Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Cruz the
  • Reliable Sources videos: DC dinner; writing Obama’s jokes; Julia Ioffe.
  • It’s his world: Jesse Watters brawls with HuffPo ‘reporter’ at WHCD.
  • Concha: Larry Wilmore began his routine by calling Fox News racist.
  • Esteemed CNN anchor gives Larry Wilmore the finger on national tv.
  • Somerby: Maddow’s dishonest Kasich smears.  Cable Game: Gone girl.
  • Wayne Simmons still insists he really was CIA.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Off the Record video: Greta about her town halls.
  • Wemple: Howard Kurtz setting expectations for Kelly/Trump showdown.

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  1. Just curious, but has Rachel Maddow ever suffered a head injury like Keith Olbermann? It would explain a lot.

    • They might hire her for the election season, but they already have a ton of contributors. If she can she should fix whatever is going on with Fox because if she does go to CNN then she will just be one of the many rotating pundits and her stock value is going to go down.

      Also, the article made a great point regarding the absence of publicity for her book. The press release about her “still under contract with Fox” means that HarperCollins (which is owned by News Corp aka Rupert Murdoch) is strangely keeping her from going on other networks to promote the book. Something must be very wrong if they are willing to tank the publicity for a book they published just to punish Andrea.

    • No way. She has zero depth and is a grenade thrower. Good for preaching to the choir, but that’s about it.

    • That’s an interesting piece by The Cable Game. Wonder if Tantaros has dissed FNC in her book.

      What else could it be?

          • Yes, “Outnumbered” is probably the worst of it. The regulars each believe they’re the diva that the show cannot survive without. It was even worse when another diva used to be a cohost.

          • There have only been three regulars and they’re all still there…well, Andrea isn’t but the other two are. Who is this other ‘diva’? One of the rotating people who’s only on once or twice a week?

          • Think back. Close to a year ago. There was another regular. She went from being on most days of the week to almost never.

          • Well I remember Jedediah Bila being on more often, and she appears rarely nowadays. The rumor was Andrea didn’t like her and got her appearances reduced to almost zero. But that’s probably the rumor for JB’s camp; I’m sure AT’s crew would circulate a different rumor. 😉

          • I doubt Andrea has the kind of pull to do that on her own. And she was far from alone in disliking her. The 3 regulars supposedly get on better now.

          • So Tamar, what you’re saying leads me to believe the rift between Andrea and Perino and Rove is true because I’m guessing that’s the reason she moved to Out# from The Five. After all, Andrea criticized W.

          • How would conjecturing about women vying for top status on Out Numbered lead you to believe that Perino and Rove machinations got Tantaros in hot water?

          • Andrea wasn’t an original Out# host. It started as Sandra, Harris and two revolving seats. Soon Andrea joins and left The Five. That helps the tweets about animosity between Andrea, and Rove and Perino, make sense. Everyone thinks Perino is sweetness and light but I think that’s a facade and she can be a nasty little bitch.

          • Wasn’t that move a step up for Tantaros because she became a cohost rather than a member of a panel?

            I don’t know Tantaros. She may be a combination of Joan Crawford and my 3rd grade teacher for all I know.

            I just try to follow the thread of how people go from A to B in their thinking, and most of the time they do via any contrived means that they can if B is where they wanted to land in the first place.

          • I think it has to be considered a step-up because she shared her Five seat with Guilfoyle’ while everyone else on The Five was there all week Andrea and Kim rotated in and out of that one seat. On Out# she was there every day and often did the opening spiel.

          • They could have kicked her upstairs as the expression goes, but I’d wager they wanted to feature her more than they had been doing. That and they wanted Outnumbered to be a bit more ballsy.

            I don’t think they’d risk rocking Harris Faulkner’s world a bit, if they hadn’t thought that Tantaros was worth it.

            Just speculation.

          • Oh please, it was a huge demotion for Andrea. She’s lucky she had
            the exec who looked out for her. She could have been gone then. She’s a Diva.

            Also, there were 7 hosts back then. So she wasn’t the
            only one who “shared a seat”. Do you really think going from a show
            back then was usually in the top 3 in the demo and towards the top
            total viewers to be demoted to a show that was doing maybe 1.1M viewers is some prize?

            Also OUT# was originally:

            Sandra,Harris, Andrea, Kimberly G, Bila, Pavlich and Powers. You saw who won that battle. Kimberly G got “The Five”. Andrea got the show with 1/2 the ratings.

            And its when Andrea was demoted
            to Out# to when the Bila appearances went from 3 days a week to 2..then maybe 1 and then bye bye. It’s no secret around FNC how much Andrea despises Jedediah. Who can forget their little “instragram war” for a time being. Lets see who can top the other. Andrea got called in about some of that.

            But it was funny how they brought back Bila this
            week to fill in. The Irony of that. And Bila gets along great with
            the people at #TheView. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s signed to ABC
            soon for the next season and she can give a big middle finger to Jay and all the others on OUT#.

