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  1. Stelter certainly isn’t going to criticize CNN. Nobody else would hire a hack that looks like an unwashed hen’s egg.

    • Can we watch movies on his head later? (As long as we’re making bald jokes, I might as well use a Greg Proops joke directed at Colin Mochrie in an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway?)

      • Actually, I have a lot of room to talk when it comes to being follicly-impared. My daughter says I look like a cross between Charlie Brown and a turtle. And, she’s right.

  2. re: Zucker:
    right about 1 thing.
    virtually everything on Vice is either wrong or qualified. qualified: “Scientists think…”. “experts suggest…” common Vice headlines.
    their coverage of El Salvador is a joke. their own Tim Rogers video shows exactly the opposite of what they claim. they claim gangs and drugs are the problem. same claims in mexico. every country has gangs and drugs, but El Salvador is run by the FMLN which was financed by drugs and now they have declared war on their own people. anyone not a party member has to join a gang to not be murdered by human FMLN hunting teams WHICH THE FMLN BRAGS ABOUT. Vice’s own video shows the opposite of what they claim. sw Mexico, Jalisco, Colima, Oaxaca. Guerra and Chiapas loaded with murders blamed on feds and gangs. get real. that is Obrador country. they have been communists for over 50 years. in Oaxaca the capital of the state with the same name the communist teachers union has gone on strike every year for over 35 years, murdered teachers that teach in their homes, road block the entire state looking for traitors and burned down the French Colonial center of Oaxaca. you have to be far far to the left of Bernie to be a vicenik and most of the viewership comes for video of places others can’t get to. Syria, Ukraine etc.

          • que rico.
            i scan the publication on the net occasionally for Latin American news. if you think USA news is skewed you would lament what Latin America calls news. the deal JFK made in the Cuban missile crisis turned everything south of Chiapas into AK47land. very sad sometimes, although i see more antique Ladas than anyone else you know.

          • Probably. I don’t get SEC Network, which makes me unlucky. Time Warner Cable (available one county over in Queens) gets it, but Cablevision refuses to pick it up. Only FiOS and satellite subscribers in Nassau and Suffolk can see that channel.

          • Very. If you want communist propaganda, get the real deal. The English language service of Radio Habana is online.

          • there is video of places and things not commonly seen. we are smart enough to see through the staged stuff. but Vid from Palermo, Allepo, Mosul, Ukraine, riding and entering homes with FMLN death squads has it’s place. their FLR eye sights on their M5s look pretty American ….. i guess we were reverse engineered. it is the qualified stuff i find more offensive though. it is full “experts say” articles. also, they did get the first and i think most complete vids of the Dutch flight Putin shot down over eastern Ukraine. they are nor useless, just wrong a lot.
            100% of my comments are on their internet site, i have never seen their cable show.

  3. since we have a musical week and ira and george were mentioned yesterday i’ll post from Stirewalt today:
    “Happy birthday to Ella Fitzgerald, who would have turned 99 today. Born in Newport News, Va. in 1917, Fitzgerald was raised in Yonkers, New York by a single mother until she was orphaned at age 15. Living in Harlem with her extended family, Fitzgerald fell in with bad company and landed in reform school. But she got back on track and by age 18 was ready for her big break: an amateur night performance at the Apollo Theater. Her career would span six decades and earn her the moniker “the first lady of song.” Composer Ira Gershwin said of her: “I never knew how good our songs were until I heard Ella Fitzgerald sing them.” Her duets were incomparable. Her mastery of the Cole Porter songbook was unmatched. She could sing the blues to break your heart. And gospel? Oh, yes. Fitzgerald died in 1996 at age 87, five years after her final performance.”

    Ella’s pre-Deca stuff was art, post Deca pop stuff, including the first Reggae “stone cold dead in the market” set the trends for generations. Flora Purim had big shoes to fill and has done a pretty good job of it.

      • i had most everything in disc she recorded, then when pirate bay was still operating i found out how wrong i was. downloaded all sorts of torrents including vids, did the same for a variety of musicians, Jobim, Purim, Cray, lots of early james brown and bb vids. shame it is shut down.

  4. Re Cable Game: CNN has media critic /reporter whatevers working for them so at least a few people can’t criticize them since they are prone to criticism because it’s CNN.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 knows his Division nerds
    4 emerging nets fill
    3 fishy?
    2 absent sans explanation
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Cable Game: He cried sexism, but let it skate when it struck Kate.

  6. so what is the deal with the political insiders part 1 being nuked. Leboot says “Fox is trying to fix it in an email. it was about the Kochs. i think he is blowing smoke and there is a dark reason. who has the inside scoop here?

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