Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Neil Cavuto: What it’s like to do my job with Multiple Sclerosis (v/TVN).
  • Wemple: Chris Wallace tells how he lobbied for his Obama interview.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly talks Trump, FNC, etc with Katie Couric.  
  • Friedman: Megyn leaving Fox? She’s cemented into the Murdoch empire.
  • Kelly File video: Did Roger Stone cross the line?
  • Competitors won’t expose ‘lies from CNN‘?  A ‘Hillary Protection Program‘?
  • Q&A: Clarissa WardAnthony Bourdain, Fareed Zakaria.  Poor Chris Cuomo.
  • CNN stages Challenger disaster, adds delegate pro’s.  Frank Sesno resurfaces.

22 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN constantly lies or misrepresents things. This is why I don’t watch them. For instance, the F-15’s weren’t sent to Keflavik due to increased tensions. After the 57th Fighter Squadron was inactivated in ’95, there have been 90 day rotations of USAF and ANG units to cover the air defense of the North Atlantic.

  2. Well it took me four tries but I finally got the full video of Megyn’s Q&A with Katie Couric properly posted. Sorry if you tried to play it earlier and got screen garbage. It’s a good interview by the way, 26 minutes well spent.

    • They aren’t rumors actually, more like speculation. In fact, wishful thinking is the best description. If Megyn did leave Fox then she would immediately cement her hero status. Like how Ed Henry became a ‘political hack’ the minute he started working there.

      The most likely outcome is she gets some concessions she wants ( not necessarily $$ related) and re-ups. She might go elsewhere but it won’t be to another cable channel. Who wants to be the next Paula Zahn? But a move to broadcast tv would be a career roll of the dice, and I suspect with her raising a family and all, she may not want to risk it just yet.

      Just my opinion, I could be wrong, but the speculation, headlines etc are off the charts. I think the haters are going to be sorely disappointed when news of her contract renewal comes out. But by then the election will be over, Trump won’t be attacking her, so they can go back to hating her again. Good times!

      • we do not have access to the focus groups and reports they generate that Fox surely does. Fox has a deep bench. one day/year they are going to have to create more opportunity for the talent they have. my guess is shows like outnumbered and the five were specifically created to keep excess talent from bolting. even FBN plays a role i bet. like a baseball team, rotation is not about one player but who rotates where and when. cleanup batters do not last forever. that is why Roger gets the big bucks. keeping greene, stirewalt, and all the rest happy where at many places they would be prime players is a tough job.

        • Judging by JD’s Twitter feed, Fox seems to be giving Jedediah Bila more exposure.

          I’m guessing for the reason you mention.

          • uhhhhhh totally missed any twitter. it is rare for me. just seems like Ailes has to keep creating opportunity. it is not always money. if you want to be on TV and you think you are good, you need to be satisfied you are in the right position to get where you want to go. which is all i meant. here i will post a tweet just for you though.

          • as i was posting the native fountain i scrolled and saw J$ tweets. i think is is a constant prob at Fox and nowhere else. everyone else is looking on the outside for people, not Fox. kinda like the Oregon Ducks. build a team from the inside. wish i could post the vid, not just the pic. tweetster won’t handle the vid.

          • the pool was just filled with lake water, it will take days to filter it. then the multi color changing LED light gets installed underwater. then we can use it and i will let you know. also all the landscaping has to grow and or be put in. the planters will grow up and down, look i have not even centered them yet. banana and lemon grass on the other long sides. short sides enveloped with fruit and flowers. spooky? more tropical i think.

          • i bought it when we were visiting the kid and grand kid in the states. larry likely knows a lot more about them then i. you can program how the light colors change by how many times you turn it on and off. it has a lot of programmable settings.

      • Megyn isn’t going anywhere. Unless she gets fired for saying “booger” on-air, that is. Some of you will get the joke.

  3. The kind of people that would give “award-winning journalist and former CNN anchor Frank Sesno” an award are my first choices to push out of the lifeboat… immediately after Sanctimonious Sesno.

  4. Re: Neil Cavuto. Thanks for posting that story Johnny. My mom had MS way before there were any good medicines to take. I know how devastating the disease can be. I saw up close and personal through the actions of my father what the words “in sickness and in health” meant in a marriage.

    May you all have such love in your own lives from spouses and families to bring you joy and strength through whatever challenges come your way.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 how he lobbied
    4 lies from CNN
    3 Chris Cuomo
    2 Multiple Sclerosis
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Megyn leaving Fox? She’s cemented into the Murdoch empire.

  6. I watch “Kennedy” almost every night. I was just thinking that her show is more like the old “Red Eye” than the current “Red Eye” is. If someone has said that here before, please forgive me.

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