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  1. I thought that Joe Scarborough was moonlighting doing deliveries for Jimmy John’s.

    • Imus always joked that Joe looked like he should be working at Ace Hardware.

      I personally resent a person using his notoriety to force mediocre music on me. Maybe not William Shatner.

      • She will find a home……she’s a hero to the dry drunks and haters now……..The thugs like the stooges who would have called her a goon 3 months ago just for where she worked will now thinks she great,

        That’s they way it always works with the haters…..I would point to Ed Henry .

        And if she can play the victim and lose her guest spot at Fox…..well that will make it better.

        She’s welcome to the new “friends” she has now………Thats said….I still think Trumps guys is a *ickwad…….and should have been fired.

        She should ignore Greta……whoever Fields is getting her legal advice has been so good up to now after all LOL.

  2. Waiting for Gloria Allred to become Agent of Shields. What a Marvel that would be. More powerful villain than Thanos.

  3. Love that Michelle Fields called out Greta for being a Trump Shill. Way too many Trumpers on the Fox News payroll. Bolling, Greta, Dobbs & Pierro should fight it out for the top Trumpkin at FNC.

    Greta has smeared Michelle Fields from the beginning of this whole mess. Who can forget her “get over it” nonsense? All one has to do is look how fair attorney Megyn Kelly has covered the matter vs Greta going in full smear Michelle mode time and time again.

    #CashinIn has really been tanking without Michelle. Funny how Eric lied about her status weeks ago and complains when people call him out over it. #CashinIn has been getting crushed in the ratings so bad…this week Eric even brought out Andrea Tantaros to try and help the slide. No luck, #CashinIn lost to Bulls and Bears by 240,000 viewers. The closest CashinIn came was Forbes on Fox which beat them by 103,000 viewers.

    Poor Eric Bolling had to resort to posting

    twitter @ericbolling:

    Special THANK YOU to all who watched #Cashinin Saturday. You helped us beat CNN+MSNBC *combined* ratings. Plus we trended nationally.

    Funny how Eric wants to give the appearance they did well to the #CashinIn # Spam Crew. He also failed to mention that CNN beat #CashinIn in the demo. Eric “loves” total viewers when it “suits him”. He just fails to mention how bad the show does in Total Viewers versus the other Cost of Freedom Shows. Shows that don’t get 7,000 hashtag mentions and “trend” but still crush it.

    Eric sure threw Michelle Fields under the bus from the start. He went with his boy Trump. Just like Greta, Sean, Lou, Judge “got $20K from Trump” Jeanine.

    Also, I love the horrible reporting on the matter. How many cite the nonsense about the supposed Secret Service agent “warning Michelle”. Never happened. If it did, why isn’t it on the audio?

    Not one reporter has followed up and asked Trump the question Michelle was trying to ask when Corey manhandled her. Why hasn’t Sean, F&F etc asked about Trump slamming Scalia back in December over Affirmative Action?

    Sean and others let Trump go unchecked on his lies that Michelle changed her story. Trump was rated Pants On Fire for that one.

    Sean etc didn’t call Trump out for his lies that they put the tape out there. Total lie. It was the police who got the video footage from Trump’s place. Trump’s people could have released it that next day, but they knew it showed Corey grabbing Michelle.

    Greta and others have let people go on and on about Michelle waiting several days. DUH She called BBN people and they talked to Corey. He was going to apologize to Michelle and it would have been over. But then, he didn’t. And then he started lying about the whole incident. I wonder if Breitbart will lie about the conversation they had with Corey under oath?

    Almost everyone knows…if they are honest… had this happened to a conservative reporter covering Obama, Hillary or Sanders… you can bet FNC would be doing stories about it on the hour. They’d cover it like Rev Wright. But since this was a Trump Thug who did it….its far better to attack the victim.

    Heck, how many times in the coverage on Fox News was it even brought up that Corey grabbed other people at rallies, that he made threats against Megyn… that Fox News had WARNED HIM about his terrorizations.

    And speaking of Eric Bolling earlier… the guy sure knows how to LIE

    Before you tweet, think. I played for the Pittsburgh Pirates… “Ace”

    Talk about playing fast and loose with the truth. Eric was drafted in the 22rd. People who are drafted in round 20…have a 7% chance of EVER PLAYING on a MLB team. Eric didn’t even play in 1 A ball. It played in a league that is even lower than that. And he played 3 whole games for the GCL Pirates. North Division Gulf Coast League Rookie Level minor league affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    A big majority of his #CashinIn Spam crew actually believe Eric was a MLB player. LOL

    But the way he spins his playing.. is the same thing he does when it comes to #CashinIn’s ratings. He wants to give the “appearance” that its much better than it actually is…

    • Yeah the name-calling really enhances her viability to be taken seriously. Also neatly sidesteps all of the substantive points Greta made. Just call her a name. Argument won!