          • If the folks at The View ask around at Fox, they’ll learn that Bila is not exactly well-liked. If her clash was just with Tantaros, it might not have ended her tenure on Outnumbered. The word was that nobody wanted to work with her, and that her filling in at the very last minute last week was not exactly welcomed by the regulars.

            Whether Bila can sign with another network depends on her Fox contract and if they’re eager to unload her. They may be. She hardly appears on anything anymore, which is why she’s trying to make something out of the View.

            Neither one of these women is going to be wooed by other networks because they have little substance. Neither has a legit political background, just superficial stuff. Their appeal lies in their willingness to wear tight, short dresses with super high heels, hair extensions, major cosmetic dental work, and other expensive cosmetic work. It’s as if they tailored their lives to be cut rate Barbie dolls on Fox News.

          • “The View” seems to have finally gotten a panel that has on-screen chemistry and don’t seem to be courting headlines for off camera drama as when Rosie was on. There may not be a place for Jedidiah unless Candace Cameron Bure decides that trying to juggle a family, “Fuller House” , “The View”, and her Hallmark Channel movies is too much to handle. Won’t lie: am a big Fox fan but do enjoy reading the behind the scenes gossip. Whoever is advising both Tantaros and Bila need to get them to make peace with the powers at Fox and build on what they have going there.

          • Oh, I don’t know… I think being a spokesperson for a Massachusetts governor and for a congressman and starting a business that advises companies on media strategy is more than “superficial” experience.

            It’s not as insider as dish from hair and make-up people, but it’s no small potatoes either…

          • I didn’t say that she had no political resume, just a rather skimpy one.

            She never would’ve been a “consultant” or “strategist” or whatever b.s. title they put on her chyron to justify her being on the air, if not for Fox. It’s like Fox created an entire industry of faux political consultants and other experts just to put minimally dressed women on the air to say outrageous things.

            Like many of her ilk, Tantaros is no expert on politics, just on being a verbal grenade tosser. It’s like an entire generation of Coulter wannabes.

            And how’s her “media strategy” business going? lol

          • Spokesperson and campaign manager was what I read she did before FNC.

            She’s focused on the talking head gig, no doubt. That’s what brings fame and book deals.

            Yeah, she works the sex appeal, but like Ann Coulter, she’s no dummy. It’s too easy for people who aren’t nearly as accomplished to sum public people up that way.

            My husband says that I glibbly do it to sports figures all the time. I do.

          • Again, a very shallow resume.
            The book deal (like many for the Foxies) comes from a HarperCollins imprint, because HarperCollins is owned by News Corp.
            I don’t know her well at all, so I can’t say for sure but plenty of others who work with her think she’s a dummy. Unlike Coulter, she’s not nuts. I’ll give her that.
            My accomplishments (including book deals and various honors) have been based on merit, not Instagram pics of me doing handstands in a bikini.

          • Unfortunately it was well before Fox News and the short skirts/stilettos combo would’ve been a bit unseemly at that point, no?

          • Then again, I was never the kind to post provocative selfies and posed pics, just to get drooling guys to clamor for me to be on TV more.

          • I didn’t get to watch. Did you? Putting her on there right now is a nice dig at Andrea, no?

          • No, it was a huge demotion. She was one of the original co-hosts of OUT#. So was Kimberly. You saw who won that game.

          • People who know Perino and worked with her at the White House say that she’s professional and kind.

          • Put the blame where it belongs- on Andrea. She apparently di something that upset management and was not in line with the terms of her contract. If you think Rove and Perino are skulking to the principal’s office to tell on Andrea because she dissed W , that is on you.BTW, there are some who think

          • That’s on you. I know nothing about that, and there is no reason to believe that Perino or Rove have any influence over the careers of other personnel.

      • ok. since trump is presumptive, pc is dead and we are talking chick stuff. i can say authoritatively that nothing screws up blues gigs, especially on the road, faster than a chick singer. keyboard, horns, bass, no prob. but the singers break up bands. you may have to get your drummer out of jail, but the chick does not have the key and never knows where to come in! there i said it.

        • I was going to say that it depends on what they look like, but then I remembered Janis Joplin and Mama Cass. Joplin definitely had stage presence, and Mama Cass could sure sing.

          • women can sing, not the issue. members of a blues band listen, support, call, respond, get it greasy and tricky. that is what gives you grove, not some wanna be janis joblin where the only reason to listen is the singer. boring. listen to billie and louis. they support the song by supporting each other and just sing the damn song like it is written to feel, not as some vocal marathon karaoke contest. it is the same stupid vanity as playing some wild killer guitar solo while playing stormy monday. the song is about what a drag work is all week, partying on the weekend and going to church on sunday. not about some ego chicks vocal calisthenics.
            timing, fitting, supporting, keeping the grove, that is where the issue is on outnumbered. trust me, and i do not even watch it..

          • Thanks for that video. Billie was great and Satchmo was an absolute musical genius. I remember the day he died. There will never be another like him. A bit of trivia, his “Hello Dolly” went to number one on the charts, breaking a three month hold by The Beatles (with three different songs).

