Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Somerby: The latest example of Maddow as cable news demagogue.
  • Outnumbered video: What to expect from a
  • It’s a New MF’in Day: CNN morning show slips in a two-word expletive.
  • Ariens: Zucker boasts about Great Big Story.  Q&A: Will Ripley in Korea.
  • Swells gather for ‘Women in Media’.  Jamaican tv host upset with CNN.
  • Video: Andrea Tantaros   Heil: Ed Henry is likely to return.
  • Erik Wemple enchanted by Brian Williams bon mots.  Reality suit settled.
  • Mr Class: Chris Matthews caught on hot mic drooling over Melania Trump.
  • Kelly File video: tells why a funeral was held for her.
  • Q&A: Cheryl Casone makes book; so does Pete Hegseth.  Q&A: Geraldo Rivera.

84 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I know one of the medevac pilots that flew victims in the Taylor University crash. It was a terrible mess. The van looked like it had been through a shredder. It was hard to believe that anybody survived.

  2. I am working on a book. Have yet to come up with a title and am stuck after this first sentence, “It was never easy for me, I was born a poor black child.”

  3. Will the ever predictable name-changing trolls return to chew on Ed Henry as road kill? Chippys wit fat burgers. Junk food.

      • Off for a few days this week. Not sure I have an opinion. Off the top of my head, I’m not sure what effect his extracirrculars have on his job. He appeared to be doing it well. Do his actions devalue his credibility of a reporter? I’m heavily leaning towards it being irrelevant. Obvious fact: Marriages in media invariably don’t go well. Think how many major cable news personalities are divorced for a moment. As I write this, maybe this can be a column. Back on Friday.

        • Many marry each other with divorce in short order. Not going to name names. OK, I will under tourture.

  4. Race-Changing Indiana Primary Gives Fox News Ratings Win
    According to early Nielsen data, Fox News’ coverage of Tuesday’s Indiana Primary delivered an average of 4.3 million viewers and 1.1 million in 25-54, beating CNN and MSNBC in both categories and marking cable news’ most-watched primary night since Super Tuesday III coverage of the Florida and Ohio primaries on March 15. (TVNewser)

  5. Chris Matthews saying he enjoys watching the beautiful Melania Trump walk is about as lascivious as Girl Scout Cookies.

  6. Ok…….I know the disgraced Newshound liars hate #1 Fox News and all but……this has to be the dumbest hate tweet of the year so far…….and that’s saying a lot.

    “@NewsHoundEllen Outnumbered won’t have a liberal on every day but it’s colleges that are intolerant to Conservatives.”

    I guess if you think you are a media critic and don’t know what “exclusive” means…….that makes sense……otherwise…..not so much.

    • Yes, because Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell have conservatives on every day, right? Oh wait, that’s OK because it’s MSNBC. People complaining that an opinion program doesn’t agree with their opinion seem to miss the key fact: that’s what makes it an opinion program.

      Heck, MSNBC “hard news” daytime programs can go a full week having Dems and liberals on but not a single right-of-center guest! But let’s complain about Outnumbered every day.

      The mind reels.

      • I will look forward to ALL of their complaints when MSNBC only has Hillary supporters on in the General……but it isn’t going to happen because the disgraced Newshounds are ALL hypocrites.

        I’ve made it clear why I believe their favorite targets are Justice with jeanine and outnumbered……seen nothing to change my mind. ON 4-20 they complained about ONLY 3 guests on FNC and FBN out of what over a hundred……..want to guess what they had in common? Just a coincidence my big butt.

        Of course i’m still hoping for Sanders….so I’m a dreamer.

        • They back to smearing Megyn Kelly again. I guess now that Trump has the nom there’s no reason to pretend to stand with Megyn, so it’s back to the smears!

          • J$ are you shocked that they did that? It was all a act…..didn’t even take 24 hour for it to restart……….I feel sorry for Michelle Fields if she was crazy enough to believe people lie the stooges supported her…..they will be calling her a goon….any minute now.


