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  1. Always happy to see WaPo’s Karen Tumulty in her occasional appearances on the Special Report panel. Brings decades of experience as a reporter/analyst to the panel without any agenda I’ve ever sensed. Also is a fun person with which to interact on Twitter. Many prominent people don’t do that much anymore.

    • I once got into a Twitter flame war with actor Nick Searcy that lasted almost three hours.

      I insulted everything from his lineage to the cut of his jib, till I wanted a bath to wash MYSELF off me…

      Finally It dawned on me that dude was having a ball.

      • Worst battle I ever had was with the chief lieutenant of the Daily Kos. He was furious I had gotten Jake Tapper to soften something he had said and came at me fangs bared. One of the few times on the internet I let someone get to me.

  2. If I was told three decades ago that one day the maker of my phone was going to boycott a state that forbid people with male genitals from using the women’s restroom, I would have said, “Ma Bell goes nuts?”.

      • WInner Winner chicken dinner!
        Prize, Renée Richards autobiography, Tennis Without Balls.

        (Twitter stooge catnip)

          • To put this in cable news perspective, most of the coverage I’ve seen on the subject rank such “discrimination” right up there with segregation and back-of-the-bus seating.

          • Liberals color everything in that light. Almost any issue of public policy, to Supreme Court confirmations, to law and order, to calling the president a dummy.

            All things are suffused with that symbolism. ALL things.

            That way you’re not just misguided or incorrect in not agreeing with them, you’re a bigot.

          • I feel the concern and sympathy for the person trapped in a body not matched with their sexual identity, but when it comes to restrooms, there is one of them in the room with sometimes many others — who have some rights too.

          • It must be devastating to be in that situation.

            I sympathize and empathize. What I don’t wish to do is to wave away biology based upon someone’s feelings and then build a protective structure of laws around that condition.

          • A while back a person I follow on Disqus had an interesting question about that.

            He asked how it is that society argues that sexuality is set in stone, and that attempts to change it are the territory of fools and fanatics at best, and monsters who take advantage of the self-loathing at worst. Yet they also argue too that gender is as fungible as simply declaring yourself to be male or female apart from any biological evidence.

      • I don’t even share a bathroom with my husband.

        I think the policy should be if you can pee standing up you hit the men’s room.

      • You make some interesting points in your link, but I don’t see any undisputed facts there, aside for CL touching Fields.

      • Actually…more shoddy journalism on that as well. It wasn’t just James Rosen who was targeted. It wasn’t just James Rosen, but also William LaJeunesse from FNC and an FNC producer Mike Levine.

        And its funny how he didn’t act like everyone from the NY Times etc was ripping this…but Concha acts like hardly any noise at all about it and then only from the conservative media. When in FACT it was liberals, etc all ripping them.

        But that’s just typical of how Concha blows the facts. And the difference in this case is that so much of the media are lying about what happened or ignoring the reality. How many in the media ignore Corey flat out lied about what happened and then his slanderous attacks against Michelle? And when more facts, video comes out….then instead of blasting Corey and DEMANDING he should be fired (which he should) they go off on…..well…she didn’t almost fall down (they ignore the audio). Or they make up claims of Secret Service (which they denied) and that one “supposed” agents story never verified.

        Why not bring up how many media outlets kept pestering Cruz to fire his guy just over IOWA (and telling the story CNN had told). And how the media played up those DIRTY TRICKS and how shameful it was. Will you fire him? And they let Ben Carson whine away!

        But here is Corey..who has a history of threats, intimidation etc…. not only grabbing and bruising Michelle Fields…but then LYING about it and calling her delusional etc.

        How is every media organization not calling for him to be fired???! Instead, you’ve got Trump shills like Dobbs, Greta, Sean, Bolling etc… all acting like nothing happened at all. And they act like Michelle changed her story etc. So many at FNC/FBN have stabbed Michelle in the back its pathetic. But that’s FNC for ya. They’ve screwed over many people.

    • Gracias Mike. Think you will be receiving some news about Olbermann this month… stay tuned.

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