Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: War Belgium
  • Reliable Sources: The media disconnect; right-wing media; trust in media.
  • Greta salutes Medal of Honor recipients, emcees civilian ceremony.
  • MSNBC schedules Trump town hall with Chris Matthews for March 30.
  • Risen: Brian Williams brings baggage to MSNBC.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Wemple: Trump supporter hijacks segment, makes CNN even more tabloid.
  • Your Buzz videos: the words;

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  1. Sunday talkers reveals that an occasional visitor to this site will be making a return to the Sunday morning talk show game. Mr Concha, aka The Conch Potato, is listed for Media Buzz.

      • Thoughtful job on the Belgium bombings/ISIS fears topic. Just grateful Mr. Concha was not on the Cruz-Trump-female-mud-wrestlng panel segment that I fast-forward through. Had my fill of that mess.

        • Thanks Larry! I was happy to get that topic than the tawdry stuff, which unfortunately had to be analyzed. But keep an eye on Gayle Trotter… she’s smart and pragmatic.

          • When talking about public fears of terrorism as being a new awareness of it as something that could happen in our backyards, one element of that is the advent of so many security cameras in public places and pics and videos via our cell phones.

            I don’t remember where I saw this, but there was a “before” picture of the Belgium airport minutes before the bombing, with people blithely pushing their luggage through a corridor, juxtaposed with the “after” shot of smokey, but discernable carnage post blast.

            That brought it devastatingly home to me. These things get Youtubed and tweeted instantly, right into offices and living rooms. we can’t be shielded from this exposure.

  2. i read BW shared a desk for election coverage with rachel madcow, the epitome of demeaning. can’t say BW is not paying a heavy price for his lies.

      • i doubt you would prevail if a poll were taken. she is thought of as deranged, obsessed and petty by a large majority. Nielsen tells me so. how embarrassing for BW to have to sit next to that and do political analysis with a kook was my point and it is correct.

        • Point easily made without the worn-out name calling. For me an instant turnoff for further thought as fast as you can say, “faux news”.

          • larry, i posted an accurate assessment of pity for BW having to work with a fool on air. you are however correct, your response was a turnoff. you posted an insult, i responded. have a nice day.

          • gc, there is a Donaldness of calling Maddow such a name, don’t you think?

            The distinct assurity that men who do such things are generally the sort who are always on the look out for soft targets for their disdain and are only too aware that any appeal they have to women comes from their circumstances rather than their inner self.

            You ain’t that guy. Not by a light year.

          • I would never consider turning that second “d” to a “c” when referring to Rachel. There’s only one person with whom I take liberties with their first or last name: Keith Olbermann.

          • you are correct, i am no misogynist and in my previous life field women were actually paid more on average. the characterization i made was to contrast the persona BW wants with the person RM is. in which case the shoe fit. people from NY give everyone a handle, mine was accurately descriptive. J$ has posted link after link outlining the whack job stuff she pushes. so i would think the consensus here is correct, i just said it. so having someone that insults ideas and people here all the time look down their nose and be a scold to me is kinda hypocritical.

          • just for grins, is there a Madcowness in saying someone acts in a donaldness manner? point is we all do the same including J$ when he calls out people he feels dis him by omitting credit, or referring to “fox haters”. can we really even have a conversation without characterizations?

          • Everyone knows I’m a mad cow, GC,

            BTW, do you know why they named PMS “PMS”?

            Because Mad Cow Disease was taken.

  3. Michael Ware, who was a CNN war correspondent, has been publicizing his new HBO documentary that airs next week about ISIS. There are few correspondents more respected. So I was interested to see him, in some of his appearances discussing the attacks in Belgium, talking about ‘no-go zones’.

    It wasn’t that long ago that people like Andrea Tantaros were turned into a punchline for discussing this very topic. Steve Emerson made a dopey comment about England that had to be walked back, but of course that was used to ridicule Andrea et al, calling them liars, et etc. And now, here’s Michael Ware openly discussing ‘no-go zones’, making the same case that led to Andrea Tantaros being described as ‘silicon for brains’.* Just another example of the arrogance of ignorance.

    *Yes, that’s from the same people who attack Trump for demeaning women. Did you expect otherwise?

    • i think what happens is that the definition of “no go zone” changes. when one is calling the other a “silicon head” the definition is the police never enter an area for any reason. when one is citing police “no go zones” and bemoaning the lack of security in these areas, they are not saying the police never enter for any reason. they point out that they avoid those areas and do not respond to anything less than a fire fight, major felony or a bomb making site. you would be hard pressed to find a country whose police respond evenly in all areas. just does not work that way. so these charges will always be made to have stunning talking points, and people with a brain will decipher the intent of silly characterizations made by noting the minimal defining of the term.

    • Christos anesti, but Greek Easter is May 1st this year, you would respond alithos anesti, then crack eggs.

