Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. May I suggest:

    #Don instead of using his full name Donald J. T….. because that only feeds his narcissism.

    #Donners in referring to Donald J. T….. fandom or fan base…

    And the #DonnerParty in referring to them collectively…

  2. The media should be seeing how divisive Trump is. He is even turning people against them. I for one find it very hard to tolerate watching him on TV so I have been skipping TV altogether. Not a good thing for them, who need my eyeballs.

          • yeah, i made ads for 30 years. i was always told the same thing and if they saw my ad they immediately changed the channel. they then proceeded to quote my ad back to me in disgust word for word. that is the reason polls fail. not only do people lie, like you, they do not even know they are lying. they believe they never watch the ads, and cc, i am not calling you out, or saying you are a liar. it is simply a fact. of course my ads were usually so crazy i got press write ups, was quoted at the water cooler, and they were shown and cited at the U of O J school as how not to make ads. no Rubles Downski baby.
            humorous aside. my ex-wife did leave he state to avoid continuing to hear my voice. everywhere. all the time. back in the day when you had fewer outlets us evil doers would do what we call roadblocking. air the same radio or tv spot on every station or channel at the same time.
            all is lost. frankly my dear, i don’t give a down. “do i look like i can afford a down payment”. my youngest tripping over a curb with car keys in hand saying “i can’t even spell credit”. its the no money down stupid. ahhhhh the memories.

          • in business if you tell the wrong truth at the wrong time you go to jail, in politics, you just become a shoe salesman..

          • My dad sold cars. Lady once came up to our restaurant table after recognizing him, “Kelly, you SOB”, she snarled at him, “36 easy payments… THAT’S THREE &$*@ng YEARS!”

            (Nowadays 72 easy payments)

          • I think most do. Because of that it has always been puzzling to me how much value is put onto TV ads but it seems everyone thinks it does.

          • if you make them, spend a lot of money airing them, and no one responds you are out the door. there is no thinking. it is all measured.

    • You noticed that too. As far as I know he’s not made it public if he is, yet there he is in the magazine, and what’s more tv newser reports the story without batting an eye, like it’s common knowledge.

        • Seems like it’s been one of the biggest open secrets in cable news. Whether he is or not is, at the end of the day, irrelevant. I can understand why the gay community would want him to make an announcement or whatever (if he is gay) but he’s a news broadcaster first and foremost….maybe he just doesn’t want his private life to become part of any story. There are many straight anchors who are divorced and so forth but I don’t need to hear about it.

      • guy’s its OUT magazine….they don’t care if someone has said they are gay…..thats was the whole purpose of the magazine when it started afterall.

  3. Anybody have any thoughts on the latest Gabe Sherman scoop? Claims Megyn met with Trump without informing Roger Ailes or anyone at Fox. But I remember reading yesterday that the entire meeting was arranged by Ailes.

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