      This whole thing was precipitated to ask Trump a question that dumb?!? Why hasn’t Sean asked you (fill in the blank)? I’ll answer it now: ask Sean. Asking Trump why someone else hasn’t asked him something is beyond lame.

      As much as there is a cult of Trump, there is also a cult of anti-Trump. Everyone gets a demeaning nickname (Trumpkin, shill, whatever) and if you don’t toe the line the twitter army will descend like a swarm of locusts. There is little room left for people who try to look at things based on facts, not which tribe you’ve joined, and don’t automatically pick sides. That may be the worst side-effect of the whole Trump candidacy.

        • i know i am fatigued. repetition. light on meat. shame since FNS has a warehouse of talent. the only must watch anymore is the first 40 minutes of special report.

          • Amen! So much of Fox News has become unwatchable with the open shilling for Trump. Yeah….FNC benefits now from the Trumpers tuning in… but once he doesn’t get 1237 …they won’t be tuning in so much.

          • do not speak for me. i did not mention trump. Fox is not loaded full of Trumpers. frankly many of your posts simply reflect your ignorant views and have not a thing to do with reality. i directly stated i want more info and depth. period. end of my comment. &*(($%^$^#&@#$@$!@#

          • It’s nothing but blather all day. This morning I was listening to HLN in the car and they were going on and on about Cruz and DeBlasio.

            DeBlasio would be a great title for 90% of what goes on via tv coverage and political manuevering.

            It reminds me of the sort of conjecturing my brothers and their friends got into about scintillating topics on who had the requisite stones to prevail in some sort of school organization conflict or dust-up with a girlfriend.


          • By the time the Feds get through will Bill DeBlasio, he will wish his mother had been pro-choice.

          • I make it through the whole hour of Special Report. It’s the only show I watch on Fox anymore. Even have turned off Megyn.

          • I don’t know what you’re watching anywhere else either, because it’s Trump 24/7 when I watch CNN via Sling, and on MSNBC when I listen to it via Sirius.

  4. The difference between a TRUMPER and someone who can stick with the facts.
    Unlike Trump Shill Greta… Gregg Jarrett acted like Michelle had a good defamation case against Corey. Pointed out how he lied about touching her and then how he went on social media calling her delusional and other things. And how she’s lost a job etc because of it.

    That’s how any take on it should be. But Greta… doesn’t care about being truthful or accurate. She’s openly shilling for her candidate. Too bad she won’t have on Gregg to debate that. She’d rather have someone like Piers Morgan on so they can both slam Michelle in stereo.

    • “That’s how any take on it should be.” Any opinion on the case must match yours, because that’s ‘what it should be’. Wow, ego much? Perhaps next time you’ll tell us where you got your law degree. 😉

    • NO….the difference is……Greta is a commentator who gives her OPINIONS and Gregg is a Journalist who doesn’t……..gee…..what I hate about Trump is…….he’s made the crazy…..worse …….and the the media “experts” even worse.

      • According to Greta:..

        When will journalists admit it? EVERY
        JOURNALIST HAS AN OPINION – there is no such thing as ‘independent’
        journalist and guess what? the viewers and readers are smart enough to
        pick through all the reports

      • Who can forget when Greta’s husband was working for Sarah… and Greta was shilling for Sarah Barracuda all the time…

        Be glad when her contract is up. She’s horrible! Time to put that witch out to pastor! Replace her with Remi Spencer or Eboni K Williams. People with integrity.

        • I don’t remember when Greta’s husband was working for Sarah, but that’s all right. Neither does Greta: “Many in the media have spouses – unlike my husband – who actually WORK for politicians and or in government. Let me repeat, my husband does NOT WORK for any of them and NEVER HAS.”

  5. I love Hannity’s week defense:

    Instead of giving the # of appearances… lets get the total amount of TIME devoted to each one. And lets also get the total time devoted to their spokespeople. What Sean provided is nothing but a smokescreen. And Sean has gone in to Trump overdrive in 2016. He sees the ratings bump he gets and its Trump PR Hour. Hilarious that FNC says “no holds barred”. Come on! Its an internet joke how easy Sean is on Trump. FNC should say…an hour of Bromance.

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  7. In a more perfect universe, Al Jazeera America would owe 50 million dollars to Al Gore instead of Time Warner.

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