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      • Has he ever written anything about Fox News that has been proved or happened?

        Seems to me he writes for dry drunks and gullible people like the twitter stooges who will believe almost anything anti-Fox.

        How many times does he get to be wrong before they start to wonder if maybe he doesn’t have any sources inside Fox News?

      • Be interesting to see how Spud plays this. Sherman has always seemed to be his pet boy. Apologies to Mr. Peabody.

    • I thought it was interesting that Trump took credit for being his own political strategist in the New York Magazine piece, linked by The Daily Beast.

      In light of all the media head-scratching over what Trump has accomplished with about five staffers, I wondered how long it would be before Trump would distance Corey Lewandowski from that feat, and do it for several reasons.

      Trump’s ego being no small part of that.

  1. Re: Frank Luntz on impact of SNL

    It’s an interesting dynamic here, Johnny, but not a very surprising one.

    You have Megyn Kelly recently saying that she received death threats for having the gall to take Trump on about his treatment of women. That aside, I think we can say that the media have embraced Megyn for challenging Trump on this and that it further heightened the esteem they already held for her.

    Yet what causes Kurtz and the media in general to belly-laugh? SNL sending up a woman on national tv as being stone-cold looney-tunes for supporting candidate Trump. How could she make up her mind to do that since he’s so sexist. Goodness knows no sane woman should ever harbor doubts about that charge, and have the temerity to vote as she sees fit.

    SNL didn’t skewer an emblem for all women who support Trump, they kicked a specific person in the teeth. A real live woman has to get up and get out of bed and face personal derision for exercising her own judgment. SNL made a real person, by name, a pariah. Oh, how that gets the Cruz, Clinton, Sanders camps salivating. The fangs and the claws come out at the smell of blood. Yum….

    And so it goes.

        • until the completion of the Renasance revival most references to him were simply “the philosopher

          • I was just having a bit of fun. Aristotle Onassis’ fortune when adjusted for inflation, made Trump look like a pauper.

          • i know, and true re Onassis. i just like the old guy. the really old dead guy, not the recent old dead guy.

          • This is my favorite quote by The Philosopher, “We make war that we may live in peace.”

          • Speaking of things Greek, we have been eating the hell out of Avgolemono soup this spring.

            It just fits the bill.

          • if you use good stock and don’t curdle it can cure anything. we also use it as a sauce just frothed up with less stock. often over dolmas but it can be done with shrimp and rice too or anything you come up with.

          • We’ve not had a problem with it curdling, even when reheating leftovers.

            I used quinoa once, but don’t like it as much as rice.

          • i let the stock cool, add the egg white slowly, slowly use mixer adding lemon and never let it boil. it is even good cold on dolmas as an appetizer.

          • We’ve done the reverse. Stir eggs and lemon together in a Pyrex measuring cup. Slowly add broth in a thin stream while stirring. Then whisk. Add to entire pan and stir.

            No probs.

          • been so long since i have made the soup i may very well remember in reverse except the fear of curdle.

        • correct and stated so. the quote is from his ethics of friendship which is a very easy direct read unless you read a book about him by some sir something brit. the straight translation is much more clear.

  2. Remember when the haters got upset because kurtz called Trump “the Donald”?

    Just heard a MSNBC ST8 “journalist” call trump “the Donald”……outrage begins…..NEVER!

    • They don’t even know (or mabye care) where it came from. His first wife used to refer to him as “The Donald” when they were married.

  3. No SNL Factor for me as it has been years since I watched a show. That said, I do have to confess seeing snippets as programs I do watch sneak them in.

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  5. Town hall or debate it matters little. Rubio excelled on both and the media kept screaming gang of eight, establishment, immigration!…

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