Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: elections; in New York;
  • Reliable Sources videos: Fox and Megyn; Sunday TrumpMichelle Fields.
  • Hillary camp says she’ll ‘do more on Fox News‘.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Video: The place for  MSNBC’s ‘road warriors‘ in NY.
  • Your Buzz videos: liking Jill just nine
  • How Nima Elbagir obtained Chibok girls video; CNN’s motives questioned.
  • The story behind CNN’s MH370 coverage.   Building a debate press center.

41 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. If HIllary does FOX, hopefully they’ll press her harder to release her Wall Steet paid speech transcripts. She no longer has the excuse of Sanders not releasing his taxes, which showed he learned less in an entire year than she got paid for one speech. What is Clinton afraid of? Probably, “Let them eat cake, if stupid sheep even eat cake” or some such jewel.

  2. Good news! Jackson to be removed from the $20. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/04/16/jackson-gone-20/ This was the creature who ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court and ordered the indian removals. His successors carried on this sick policy. If the Dems want to claim him as an icon, they are welcome.

    Presumably he will be replaced by a woman. Fine with me. But I’d really prefer Sittling Bull or Crazy Horse. Or my great-aunt Ethel, who looked like the indian on the Washington Redskins logo.

    • i knew nothing about it being an issue. i have however read several AJ bios. congrats. shows you how far away i am.

    • Maybe Pocahontas? Disney didn’t go wrong with her. Dems seem to have moved Jackson to the curb. Jackson-Jefferson Dinners are now What’s-his-name-Jefferson dinners.

      • Wilma Mankiller be the best choice. She was the first female Cherokee chief, a tribe that Jackson was determined to wipe out. It’d be a big “FU” to him.

        • was she chief of all the tribes in the C nation? AJ may be personal to you, but if you want to dis him bad to everyone it is fair to say he was one of the very few “populists” of any party elected.
          as to the above, what i recall was him decrying the lack of actual money, that people with land, crops and animals were limited in their ability to sell and needed loans to get cash which broke quite a few early well to do Americans because they could not collect cash for their assets for re-payment. have i got it all wrong?

          • You’ve got it all wrong. Jackson’s disasterous monetary policy led to our first depression, the Panic of 1837. He only cared about that which would profit him personally. He made his fortune in land speculation, ususally other people’s land, and slave trading.

            Mankiller was Chief of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

          • mmmm since i recall him being broke several times i will need to look for one of his auto-bios and re-read. i know at times he was land rich, cash broke. i need a re-visit.

          • By the time he died, he was very wealthy, Don’t believe anything he wrote. He also claimed to have large hands.

          • ok, i know you made the hand thing up, but i miss-typed, i meant bio, not auto bio. wealthy has a lot of meanings too you know.

          • It was a reference to one of the current group of fools running for president. One accused the other of having “small hands,” and really got under the guy’s skin.

            By wealthy, I meant in money and land. But what did he gain by losing his soul in the process? My people look at him the same as Jews would look at Eichmann.

          • My dad spent a year stationed at Sinop, Turkey. Hated Turks until the day he died. You Greeks have more than enough reasons to hate them.

          • I have friends whose grandparents fled the Armenian genocide. One set to Argentina, one to Canada. A solid bastion of early Christianity, ISIS can’t touch what the Turks did to these people.

      • Another fun fact about Jackson – He was against paper money. So the idiots put him on a bill.

  3. Haven’t seen it yet, but reportedly Brian Stelter paid Michelle Fields the ultimate compliment today. Noting how people say that sometimes “the victim became the villain,” Brian compared Fields to Anita Hill.

    I’m sure that made Michelle’s day.

    • Well, you wouldn’t expect him to compare her to that other victim, Monica Lewinsky, would you?

      Post-Scalia, the resurgence of Anita Hill puts the focus where Stelter wants it now.

      Invoking Lewinsky would put it where Trump wants it.

  4. Some Wikipedia cautions I learned from FULL MEASURE this morning:
    . Paid editors are at work to push agenda: political, financial, reputations, etc.
    . Some of the powerful Adminstrators push their own biases
    . A thousand attempting editors are blocked a day. Some for the good. Some debatable.
    . Check the History tab to see the flow of edits and deletions. You may learn a lot there.

    I also learned the Trump, Cruz, and Sanders tax plans are ridiculous.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 road warriors
    4 preview
    3 The story behind
    2 do more on Fox News
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Video: The place for broadcast bloopers.

    • The S-300V4 is the latest long range Russian SAM. They will probably have Russians operating them, unless they bring Iranians to Russia to be trained.

      • my understanding is that Iranians have been paying Russians to teach EW, and to operate air defense of every system Iran buys for over a generation. love to be wrong, but when someone sells this sort of thing it comes with more than a handbook. oh, also is not the big diff on this hummer it shoots down cruise and other medium range missiles?

        • The Russians have been providing personnel for a long time. They were operating the SAM’s in Libya in ’86.

          • Iran is a country of almost 80 million people with an abundance of engineers, puter, techs, scientists of almost every sort, many with experience in modern radar and sonar. unlike China they do not just reverse engineer, i read an article about the Iran Iraq war and their advancements in artillery radar tracking. Saddam was using masses of artillery pieces to box in infantry and Iran developed the counter electronics to wipe em out before they could move. interesting stuff. while many Iranians have a 3rd world life, many are educated beyond American standards. i do not think they lack in science brain power. sure they are behind in many areas, but i know they want to man those anti-missile SAMS. it negates the west’s cruise missile option. it is why Russia developed them. they are still behind in shooting down anti-ship missiles, bu that is just a matter of time. then they can be anywhere.

          • conservative NY Post has an anti-Saudi editorial on RCP tonight. what are these people thinking. there is stuff we really do not want to know. the power shifts are accelerating badly. GHB seems smarter daily.

  6. I’m afraid if I watched that Anita Hill crap I’d get mad and cancel HBO. Then I’d be sad when Game of Thrones premiers next Sunday. I just wont watch it, let the choir watch the preacher.

  7. You too, huh? Every time I see a Coke can or pass a Long John Silver’s. I giggle. I’ve got a lot of problems.

    • From MS. HIll’s testimony:
      ‘One of the oddest episodes I remember was an occasion in which Thomas was drinking a Coke in his office. He got up from the table at which we were working, went over to his desk to get the Coke, looked at the can and asked, “Who has pubic hair on my Coke?”‘

      • I had forgotten about that.

        Good thing I’m only marginally in the work force. I might have made a joke like that and been up on charges.

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