Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Did FNC ‘Guccifer‘ scoop force NBC News to run story they sat on?
  • Concha: Here’s all you need to know about Ed Henry and his career.
  • Why CNN’s Big Story is different from its rivals.  Shuster to resurface?
  • Video: for Megyn Kelly Presents. NewsCorp banks on book.
  • Medrano: Matthews’s Melania comments not nearly as bad as his others.
  • Factor video: on how the media treat Hillary and Trump.
  • Dismissal of ‘suicide’ lawsuit appealed to Supremes.  Changes at CNN Films.

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      • I don’t know the dynamics of Henry’s marriage, but if he was operating under the usual traditional parameters, I can’t help but think he might play fast and loose with other things too. Concha points out that we’re hard-pressed to find anything in Henry’s work that even hints of that and as much as I acknowledge this, I am still aware that this sort of failing is not some misstep in taste, compartmentalized, like a gaudy vase bought on impulse and kept out of sight in the basement mancave.

        Behavior means something.

        Exactly. I was always taught that if a man would cheat on his wife and family, the two things that he should hold dearest, he was not to be trusted.

          • agreed, however do not permit your piousness to completely erase any good the man does. we have the story of Magdalene which details all people’s frailty.

          • I don’t see it as piousness, I see it as an observation on what we should strive to be.

          • ok, so maybe choose another word. same concept. we should judge what people are and who we believe and hang with, but don’t let it be the end all be all. i like ed Henry’s work, it is hard not to. however, now he is Henry the cheat. that is not contradictory. we can keep more than one thought in our minds. i do not like the drive for titillation and exposure, but now that we know, we know. no mas no menos.

          • ….and there are people that so hate the exposure industry that they excuse what is exposed. i see that as the driving force to be honest. just because one is despicable does not mean the other is odor free.

          • i was speaking of why people find gossipers worse than the the act of which they gossip. fear of god went out of style with the Lyman Beecher, the last major Calvinist.

          • At least he didn’t break any criminal laws, So it could be worse, he could be like Jerry Sandusky.

          • Not pretending piousness, just know for myself, I will have a harder time watching him reporting on Hillary, especially since that was his role. How is he going to report on the womanizing Bill Clinton did, or give a report from one of the women Bill screwed on his way to the top? Or, will the story be ignored? We are all know news is what is reported as much as is NOT reported.

      • When dad proposed to mom she accepted with two provisions: he never cheat on her, he never hit her. Were he to do either, she promised in the darkest hour of the night, she would strike him with a cast iron frying pan. Mama put up with a lot of grief from that man in the 50+ years of marriage, but she told me after he passed that those vows he kept.

        We are fragile creatures, and I am prone to be forgiving and nonjudgmental. That does not keep me from admiring those that follow the straight and narrow.

        • But a reporter’s marriage is not any of our business. I wouldn’t be surprised if most journalists cheated on their spouses.

          • it isn’t any of our business however, i did not seek that info out, and cheaters cheat. cheaters are people who should be treated as such. what? people willing to betray their family should be believed? come on now. there are people that lie, and people that do not. no one is calling for his hanging, but it is silly to not change your opinion of who he is

          • At least it was adultery, and not childery. So he’s got that going for him.

          • discussion of kind and degree is fair, so says Aristotle. lol. or was that Plato via Socrates….. coulda been Cicero, or maybe in St Augustine’s confessions. but you know what i mean.

          • Nor did I. In a long walking tour we saw Castillo de San Marcos, St. Georges’s Street, Flagler College and Saint Augustine Winery.

          • it is believed that St Augustine was a male prostitute, Confessions is an excellent treatise on education and redemption.

      • if his wife was your BF would you feel differently? i’ll root for the return of his good work, be will never be the same man and Henry knows that even if Conch does not.

      • That’s true, actually. Did the whole thing on my iPhone while on the road (not driving). I’m the Zoe Barnes of Mediaite (the live version). Thanks C.

        • Thank you. When I called Eric Wemple a finer journalist, I meant finer than the thinkers/writers at InTouch, not finer than you.

          Hes not. You’ve got him beat in clear-eyed clarity by a country mile.

  1. Mr. Concha’s column left me inspired, and I’ve just mailed my letter to Hulk Hogan requesting that he sue Wemple.

  2. “Shuster has many friends throughout the organization, including Joe Scarborough.”

    Help me remember a blowup Joe had at David that was one of the worst I’ve ever seen on his show. It was a brutal dressing down.

    • I seem to remember Scarborough getting upset at Slippery Shuster because he had raised the Scarborough-killed-an-intern conspiracy theory, although I may be confusing Slippery with one of the other MSNBC lunatics on that.

