope Ed Henry is allowed to come back on Fox. He does great work. Am sure a lot retired reporters are glad there weren’t cell phones and social media when they were younger.

  5. ok, i watched the talking points on BOR and clicked off. now who does BOR sound like ….. why the Donald, and an uncle or two from the same hood i was born in.

  6. I think Ed Henry stepped on one big PC/media landmine: ” Las Vegas hostess” vs NPR Big honcho Asian wife.

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