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  1. Nixon, your Lily Langtry is co-hosting the 1 a.m. live edition of America’s Election HQ!

  2. My husband is traveling and I got up spooked in the middle of the night and watched a great clip of an interview Megyn did with Brit Hume about Trump.

    I can’t find it now, but it’s interesting. I just love him.

    • because relations between human beings ______________. almost any words you insert will be correct.

      • I’m sure it gets lonely on the road. That’s Jeff Dunham, who Ed kind of looks like, travels with his [second] wife Audrey.

          • Gregg has done all he can do, he is to be applauded for that, but he is still a drunk just not drinking now. you can change, be forgiven, but everyone has to keep their past attached to them. i just feel bad for them. i am sure their marriage is much more important than Fox News. it is now changed forever. sad.

  3. It’s very sad and very wrong that Ed Henry cheated on his wife, but he’s a reporter. He hasn’t been elected to anything.

    • it is fair to judge people on their honesty no matter who they are, no matter what they do. we have all committed graves . some are irreparable, all can determine what sort of man (generic) a person is by post Prohibido actions. sad, but no matter what he does, he will never be a better man than he was before. Even forgiven Magdelene was a former prostitute. careful out there young uns, temptation awaits.
      the above from an Atheist no less …lol

      • Pretty much. Same people didn’t bat a eye about Steve Kroft. I didn’t bat an eye about Steve Kroft. My eye isn’t batting now. Just sorry for Ed and family.

        • i did not know about steve kroft, thanks for sharing, i always thought he was a puke anyway.

  4. Ed has more than lightly flushed his marriage down the toilet….I hope the sex was good as Lima wasn’t the slightest bit interested in him….all she was interested in was the pay-day after she sold the story to a tabloid. Henry is a complete and utter idiot and he deserves everything he gets.

      • This is nothing more than a classic kiss & tell and Ed’s been caught with his pants down.

        • cancel the word classic and insert the word debased and you would be correct. for the teller, and the comment, not the kisser.

        • That is true, but oh what a standard when we start treating unfaithful spouses working in tv as though they are an elected official or our pastor or church elder.

          I’d venture there are not two people in the world who would care to know anything about Ed Henry’s sexual sins outside of the fact that he works for Fox.

          • then you would be wrong. i do not respect liars and cheats no matter who they are. what they do. when it happened. it does not mean shun the person. but he will never regain the respect he had or his own self respect.

            to the other poster who is gleeful, i am reminded that i always taught my kids that to enjoy the pain of others is the worse thing a human can do.

          • If you could read (and write) you’d see that I said nothing about making the man my best friend, and yes I agree that character does speak to professionalism.

            Yet Ed Henry hasn’t asked me to judge him professionally on his family life. He didn’t go on 60 Minutes and declare he would never hurt his wife again. He hasn’t called a bevy of former paramours trash and liars. He hasn’t denied cheating and called his lover “that woman”. He hasnt kept two 18 and 19 year old girls around the WH for sex (JFK). He hasn’t take PR shots with the wife and kids as though he’s the perfect husband and father.

            He’s a reporter and he’s been a good one. He’s just a reporter.

          • i read a lot cc. i wrote for a living. you said no one would care a whit, my wording. i disagree, and stated my reasoning. using your reasoning all the other situations you cite that are worse than Ed’s would be diminished by other people who have done even worse things. “i only killed one person he killed 12” is not gonna impress a judge.

          • So you really care about the details of Henry’s sexual peccadillos?

            In Touch is the mag for you then.

          • no, i do not care. however, now knowing, if i see him on the tube he will not be as believable as he once was. look, i really liked his work. if you work in an office and a man or woman you think is doing a great job reveals that they are doing this sort of thing your opinion of that person’s work declines. i do not seek out that sort of crap, but when it is headlined it effects your trust in that person. period.
            frankly i feel the same for Gregg. even while i cheer him on to success. what are we supposed to do? the star trek memory elimination thingy.

          • I agree with you. What I don’t agree with is that this fact is relevant to the point that journalists should be exposed in this manner. Is it relevant that I know about any moral lapse …in any fallable human being … in which I have placed a certain level of trust in their professionalism?

            I have to say no. There are commonsensical distinctions we make that declare what In Touch magazine did as being unnecessary. We have to make them or else we have no parameters.

          • i cannot like gossips as well, and i certainly do not. however, unless we live like hermits disconnected from all humanity we are gonna hear stuff like this. knowing and seeking are not the same. since you agree with my assessment on how trust is built or lost there is no other argument. we cannot shut out the world and only hear what we want and i certainly do not seek out info of this sort like many do, nor do i enjoy it. if you wish to speak badly about gossips and people that enjoy other people’s pain we will agree again. you may not “care to know”. but that is rarely an option. may i suggest we agree to agree. lol

          • I think the problem might be that you can’t tell the difference between gossip and a financed investigation by a media outlet.

          • It has nothing to do with Fox…she could have picked someone up from CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS…etc.. Natalia Lima was in it for the money and weak willed Henry landed in her lap

          • Sure it doesn’t chippy. It’s just that all those other reporters are commonsensical saints.

          • It has nothing to do with Fox…yet here you are in post after post telling us how it’s all just desserts for Fox.

  5. Donald Trump’s victory tour stops at The O’Reilly Factor tonight (for two blocks/segments). Then, Trump supporters Monica Crowley and Dennis Miller will verbally spray champagne in their segments. There, now you don’t have to watch.

      • i did enjoy and watch a lot, is it me or is he screaming more? i do not need to be lectured to. he is not that smart. he seems to be less informative and more angry. i hope it is just me that feels that way.

  6. Some people are saying that Hillary got sick and tired of Henry’s snide comments and she set this whole thing up to get rid of him. I have no idea if this is true but I’m sure Trump will spout it on Fox without being challenged on it.

  7. Oh, my. Who could have imagined he’d be capable of this reach?

    Wemple: Consider, too, that Henry pursued Clinton with gusto, once coaxing her to address reporters on a campaign stop during a period when she was stiff-arming the media [my italics], and another time when Clinton told him that he was “entitled” to one question at an appearance.

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