          • quite true, as the egg symbolizes the re-birth. it is given to each congregation member as he/she takes communion at the midnight service. the priest and congregation circle the church 3 times, holy trinity, return to the church take communion then go to a feast featuring Margaritza, a soup made of the offal of lamb. as the congregation celebrates members crack each others eggs, blunt end to blunt, sharp to sharp with the cracker asserting Christos anesti, Christ has risen, and the crackee respond alithos anesti, it is true, Christ has risen. this continues until there is but one egg uncracked and all are drunk from Retsina. the one remaining egg that is intact is a guarantee of good luck for the year and is saved. eventually the yolk shrinks and rattles in the uncracked egg. now you know why we kicked the Catholics out:) watch on may first to see it is covered by cable news….lol.

          • EWTN ought to carry it. A good friend of my step-grandfather was Greek Orthodox. I’ve been to Orthodox mass a number of times. I even have the St. Athanasius Orthodox Study Bible.

          • not sure what EWTN is i just like the religious cultural history. most cultures architecture, philosophy, art, music, science and more is derived from the culture’s religious history.

          • EWTN stands for Eternal Word Television Network. It is a Catholic channel, but I have seen Orthodox stuff on it. The Roman Catholics and the Orthodox have quite a bit in common.

          • that is because once they were the same church. there has been over a thousand years of negotiation to re-unite.

          • i used the dunnies page because most of the other pages that came up explained less and advocated more. i figured if it piqued your interest you could easily click for more info. Russian is a modern word. it is used now. the word Ruthenian refers to the cultures of northern and eastern Euro people’s Orthodoxy. from dummies:

            “Eastern Orthodox branches include the Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Greek Catholic, Melkite, Romanian, and Italo-Albanian Byzantine Churches. In addition to the Byzantine, Eastern Catholics also include Maronite, Coptic or Chaldean Catholic Churches.”

            the more modern word is Rusyn,

            “Following the partitions of Poland-Lithuania in the late 18th century, Rusyn-inhabited lands were divided between the Russian Empire (present-day Belarus and much of Ukraine) and the Austrian, later Austro-Hungarian, Empire (present-day western Ukraine, southeastern Poland, and northeastern Slovakia). In the course of the “long” 19th century (1780s–1914), the name Ruthenian fell out of use in the Russian Empire and was replaced by either White Russian or Little Russian. The term Ruthenian continued to be used, however, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire as the official designation (German: Ruthenen; Hungarian: ruténok) for the East Slavic inhabitants living in that state’s provinces of Galicia and Bukovina and the northeastern counties of Hungary. A large-scale immigration from Austria-Hungary to North America during the half century before World War I saw the introduction of the term Ruthenian to describe those newcomers in American and Canadian census reports.”

  4. Little known fact about Medal of Honor recipients, when in uniform, ofiicers have to salute them, even if they outrank them.

          • i have read excerpts of congressional testimony, and articles regarding the development of the NV air war, the Tuesday LBJ MAC target choosing and ROEs, the diplomatic pouch of our president giving target lists so the NVA knew our targets in advance as gesture of concern for civilians, ha, i have seen how we lost more aircraft and personnel over NV than in any numerical comparative engagement but i have yet to see a book that accounts the developments of the entire air war start to finish. some personal stories but nothing like Shawcross’s book Sideshow on Cambodia. pass one along if you know of one.

          • Try “Dereliction of Duty” by H. R. McMaster. It’s the best there is on the Vietnam War and Robert Strange McNamara.

    • CBS SUNDAY MORNING with a piece about how Medal of Honor recipients have their own program to award civilians. Profile was on an eleven year old boy winner whose story tugged at the heartstrings.

  5. Tonight I am so missing the days of my little girl being excited over the Easter outfit that I had made her, dying eggs, and doing up the Easter basket at 5am. I always made a little basket too for her daddy so he wouldn’t nibble all her candy.
    It was over too fast.

    • Yes to all of that. One of the fun things of having a girl was picking out pretty Easter dresses, hats and heaven forbid, white gloves! For some reason my daughter always found her basket before her older brother. It was fun to see her give him grief since most times it was the other way around. Blessed Easter everyone! ✝

      • When I was in school, from elementary to high school, it was the tradition to wear your Easter dress the day you returned to school from spring break.

        This was added incentive to look at fashion magazines, catalogues, and patterns, etc. If you just bought from a local shop, you ran the risk of wearing something someone else had on too.

        I remember sniffing at this custom as a teenager, but I always showed up in my spring rigging, to see and be seen.

  6. Salena Zito today on RCP has an article about the roots of American populism. it leaves some stuff out but history is instructive.

  7. Another good FULL MEASURE today as the deceitfulness of how ObamaCare was passed explored in detail.

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