        • Thanks to this thing called free speech I’m allowed to complain about a bias for Trump. That’s what Pirro and Outnumbered have. It’s got nothing to do with race.

          I’m not required to complain about how MSNBC or CNN cover Hillary just because I complain about FOX.
          If you think it’s only FOX complaints you must have missed all my criticism about CNN’s coverage of Trump.

          If you don’t agree with me you have the option to not read my comments.
          Instead like an obsessed stalker you choose to keep reading my comments then come here to complain.

          This creepy obsession with insulating I’m racist with no proof is really something strange.

          • I never agree with you and will read your comments if you deliver them to my doorstep. Speech is free and worth ever penny.

          • Unless you make the effort to keep checking my Twitter comments I’m not delivering comments to your doorstep.

          • Wrong again. I Know Twitter posts are public. You have to go to my page to read them.
            Besides my responses here I’m not directly delivering comments directly to anyone.

          • I haven’t visited your nest in over a year. I think the smarter of your trio blocked me long before then.

          • If you don’t agree with me you have the option to not read my comments.

            I guess we can add “regular basis” to exclusive and obsession and other words you really don’t understand the meaning of.

            as for “insulating”….Im NOT….Im saying it right out…….but Ive cover that many times here exactly why and i’m NOT going over it again out of respect to J$……..I could do it again…..but i doubt Moe has left enough beer for me to get that drunk to want to do it again…… know regular basis and all.

          • Thanks for again proving my point that you have no proof that I’m racist because I talk about FOX news talent.

            The added touch of mocking someone with alcohol issues using a comment about beer is real classy and shows your true colors.

          • NOT doing it again…..

            .Funny NOW you remember who MOE is….funny how that happens……….I have no respect for someone who calls women of color a goon……you do……I think I’ve said why I think that is…….free speech remember?

            You have the option to not read my comments. I would NEVER force a disgraced Newshound writer to read ANYTHING true…….it could hurt.

          • Your definition of women of color is ridiculous.
            Andrea is not a women of color and has made many offensive comments as a pundit on FOX which is why he has called her a goon.

          • It’s NOT my definition…’s the dictionaries…….another word the Disgraced Newshound “writers” don’t know.

          • I honestly don’t know why you keep up this ridiculous obsession on a theory that talking about people you define as women of color is racist?

            It’s wrong. Again who I talk about has nothing to do with what race, ethnic group or nationality they are.

        • I don’t get why you going on twitter and reading them makes you an ‘obsessed stalker’, but them going on J$P and reading you is just peachy fine.

          • Do I come here on a regular basis and complain about what people say on Twitter or use Twitter to complain on regular basis about what it said here? No.

            I’m simply responding to someone who on finds it necessary multiple times a month to attack me and complain about my Twitter comments here.

            He does comes off as an obsessed stalker when he has to option to not read my Tweets if he does not agree with them. Instead he comes here to complain.

            I’m not an obsessed stalker. I’m simply responding to his attacks and complaints.

          • ” if he does not agree with them. Instead he comes here to complain.”

            Not complain…..laugh…..BIG difference.

          • BTW: might want to mention to MOE that I’ve had my disqus account since 2008…..if he can still focus my page its here…….he NOT writing for Disgraced Newshounds yet… need to spread lie about normal people.


          • Do I come here on a regular basis and complain about what people say on Twitter or use Twitter to complain on regular basis about what it said here?

            The answer is clearly “yes.” Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here to harass us.

          • You are stalking us here with your inane comments. Oh, and by the way, you are a racist, just not as bad as Joe Remi.

          • No name calling please. That applies to everyone. People are getting a little too free with the insults around here. That’s Larry’s department.

          • Thanks. I didn’t mean to single you out (others were doing it before you) and probably should have posted not as a response to any particular poster. But genius me, I didn’t think of it at the time.

          • I understood that it wasn’t meant to be personal, but to calm some us (me included) down. I really should think more before I hit “Post.”

          • Thanks. I didn’t mean to single you out (others were doing it before you) and probably should have posted not as a response to any particular poster. But genius me I didn’t think of it at the time.

