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  1. The cashiers at Dollar General were waxing poetic over how horrible Geraldo is on that show.
    One lady said she choked on a grape while watching him.

      • One of the ladies at our Doll-Gen died last year. She had been battling leukemia, looked like she was winning, took a turn for the worse and died within days.

        Then someone stole the collection container for her family from off the counter. The store is just 1.5 miles away and is essentially my husband and my guick go-to store. We couldn’t believe this would happen in our hood; insult to our hearts’ injury,

        It turned out that the thief was a Coca-Cola vendor.

          • Don’t know. A younger girl who was working there told my husband that info.

            Much later, I asked one of the older ladies about it and she said that she was told not to discuss it.

          • That’s standard policy at most places. It’s been turned over to the cops. And, if by some chance it is the wrong guy, he can sue.

  2. Hate, umph, where does it all come from?
    Why the lack of civility these days?

    Ohio statewide PBS program with a panel discussion Sunday on this topic that found its way to my TV and left me hating everyone on the show. Packed full of the old bromides, “in Tip ONeal’s day”, “FOX NEWS, but MSNBC just as bad”, made me want to take a shovel to the back of the head of the PBS crowd whose very show was funded by the teachers union and a law firm. As devisive a pair you could find. Never occurred to the self righteous hand ringers that time had passed them by with the condescending NPR head forced to resign, FOX NEWS now firmly entrenched covering all bases, and MSNBC in the end phases of a demolition.

    Want to really look at the current state of hate; just check out Howie’s excellent analysts of the media fog:

    • Oh, Kurtz really went out on a limb with that.

      He needs to look no farther than the fact the media are now solely pop psychologists and political strategy analysts because that’s the stuff they can pull out of their butts.

      They don’t want to do any heavy lifting and we don’t live in a world where any media outlet can operate a news department under the philosophy of losing bucks in order to inform the public. Bucks that were made up via other venues. Certainly not with and in dedicated cable news enterprises of today.

      Combine that with adults even less inclined toward understanding than ever. Eternal adolescents, juvenile and angry. Drawn to “epic takedowns” fueled narratives that match the superhero vs supervillian troupe of our pop culture. This is what we get. This is what we like.

      Kurtz should bemoan the fact we’re sold this bullshite 24/7 by his industry wunderkinds.

      • Oh, it is what we like. Today from POLITICO:
        “For the first time since it launched in 1996, Fox News was the most-watched channel in all of cable TV last quarter, topping ESPN, which had NFL and college football playoff games; AMC, which televises the ratings juggernaut “The Walking Dead”; and TBS, which aired college basketball games and a number of high-profile comedy shows.”

  3. RIP Patty Duke
    One of many role models for kids of the 60’s who unknown to us, was paying a price.

  4. It doesn’t surprise that Corey Lewandowski will be on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor. Trump tank dweller Eric Bolling is guest hosting. Trump himself was on last night’s Bolling-hosted show. Meanwhile, Michelle Fields will be on The Kelly File.

    • Greta sez the Lewandowski Q&A has been postponed. I’m trying to confirm. Wouldn’t be surprised tho. The last time an attorney wants his client to do a national tv interview is right after he’s been charged with a crime!

  5. I do not get how Trump was so “offended” that some pac published an ad of Melania Trump in her skivvies.

    You have only to google her name to see an Internet full of Melania in her skivvies pictures, and that bothered Mr. Trump not a bit before this campaign.

    This pretense that he’s bothered now is bunk and why can’t someone in the media confront him on it? Anyone can see that the way to handle an insult to his wife (if this was what he’s really concerned about) is to say, ‘Yes, my wife is celebrated beauty. I’m a lucky man.’ Instead we’ve got this endless puerile battle, ginned up only to whip up the crowd.

    The media loves it. A pox on them.

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