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  1. Ah, so sad. I’m with Spud in lamenting the good old CNN days when they weren’t consumed by politics and did fine stories like accusing American soldiers of having used sarin gas in Laos in an extraction. Back when they weren’t so obsessed with ratings and were more into molding the worldview of their viewers.

    Gee, our old LaSalle ran great…

    • And going easy on Saddam for access, and then accusing U.S. Soldiers in Iraq of trying to kill journalists.

    • As I said over there… if people didn’t watch, then CNN wouldn’t cover it. I can only imagine the ratings the drying up of Palau would bring. It might scratch with Al Jazeera America in the demo.

    • Back in the early ’90s, I would occasionally watch CNN, but routinely watched Style with Elsa Klensch. I vividly remember a feature on Bill Blass and most features wrapped with “and that’s [name] with their [season] collection.”

  2. Meanwhile in the world of Title 9, UConn knocked off Syracuse 82-51 to win the program’s fourth consecutive national title in a buzzer beating barnburner thriller.

  3. “Brian Stelter too quick to hype Sherman’s latest yarn”. Sherman pretty much Stelter’s Viagra.

  4. Darcy: Dana Perino deletes twitter app from Sean Hannity’s phone.
    i think this is the girl Kelly and BOR need to look over their shoulders at and see her closer than they know. her analysis is often better than what is on special report, and the BOR/Kelly/hannity block needs more meat and less gravy. this is the type of year that cream rises.

      • experienced, smart, and offers different assessments than other pundits. i likes her. she has 5 times the brain power as boilling……. mas or menos

          • she is hardly alone in that. however, with her experience and rhetorical organization she lays out believable and sometimes unique perspectives. would like to have her in a special report type setting and not the gossip group 5. she is more serious than that in my lonely opinion.

  5. beware the oil dead cat morning bounce almost 3%. eton industries down almost 3% Parker H another 1% has been downgraded. these companies produce almost 50% of industrial manufacture equipment used in USA factories of every sort … especially liquids/gas.

    will the oil rebound hold and continue to keep the economy, taxes and jobs out of election coverage?

  6. “Obama to make first appearance on ‘Fox News Sunday’ since becoming president”
    Chris will be lucky to get in three questions as Obama has more wind than the Oklahoma plain.

    • As I recall Obama got a bit testy with Bret Bair when Bret wouldn’t let him filibuster questions. Hope Chris does the same.

  7. I would like to vent about a former Red Eye “Too Good for the Panel” guest. I spent the past hour listening to Kelly Carlin on the Nerdist podcast from last December. Everything was fine until she lamented about “neocons [Ding!]“, like the Heritage Foundation, twisting her father’s words. So, she’s just as liberal as her father George was. I quit listening and deleted the podcast. I’m aware that entertainment is a predominately liberal profession, but I can tolerate the entertainers as long as they stay off their political soapbox.

    That ends my off topic rant. Now, back to cable news.

  8. Political blindside: tonight’s Jeopardy! features a category with Rachel Maddow. I thought the show only used CNN talent for special categories. How wrong I was. So, if you live in a market where Jeopardy! comes on after Wheel of Fortune, I advise you to skip the Jeopardy round. Tune in after 12 minutes.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Dana Perino deletes twitter app from Sean Hannity’s phone.

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