          • Close to it. He got suspended a week for that. Fired shortly thereafter for making a secret pilot at CNN.

          • Well, you know K.O. Hes too broad-minded to censor anyone calling a Republican a murderer. It was so unreasonable of Joe to take exception.

          • Maybe the most despicable guy on the planet. Tommy Christopher once publicly call him a “piece of s***”.

          • Whoa. That’s an indictment. That’s like having the devil disgusted over your perfidy.

        • I can understand how Scarborough got heated over Shuster’s smug condescension. Especially when Shuster did the ‘you should dress down your party’ thing at Joe, as though that’s Joe’s job and Shuster’s agenda is as unideological as Diogenes.

          It is puzzling why Joe couldn’t have just said that’s its not contradictory to want troops home from Iraq and to get annoyed when Maliki whines for that when his guys aren’t ready to keep his head in one piece if the U.S. did leave.

          I had almost forgotten how smug and high-handed Shuster always was with Joe. In those days so was Mika.

          Thanks for unearthing that.

  3. Until last night NBC, sat on an interview their reporter, Cynthia McFadden, did with the Romanian hacker that broke into Clinton’s email server. The guy has been extradited to the USA and is being questioned by the FBI, but the interview was done way back when he was still in Romanian custody. Aired last night about a third of the way into NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, and softened as much as possible it came on air only after its existence was exposed. Nonetheless, the report was pretty damning to Clinton, and serves to show why the public rightly is skeptical of the MSM as well as why Lisa Myers retired.

  4. Of course NBC spiked the story on the Clinton emails……for the same reason CNN spiked the Iraq stories in between the wars…..ACCESS!

    Plain and simple………..and they should be ashamed……..they won’t be…….but they should be.

  5. i don’t get what Shuster offers MSNBC…….he isn’t a great reporter……he’s said dumb things……..he doesn’t get great ratings………what’s the draw?

    • He was was alright on Al Jazeera America , I used to watch his and Tamron Hall’s 2 hours MSNBC Live they were good together. But I will say not sure what is there for him now though , more tolerable than Brian Williams though.

  6. The good news is last night’s Red Eye had Meghan McCain, Jimmy Failla, and Joanne Nosuchinsky. The bad news is Lou Dobbs was the fourth guest and he was a pro-Trump jerk, bashing Ben Sasse and Paul Ryan. After he said Ryan is not a conservative, I quit watching. Shame on me for thinking Lou would be tolerable.

    • Dobbs has been going after Andy Levy for not being a Trumper for months now. Watch JoNo and Andy tonight on Dobbs around 7:50pm.

      Dobbs surpassed Eric Bolling, Judge Jeanine, Andrea, Kimberly G, Hannity, Greta, Varney, Jesse Watters and a few others for the Top Trumper spot

      Before January or so, Lou was always entertaining. Great on Gutfeld etc.

      2 months ago, Kennedy had enough of his nonsense she said on #Kennedy he was going to be Trump’s Amb to Liechtenstein.

      It’s sickening how may FNC hosts support one of the biggest RINO’s of all time. Some do it for ratings obviously. The others…probably want a job in a Trump administration.

      • yeah, he could not possibly believe what he has been saying for ten years, he must have evil motives. another guy to feel sorry for, you.

  7. 21st Century vs NewsCorp

    Andrea Tantaros didn’t even move 3,000 hardcover books her first week (including months of pre-orders) of her Harper Collins published book with the Bondage Cover.

    Keep in mind, Harper Collins printed 150,000 copies of “Tied Up In Knots”

    Don’t you know there’s alot of NewsCorp peeps who are cussing out 21st Century ones right now =))

    • which is why I said…..she had to do something major………and if she did……..good for Fox News for putting ethics above profit.

      • Cheryl Casone’s book came out this week and she promo’d it all over Fox plus she had a book party.
        Andrea has not had a book party as far as I know.
        Was in Barnes & Noble and saw Cheryl’s book prominently displayed. Didn’t see Andrea’s book.

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  9. since i have dissed BORs preaching a lot lately i should balance that with his uniquely interesting interview with MOH recipient Clinton Romesha. he clearly read the book and asked the questions that elicited response outside the usual patter. Particularly drawing out Romesha’s distinction between winning an award and being a recipient for his fellow men. The medal is about honor, being a man is about family and comrades. too good to be true, but is really true, is stuff the country needs. beats the stuffing out of people in the political class interviews. in this case the interview was 100% about the subject. rare. good job.

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