          • Yea….Nixon….he’s not stalking us…..just because he responds to my OP within minutes at a place his kind call a “dumP’ and “cesspool”…….I means that’s not stalking right????

            By his own admission I only post about his foolishness a few times a month……yet he watches this site and responds within the hour…..but that’s not stalking……more like obsessed stalking.


          • It’s not stalking to respond to someone who attacks you.
            The common denominator is that you keep checking Twitter for what few people say and then come here to complain.

            Unless someone else has mentioned posts here I don’t regular complain about what is said here on Twitter or other blogs.

          • Yea….keep telling yourself that …..i’m sure the other stooges will back you up on that if they can type straight.

            You monitor a blog you call a dump so often you can respond to a comment in less than one hour….in case I make a comment about some foolish thing one of you disgraced stooges might have posted………which you admit I only do a few times a month……….that’s stalking……..look it up………and while you’re there……see exclusive and all the other words you have so much trouble with.

            You have the option to not read my comments…..might be a good idea so you don’t embarrass yourself so much.

          • “if they can type straight?” With all do respect you keep putting …….. between sentences and phrases.

            You have the option to not read my Tweets.
            Instead you choose to keep going to my twitter page, my tweets and then complain here. That’s stalking.

            As I’ve said before if you find it necessary to come here and attack me I’m going to respond.

            “might be a good idea so you don’t embarrass yourself so much.”

            You can’t make a response without childish nicknames, name calling and have to be warned to tone it down.

          • Again……..and for the last time tonight……..I don’t complain or attack you……..I post things you post that I find funny….I post things here to laugh at you……………. and share your foolish things with others along with lies I see the disgraced newshounds post about Fox News.

            You don’t like that….fine…..You have the option to not read my comments. You think you can defend the undefendable fine….feel free to post….just more humor for us.

            I chose to read your tweets for the humor factor…….as I’m sure others do.

            You chose to stalk J$….which is fine… least i don’t spend all day looking out for people calling out lies I may have posted or dumb things I might have said……I have a life……so goodnite……lie-on.

            Thanks for reading the “dump”.

          • “I don’t complain or attack you”. Multiple times you accused me of being racist because of the FOX talent I talk about.
            You even said it in a post then edited it out. That’s a personal attack.

            “I post things here to laugh at you”. That’s a personal attack and very childish. I don’t do the same about your comments.

            Every time I ask for proof a racist comment or lie all you can come up with is I said FOX did not cover something when they did.

            You chose to stalk my Tweets. I don’t spend all day reading people’s tweets then going to a blog to complain about them.

          • Not going back through it again…….go back to that post you remember so well that I edited within 2 min….and READ what else I wrote that night… was clear. At least 3 others here understood.

            If that’s what you call a personal attack…..what is calling a black woman a GOON???????

            I read your tweets about twice a day… could be worse I could watch a TV channel I hate and then post all day about it making stuff up as I go……but then I’m sure my family members would make me see some sort of a Doctor if I did that.

            We are Done.

          • Yea….its not like I call twitter a “dump” or “Cesspool” or make fun of how many poster it has.

  7. TWEET: Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
    5/5/16, 2:37 PM
    I will be interviewed by @BretBaier @SpecialReport at 6pm ET tonight @FoxNews

  8. FOX is loyal to its people if they are loyal to FOX. I expect Ed Henry to be asked back just because of FNC management’s revulsion at the slimeball agents of schadenfreude.

    • I can’t believe a reporter having an affair could jeopardize his job. No one complained about Steve Kroft, as someone has already mentioned here.

      • It’s all about hypocrisy. Kroft is MSM which profess no morals. Henry is FNC which stands all that’s right and holy. Maybe I got that mixed up with liberals and conservatives? Demorcats and Republicans? Atheists and Baptists? Charlie’s Angles and Michael & Gabriel?

        • Yeah, I love the line of argument that conservatives are especially accountable for moral failure because conservatives champion traditional morality.

          As though democratic candidates are running on platforms sanctioning adultery and deadbeat parents.

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