        • Of course it doesn’t “have” to be, but it’s logically the first avenue explored (because of the timing) and if you reach a dead-end you ask for alternatives.

          • Well….IMHO……….unless somebody’s dead…….it almost has to have something to do with the books release.

          • What about a Shuster scenario where they found out that she is auditioning for another network?

          • Could be…….maybe she wrote about it in the book………..IMHO…….you don’t throw a person on a hit show off the air unless you are very mad or they did something very bad.

            Shuster wasn’t a star…..even by MSNBC standards……so little loss….AT seems to be one……..but frankly i don’t see it…….but as I said I don’t watch her show.

            Id like to know how long she has on her current contract……if its about up……that could shed some light.

            Fox News is pretty loyal I think over the years to stars……this all just seems weird……….OFF the air but not fired…….and that “still under contract” seems off somehow.

      • If there were something like that in the book, it would be all over the usual blue blogs by now. The book is mostly narcissistic navel gazing and caterwauling. Check out Neal Dewing’s twitter feed from the other night. He was given a review copy and read parts of it on video.

    • You know I suggested she may have broke campaign donation rule when this happened……I’ve been thinking about it this week…..and…..Fox News is pretty loyal to it people…..she’s on a hit show…..they are NOT just going to pull her off and go silent for a small rules violation……….I don’t watch the show….but I’ve seen her on other shows…she seems good…besides…..anybody who gets the stooges that worked up and they call a goon……she must be doing a great job.

      It’s the silence on her part that confuses me…..but maybe she a PRO and doesn’t want it aired in public…..which would be different for that industry.

      Maybe when I go and pick up my check at Fox News HQ I’ll stop by and light a candle for SPUDS snorkel…and then..Ill just pop in and ask Rupert….what’s up………LOL

    • I haven’t heard much promotion of that this year. I wonder if it’s because the media knows it’s already as popular as Shingles?

      • They should have brought back Rich Little. Not only wouldn’t I had to watch, I wouldn’t have to read about it afterwards.

        • Or Don Imus. You would have heard about him, but only in the sense that is he is a philistine via lambasting the president and the media from a rightward perspective.

          • i like Don. he is hardly pure conservative. he has many left wing views. now is wife, she is a ted cruz kinda girl.

  2. Jesse Watters and some guy get into a “brawl” at an after-party…sounds like two guys who had too much to drink and need to grow up.

    • i would knock a punk like Grim out in a New York minute. his oozing condescension is grounds enough. you ever listen to him? so what is wrong with a good fight? learn a lot about people that way. he learned he mouthed off to the wrong guy. he admits he ambushed Jessie. i hope it hurt bad.

        • have had bad experiences with that too. look, i am obnoxious and a mouth so i have no right to complain about any knocks i have taken, Grim needs some acceptance of that simple concept. we are both old, i would bet money your dad bare fisted you as a teaching experience, mine did. our world es no mas. Grim was lucky he did not do that to Hannity. his hobby is MMA.

          • My dad never struck us with a closed fist, but taught us how to defend ourselves.

          • no details, different cultures. the era of that is gone. everyone i knew growing up learned or lived on the run.

          • Why do you guys blame Grim? Watters is the a$$hole who does that to everyone else. He didn’t like it so much when he got ambushed. Too bad.

          • He followed Amanda Turkel around demanding she answer questions while she was on vacation.

            He also ambushed Bill Moyers at an “after party” thing.

            Yet the boy gets into a fist fight when someone lifts up their phone and records him at a party. No demand he answer questions, just recording his silly self (as people do at parties) in order to make a point.

          • You may be right about that but the only Moyers/Watters ambushes I remember are ones where he was walking on the street and Jesse caught up to him and asked him Qs. Whether you ambush someone in public at an event in front of their friends and colleagues is qualitatively different than going up to them on the street is in the eye of the beholder. But I don’t remember Jesse doing the former. You know who’d remember best? Where are you, Mike C?

          • I can only find the one of Moyers in the street too. I remember something with Moyers being in a room standing around with colleagues and getting ambushed by Jesse, but maybe I dreamt it.

            I don’t see much in the distinctions you’re making here, Johnny.

            Its creepy and cowardly for O’Reilly to send Watters out to confront people who criticise he and his show.

            I seems to me there might have been a Watters ambush of a judge who handed down some asinine ruling that the media wouldn’t cover, which would be more understandable, but in my book Watters is a creep and an embarrassment.

          • ‘k.

            It just occurred to me that Watters is mostly doing the man-on-the-street stuff nowadays. I can’t remember the last time he actually did a classic Mike Wallace style ambush. I wonder if the guy who get into the brawl with him knows that.

          • I don’t think Mike Wallace was ever sent out to ambush someone who had dissed 60 Minutes.

            I have heard that Wallace engaged in some creative editing though.

          • That whole show is like a frat party. For the guys who couldn’t get into the real frats and are still bitter about it.

          • Probably so. But the Big Guy (as he unironically insists on being called) and his staff are overgrown frat bruhs.

  3. Thanks to Concha for covering that dinner so we didn’t have to watch it.

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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: Gone Girl.

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