Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Trump’s Trump; blame
  • Reliable Sources videos: Media civil war; it’s time to choose; Nancy Gibbs.
  • F&F video: how to take care of a Derby horse.
  • Factor video: previews 60 Minutes report on genocide by ISIS.
  • Is With All Due Respect about to lose its hosts?  Scarborough in a twitter spat.
  • Geraldo special: When Kate Met Chapo; Q&A; Geraldo: I can’t vote for Trump.
  • Your Buzz videos:
  • Late Show video: with Stephen Colbert.  Sunday talkers: preview.

42 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Bloomberg’s nickname for hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann of “Haldeman and Ehrlchman” probably doesn’t entice them to stay home.

    • “Come, come, come and play spy with me down at the old Watergate.

      Come, come, come love and lie with me down at the old Watergate.

      See the little German Band, Haldeman and Ehrlichmann.

      Don’t Martha Mitchell look great.

      Come, come, come don’t be shy with me,

      I’ll have the whole FBI with me down at the old Water

      – we’ll make the police blotter, down at the old Watergate.”

      • i know everyone here has read the Prince of Darkness, but it is a great political reference book along with Barone’s 30’s to 80’s they have indexes paved with oro.

  2. “Donald Trump is currently on good terms with Megyn Kelly & bashing Joe Scarborough/Morning Joe on Twitter,” Washington Examiner political reporter Al Weaver tweeted. “Let that sink in.”

  3. First my Dad Blackflon disappears and now that bane of the noble redman Nixon is MIA
    Maybe he is busy transcribing the greatest thoughts of Sarah Palin

  4. At probably a tenth the budget, I find the reports on FULL MEASURE more interesting than 60 MINUTES lately.

  5. first saw Amy Walter on ABC online. the smartest Charles Cook catch ever. her learning curve is steep. every time i see her she frames the direct clash of the discussion with greater creativity and force. definitely the smartest mouth on FTN today.

  6. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Abby Huntsman learns
    4 preview
    3 can’t vote for Trump
    2 in a twitter spat
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Is With All Due Respect about to lost its hosts?

  7. The minute I heared Howie say Lesley Stahl was on today, the thought immediately popped in my head, “she has a book to sell”.

  8. CNN media critic, time to choose. how stupid do you have to be to ask “how is voting for Hillary the conservative vote? the point is there is no conservative vote. the vote is Hillary gridlock vs crazy time. the only conservative hope is nothing happens for 4 years. elect enough conservatives to Bork her for years and she will surely be dead or infirm by the next election.

    • As much as I dislike Trump, I will vote for Crazy Time over the Butcher of Benghazi.

      • you get that choice, i am not driving carretera norte to the embassy to vote for either. first time in my life. it is the only rational choice to me. on election day, i will go shop at Pricesmart and at night play the guitar out back by the pool and turn all media off. the only thing that would drag me in is non-federal state elections which i cannot vote in. of course i still pay state taxes. but that is another expat citizenship based taxation issue.

        • Just imagine what creatures Herself would appoint to The Supreme Court. That is reason enough to vote against her.

          • themore radical people she appoints the easier it would be to bork her. the oldest member is liberal, how can she do 4 more years?. then we will be 4-3. 7 is just fine with me compared to crazy time. the wise latina and dyke can vote however they want then.

          • Larry’s dog is wiser than Sotomayor. As for the other one, I don’t know what her hobbies are, nor do I want to.

          • my dog, don loco, obeys the entire range of commands to the point he is excellent with children and permitted visitors. a single click click from my mouth and he appears at my side and freezes whether for a child to touch, mom to look for ticks, or to await the command to go and eat someone. at night he knows to kill and eat anyone coming over the wall just as he plucks passing Palomas out of the air and catches rattons. maybe intelligence is over rated and behavior should be the measure used.

          • he can also remove the metal curved bar, then swing open the latch and open the gate, but only when told to or at night. i want that type of president.

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