Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: The Five-Shannon Bream-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sandra Smith-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered videos: Howard Kurtz on optics; 
  • TCG: Reliable Sources plays its Trump card.  CNN signs David Gregory.
  • Bauder: Phoning it in.  CNNC: Our long national nightmare is over.
  • Greta: Thanks to Roger Ailes, Fox News has never had major layoffs.
  • Cable news, where even failed ex-campaign staffers find a second home.
  • Concha: Media coverage of Belgium attacks reflects genuine fears.  More.

67 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. You know the haters just have really bad timing…….last month the made fun of Jeanine Pirro for saying hogwash on cable news…..never mind it pretty common and Morgan Freeman had just said it on CNN that very day……now to make up a fake “Fox NEWS” bad thing……the slam Kurtz for saying “the Donald” and say that Brian Stelter never says that…..but oops…..he said “the Donald” just yesterday.BEFORE their tweet……I guess when you have to make Controversy to make Fox look bad……………………. timing is everything.

    Once again….not watching Fox….so we have to.


      • I have to get my humor somewhere these days……lol…..they dont let you just stare and laugh at crazy people in public anymore…….I guess that’s what twitter’s for.

        • they dont let you just stare and laugh at crazy people in public anymore

          You mean that people stare and laugh at me for some other reason?

    • I looked. You’re right again. I also spotted this:
      “Kurtz characterizes anti-Trump pac incident as “The two front runners sliming each other.” Not true.”
      Say what? Cruz calling Trump a ‘sniveling coward’? That doesn’t count? What is ‘sniveling coward’, a term of endearment?!?

      • My point was that Trump started this when he attacked Ted Cruz’s wife with that RT in response to a FB post that from an anti-Trump pac that Cruz had nothing to do with. Ted Cruz was not sliming Trump then.

        Cruz blaming Trump for the National Enquirer story is another issue.
        He can’t prove Trump did it as much as Trump can’t prove Cruz was involved in creating that Melania Trump attack ad.

        • Can’t you ever admit when you’re wrong? Cruz called Trump a sniveling coward., They both attacked each other. Kurtz was right. Saying Kurtz isn’t telling the truth just to attack Fox may please your audience but it’s a smear.

          • Just talking about the Melania Trump ad I am not wrong. Kurtz was trying to simplify this whole incident into, “The two front runners sliming each other.”

            That is not the case. An anti-Trump pac started this by attacking Melania Trump. Trump responded in a tweet blaming Cruz making a threat to Ted cruz and later RTed a Heidi Cruz attack image.

            Yes Cruz did fire back at Trump with the “sniveling coward” and twice defended he wife but Cruz never said anything nasty about Trump’s wife.

            Trump continues to lie on TV including F&F this AM saying Cruz was involved in the attack on Melania when he has no proof.

          • Why are you bringing up Trump lying, Trump starting it, etc? Nobody’s denying that. You’re smearing Howard Kurtz, that’s what I’m focusing on. “Just talking about the Melania Trump ad I am not wrong.” Unfortunately, Kurtz was not “just talking about the Melania Trump ad.” What clip did Kurtz run before making the ‘sliming each other’ comment? The clip of Cruz saying ‘sniveling coward’! You said Kurtz was wrong when he was clearly, objectively correct. Admit you’re wrong for once, not like your newshound buddies who slimed O’Reilly a week ago and won’t correct their lies even when they’ve been exposed.

          • My opinion about a Twitter comment by from TV host is not smearing Howard Kurtz.

            I bring up Trump lying because I don’t put Cruz saying, “sniveling coward” on the same level as what Trump did blaming Cruz and then RTing a Heidi Crurz attack ad and then continuing the lie that Cruz was involved in the anti-Trump pac ad.

          • “Not true” is not an opinion. “Not true” is saying Kurtz was not telling the truth. When he was. It’s that simple. Nothing Kurtz said in that segment “continued the lie” that Cruz was involved in the PAC ad. Kurtz said they were sliming each other and they were. He had just played the clip showing it. To which you say “not true.” Only it was, and is, true.

