Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Goldberg: Morning Joe is like the mean-girls table in high school.
  • Megyn hits the red carpet at NY Met Gala.  Champagne from Chuck.
  • The Late Show video: talks politics with Stephen Colbert.
  • Kurtz: Media concern over ‘creating Trump’ utterly misses the mark.
  • Flood: How Peter Bergen landed interviews with Obama, and UBL.
  • Anchor’s ‘finger’ gets thumbs up from his co-workers. Wolf honored.
  • Ted Cruz enlists in the War on Fox.   Greta: What Ted isn’t telling you.
  • Wemple: Jesse Watters is Bill O’Reilly’s lamentable cable news legacy.
  • Factor videos: Bill O’Reilly at WHCD;
  • TCG: Andrea Tantaros breaks her silence, hints impasse is over ‘free speech’.
  • Byers: Hannity is not unbiased, even favors Republicans.  Weekend numbers.

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Sounds like Andrea T. made someone angry by supporting Trump. If that is the case, then FOX would have to suspend half its on-air talent.

  2. Re: “Wemple: Jesse Watters is Bill O’Reilly’s lamentable cable news legacy”: It’s time to coin a new term: Wempsession.

      • I don’t think you or NN noticed I was referencing J$’s term for Keith Olbermann’s obsession with O’Reilly. He called it an Olbsession. Since Erik Wemple is going after Bill just as often as Keith did on Countdown, but without the ad hominem nonsense and mocking impression, I figured it was time to call this a Wempsession.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 gets thumbs up
    4 is not unbiased
    3 from Chuck
    2 hits the red carpet
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Andrea Tantaros breaks her silence, hints impasse is over ‘free speech’.

  4. Dang!

    I haven’t even started to cook dinner (here in California) and they’ve already called Indiana for Trump — a surprise to very few I presume.

    Maybe I’ll take in a movie. 🙂

    • Dick Tuck was a true American hero. When he ran for office, he had his campaign workers deface his signs, hoping to get sympathy.

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