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        • fairly thorough read. traces from 60’s and the MBs in Cairo prison and the story of the guy going to Greeley Colorado and getting grossed out by the west is true. the MBs original and still today’s beef is with secular Arab leaders. it also traces Bin Laden and his 3 stooges operation late in the Afghan war. plenty of proof they never got our support or weapons like the left claims. good read.

          • It can all be boiled down to one thing, they don’t like anyone who is not them. They even hate other Muslims if they belong to a different sect. This far predates the Muslim Brotherhood.

          • the book is about the lead up to a specific act. 9/11. the secularism of the UAR and alignment with the USSR did not make for happy Muslims of many sects. whatever solutions you might have of our terrorist problem, killing or submitting all Muslims is simply not viable.

          • I don’t think that anyone has suggested killing all of them, just the ones who want to kill us. That is the definition of war, killing your enemy before he can kill you. However, an argument could be made for turning Iran into a glass-paved, self-lighting parking lot. But Iran is a personal deal with me.

  1. Am I the only one who finds it odd that the candidates say families are off limits and then drag them into a town hall so they can answer questions?

          • There’s a difference between the “political role” of a supportive spouse, from that of a political ally or appointee.

          • i am not sure which political appointee has more power than Michelle. but i think history is on my side.

          • Common sense adds balance to Michelle’s sway by telling the rest of us that her power lies in a dynamic far more irrevocable and emotional than any other.

          • say what? so we demand shrink reports from candidate’s spouses. lol. look. it is what it is. spouses speaks. it is news.

          • It’s telling me I need a Facebook account. I don’t want one.

            Love to see any offering. Can you tweet it?

          • vids too large. i felt the same way. i made a fake yahoo email account and used my wifes name. no one can track a nica

          • she knows, she thinks it is a smart idea. she has 4 names like all latinas so the 2 make her invisible.

          • privacy is not demeaning as imitating a chickken. she knew before i made the account. way off base. she uses it with me to see our granddaughters vids.

          • When there’s a language barrier, chickens don’t mind a pantomime.

            Dont get on social media if you have to do it under your wife’s name, gentlemen.

          • we can agree to disagree on all counts. have you traveled to countries or US territories where English is not the primary language?

          • come on down we’ll show you around. when you visit someone’s home, you do not treat it like your own, but you can have a great time and learn a lot. take you on a Granada church tour.

          • simple phrases show you try to learn is a sign respect. perdo’n, gracias, disculpe por mi Ingless etc. you show humility and respect for another’s culture and people that speak English will come to you like a magnet and help. also one of the safest countries in the world. i have seen a lot of “ugly American” arrogance and trust me, people are not impressed. getting to know another culture is fun. for example on my block the older people all rate high to everyone. even the home for the elderly on the next corner is treated with respect. our oldest man with full mental capacity, Don Chico, absolutely nothing happens before he is asked his opinion of it. stuff like that can be annoying or cool. your choice.

    • That assertion by candidates has never seemed unreasonable to me.

      For example…what is contrived and cynical sounding to me is the argument that since Chelsea Clinton may campaign for and/or answer media questions for her mother or father when they are engaged in running for office…it’s fair game to ask her how she felt about her father’s adultery.

      There is something called perspective, people. It may be down there with dust bunnies and dryer lint as compared to your high regard for loathing, but that doesn’t mean we have to act like you’re right or even sound in your character or thinking.

  2. Chris Wallace must have did his job as he infuriated Tommy Christopher. Just go to MEDIAITE. I’d put up a link, but the last time I did a non-Concha link it stained my iPad.

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