            I just don’t get why people can’t admit when they’re wrong. It’s actually a sign of honesty to do so. Maybe there’s a clause in the newshounds by-laws forbidding it.

          • So what does it have to do with Kurtz? Isn’t that what we were talking about, you claiming Kurtz was not telling the truth, and me proving he did tell the truth? Trump continuing a lie couldn’t be more irrelevant. It’s almost like you bring irrelevant stuff up to deflect the discussion.

          • I do not agree Kurtz saying, “The two front runners sliming each other.” Is an accurate summary of what happened.

            The slime came from Trump and Cruz responded to it.

          • Now you’re just being silly. It was perfectly clear in the segment who started it. And it was perfectly clear that, just as Kurtz said, both sides did it. They slimed each other is a lie because one side started it and the other responded. Um, that happens EVERY time two people slime each other. One side starts and the other side responds. I’m surprised I have to keep explaining this stuff. I’m done with this discussion because you’re not making honest arguments. Your job is to attack Fox and you’ll twist yourself into an ice pretzel to do so. As you have just demonstrated.

          • Sorry but saying I don’t agree with “The two front runners sliming each other.” is not attacking FOX.

            If you don’t agree that’s fine.

      • please look up the word obsession… exclusive… doesn’t mean what you think it does,

        You post crazy stuff in public…..people are going to notice….and laugh……..thanks for reading the “dump”…..YOUR obsession with it is completely normal.


        • I’ve told you before if you talk about me I’m going to defend my self. That’s not an obsession.

          Reading through my Twitter posts then coming here to complain about them is an obsession.

          Do you honestly think anyone here cares who has or has not said hogwash?

          My tweet about the phrase “The Donald” was asked as a question. I never said that Stelter never said it.
          There is no reason for Kurtz or Stelter to use “The Donald”.

          The reason I brought up “The Donald” was my opinion on Krutz is he has a bias for Trump.
          On Media Buzz Kurtz said, “After that Trump tweet, Megyn Kelly, of Fox, tweeted, Seriously? taking a little shot at Donald Trump who has taken plenty of shots at her, some of them unfair.”

          What shots has Megyn taken at Trump that were unfair?

          • Umm you do know that we talk about people who LIE about Fox News… of course a disgraced Newshound writer will be talked about here…..I would point out that I did not identify you in anyway other than hater……you were the one who came here and announced you were the liar.

          • How is it a lie to question who uses “Hogwash” and “The Donald”?

            You cause code name and childish nicknames like “disgraced Newshound writer” however as I said if you talk about me I’m going to defend my self.

          • Defend yourself? I say your cubes are little for such a big tray. Meet me behind the igloo at midnight and we’ll settle it man to iceman. I’ll tie one arm behind my arthritic back to give you a fair fight.

            Hogwash?, the Donald?… Weird.

          • “Umm you do know that we talk about people who LIE about Fox News on this site.”

            I could be wrong. But it’s been my experience that it’s almost always about people in the public sphere who had made comments on television or in a blog column (as opposed to commenters about the column).

          • I do think Mr. Kurtz would have been better off if he had left out the trailing phrase “some of them unfair.”

            “KURTZ: After that Trump tweet, Megyn Kelly, of Fox, tweeted, “Seriously?” taking a little shot at Donald Trump who has taken plenty of shots at her, some of them unfair.”

            “Did Howie think some of the shots at her were fair?” is the question posed on Twitter and some websites.

            But who am I to judge. Definitely not a Trump fan and I suppose I could be accused of being biased to accuse Kurtz of being biased. (I’m getting dizzy.)

  2. Jedediah Bila has been on The View for several weeks now. Rumors are they’re looking to revamp the cast. I wonder if JB is on the short list for a permanent spot. She certainly hasn’t had much air time on Fox lately and it would be a smart move for her. Even if the show is in its dying throes the visibility couldn’t hurt.

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